Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Hannity-Megyn Kelly-Coop/8pm 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Emails, tax returns, and
  • Concha: John Stossel previews the first FBN Libertarian town hall.
  • Stelter: CNN given Fox News oppo-research file on Gabriel Sherman.
  • Today’s Wemple vs Fox: Ed Henry and the ‘crisis of morality‘ at FNC.
  • Trump demands ‘crazy’ Mika apologize.  Ed Schultz case back in court.
  • Pete Hegseth goes to Israel finding facts.  Video: Jim Angle
  • Ellefson: Get to know Brianna Keilar.   Sally sticks up for Sharia law.
  • The Kelly File videos: Megyn questions and
  • Concha: Nightly’s Larry Wilmore would be a perfect fit for MSNBCNN.
  • Today’s conspiracy: Dr Drew cancelled after he questioned Hillary’s health.

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        • I have no understanding of people that hurt animals… or each other. That said, coyotes in my yard are dead. My dog can’t protect herself. I will.

          • Mine is a really dangerous place for her. She likes to poop where no one can see her and disappears in a flash. Me and dog have at least one thing in common.

          • I have four dogs, two little and two big, and they have plenty of space outdoors.

            I never let my little boys go out without one or both of my big boys with them.

            Perhaps, you should consider getting your little girl a big brother.

          • She is super jealous of other dogs. She would grab her own pups by the tail and pull them down the stairs if you went to pet one. I have a vine video some place of her flying like a bat out of hell into my partner’s son’s new beagle back when she was their dog. His sister is coming tonight to the cabin to see Bella the dog. I’ll play my usual role of second fiddle.

          • does Ohio allow medicinal marijuana yet? high canibinoid low thc all plant capsules, root and all. for appetite, anti-nausea, general pain. totally non-narcotic, no high. no smoking. i have a friend that makes them in Oregon. all legal. it is the fastest growing segment of the weed business. there are dozens of different cabininoids that need study, but only THC as the high side effect. fascinating stuff really.

          • Ohio legislature passed a medical marijuana bill after the ballet issue by a for-profit group failed big. It is super restrictive but should get the stuff to those truly in need as opposed to me with anxiety over dog eating predators.
            Nix is a Hoosier.

          • call me crazy, but i am offended that someone can not go into a pharmacy and buy any damn thing they want. govt wants to regulate, regulate purity and disclosure. they do not have he right to make people die ugly or live ugly. the drug war is no different than prohibition, actually worse considering the illnesses. if aunt ruth wants apricot extract for cancer who the he** is the FDA to restrict her. the whole prescription scam is just a money machine for the chosen.

          • I have so many mixed thoughts on the issues. I go from making everything legal and open to tightly controlled monitoring. It can’t be the Wild West. Thinking back to the lawsuit against the Trinity Broadcasting Network that had a preacher sending his cancer cure for donations: a concoction of hair tonic and suntan lotion that wound up killing people. Send a jar of that to Aunt Ruth and a prayer rug.

          • you can legislate against fraud and minimize it, you can legislate for quality and purity and all the new concoctions will stop, and you label addictive behavior effecting drugs with simple labels. “this product is addictive. if you are found to be addicted to this drug and commit a crime the sentence is mandatory double. if your crime hurts one or more people it is tripled. if you are convicted of murder while addicted to this drug it is mandatory LWP.” Florida has reduced gun crime with a similar law. i think it passes easily. never met a cop who thought drug laws were smart.

          • then i go to news to learn there are children executing Kurds and i am sick again and feel we are all doomed.

          • Most cops that I know would rather deal with a stoner than a drunk. Drunks want to fight.

          • we have all sorts of weird animals that fly at night. i sit out side in the dark and watch. it is a dance. drives the dog nuts because he is not allowed to speak.

          • I can’t understand people in general. I’ve had people make fun of the surgical scars on my head in public, not to mention my uncertain gait and my speech problems. I wouldn’t wish the same fate on them.

          • Take comfort in the fact, N., that you could beat them at Jeopardy, Scrabble, and Chess any day of the week with a pint of vodka in your system.

          • I don’t drink, but the chemo scrambled my brains enough to make up for it. I had an MRI a couple of months ago. At first, they thought that I had a whack-a-mole game in my skull.

          • Your tax money is paid to farmers for cattle killed by them. One of only a few predictors that feeds on the flesh of its prey while still alive.

