Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: O’Bolling-The Five-Anderson Cooper 1-2-3.
  • Univision exec to debate commission: Sorry, that’s not good enough.
  • Video: to being chosen Prez debate moderator.
  • Wemple: How long can Brian Williams continue to shelter himself?
  • F&F zings Tim Kaine for doing every morning show but theirs; video.
  • The Kelly File video: Is DHS formulating a
  • Q&A: Don Lemon talks about The Donald.   Post-speech Hannity: Yuge!
  • Debate moderators include Cooper, Chris Wallace.   Concha: Slam-dunk.
  • Sherman’s Ailes rehash suggests some of Megyn Kelly’s reporting is ‘racist’.

195 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

        • She checks all the boxes: Female, Hispanic, Very Liberal, CBS.

          Candy Crowley wasn’t available this time so she will have to do.

          • Four out of five dentists that recommend candy to their patients recommend sugarless candy. The fifth has a new boat.

          • Curious Mitch (in a friendly way, trust me), who would you have gone with that you think both sides would be fine with?

          • I would have loved to see Maria Bartiromo be one of the female panelists, much more than Raddatz who is obviously biased. She is very tough against Republicans, very easy with Democrats.

            The panelists picked were all very liberal, with the exception of Chris Wallace who is a moderate, by no means conservative. Brett Baer is conservative but wasn’t picked, I wonder why.

          • But you understand you can’t pick two moderators from the same network, so it’s either Maria or Chris. And for all intents and purposes, FNC and FBN are the same.

            As for Wallace, isn’t moderate/non-partisan the goal here?

          • Fox wasn’t picked at all last time. Maria would have really balanced Anderson Cooper and brought out the best of them.

            Chris Wallace is rather tiresome, I stopped watching his show a couple of years ago. And when he brought in geriatrics like George Will, the show really went downhill. I am surprised that show isn’t being sponsored by Geritol or Depends.

          • Just saw today’s Concha link. He spells it out very well. The second debate “Town Hall” format surprised me, but Cooper and Raddatz should be good for that.

    • I think they are good choices, though I don’t watch ABC News, not too sure how Martha Raddatz is, but should be alright.

      • Raddatz moderated the VP debate last time and is very liberal, in fact she attended Obama’s wedding many years ago. Will be good at regurgitating DNC talking points.

        • But Mitch, I challenge you to cite a single example of a left-leaning bias when hosting ABC’s This Week.

          You Hannity fans sometimes have a skewed view of who’s biased and who’s not.

          • She asks very hard follow up questions of Republicans. With Democrats, she gives them a wink and moves on to the next question. It is so obvious. She learned her trade from George Stephanopolous, another Democrat operative.

          • Now that’s a LEGITIMATE observation.


            I haven’t noticed, but I have hardly seen any of her work.

            She seems to have a reputation on Twitter as an honest broker. But that may not mean as much as I think it does.

            Now I could be wrong, but I believe even Joe Concha approved her choice and he’s a pretty keen observer of bias IMO.

          • this week is as bogus as hannity. you see other sides outrage but not your own. looking at the hosts on this week over the years, an iranian lefty, and obama boy tapperbama, far left martha you can’t see. hannity is a nice guy like stephanpobama but he is a shill just like all of them

  1. Re: Ailes rehash.

    A treasure-trove of self-referential narratives and memes in the way that yesterday’s piece by David French was not.

  2. Brian Williams probably won’t be doing interviews for a long time maybe a few years…(when he is either “redeemed” , or if this his wading out the contract and leaves after that thing) , This 11 pm show thing surprises me a little , because it seems like they put him away when they don’t need him. I didn’t see him on air the entire month of August But I don’t think they are going for the big push for this show because he has to look humble or something.

    • Brian Williams is no more dishonest than the rest of the network anchors, he just got caught and was punished. Remember when ABC News covered up for George Stephanopoulos? They are all crooks.

  3. This is just Classic Clinton stuff.

    After the NYT reported the info about Clinton’s private server, someone deleted all her archived email.

    This person was interviewed by the FBI and described what he did as an “Oh, shit[e] moment”.

    A moment’s mistake that included deleting several files and then using the program BleachBit which makes it impossible to recover the files.

    Oops. Oh, well…

    • Unfortunately, the more we learn about this charade the less stiff Dir Comey’s spine appears. How does one make a mistake “oh sh_t, moment” and then use a scrubbing program to continue erasing the documents? Completely asinine to think a normal rational person would believe that junk.

