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    • ok, i read it, do i have to listen too? it gets old when everyone and everything are simply no good lousy bunko stupid. it gets more depressing when there is no one out in the public arena that is not simply no good lousy bunko stupid. rained hard. gonna play in the garden then spray for citrus flies. it is the least i can do.

  1. Why you always have to read beyond the headlines…….Head stooge who spent most of monday complaining about Black people on Fox…….. retweeted this story which says:

    Sean Hannity pushes bogus claim for Colin Kaepernick’s protest: He ‘converted to Islam’

    but of course there a catch…..Hannity actually said “Anyway, it said during the off-season he may have converted to Islam”

    See the difference? “HE MAY HAVE”


    As ive said IMHO SH doesn’t belong on a news network…..but if he’s so bad why do they have to lie about him? If Fox News was just 10% as bad as the disgraced haters want you to think…….they would never have to lie about Fox or edit quotes or headlines.

    • “Head stooge who spent most of Monday complaining about Black people on Fox.”

      This is a totally bogus charge and I think you know it — or should know it.

      Total Monday Tweets and retweets by Ice: 85+
      Total mentioning women – Hillary (17), Laura Ingraham (1), Beyonce’ (1), Huma Abedin (1), Meghan McCain (1), Katrina Pierson (1), Greta (3), Kayleigh McEnany (1), Rachel Maddow (1), Kellyanne Conway (1) and Harris Faulkner (12)

      So that’s 12 out of 40 about women with none mentioning Harris Faulkner’s race.

      • Wow, you actually went through 85 tweets to compile those stats? You should work for the State Dept. We’d have seen those emails months earlier! 😉

        But since you did all that work anyhow, what are the figures when you don’t include RTs, or non-cable-news personnel?

        • “Wow, you actually went through 85 tweets.”

          Yeah, 20 minutes out of a retiree’s day is nothing Johnny.

          These fabricated accusations about ‘anyone’ being a racist are both disappointing (Gatxer should know better) and annoying….and I am going to continue to call him on it until he stops.

          IMO, you too should expect accuracy on your website…even when the inaccuracy is about someone who writes for an anti Fox News blog.

          • “These fabricated accusations about ‘anyone’ being a racists are both disappointing and annoying….and I am going to continue to call him on it until he stops.”

            Well have fun because when I see them whine about people of color so much more than others….I’m going to point it out………..ignoring it just makes racist think nobody cares.

          • Yeah, like people here at J$P are running to their keyboards to support your characterization of Ice.

            Earth to Gatxer, that would normally be interpreted as perhaps I should reconsider my claim. I’m certainly wiling to admit when I didn’t assess someone correctly.

            Your stubbornness is unbecoming.

          • Well you are friends with known racists so…….I would expect you dont assess people well on a regular basis.

            You sure are paying attention as did J$ and a few others………..again what did I say that was wrong?

            Did the whine about 24 people of color that were on #1 Fox News……..Yes
            Did the whine about only 11 white people on #1 Fox News…..yes

            NOT seeing the lie there.


          • Yet, despite my plea…you continue to offer no proof about the “24 people of color”…e,g, their names or a link to a few of the tweets you’re referring to.

          • You counted them didnt you???

            It’s easy….go back and look at ONLY hosts and guests ON Fox news……you will find 24 posts about people of color and only 11 about white people…..that’s MOST….in my math book.

            If I waste my time and give you all the posts and I’M 100% right…..which I am………and they complained about 24 vs 11 would you admit Im right???

            Of course you won’t…..so I see no reason to waste 30 min doing something you won’t admit to anyway.

            I wonder if mass deletion is about to happen like his ridiculous misspelled post last week………a pretend “writer” he is…..but great for Disgraced Newshounds.

          • You’re either imaging things or you are no longer talking about the point of my OP – Ice’s Monday Twitter timeline.

            Only three African Americans were mentioned and only one was on Fox News (Outnumbered).

          • “Only three African Americans were mentioned and only one was on Fox News (Outnumbered).”

            OK……i could make you look like a liar….but I’m not……….it evident that you can’t read….I said

            “Head stooge who spent most of monday complaining about Black people on Fox.”

            here’s one you clearly missed;

            Fav scary black man they disagree with:


            heres another

            and another

            Now based on your view of the disgraced “writer” TL…and the posts that you clearly missed…..I wonder which is the more accurate version?

