Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Hillary’s Trump’s Mike
  • Reliable Sources videos: Hillary’s charity; white supremacists; evil FNC.
  • Concha: Trump media feud moves from Megyn Kelly to Mika and Joe.
  • Video: Former WNBC anchor makes his Fox News debut.
  • Greta: Erik Wemple should apologize for ‘absurd’ column smearing me.
  • Kelly File video: Kurtz, Colmes, and Chris on a for Hillary.
  • Clayton Morris moonlighting.  CNN’s F-bomb.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Flood: Decision to cancel Dr Drew made weeks ago.  Q&A: John Stossel.

85 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. All that chatter yesterday about the Stooges. Oh my. I don’t look at their tweets unless posted here, and I’ve never been to Newshounds. Their obsession with this place is really funny, and I enjoy Michael (both of them). As to my lack of love for the “lords of the high ground”, here’s Laura’s goodbye to me and Spud. Guess which one I am:

    Laura Says:
    December 31, 2013 at 4:33 pm
    “Yes, and I ignored the useless old fart until Joe started back with his “troll” definition. Again, you want to play “neutral”, and act as though I’m equally at fault. I’m not. You can shove your “apology”, and do whatever the hell you want. When I said I was gone, I meant it. You can enjoy your den of idiots, plus Joe and Al.”

        • From years ago (age early 40s) sitting at a huge disco bar in Mission Valley (San Diego).

          Bartender: Are you going to [bar with much younger crowd] later?

          Me: Probably not.

          Bartender: Why not? You always go there when you leave here.

          Me (jokingly): I think I’ve gotten too old for that crowd. They all call me “sir.”

          Bartender: Just be glad they don’t call you “pops.”

          Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.

  2. My favorite F-Bomb evah.
    A 1980’s Michigan – OSU football game, back in the day when the word on TV was unthinkable, ABC cameraman pans the crowd between plays and a Buckeye fan lifts a sign concealed in his lap [ FU€K MICHIGAN!].

  3. chris and colmes could do a great show if they learned not to over talk. MENSA a MENSA. shoulda left kurtz off.
    Hurt would be considered the guy with a bullet if he did not have a speech impediment. kudos to whomever for putting him on the SP panel because he is bright and humorous despite a poor cam look and a serious stutter/scatter thought impediment.

    • “Hurt [sic] would be considered the guy with a bullet…”

      Just curious..do you use speech recognition software to create your comments? No offense intended.

      I’ve been meaning to ask you this for sometime. The indecipherable parts (on occasion) remind me a little of email I get from my brother. I seem to recall that he told me he was using Dragon. But I could be wrong.

        • Back at ya. I totally agree.

          As for my cabin bound bro (kinda like you only in the mountains of New Mexico) — he is such a poor typist on his iPhone that sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s him or the Dragon software that makes his email so hard to read at times.

          • figs, in Spanish, Igo. the fruit. i planted a little one this year we have fruit coming on already. the garden and pool are becoming full time.

          • You and Larry would be at the top of my list of ‘unique’ homesteads to visit for a day if I had a private plane and money was no object.

            Two of my three bothers (and their wives) have had a rural ‘fend for yourself’ existence for years where they’re at least 20 miles from the nearest town.

            I think it’s in the family blood.

          • ok tech guy. i have a video .AVI. it plays sideways how do i flip it? i will tweet what i mean.
            tweet will not take it. it is a video of this but it is sideways. pic coming.

          • Help!!!

            Larry we need you.

            I’ve been on a laptop for a dozen years and I am woefully uninformed about new technology including less than 50 hours on a smartphone or tablet. It’s “laptop only with a mouse of course” for me. Smartphones drive me nuts with my fat fingers and poor eyesight.

            But if you need help upgrading your computer to Windows 10, I’m your guy. 🙂

            I’m also pretty good with Google.

            To wit:
            “How to Rotate a Video 90 Degrees on Windows”

          • mike, i think i got it. got the software will do other stuff it. it was a short clip i wlll try to tweet. twitter would not accept .AVI, but now it is flipped and in MP4
            dang it is uploading. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
            TWIT QUICK

          • we have visitors quarters and the taca flights via san salvador are cheap out of LA or SD. destination MGA

          • also, i live downtown in central rivas. it is noise central.parties, parades, an election year, behind a catholic church with pavilion for wedding parties, horse, oxen, motorcycles all hours day and night. roosters, chickens, sunday morning pig killlings, ewwwwwwwwwwewwwwwwwwwwwwwwewwwwwwwwwww. vendors selling up and down the street beginning at 7am. shouting wares “nacatamales, langostinos, camerones, tortillas, La Prensa.

          • Lots more going on than Tijuana (20 minutes away) on a Saturday…or even Rosarito Beach 20 miles south of the border, where they are more into long bike rides, golf along the ocean, surfing, deep sea fishing and horse back riding

            What made you pick Nicaragua?
            Did you speak the language when you moved there? If not, how long did it take to become fluent?
            Have any friends or relatives come to visit from the U.S.?

