Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Maddow-O’Bolling Factor-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Fox News files response to Tantaros: ‘not a victim…an opportunist’.
  • Out# video: over Clintons’ ‘outrageous bribery’.
  • Flood: Neil Cavuto set to make post-surgery return on September 6.
  • After ‘fixing’ algorithms, Facebook hypes totally fake Megyn Kelly ‘news’.
  • Dylan Byers declares Megyn Kelly out of the running to moderate debate.
  • Concha: Fusion kicks white male debate moderators over 55 to the curb.
  • Survey says: Megyn Kelly, Anderson Cooper top debate moderator picks.
  • Bias? CNN host grills AP exec for publishing exposé on Clinton Foundation.
  • CNN’s Dylan Byers misrepresents Washington Post fact-check.   This is CNN.
  • Maria Molina returning to FNC…sort of.  Bo Dietl resurfaces.  Extra-crispy oops.

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  1. CNN doing their usual misleading and outright lying to help Madame Clinton. Their new slogan is “The Truth Be Damned!”

  2. As if to prove my thesis correct, Andrea Tantaros calling for lie detector tests. Not for her, despite the lies in her pleadings, but for the people she’s accusing. Note that lie detectors are not admissible in any criminal case—and not in civil cases in almost every jurisdiction that I’m aware of, unless all parties including the court waive the rules, which happens about every 12th of Never. So the purpose of this, like the lurid language and made-up allegations in the pleadings, is to get the media to bite on it. Mission accomplished, natch.

    • Any ideas as to why Andrea is so bitter? I also do not see how Fox responding in kind helps them besides the media.

      • Who knows what sets people off? Perhaps she saw herself as having a bigger role at Fox, and when she was suspended over the book, decided to seek revenge.

      • The opposing sides as best as I can tell.

        Fox News said that it suspended Tantaros last spring for writing and publishing a book without first getting permission and submitting the manuscript for review as required by her contract.

        Tantaros claims she was suspended after telling Bill Shine, Suzanne Scott and Dianne Brandi about episodes of Ailes’ alleged harassment.

        Last I read (I could be mistaken) was that in the general population as well as many in the media was that the claims by Andrea were met with some degree of skepticism. OTOH, a prolonged suspension — even if it was with pay — seems odd to some for a book vetting violation.

        Not sure who’s winning the PR battle. If I had to guess, I would say Fox News in the absence of any hard evidence — a smoking gun if you will.

  3. news you will see on cable this week.takes a while to filter through the science news sources down to a readable form.
    Zika’s harm to young brains not limited to small heads, study reports
    By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

    A report released on Tuesday shows in graphic detail the kind of damage zika infections can do to the developing brain, damage that goes well beyond the devastating birth defect known as microcephaly in which the baby’s head is smaller than normal.

    The current zika outbreak was first detected last year in Brazil, where the virus has been linked to more than 1,800 cases of microcephaly, which can cause severe developmental problems.

    Prior research has shown the zika virus attacks neural progenitor cells, a type of stem cell that develops into different types of nerve or brain cells.

    The latest research, published in the journal Radiology, draws from imaging and autopsy findings linked with confirmed zika infections done on 17 infants and fetuses cared for at the Instituto de Pesquisa, in Campina Grande in the state of Paraiba in northeastern Brazil, where the infection has been especially severe.

    The study also included reports on 28 fetuses or newborns with brain anomalies whose mothers were suspected of having zika during pregnancy.

    Nearly all babies in each group had ventriculomegaly, a condition in which the ventricles, or fluid-filled spaces in the brain, are enlarged.

    While most of the fetuses had at least one exam showing abnormally small head circumference, suggesting they had microcephaly, three of the fetuses with ventriculomegaly had normal head circumference, but severe ventriculomegaly.
    Nearly all of the fetuses or babies in the confirmed zika group and nearly 80 percent of those in the presumed zika group also had abnormalities of the corpus callosum, a large bundle of nerves that facilitates communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

    In all but one of the cases studied, the researchers found instances in which developing neurons did not travel to their proper destination in the brain.

    In many cases, the babies’ skulls seemed to have collapsed on themselves, with overlapping tissues and abnormal skin folds suggestive of a brain that had stopped growing.