  4. With Chris Wallace being named the first FOX reporter to moderate a Presidential debate, my thoughts go back to the heady first months of the Obama Administration when they aggressively tried to marginalized FOX as not being a legitimate news network.

    • Top 3 public relations blunders IMO:

      1. The one you mentioned about trying to marginalize Fox News.
      2, Going golfing during his vacation just minutes after denouncing the militants who had beheaded an American journalist.
      3. Loudly proclaiming about Obamacare, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

      Even Dick Morris was saying, “Dude, what were you thinking?” /sarc

      • For #3 I don’t see how it was a blunder. I see no evidence that he paid a price with the Democrats or the media.

          • They’d all vote for him again if they could. We’re going to be treated to all kinds of ‘the Obama years were the golden years’ stories after the election.

          • They’ve kept his approval rating above 50%. Media has whined about Obama on occasion, but never held his feet to the fire with vigor because, when all is said and done, he’s still their guy. About the only time I saw real anger from the media at Obama was when he let Mitt Romey push him around in their first debate.

          • In a perfect world we’d have Romney, Obama, Trump and Clinton on the ballot along with the two third-party candidates.

            For the hard right ‘Drudge Report’ conservatives out there we could even add Ted Cruz.

          • Reagan and Kennedy are up in even saying, “WTF? Has the American electorate lost their collective mind? Even out so-so VPs were better than these two…..pas the bourbon will ya?”

          • we agree on that. there are no good people that are politicians, how can anyone be a good person when their goal is to run other people’s lives. Kennedy was as evil as any of them. i hate the Kennedy’s present announcer excluded.

          • You really live in a binary world, don’t you?

            “There are no good people that are politicians.”
            Government is bad…no (or few) exceptions.
            Good vs. evil.
            Almost all social services are worthless.
            Kennedy was evil.
            Joe Concha is a con (Translation: JC never has anything worthwhile to say.)
            Obamacare is totally (or almost totally) without any merit
            All those who support Obamacare are “fools” and a crazy unworkable law that is supported by nut cases.
            The Occupy movement has no good ideas.
            ABC’s This Week is as bogus as Hannity (apparently they never have anything from anyone worthwhile to say in your all or nothing analysis)

            My God man, are there no shades of gray? You sound like the overly simplistic Hannity at times…or so it seems.

          • i had never been angry at you before. changed my world. you live in a make believe world? there are good politicians? the Kennedys were not evil vile criminals that walked over everyone? government is here to help? govt health care is good? smart people wrote odummy care supported by smart people? the occupy pukes had some good ideas? you are simplistic as madcow …. or so it seems.

          • So now you’re walking back some of your previous ‘binary’ all-or-nothing statements.

            Good man. You still need to work on your lack of punctuation and paragraphs, though. 🙂

            And the ‘madcow’ reference was right out of grammar school.

          • Disagree. That was a major blunder — although it had more strength (or dissemination) publicity-wise when coupled with this story:

            “Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The “Stupid” American People to Get It Passed”

            Although some put a different ACA-related disaster over that one, Namely, the bungling of the healthcare reform website.

            To each his/her own.

            Why does every discussion turn in to a debate for you? Jeez.

          • huh?

            You asked a question publicly on a blogboard and I answered it. Get a grip.

            And my answer didn’t imply that Pres. Obama didn’t make “a major blunder”. It implied that the average American doesn’t know Polifact from shinola and were still told by the media that Obama’s lie and Gruber’s don’t matter matter because they’re better off with the ACA.

          • It should have been obvious the question was for MumuBobby. Plus I am talking about social media and regular media coverage — not your low information media consumer who pays more attention to celebrities.

            But noooooo…you had to get your typical little contrarian dig in, as you often do when I comment. (Check your Disqus history.)

          • My dig was at the media, Gruber, and the president.

            Yours was at the commenter MumuBobby.

            Not sorry to have stepped on that or anything else here.

          • What is the meaning of life? Anybody can chime in? Anybody. ICEMAN, you must have some ideas. I see you in my magic mirror.

          • Better plan on unilateral disarmament. Make a comment here, expect a reply from anyone not banned. I keep hoping for Elvis.

          • Oh, I’ll always be responding to your comments.

            Frankly, I do NOT dislike you. I’m just not going to pretend that you aren’t being inflammatory or are “just kidding” simply because you add a smiley face to your posts.

          • It’s amazing to me that you make a snarky reply in the form of a question to MumuBobby. I replied with no snark.

            You’re too old to be this thin skinned.

          • the entire idea of government service is flawed. not a single government service, necessary or not is worth what we pay for. it is only worth it if you do not pay. that is what the left has left us with. looters, producers and leavers, me. mr. minority view.