          • my cat captures all sorts of animals and tortures for an entire day doing the cat slash dance, with each pass a new slice. then he eats them. he hides on the roof behind AC unit and grabs birds out of the gutter. the other day Don Loco was on the patio so he took a bird in the house and ate it in the bathroom. the new little gata was horrified. would not take a bite. lol

          • he has a reputation. i saved a little gata from the street, fixed her, and she immediately fell in love with Don Negrito. she watched him eat that bird as big as her alive and the look on her face was really horror. hard not to laugh. i swept up the feathers, Don Lpco ate what El Negrito left. the gata wanted no part in it. lol.

  1. As ICN on Twitter says about Comedy shows (Wilmore is comedy?) on cable news channels , nooooo way , plus been there done that.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 resurfaces
    4 cancelled after
    3 Trump demands
    2 crisis of morality
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Sally sticks up for Sharia law.

  3. For the record, Michael T., Moe and I never had any cordial conservations on Twitter.

    What we had were instances where Moe agreed with my having disagreed with someone here on various subjects, and then commented upon that on Twitter in a way meant to reinforce my stance and any possibility that I might think the other party here was being ridiculous.

    Since Moe can’t comment on JDP, he tries to enlist someone else to express his views for him.

    That’s what control freaks like drunks and trolls do.

    • “Since Moe can’t comment on JDP, he tries to enlist someone else to express his views for him.”

      Not “express his views” — but correct the record.

      For example, he says he never ever said anything negative about Native Americans. You , Remi and anyone else deserves the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

      Similarly, Ice has never once said anything negative about anyone’s race at Fox News despite Gatxer’s constant meme. Would we call a TV pundit a racist because they criticized Obama over a matter unrelated to his race – like TPP?

      • he says he never ever said anything negative about Native Americans.

        I guess that my people being “savages, straight out of the Stone Age” was a compliment. But, in his defense, he was probably too drunk to even remember doing it. It was during the Zimmerman/Martin arguments.

        • If he wrote that, then I totally agree with your point.

          And as a ‘reach out’ to you it was probably too long ago to find a link. So we’re left with what we have. It does seem odd that he would make that comment if he shares my view that the Redskins name is offensive.

          BTW, I have a brother with a PhD in city planning/architecture who worked on the Navajo reservation in northern New Mexico for years. I also have another brother who worked with the Apaches as a Facilities Director for their ski resort in eastern Arizona for a number years…very modest and hardworking people.

          • That word is only offensive to those that don’t know the meaning. That is the literal English translation of one of the words for indians in the Algonquian language group. By the way, all recent polls of Natives show over 90% aren’t offended by being called that, even to their face. However, I guess the “well-meaning” Left think that we are too simple minded to be offended, so they have to tell us what and what not to be offended by.

            And, by the way, I am not a football fan.

          • “I guess the ‘well-meaning’ Left think that we are too simple minded to be offended.”

            As I am sure you are aware, it’s clearly not just the Left. Not everything is a left-right issue Nixon.

            The National Congress of American Indians with 1.2 million members takes a different view than yours. But they do present both sides in their PDF file citing 37 sources pro and con in their “End Notes.”

            What a can of worms. I do not wish to relitigate this very divisive issue. Hopefully you don’t either.

          • I haven’t seen anyone on the Right even bringing it up.

            I know my language, and I know I am right. Why in the hell would we be offended by a word that we have called ourselves for centuries? The NCAI has turned into a political advocacy group, not unlike those that other peoples are saddled with.

            And, I consider that the last word. As far as I am concerned, the Washington team can change their name to the “Foreskins.”

      • “Similarly, Ice has never once said anything negative about anyone’s race at Fox News despite Gatxer’s constant meme.”

        Ive NEVER once said that ICE has said anything like that……….you don’t have to call someone a N word to be racist…….nice that you don’t actually pay attention to what I HAVE claimed…… wonder you hang out with the stooges.

        I don’t mind that you come here to defend the racist stooges…..but gee….at least admit it.

        MOE problem is that he thinks he know what native american people think better than they do…..and YES he did say something VERY negative about Native Americans on ICN

        • My mom and her family were called “red n****rs” when they were kids. My dad was half German and missed out on that fun. I’ve never been called that here or on ICN, so I guess that I am ahead of the game.

        • I hate to sound like a broken record (based on Ice’s many replies) but you have yet to ever offer any proof that either Ice or Remi has ever made a racist comment about either Native Americans or African Americans.

          Talk is cheap my friend.

          • I have ….you and the stooges just don’t want to see it…..they have a clear pattern of posting complains about people of color on Fox while ignoring others. There have been days when they have only posted about Black guests on Fox news and NOT 1 white guest.

            Have they ever called a black person a N word……..not that I know of…….but then neither has Trump and I consider him racist.