            I don’t mind that you lie to defend the stooges but please don’t tell me i’m lying when what I said it right there.

          • For months you’ve been saying “black women on Fox News.”

            Now today you decided to veer from your normal imaginary racism and write “Black people.”

            I missed that. Score one for Gatxer.

            Of course, you only really added one more tweet to Ice’s tweets because the second two tweets for which you were good enough to provide links are ABOUT TRUMP – NOT BLACK FOLKS.

            So now we have Ice tweeting about the following A-As:
            Beyonce’ (1), Katrina Pierson (1), Harris Faulkner (12) and Sheriff Clarke (1).

            So 15 tweets (or mentions) out of a timeline 85 entries long…or 17 tweets if you insist on including the two about Trump.

          • I know to some people all black people look alike and all……but one of those black men is Dr. Carson…BUT I guess I shouldn’t wonder why black man might look alike to you……LOL…….I NEVER counted Beyonce……as she wasn’t a guest or host ON Fox News………if you can’t take the time to READ what I write…..please don’t reply.

            Ive said “people of color” and”women of color” and “black people” and “African Americans”……..here all in the last month…see it depends on what they post…..i’m not some nut who just types something over and over………what I type depends on what is said and not what I want them to say………….of the people ON Fox NEWS the whined about they overwhelm whined about Black people…………..24 vs 11….I was right.

            Thank you.

            BTW: I notice you don’t think a Bernie supporter could be a fan of Fox News……that just proves you don’t know the type of people who watch Fox News….HINT: most people who watch Fox News…….are NOT Conservative ..and i guess you didnt realize that Bernie has appeared on Fox News many many times…….in fact that’s where I first saw him……years ago.

            And with this I’m done talking to the wall tonight……its starting to feel like i’m just banging my head into it……its worthless.

          • “24 vs 11….I was right.”

            Still waiting for the 24 tweets about black people by Ice ‘they whined about’ on Monday.

            Concealing your lack of names in a 200-word comment is not fooling anyone.

            Good nite.

          • OH STFU….count for yourself…….If I post the 24 VS 11 will you admit I’m right that they complain about Black people more than whites? If so I’ll waste my time and give you all 35 posts…..otherwise why waste my time for a guy who can’t admit what he even counted……you know i’m right if you counted them………you just can’t bring yourself to admit I might be right about the disgraced racist stooges.

            If not go back to you circle jerk where they tell you that everything you think is right.

            I feel no need to prove myself to a guy who’s friends with racist men who call women goons.


          • Based on your poor analytical skills and level of writing (or lack thereof) and overuse of ellipses I am curious, how far did you go in school?

            I put you at about a 9th grade writing level. Am I close?

          • It really drives you nuts when people point out your racist friends……..just call me a goon and move on…..oh and you are wrong about me almost as much as you are about Fox News.

            When the internet grammar police show up…..you know you have won.

            I will really stop now……..feel free to keep lying about what I said…..but i’m going to bed….so you will be talking to yourself.

          • “If I post the 24 vs. 11, will you admit I’m right?”

            Of course I will. Have you not been paying attention? I have already conceded at least two points to you today.

            I suspect we are using different metrics however,

            Seventeen tweets/retweets out of 85+ is hardly, “Spending most of Monday (on Twitter) complaining about black people on Fox.”

          • going to bed….will post links to all tomorrow night.

            I will expect you to admit that they targeted Blacks ON Fox more than whites…..at least for one day.

          • Don’t move the goal post.

            The debate point triggered by your OP is, “Did Ice spend most of Monday (on Twitter) complaining about black people on Fox.”

            Sleep well. I’m expecting a clear-headed debater later on Wednesday.

          • I’m certainly wiling to admit when I didn’t assess someone correctly. For example, you corrected me months ago about my misrepresentation of something I had said about Trump and tax analysts saying he should file even when being audited.

            I was wrong. (See how easy that is?)