          • my Spanish sucks, essential because my wife only speaks Spanish. you should never be able to understand a marriage partner.
            i moved to costa rica and was an illegal going to Nicaragua to get my visa renewed and play music once in a while. liked it. bought a few properties, was gonna move there but danny got elected. costa rica was going USA with winged monkey tax collectors coming from every angle just like the USA so i wanted out. still own a finca here will be there by the end of the month to work on it. by this time Nicaragua had changed the constitution and became a police state that allowed crony capitalism to exist. i.e. foreign residents with assets are fine for residency, no citizenship. something that does not exist in US law.
            yes people visit. however my grand daughter’s visit and my chance to get to know her out of the country got canceled by Zika. depressing is an understatement.
            i lived in the people’s republic of eugene oregon and was self employed. after my first Mexico vacation i knew i would live out of the USA someday. just don’t like modernity.
            the primary attraction for Nicaragua is it has a well developed culture and a very long history with every climate and locale available somewhere because it is a big country. by far the largest in Central America

          • My friend’s cousin has been living there for 15 years.  Is doing teak plantations for investors and has a furniture company:  masayacompany.com.

          • he lives here? i am in Masaya all the time, it is an artist production area. crazy little town actually. where i get guitars worked on and i own one. listed as hi-end Flamenco. i know the guy, i paid $400 for it. they sell in Managua for $1.400 and in the states for a lot more.
            of interesting note, i went to the Teak/Teca link and it detected i was from nicaragua and asked if i wanted the “Nica site”. well done. love to talk to the guy. he exports wood so he knows MINSA and the Aduana’s well. a wealth of info is very valuable here.

          • seriously i would like to get to meet him.
            i don’t think most gringos know that most of the world does not have street signs, or even street names, let alone numbers so i love his address,
            Calle Principal Los Robles

            Del Hotel Seminole 250 mtrs al sur

            Contiguo al restaurante Garabato

            i know right where it is, however if you are from out of town, fergit about it……lol.

          • He wouldn’t know my from Adam but his cousin is my partner’s son’s wife. Her family has a lot of history in South America as the Grandparents fled the Armenian genicide. Her parents still have a winter home in Argentina.

          • meeting people that you would never meet is why travel is important. there are Argentinians in large numbers in almost every country in the Americas. A rich country that is real bad at finance.

          • accentuates the wrinkles:) i like it. but tomi is on hair strike if she does not cut it soon i will have a pony tail.

          • My husband has grown his hair out and looks like Woody Harrelson in the Hunger Games.

            It’s like having a boy friend.

          • i have a droid i use for reading and skype and an old PC. buti have the sound dialed up right even though my speakers are old, Energy Veritas originals i see on ebay going for bucks. but optical out of the puter into an Onkyo 7.2, w/ 6&7 unused.

      • i am insulted. Charlie Hurt Wash Times is necessary somehow? he stutters and his thoughts want to tangent at every bend, he struggles. fnc gives him air because? well he is clearly bright, and humorous i applaud their taking a chance. i liked him on power play. i used aol for $3 a min/ this s how we learned to post. i did right, i mean write for a living u know. the only sound recognition software i use is for transposing music.

        • Maybe I could have been more tactful, if you are really “insulted.”

          But how would you know many of your comments are cryptic, not punctuated and hard to read, if someone didn’t tell you?

          Oh well. My apologies.

          • seriously insulted, as they are using a #1blues bend to play a country song at a wedding at 1130pm over and over a%#^#$*^I

  4. I never heard of Rob Schmitt before but that was a pretty poor debut. At the least, he should shave before going on camera.

    • That would be wonderful.

      But given the logistics of such a late change in candidates I put the chances at less than 10%. What about you?

      • Someone different would cease to act like an anchor around the neck of the party. Even a Pence_______ ticket might have a better chance.

        At least it might energize the rest of the party to avoid the unimaginable disaster of Comrade Clinton (gulp) presidency.

        AND it may stave off a down ballot disaster – for if we lose what should have been an easy win of the White House, at least if we hold the congress there will be somewhat of a check on her.

        IF Trump stays on we could lose the whole ballgame, changing that possibility is at least worth the risk.

    • I don’t know how someone whose relationships seem to be built around energy, drive, and a sort brotherly good humor and playfulness, comes across as so bland and deflated when not in the punching mode.

      Trump trying to behave is worse than than Trump not behaving.

  5. since we are pursuing the same policies of 1932 to 1939, i cannot figure out why anyone is surprised. Fair to say the international results are repeating themselves as well? glad i am not 14.

    “That makes this the slowest 10-year period of economic growth since 1930 to 1939, which only grew at an average annual 1.33% growth rate.”


    “For the record, from 1947 to 2004, the economy averaged 3.45% growth each year.”

    funny, 2004 was the last year i lived in the USA. i did not know my leaving would ruin the economy …lol.

      • certainly shares of a few former clients went down. but over 20 years i did ads for almost everyone at one time or another and sales that went down at former clients went to other dealers. overall sales do not really change that much due to regional ads if you include all brands in the total.it is the same in every business. every time a bar sells a beer, 25 others did not.

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