          • He’s done little but demean and vilify the other side for eight years. Wall of protection is solid. His backers could care less if he lied to get ObamaCare passed. It got passed. Hell, getting insurance for your 26-year old in your basement still a delight. Morons haven’t yet figured out what deductibles are.

          • And I suppose Trump will get many votes from those who are pretty certain that wall will never be built and mass deportation will never occur.

          • wow. yo MT. you think this is not true i believe. but i have never been angry upset about any post you have ever made. just for the record.

          • True.

            My comment was directed at Nixon. He and Cece have repeatedly made snide remarks about someone’s addiction. That’s way below the belt.

          • i do not like the comments on addiction here either and have said so, it is a medical issue, not moral. but you directed anger directly at me, and i have done zip to cause that, except i just disagree. odummy care is an ignorant charade sucking the country dry. my personal belief is that it has ruined the recovery like FDR ruined the recovery trying to fix things with OPM. the currency war caused by social spending which debases currency can only be solved by the cleansing of fire. we came out well in ww2 the rest of the world lost 30 years, here we are on the road to trying it again. not smart. i can disagree and not be mad. i left the forum last night because i do not need that stuff.
            oh if you want a safety net, make one for you and your family, i do not believe we are all in this together. minority view.
            my statement about odummy care comes from watching polls since it’s inception and it has NEVER enjoyed majority support. i have not looked for a few years and the trend is changing to more support for govt health care, still a majority oppose odummycare but by much less than a few years ago. i had not seen it, because i no longer care what you people do except how it effects my wallet. however it is clear now social democracy is not self sustaining. libs are all about sustainable except financial sustainability. organic lettuce, but organic markets oh no no no.

          • Not sure what that means Larry…my mind is wilted from debating gcblues.

            But I do know you seem to be fair minded.

          • If you called my mother an ape, I might or might not call your mother an ape, but if I did, I wouldn’t expect you to cry foul… or give a toot if your friend did so for you.

          • I would hope we could exclude health issue — addiction, cancer, autism, acne, cleft palates and the like from our pool of insults.

            Maybe not. Whatever happened to the old reliable, “Your mama wears combat boots.”

            Here at J$P on some days it’s more like, “Your dry drunk papa wears combat boots. When he’s sober enough to dress himself.”

          • “I would hope we could exclude health issue — addiction, cancer, autism and the like from our pool of insults.”

            ummm…..funny when MOE called me a drunk…..months before I ever said dry drunk…..I don’t remember you objecting….which is funny because he was talking to ICE on twitter and you seem to miss nothing…… please save us the outrage that you cant find when its someone you agree with.

            BTW: since I don’t drink for health reasons……he can call me a drunk all he wants it doesn’t bother me in the least…………and I don’t pay attention to what a racist is calling me anyway.

          • It’s not about outrage/

            It’s about common decency. You don’t mock someone’s addiction and it is false equivalency to suggest calling a non addict a ‘drunk’ is the same thing.

          • in other words….what the stooges do is fine….but if we use the same words to describe them were vile bit-hs…….got it….please.

          • There’s a guy who comments here occasionally, with a great sense of humor, can’t remember his name.

            His avatar is his pic with a bottle of wine. Joe got into a debate with him and ended up accusing him of being drunk from wine guzzling. Told him to get help for it.

          • No, it’s has come to this. It’s got to be addressed as the alcoholic behavior it is for him to have conscripted you to do his commenting for him.

            You’d do far better to encourage him not to read us. To encourage him to go to meetings, learn about the concept of powerlessness, work the other steps, and avoid setting himself up for a relapse as he is so obviously doing.

            BTW, he’ll blame us.

          • I suggest you, Nixon, Gatxer go to Twitter and do your complaining and protesting and childish name calling there instead of hiding behind me as your messenger or hoping they will read it here. It’s really quite cowardly, don’t you think?

            C’mon folks. Put you big girl (or boy) pants on and engage. Joe Remi would love it since he can’t do it respond here.

            In fact, none of them ever tweet about this site unless responding to something said here like bogus charges of racism — and you know it.

          • He can’t reply to me on Twitter?

            All he’d have to do is unblock me.

            Get it straight, Michael. He got himself exiled here and then claimed that it was utterly intentional on his part.

            Then he reads us dozens of times a day, insults us on Twitter and blocks us there if we do respond.

          • Fair point and I am not even going to add “if true.”

            One thing I know about you is you strike me as an honest broker.