          • As Ive said I don’t believe I’m wrong on this….I admit I’m wrong here all the time…….I did so with the Roger Alies thing……I did so with the AT……but since her legal filling I’m not so sure I was wrong…..it does have a pretty big lie in it……..I admitted I was wrong about GC……..I have had ZERO problem when I’M wrong……in this case I just don’t have any doubt…….they complain MORE about people of color on Fox News then they do others……..I noticed it like a year ago…..but it wasn’t till I ran the numbers that I ever even mentioned it here………..It’s not like #1 Fox News is filled with people of color like BET….for crying out loud. I’m sorry you can’t see it….I do and when I see a example of it….I point it out…..just like I do when I see them lie or misrepresent something…..if I have the time…….most days I don’t bother.

            I don’t throw the race card around……I think Trump is racist……but like ICE hes never used the N word……..in not spending my night repeating something you aren’t hearing…..and never will.

        • “But since you did all that work anyhow, what are the figures when you don’t include RTs, or non-cable-news personnel?”

          It so happened Monday was one of the more active days for Harris making controversial and biased statements in the eyes of many on the left.

          I don’t know the answer to your question other than to say 12 tweets (none mentioning race) about Harris are atypical in the year plus I have followed Ice.

          For example, there were none today and it should be clear to any fair minded person that Ice did not “…spend most of Monday complaining about Black people on Fox.” This is a total misrepresentation of his Twitter timeline.

          • EXACTLY!!!!

            Then he go on his TL and complain about it…….I think he should sue J$ for punitive damages for making him read my posts.

          • More like pleas to set the record straight. None of which have been rebutted I might add.

            Still waiting for at least ONE regular here at J$P to support Gaxter’s fabrication that Ice is a racist.

          • I rebutted you. And, simply because Ice hasn’t called anyone a n****r, doesn’t mean he isn’t a racist.

          • So that’s the bar now?

            Wow! That’s incredulous.

            BTW, I thought you and I had a gentleman’s agreement that in the absense of links to what was said years ago on ICN — it basically comes down to a he-said-he-said. So now you’re reneging?

          • I am not reneging on one damn thing. This has zero to do with ICN. Try to focus on the here and now. Or, don’t answer at all and go play with your friends.

          • Actually isnt it he said (JOE) VS you said…..Larry said and I said……and a few others have said….Joe said it and people saw it……we have talked about it a few times……its not like we only talked about it years later….he was called on it at the time.

          • In that case Mr. Charming, I will be less polite my hardliner angry friend and fellow veteran.

            You never successfully rebutted a single comment from the recent past.

            Where’s this rewriting of history and your imaginary rebuttal.

            It’s been less than two weeks. A scroll through Discus should find it for you and then you can enlighten us all. (As I said before, “Talk is cheap.”)

          • I rebutted your (Joe’s) lies that you posted. It was last week. However, out of respect for Johnny, I am simply going to ignore you from now on.

          • I did find your comment from 4 days ago, “I guess that my people being savages, straight out of the Stone Age was a compliment.”

            But this was said years ago on ICN (or perhaps J$P) and as I mentioned we have no links to prove who is now correctly representing what was actually written at the time.

            I have no issue with either of you since we have no proof.

          • Treasures of truth buried at ICN. I’ll live with all my gems including that of calling out the 17 year old thug in training with enough stuff on his phone to send him to jail had he not tried to beat the snuff out of the “white guy”.

          • Laria said a really nasty thing about Nix. Ask Joe. He will tell you. He tried to apologize for her. She never did. Just decided to go after Spud with a two by four instead. I stood back in awe. Old fart awe.

          • Gee, I’m sorry I missed all the fun ‘back in the day’…sounds like there were some real battles.

            I’m actually being sarcastic…I’d rather discuss than argue. Not a fan of all the bickering.

            If people would only just agree with me 100% of the time, do they not realize how happy (like a 6-year-old with an ice cream cone) I would be. (Actually that would be unbelievably boring.)

          • Good.

            The tag teaming gets old real fast.

            This is a debate between Gatxer and me.

            What has always mystified me is why some on the right can’t just disagree about cable news. Fox News True Believers seem to take criticism as a personal affront, and treat the critic as the Enemy Who Must Be Crushed.

