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  1. French — wasn’t he the guy trying to get Buffy and Jody to eat their brussel sprouts? Yeah conservatives, FOX is bad for you. Buffy, try a bag of this.

      • Trying to recall over my lifetime what were some of the most disgusting foods I’ve eaten.

        I’ve lived in 1/2 dozen different states and three times that many cities, so I’ve tasted a good cross section of local dishes like grits, which I don’t have any opinion of other than not much flavor.

        I must say Brussels sprouts would have to be near the top along with fruit cake, okra. Mackerel fish, venison (sorry Homemaker) and my all-time least favorite — Native American (Navajo) Posole Stew (sorry Nixon) made by my sister-in-law who along with one of my brothers worked for the Navajo Tribe for years.

    • I was going to knee jerk this by posing the question, “This column by David French is not a left vs. right issue, right? Weren’t the issues raised by Mr. French (who is obviously no fan of Trump) more about one GOP faction vs. a different GOP faction?”

      Then I went to Twitter where only one tweet out of the first 10 was someone I could reliably conclude leans right.

      Looks like once again we may have some schadenfreude at play here by some on the left as they shout out, “Look those Republicans are fighting again!!”

  2. Did Donald Trump say on Wednesday that any deportation (mass or otherwise) of illegal immigrants who are not criminals will not take place until after the wall is finished?

    If he did, I wonder why this is not getting more attention as a possible ‘softening’ of his mass deportation plan. Has it come up on Fox News today? Anybody?

  3. Seems like it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen the cable news networks sending out reporters to stand in the rain with a gadget in their hand that measures wind speeds and noting that the aluminum siding on some building is starting to peel off.

    • I swear, a shark was about to jump over the ocean railing and eat Steve Harrigan any minute as he was getting beaten back by splashing waves.

  4. IE:Domenech

    Just this week I posted here that most people who watch Fox News are NOT conservative…..which of course the disgraced stooges jumped on…..not being obsessed with this blog of course …..and low and behold J$ posts a link that has a link to the Washington Post that says:

    “you end up with 55 percent of the Fox News audience that doesn’t self-identify as conservative.”

    Racist disgraced stooges so wrong about #1 Fox news it laughable.


      • Well who knows with the stooges…..MOE thinks The Washington post’s Wemple is idiot for saying that 55% are not conservative….. because……well my guess would be…..3 or 4 bottles of Jack Daniels.

        It wasn’t me saying it ….it was Wemple and pew research

        Frozen thinks everybody can tell his fake Trump RT from his real ones…..even though his defender Michael couldnt or didnt notice it even after he said he looked.

        • “MOE thinks The Washington post’s Wemple is idiot for saying that 55% are not conservative.”

          Who is in that MIXED category seems to be the issue with the Pew poll. For example, how many conservative libertarians (btw, my son is one) are in the mixed category.

          Oh well. I am willing to accept that slightly less than 1/2 of MSNBC’s (48%) audience is liberal and slightly less than 1/2 (46%) of the Fox News audience is conservative.

          I thought both numbers would be higher and perhaps they would depending on what ‘mixed’ means.

          Case closed for me.

          Someone from the Glenn Beck, Ted Cruz, National Review #NeverTrump faction took a shot at Hannity’s audience for not being well educated.

          I’m suspending judgment. I would be curious for polling data about the educational level for shows like Maddow,
          Matthews, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Megyn, Fox&Friends, Morning
          Joe, etc.

          • “Who is in that MIXED category seems to be the issue with the Pew poll. For example, how many conservative libertarians (btw, my son is one) are in the mixed category.”

            Pew used these categories “consistent liberals, mostly liberals, mixed, mostly conservatives and consistent conservatives”

            So mixed would be independents………people who don’t call themselves Conservative or Liberal in anyway. So your son wouldn’t have been included in mixed.

            Of course anybody right of MOE is a nazi.

            My point stands…………..most people who watch fox news are NOT conservative.

            Haters just don’t get that anybody NOT Conservative would like Fox News…… them a study…..and it MUST be destroyed………Pews done this survey every few years and it always shows Most Fox viewers are NOT conservative.

          • That would be a bummer Nixon.

            He’d miss all those Goldline commercials on Fox. He struck me as a gold coins kinda guy as opposed to putting his money in a bank.

            Or did those ads go out the door with Glenn Beck? It’s hard to keep up.

          • “My point stands…………..most people who watch fox news are NOT conservative.”

            I agree. You win by 5% in a TKO. It’s only 46% so your opponents needed five more percent. Maybe they got them in 2016 with Trumpmania presumably driving many conservative Trump supporters to watch Fox News, especially in prime time.

            But this does not diminish that based on Pew’s 2014 numbers you win.

          • Don’t know but it’s been that way since at least 2004 I think…….that’s when I first saw it…..they only do it @ every 2 years…… will be interesting to see the nest…….I’M told “real” conservatives are upset at Fox News and turned off……..others tell me the tons of NON-conservative viewers are watching now………Fox is on track to have their best year ever… somebody is right.

            Im burned out from Trump… im watching a lot less…MSNBC and CNN and FOX….so who knows.

          • Well my guess would be …..2012 was a election year that conservative wanted to win…and didnt so they didnt want to watch the news so much..after that……but at the same time 2014 was one they did win so who knows.

            Cable News viewership from what Ive seen always go up in a general election year while people tend to watch less the other years……just my impression……I do know that they vote a lot less.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 speculations
    4 a cocoon
    3 not conservative
    2 allowing this
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Erik Wemple thinks Megyn Kelly and Fox News are caught ‘in a book bind’.

    • Long Labor Day weekend?
      — Tue 8/30 (last day pre vaycay) until Tue 9/6 (1st day back)

      Is this week-long vacation correct? (Last hurrah before the election season really goes into full swing non-stop until Election Day.)

        • is this going to like the permanent vacation she was to have taken after the Trump debate? The one where she came back right on time?

          BTW: did you notice that ALL of Fox News primetime hosts took today off? And I’ll bet tomorrow as well.

          • If I wanted a sweet ride in terms of vacation I think I’d pick MS(NBC).

            Does anyone get more days off than Lauer and Scarborough?

            Megyn’s not even in the same ballpark.

          • i don’t know……I don’t pay as much attention as some obsessed people but BO seems to take a huge amount of time off……does he work Fridays?

            When I was awake I used to leave MJ on and you are right JoeS does take a huge amount of time off for a morning show host.

          • The only time more popular than pre-Labor Day for vacations on cable news is the gap between Christmas and New Year’s. And the day after Thanksgiving is another safe choice. It wouldn’t be shocked, surprised, or the least bit suspicious if every regular on the staff was off on those days. Yet to this day the newshounds are still spreading the lie about Megyn Kelly’s previous vacation months after it was debunked. Because a good lie is always worth repeating.

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