          • Joe wouldn’t deny it. He blocked me for a couple of years. Unblocked me fairly recently to comment on my disagreeing with someone here. Made several other tweets after that in the same vein, same motivation (to get me to express his feelings for him).

            Blocked me again when I tweeted about our beheading fox femmes.

          • “I suggest you, Nixon, Gatxer go to Twitter and do your complaining and protesting and chikdish name calling there instead of hiding behind me as your messenger.”

            Have I asked you to do that? Maybe I have….but I don’t mean to so please don’t do it………..I like MOE’s tweets they are great for laughs….between him and ICE I have never see people so out of touch with the facts………..I read their TL just for laughs……..I wouldn’t waste my time engaging a dry drunk racist on Twitter………….he was welcomed here to engage but just like INC he abused that and got himself BANNED……why would I want to do to another place just to talk to a nut? till he got banned?

          • I have zero interest in Twitter or Facebook, so why would I sign up just to ge insulted by Oedipus and Friends? By the way, Gaxter, I told Johnny that I wouldn’t respond to their proxy on this blog.

          • I think he sent the RRE twenty bucks for the Royal Snack Collection and got a bag of gummy bears and a stale pack of corn curls.

          • Go play with your Twitter friends. And Joe and his charming friends, especially Laura, loved to make fun of my problems. I’m brain damaged. Spud put up with it, Johnny didn’t.

          • I don’t have to offer you one damned thing. Others here saw it. And, I would really appreciate it if you didn’t respond to me and I won’t to you. You have made it very clear here that you have become a mouthpiece for others. Any further response from you will be considered harassment.

          • You do realize you started this conversation, don’t you?

            Or were you too blinded by anger and resentment toward people who don’t even comment here to realize it?

          • well since studies show successive generations of Americans are less and less educated how about we place the blame on where it belongs. forced unionized nationalistic public education. government should be banned from education. look what it did to Vietnam.

          • did you know if you are a resident of a foreign company when you file your taxes, which i never fail to do, you are Obamacare exempt. you would be so PO’ed if you knew prices plus we go into a pharmacy and buy whatever we want, plus we got no super bug infections in our hospitals. Zika si’, dengue, si’. zero msra etc. pay C400 for urologist appt. C280 for prostate radiography. all digital read out scans just like yours, hey we bought those machines from china off your design. root canal, custom porcelain tooth, $200US. for reference C28.85=$1.00. so $18 or so for the appt. i get ful blood scans lab work i order for C240. just watch my own self. all in a police state. if i was a gringo i would be mad at the USA …. hey wait, i am!!

          • Let me see if I got this right. You are self-funding your medications and medical treatments, but they really don’t cost all that much?

          • correct, i self fund my medical care which is superior to what i received in the USA. i have had 2 surgeries, and pay all my own treats and medication for less than an odummy care policy. my hernia operation which included surgeon, anesthesia, private room with leather sofa, flat screen and refridge. all medication, nurse staff, every was just over $1,600.
            be clear the vast majority of people pay for odummycare indirectly since most is covered by govt subsidy. no free lunch. just a lot cheaper and better when you shop and price yourself. also i would add. international health insurance is dirt cheap and covers you everywhere except the USA whose mixed system has made costs simply stupid.
            my other surgery was eye surgery for glaucoma. same auto foco lenses in the USA, 2 for $800 including hospital etc etc etc.

          • yep, we got the whole range. from free public care in hospitals you die in to top flight, all the in betweens,. you pay you live, you don’t save you get free care and die.
            that is the biggest crime of the “safety net” as soon as government provides all the service, advancements cease, shortages arise, then everyone gets lousy care. schools, health care, retirement, does not matter, they screw it up. wars too.

          • Without Googling, what was Politifact’s 2012 “Lie of the Year”? 2014. No, it wasn’t IKE and the U2, good grief that was half a century ago.

        • Paying a price only counts only if it’s the media AND your own party. Nixon paid a price. Truman paid a price. Bush paid a price. Johnson paid a price.

        • your right. he lied, smiled about it. will go down in history as dragging the USA into equality for all. lousy expensive health care like the rest of the world. good job!

          • Now you’re being hyperbolic.

            1/2 the country approves of ACA

            That swarmy GOP has done such a fine job of coming up with an alternative, haven’t they?

            It’s easy to criticize…talk is cheap. But name someone with a better mousetrap.

          • You think you got all sides covered, dontcha?

            With your language deficiencues you don’t have a prayer,

            No polling since May when PPP had it tied, Don’t you even think about telling me in your Middle School tone that I can’t back it up. That’s a shallow tactic. A good debater cointers with evidence, links, etc.