          • Guess that mantra has become so all-purpose that you trot it out in an argument not about Fox, but about an accusation that you’ve allowed yourself to become the mouthpiece for guy with a control-freak streak as big as his liver.

            Sure that this is not because in the heat of an election,with your anger at FNC coverage of it, that we’ve become “the enemy that must be crushed”, Michael?

            Just say’n.

          • Your constant snide remarks about Joe Remi’s issues with alcohol are beneath you Cecelia.

            I wish you’d stop. It makes you look small.

          • Okay.

            I’ll let Remi know that the Bible warns us about Cece the devil and her evil ways.

            I’m sure he will be totally comforted and wish you forgiveness by your Lord & Savior.

            Oh wait…that’s the aggressive Remi we’re talking about here. Never mind.

          • He wants me to hear his side of things here (at a place he’s been banned) via the alcoholic’s usual way of conscripting enablers, then he’s going to hear me right back. Your aggressive coward can’t block me here as on twitter.

            Your last sentence and his response to my statements about his sobriety are indicative as to why he periodically has to apologize to friend and foe alike for being a drunken jerk in ways he avows as not even remembering.

            You don’t do him any favors.

          • “…I’ll let Remi know…”

            Please. Though Joe said it was good for him to have been banned here… that he sought that ban out… he reads the posts here more assiduously than you do. And still wants to control every word.

            No one forces him to do that. Certainly no comment on an obscure blog could harm him truly in any way.

            You may like the way his anger tastes now in the heat of an election, but I’d wager you won’t forever unless you’ve an untapped store of it too.

          • Well I may be wrong but to call Megyn Kelly a racist and say her greatest pleasure in life is to denigrate black people strikes me as making it personal. The newshounds seems to think they can repeat this mantra for years but must never be subject to the such criticism themselves. They made their bed but don’t want to lie in it.

          • I think it was our ‘beloved’ Andrea Tantaros…cough…cough…who once observed on The Five how pervasive it is for those in the media to use “racist” when almost always “prejudiced” is the preferrable descriptor.

            The panel expanded on her comment with a brief discussion about the differences between racist, prejudiced and bigoted.

            The Megyn critics may complain about having Mark Fuhrman on to discuss cases involving race…and her white Santa remark, but it’s silly to draw inferences of racism from that.

            If a newshounds column (not a commenter) called her a racist, that has no more place on a blog than does Gatxer calling Ice a racist here at J$P.

          • Not necessarily race itself but like I said “cases involving race.”

            As one example, I believe he was her guest more than once in the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown.

            Mr. Fuhrman has also made appearances on the Kelly File pertaining to the Travon Martin shooting and after the Baton Rouge and Milwaukee police shootings.

            The website Crooks & Liars takes them task at this link. Obviously, this is the liberal perspective and I would be shocked if anyone here agrees with a single word.


          • Only the shooting of Michael Brown didn’t involve race. It was a self-defense case according to the DoJ.
            A jury found Trayvon Martin’s killer innocent. He wasn’t charged, either locally or by the feds, with any civil rights violations that I am aware of, so unless I’m missing something that case wasn’t about race either.
            The notion that a white shooter + a black victim = a case involving race is no more true than a black shooter + a white victim = a case involving race. A case involves race when it is a motivating factor. Just comparing skin colors is lazy media template thinking.
            As I recall Fuhrman was paired up on most of those LA and WI police shooting hits with a civil rights attorney, usually Andell Brown or Eric Guster. Again I don’t see how this proves Megyn Kelly hates black people. I wonder why they keep coming on her program. Don’t they know there’s nothing she likes better than to attack them because they’re black?

          • “Only the shooting of Michael Brown didn’t involve race.”

            I’m surprised to hear you say that. We usually reach some type of common ground rather quickly.

            Do you not remember it was investigated by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division? Of course it involved race.

            Perhaps we have semantics differences here.

          • So where are the civil rights charges then? Or are you saying anything the DoJCRD investigates is racial simply because they investigated it ergo it must involve race? I was under the impression that their investigations were to determine if an incident involved race, and if it did to file appropriate charges.

            A coroner looks at a lot of bodies, but they aren’t all homicides because the coroner investigates them. Only the ones that show evidence of homicide.