    “From an imaging standpoint, the abnormalities in the brain are very severe when compared to other congenital infections,” said study co-author Deborah Levine of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a radiology professor at Harvard Medical School.

    As with other reports, the paper suggests that zika does the most harm in the first trimester of pregnancy. The researchers plan to keep following the cases to see what impact prenatal zika infections have on future brain development.

    There is no vaccine or treatment for zika, which is a close cousin of dengue and chikungunya and causes mild fever, rash and red eyes. An estimated 80 percent of people infected have no symptoms, making it difficult for pregnant women to know whether they have been infected.

    Zika is carried by mosquitoes, which transmit the virus to humans. A small number of cases of sexual transmission have been reported in the United States and elsewhere.

    gc/ my fears.
    1. a multitude of different viruses.
    2. are they empathetic? multiple lifetime exposure effect from the same or similar or different virus. 2nd time Dengue usually hemorrhagic.

  4. Re: “After ‘fixing’ algorithms, Facebook hypes totally fake Megyn Kelly ‘news'”: I noticed that over the weekend. I suspected it was fake, so I checked here and there was no link. Fake.

    • You know I did the same thing……I didnt click on the link because I’d never heard of the site….I just checked her and a few media sites and knew its was fake……by the time it trends on twitter or facebook…’s probably old news.

    is my favorite story of the moment, just to see how timid the media is about it. Except the scruffy old black racist from the NYT, everybody at CBS THIS MORNNG, black or white, were stumbling over each other to see who could be the most mealy-mouthed. Not even worth a trip to the barbershop to see what John Q. Public thinks.

      • i really think Kap doesn’t even have an idea of what he thinks. he comes across as IQ challenged. some people simply don’t have enough good DNA to get angry about.

      • In my book it’s not particularly compelling for Harris to argue that Kaepernick should be protesting ‘this’, not ‘this’.

        Her reasoning is that there are obvious inequities in his own house (the NFL) etc, but that thinking ignores that the guy’s personal culture (that of family, friends, and their experience, etc) is just as relevant as his workplace environment.

        I don’t discount that it’s within the parameters of journalism to draw attention to the sort of distinctions that Harris mentioned. To ask those questions. She should stow the emotion, but getting worked up over the things such as the plight of women married to NFL players, or Trump tweets. etc is what we see all day long in the media from journalists to pundits. Unfortunately, they no longer believe that they can do their job professionally…ethically…and keep some emotional distance.

        A better approach would have been to rationally challenge Kaepernick’s more hyperbolic statements about the U.S. based upon history– national, world, and Kaepernick’s.

          • I saw it. He was trying to repeat what others had told him. He wasn’t able to put it in his own words without coming off as a moron.

          • It happens all the time. People are put up by others to say or do something, and really look foolish. He is very angry, but I don’t think that he knows why. Other than what his BLM girlfriend’s input and his recent conversion to Islam might’ve added fuel to the rage inside him. .

          • Kaepernick has a bitterness that you occasionally see in those of mixed race. They seem to latch onto one identity and resent the hell out of the other,
            I am over 60% Miami (64.2%, according to the expensive DNA test paid for by a Tribal project), however I don’t resent the white blood in my family tree, or whites in general. Very few of us do. However I am proud to be a redskin (niila niihpikiiookwa meentwasiaani) and anybody who has a problem with that shows exactly what they are.

          • Harris didn’t argue that the guy is an idiot, but that he has his priorities wrong.

            I addressed that argument, not your observation.

            However, get him on HGTV and I’ll watch.

  6. Let me get this right… so if Clinton meets with “foreign representatives, govt employees, civil leaders, journalists” in her capacity as Sec of State, this negates her giving face time to other people who donated to the Clinton Foundation?

    So any routine conducting of business with the people the State Dept routinely sees negates the special arrangements made to see the sort of people who weren’t routine.

    And the fact that most her meetings were routine, negates the fact that there are those from donors which were not.

    This is absurdity at its worst.

    • This is simple bribery. Which would qualify her for impeachment under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, were Madame to be elected. However, as we all know, the law doesn’t apply to those like her.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 resurfaces
    4 totally fake
    3 misrepresents
    2 extra-crispy oops
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Maria Molina returning to FNC…sort of.

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