            I’m sick of your bs GC. Bring it on Mr. Permanently Negative,

          • Nut cases and those with pre-existing conditions and those who simply have better insurance than what they had before — if they even had insurance.

            This is a silly debate, You can stay in the rt. wing group think bubble if you want. But the ACA isn’t going anywhere.

          • your last sentence is true. i hope someday you get to realize the true cost of the the rest of your sentences. btw, not once have i referred to you as a “left winger”. media people si’. remi si’. royal si’ tu nunca

          • It’s because I’m a moderate whose views are shared by the majority in almost every case.

            The one main exception is school vouchers, which have majority support — but not mine.

            You on the other hand share many views which only those on the far right agree with including very anti government and opposition to social safety nets. There may be an exception or two. I would hope given where you live you are more open minded about immigration reform.

          • correct about me, incorrect about yourself. bunch your last 2 comments together. you are no more mainstream than obama or bernie. corporate welfare? the rich? against letting people out of govt schooling. the wars were impossible without centrist support. by your own admission you are in the occupy realm, hardly centrist. i have been more open minded about open borders all my life, it has nothing to do with where i live. my right wing views are libertarian not cultural or fascist. oh and while human caused climate change may be somewhat true there is not an ounce of evidence that humans can change back climate. it is well over stated and a dramatic money grab. science of the stupids just like a lot of science fads throughout history.

          • You failed to cite a single example of policies I either favor or oppose that when polling is done I am NOT with the majority (almost exclusively).

            I’m about as mainstream as it gets pal.

          • look pal. that is baloney. climate paranoia, the rich, corporations banking polling is how it is worded. the occupy people, which is what your citations add up to, are not a majority pal. got it pal. if you want to have a discussion pal, quit with the personal assaults. got it pal? also i would point out the wars you decry, you were in a minority at the time, with me. so how about you can the pal sh!t. state your case and try to prove it and i will try to refute it. makes life easier.

          • look pal. that is baloney. climate paranoia, the rich, corporations banking polling is how it is worded. the occupy people, which is what your citations add up to, are not a majority pal. got it pal. if you want to have a discussion pal, quit with the personal assaults. got it pal? also i would point out the wars you decry, you were in a minority at the time, with me. so how about you can the pal shitte. state your case and try to prove it and i will try to refute it. makes life easier.

          • Still waiting…no polling data yet as to a position I favor that doesn’t have majority support.

            For example, count me in the 64% concerned about this issue.

            “U.S. Concern About Global Warming at Eight-Year High”

            Caution: Don’t try to move the goal post like Gatxer tried to do. The debate point I raised was, “On almost every issue I side with the majority of the population.”

          • i am going to smoke beans instead of wasting my time grabbing inductive bits of evidence to show you how unimportant and acentrist your views are. good luck to ya michael. look up the necessary requirements of deductive and inductive proof, your’s is inductive evidence btw, and don’t ever lecture me again on debate or i will send you to the dark dead languages of it’s inception. the fight, you win. there was no debate. you pissed me off. way not centrist dude.

          • “I am going to smoke beans instead…”

            Doesn’t that give you really bad gas?

            (I much prefer smoked salmon.)

          • So like most americans 70-80% you favor voter ID laws? Don’t tell disgraced MOE that….he will tell you that you are racist.

          • “i hope someday you get to realize the true cost of the the rest of your sentences.”

            Compared to corporate welfare, tax loopholes for the rich and wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East — ACA is a mere pittance and no one will lose their house if they are suddenly diagnosed with cancer–or lose their insurance if they lose their job.

            Empathy and compassion for all Americans (rich and poor) is badly missing from your side.

            The climate change deniers will have to answer to their grandchildren when asked, “Grandpa why didn’t your generation do something?” How will you explain it was the conservative media, the Koch brothers and other Big Oil interests?

  5. I believe Univision actually wanted the debate commission to put Trump in front of a Mexican firing squad. Their disappointment understandable.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 federal takeover of elections
    4 Yuge!
    3 Slam-dunk
    2 Ailes rehash
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Wemple: How long can Brian Williams continue to shelter himself?

  7. Do any of you know what blocking someone on Disqus (not Twitter) means exactly?

    I know it means all their Disqus comments are now hidden from you (only). But what I really want to know is does it mean they will no longer be able to reply to any of your comments, which is what I really want?

    I don’t want a certain commenter replying with snark when I am the only one who cannot read it. For me that’s not really blocking. But I am afraid this is how it may work. Maybe they should change the name to “hiding.” 🙂


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