          • Oh, I get it now.

            I’m talking about racial components in the media coverage (e.g., Whether racism existed in local PD) and you’re talking about legal conclusions about race.

            Peace brother.

          • If you’re saying there are ‘racial components’ to incidents in which race was not a factor, then this is definitely not one of our ‘common ground’ discussions. From my law enforcement experience I have this crazy notion that incidents where there is no indication that the race of the parties was a motivation, are incidents that didn’t involve race. Any more than they involved someone’s middle initial. Peace out!

          • Just as a jury decided it’s not illegal or even inherently racist to follow a stranger from a distance in your neighborhood. To alert the cops about him as part of a Neighborhood Watch program.

            However, it is illegal for the stranger to get within feet of where he staying and then double back around in order to confront the guy following him by slamming his head into the concrete.

          • Why would anyone take a news host to task for featuring a guest who had been a part of a racially charged and culturally iconic trial in the midst of another one?

          • Actually, speaking up for Megyn in the way that Michel T. says he does for Joe and Ice, garners you the status of cult member. It’s even considered an off-topic discussion at JDP though it’s about what’s being said, claimed, and argued about cable news channel culture and a host.

            None of that matters. If you weren’t such a mindless groupie you’d agree with them…

          • Oh, no disagreement from me.

            But I am probably one in a very small minority who wishes the site was more welcoming to diverse opinions, so the kind of thread this discussion produced was not so one sided (5 or 6 to 1).

            Media Matters has more variety among the commenters than we do here.

            I’m not saying it’s a major issue. Obviously, I wouldn’t visit the site daily if it was.

            Finally, I hope the ole barber shop you often affectionately refer to is more diverse than J$P or my local Elks Lodge for that matter. 🙂

          • Variety mix, just about right to me. If I want to be challenged repeatedly, I know where to go. I can debate Media Matters people until my eyes glaze over.

          • I’m struck by the fact that for years newshounds and its writers have consistently, repeatedly smeared Megyn Kelly and others as racists. He hates black people. Her greatest pleasure is to denigrate a black person. Etc etc etc. I’m talking about the newshounds writers; the comments crank this up to ’11’. So newshounds poison has for years been spread through Google news and parrot sites all over the internet. Yet when someone here suggests that a newshound writer favors targeting black people, not in a blog post but in a comment thread on a site derided as having ‘a dozen readers’, it inspires someone purportedly unconnected with the newshounds to mount a stirring defense. Even though there’s more evidence for that criticism than there is for the notion that Megyn Kelly gets sadistic pleasure for hating black people.

            Just the way I see it. I welcome commenters here of all persuasions, but sometimes I don’t understand the priorities.

          • It’s telling too how the argument morphs from pointing out to Gaxter that he has no upvotes for his claims about Moe and Ice, to designating general pushback from others as an FNC induced pathology.

            Keep your enemies close, and Fox News as an epithet even closer.

          • Not clear what that is supposed to mean.

            I comment to Gatxer when I know he’s being unfair and inaccurate and Ice thanks me on Twitter some of the time.

            Why would he “ask me to defend his honor” when he knows I am already rebutting the notion that Ice is a racist — which no one except Gatxer has disagreed with.

        • BTW: I only let this go on because it’s the end of the day……..sorry I responded so many times….I know it’s a waste of time.

      • You didnt bother to read what I said did you Michael….you just went into defend your friend mode…….I said “people on Fox” so I looked at guess what PEOPLE ON FOX NEWS……of which ICE whined about 24 people of color and just 11 white people who were on Fox. Sounds like most to me…..but maybe my math is off…..is 11 now more than 24?????

        I remind you again that you have a block user button…..if me pointing out that the disgraced stooges tend to complain about people of color more than white hosts or guest I strongly suggest you use it because I’m not going to stop.

        • C’mon Gatxer.

          Where’s your evidence that “ICE whined about 24 people of color and just 11 white people who were on Fox.”

          Fess up — the only people of color were Harris, Beyonce’ and Katrina.

          You’re back in that alternate reality again my friend.

          People can check his timeline and decide for themselves which version is more accurate.

          • How do you not know who I’m talking about if you spent so much time checking?????

            Hint Beyonce wasn’t on FOX……and I didnt include her……I hope people check the disgraced Newshound “writers” TL…..thats why I brought it up……..don’t think they will find yours as the accurate version since you don’t even know who I’m talking about……but thanks for playing.

            READ the disgraced “writers” timeline people…….. yesterday from the time he got up till Hannity show came on…….when I logged on……..posted this………he complained about 24 people who were ON FOX NEWS. were people of color….hosts or guests and just 11 white people…..which is most even in frozen minds

            You have defended ICE now……you can run along and insult this site and me on twitter now right? What a circle jerk you have there.


          • He runs right back there and does his thing. He doesn’t even realize that they probably hold him in the same contempt as they do the rest of us.

          • Yeah, I’m a total puppet to people 20 years younger.

            FYI, in the last 10 days I was unfollowed by Laura (although she later apologized, but didn’t re-follow). And also temporarily unfollowed by Joe Remi when he and I had a heated exchange about whether J$ was justified in using “titalating” to describe the Andrea Tantaros court document.

            Over 90% of what I post here has nothing to do with what I read on their twitter feeds, much of which is anti FNC. Why would I want to post that on a Fox News blog?

            Discussing is my thing…not trolling and toying with other commenters like that troll ”The Real Royal Emperor’ did.

          • It’s no surprise that you’re not a good enough mouthpiece for them.
            Afterall, you are capable of agreeing with a Fox entity once in awhile or thinking something contradictory to them. That’s not going to fly.
            Knock yourself out correcting the record for these folks.

          • TY Cece.

            I think I am retiring as a defender. This is not the best blog for that as you can tell.

            However, this stubborn German (with a little Irish and French mixed in) will continue to call out Gatxer for fictitiously calling Ice a racist. (Just for fun of course. He’s actually a pretty pleasant dude when arguing a point.)

          • It’s pretty humorous stuff after you accept the dynamics of the people involved and the absurdity of that endless drama.
            He got the better of your tonight, but tomorrow’s another day.

          • The better of me?

            A gazillion exchanges and neither Gatxer nor his up voting fan Nixon have provided reliable fact-based evidence that made the case that Ice is a racist. Today was particularly fact-free.

            Color me bewildered.

          • I wasn’t addressing the racism aspect.
            As to that part, it’s my understanding that Gaxter means the bigotry of expectations based upon race. That black people are supposed to see things a certain way and that they’re a whole nother category of wrong when they don’t.. Not true-believers unable to see the obvious like we folks here, but sell-outs.
            He can correct me if I’m wrong and you two can’t argue the racism thing from here to eternity.
            I don’t follow their tweets enough to feel comfortable with being onboard, but I don’t rule it out completely because of the assigning of very egregious motives to other talent at Fox.

          • I believe Gaxter means something different than the the bigotry of expectations based upon race.

            Obviously, he’s free to correct the record.

            He should know though that Ice has never once mentioned Harris’ race. The only personal reference that I recall is saying he was surprised that being the daughter of a military man that she didn’t criticize Trump for insulting POWs. A legitimate question IMO.

            As far as Sheriff David Clarke, he’s a lot like Colonel Allen West in the eyes of most liberals and progressives. They make comments that drive the left crazy.

            Hard to single out Ice for agreeing with the majority of liberals — even if a case can be made by the other side that this is an example of the bigotry of expectations based upon race.

          • My upvoting people that I consider friendly or to encourage posting really seems to stick in his crop.

          • I would only hope that you would also defend someone who you had established a rapport and a ‘virtual’ friendship with against false accusations…even when seemingly everyone else here hates him.

            How’s that old saying go Larry? “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

  2. Ive asked before and never gotten an answer that made sense………..why is it wong for CNN to hire Lewandowski as a contributor and yet Paul Begala runs a Clinton super pac and nobody cares about that?

    Of Course Trump and Lewandowski are close he’s a trump deleage for crying out loud…….IMHO CNN was crazy to hire Lewandowski…..but then I think it crazy to have a guy running a super Pac doing that job also.

  3. Not only is Wemple, as usual, full of crap. Andrea Tantaros is showing herself to be absolutely nuts.

    Trump original: Happy Birthday, get well soon.
    CNN Modified: Happy Birthday, bet it’s your last.

  5. TWITTER HACKING: I changed my password recently to something unique to Twitter and something very complicated. I’m just a nobody, but sure wouldn’t want that thing hacked.

  6. Barbara Streisand has promised to leave the USA if Trump wins. Funny girl. Maybe GC has a fold out couch.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Fox News dominates
    4 O’Whine
    3 CNN doctors
    2 Adam Housley
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Harris Faulkner twitter hacked.

      • i’ll follow with the fruit. i grow Maduros, a type plátano, in costa rica. close relative, same type of plant. if the plant is that big, look at the stalks, could be over 100lbs on one stalk. never grown one that big so i get to be surprised. people asking bout em.

  8. I said it before….and will again….the stooges have to dumb down their readers to make their partisan points…..good example today.

    Now I think people who diagnose people with mental problems they haven’t talked to are…..wrong and when Dr. do it it even worst……..that comes from working with people with disabilities……so I know most may not agree.

    So I see this tonight in the disgraced newshound “writer” TL…..

    “FOX complains David Plouffe called Trump psychopath.
    FBN guest Keith Ablow tells Hillary Clinton get a psychologist.”

    Ok….a few problems….1.Keith Ablow is not a guest he’s a contributor….big difference…….oh and 2. it’s not Keith Ablow of course it’s Dr. Ablow…..now why might they leave that out being the Fox News “experts” that they claim to be……..oh yea he’s a psychiatrist…..so it makes their point like most of their others…pure junk. Plouffe has NO medical training so only a partisan could claim his and Ablow statements in the same world.
    Of course as Ive said here before…IMHO I don’t like Ablow and I don’t think he should be doing politics.
    Anything to bash #1 Fox News no matter what the truth is.

  9. If. Trump goes to Mexico, many in the press couldn’t cover it.

    It seems there is some sort of law about passports that they must follow.

  10. Have I mentioned that I was interviewed by Mediaite? It was like a week ago, and nothing has appeared yet. The story isn’t getting any fresher. If they don’t do something with it soon I may have to publish it here.

    • HINTS!!!! We need HINTS!

      I would point out that Tommy C was the guy in charge over the weekend so it wasn’t going to appear then.

      • Well you don’t know, and I don’t know, if it’s a nice article or a not-so-nice article. He might jump at printing one, but not the other. We follow each other on twitter, so I see no reason to think he wouldn’t make a perfectly reasonable decision on whether to publish.

        The subject matter was Andrea Tantaros’s lawsuit and her reference to me in it.

  11. I see the disgraced Fox haters are all concerned that BO took another summer vacation……they think it’s connected to AT lawsuit……..which I might buy……if it wasn’t coming from the same nuts that thought a MK vacation was a big deal this year but of course wasn’t..


    • They must be parroting the bilge that Ellen Brodsky has been writing, stuff made up out of thin air based on nothing but maybe a Magic 8-ball. Oh wow, O’Reilly went on vacation in August. Like he did last year. And the year before that.

  12. Well this 45 min of my life I won’t get back…..and I know it’s a waste of time…..if it was 75 post about black people on Fox and 3 white…..he wouldn’t “get” it……….OH well………put it on a old blog page of mine that I had deleted all the old posts…..to save space here.

    going to bed so nitpick away while I sleep stooges.


    • Documentation and making a record is never a waste of time. I can recall someone thanking me for a post I did years ago and had completely forgotten because it documented something one of the newshound liars had written that had since been quietly scrubbed and rewritten to cover up their lie.

      • I only meant that if he can’t see it when they spend a whole day….make a ton of posts about Fox News and everyone of them is about a person of color……..he wasn’t going to ever see my point……I only did it because I said I would….I knew he wouldn’t understand.

        • Ah, that is a classic newshound post. And on top of the kindergarten-level grammar and punctuation, it has several proven newshound lies in it to boot. But hey, you can say that about most any hound scribbling.

    • IMO you would have been better served Gatxer to have put a slightly different spin on your argument. (I mean spin in a good way.)

      Using words like Nazi, homophobic, xenophobic and racist to describe someone are emotionally charged and often used hyperbolically and inaccurately in their application. Yes, even when referring to Donald Trump, who I loathe. 🙂

      So obviously you are going to evoke unwanted criticism when you choose to call someone a racist.

      My advise would have been to address Ice about your objections by saying something like the following:

      Has anyone else noticed that there are days on his Twitter feed when Ice (or ‘Head Stooge’, if you prefer) sure seems to direct most of his hostile tweets at people of color on Fox News? It sure looks like cherry picking of black conservatives to me.

    • Good job on your “Things I care about” research. I now see why our numbers of tweets about blacks differed.

      I was rebutting the statement in your OP on J$P when you wrote, “Head stooge who spent most of Monday complaining about black people on Fox.”

      But your research includes Ice tweeting about blacks on other cable news channels like MSNBC which you added to the 16 tweets by Ice about blacks on Fox News and Fox Business. Glad that’s cleared up.

      You deserve an ‘E’ for effort. That took a lot of work. Well done sir.

      Now maybe we can end the debate and change the topic.

      Your nearby Chicago Cubs (with the best record in baseball) really do seem like they may finally be on their way to the World Series. I’m sure longtime Cubbies fan Joe Concha hopes so.

      • BTW: contrary to the lie the paranoid dry drunk posted…..I didnt “create” a blog about the disgraced newshound “writer:….I just made a post on a old blog I don’t use anymore….I used it before my sister was on facebook to show her local stories I thought she might be interested in……I only used it a few times……all I did was delete a few posts……………..Nobody here is obsessed with them…..however if they visit this site many times a day……wouldn’t you say they might be obsessed with us?……….and I would also point out that I only posted it to that old blog to save space here…..35 links take up a lot of room……and you were the only one who said I was wrong…..didnt seem fair to everyone else.

        Other than the pastor I don’t see any that were from other news channels….and as I said I also counted accidentally some white people who weren’t on Fox……but my point still stands……..he targets people of color on Fox News over other races. Best example was on 4-20 when he only targeted people of color and NO white people……..now unless you think there was some sort of NAACP meeting going on at Fox News that day….doesn’t that seem weird to you?0

        You can see a cached version of my old blog here.


        Oh and i see the disgraced “writer” is still RT fake trump posts from a Fake Trump account……..with out telling his poor readers….not much honesty in that now is there?

          • You what even funnier? The disgraced newshounds are so paranoid about us that they are going back to a two day old thread to see what we are saying about them……..also my blog post got more views that you would imagine a link on a thread 2 days old could get.

          • I noticed they are claiming the so-called fake Trump account clearly states it’s a ‘parody’ account in his/her bio or Twitter profile.

            So no wonder it has 18K followers.

            I totally missed that earlier between doing laundry and reading Twitter and two blogs.

            Oh well.

          • Yet you clearly missed that it was a parody account. You have to click on the Fake Trumpers account go to the main page to see that message……otherwise it looks just like the real one.

            That dishonest IMHO………..you know I can’t stand Trump and agree with most of what ICE post about Trump…..which is why you don’t see me complain about them much………I do find anybody who’s typed #neverTrump more than 10 times to be a nut…………I just find it Newshounds type dishonest to not point out you are RT a parody account………

            I posted the two next to each other…..this is all the Disgraced “writer” readers see………just how easy is it for them to know which one is real and which is fake????


          • The Twitter account delineations for Trump gets to be a bit much at times, don’t they?

            So far I’ve seen 5 Trump Twitter account categories discussed:

            1. The valid account
            2. The fake accounts
            3. The parody accounts
            4. The valid account using an Android is Trump.
            5. The valid account using an iPhone is an assistant.

            Kinda funny actually.

          • When I did a search for the REAL trump account in the search Box about 5 came up and I had to try 2 times to get the right one.

            I don’t object to RTing the fake account……I just think he’s being very dishonest not pointing out that it’s a fake one………of course he writes for the disgraced Newshounds so its expected.

        • Good catch re the fake Trump Twitter account — presumably one letter is incorrect.

          I tried to find it last time you mentioned it. But as you can imagine that kind of thing is hard to Google.

          Do you have a link or can you provide the misspelling of Trump’s real Twitter account?

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