            I get that you don’t see it…………and NEVER will…….others here do.

            They are your internet friends….it great that you defend them……but I doubt many will agree with you.

            I’m not saying they would do anything violent…..this is just a example……..if I walk in a bar with 100 people in it and 15 are black…..I shot 14 blacks and 1 white person……….wouldn’t you wonder if I was racist?

          • Next time you see that, just come here and tell us.

            I’ve followed them for months on Twitter and never saw a hint of racism.

          • Go back to ICE’s 4-20-2016 timeline……for a VERY clear example of this.

            See if you can find a white guest he complained about?

            “You’re delusional.”……… I know you been hanging around the stooges to much…………I guess I should be happy you didnt call me a goon……….at least now I know how to treat you from now on.

            BTW: when see a very clear example I do point it out right here. That’s when ICE comes here and makes excuses for it.

          • Personal attacks and name calling directed at other commenters will not be tolerated.

            Your Twitter pals have you on a suicide mission. Rethink what you are doing and saying. Dspite everything you said about me yesterday and Gaxter today, I really don’t want to see you kicked off. But the final decision will be Johnny’s.

          • “You’re delusional.” “Schizotypal Personality Disorder.” That isn’t personal attacks and name calling?

          • Where did I say delusional. That was up for less than a minute before I realize it was inappropriate and deleted it.

            I know it’s late so I’ll give you a pass — but you missed the final part.

            Perhaps you’ve heard of “Schizotypal Personality Disorder” where patients misinterpret reality or have distorted perceptions. Just kidding.

          • despite his comical defense of the stooges I like having him here…..he makes sense on a lot of issues. Its not worth it………Ive stood up for my friends even when the evidence said they were wrong..sometimes Ive helped them be right sometimes not…….it makes us human.

          • After a while, it get to be tedious. I tried to ignore it until he felt it necessary to bring up the indian crap again.

          • You know what we badly need is for some of the other commenters to weigh in.

            Hopefully we will on Saturday.

            You and I are just running around in circles. Before I dropped out of law school in the 1970s I was pretty good at what they called “issue spotting” and what the pros and cons were. It’s still possible I’m missing something here.

            BTW, I deleted the “delusional” comment within a minute after posting it. That was a bridge too far.

          • Good lord man.

            If I am tweeting on Monday about baseball and on Tuesday about the NBA can you not understand that on Tuesday I may not tweet about anyone who is white.

            I know it’s late for many of our commenters — but someone chime in here.

            BTW, do you have a link to any tweet by Ice in that April time period. I would need to scroll many many pages (100 plus to get there.)

          • Fox isnt BET….its not like it’s filled with Black guests and just a few white people………….they spent a whole day and only found fault with black guests.

            I guess everything said by the white guest were 100% right and the black guest were 100% wrong.

            OH wait I wasnt born last night so I know that’s not right.

            I figured out a few months ago that Ice the disgraced newshound “writer” posts on on that site @70% of of his “post” involved Balck host or guest for one month.

            I’m done with this for tonight with you…….no matter what I say… will NEVER see it….you are wasting my time. After all I’m delusional with mental problems…..LOL

          • “I guess everything said by the white guest were 100% right and the black guest were 100% wrong.”

            Even if that were the case, you do realize this does not fit the definition of racism or being a racist. Google it if you don’t believe me.

            What happens when you run this unbelievably bizarre speculation (that no one else has made at J$P except for maybe Nixon) by family and friends? Do they cover their mouths not to embarrass you?

          • “Even if that were the case, you do realize this does not fit the definition of racism or being a racist. Google it if you don’t believe me.”

            if you target one race over another that’s the definition of racist.

            Im guessing if I ask someone….”.I know somebody who complains about black people most of time and white not so much”……….they would think that person might be a racist.

            Feel free to defend you friends……..but clearly nobody here’s going to agree with you as ICE past crying his defence here shows…… fact you are the only person here to ever say I’m wrong………sock puppets tell me i’m wrong….in…..1….2…..3.

            It’s late i’m done.

          • “if you target one race over another that’s the definition of racist.”

            True, if you discriminate.

          • “You’ve called him a racist repeatedly. It’s the same thing.”

            Wait….he has to call some one a Nig–er before I can call him a racist?

            I have zero doubt that ICE and MOE are racist………are they cross burning racists? NO…..that doesn’t change the facts. I guess that “ability to process what you read on the Internet.” is pretty common because I’m far from alone on this subject.

          • You were accused by the poster of having “Schizotypal Personality Disorder.” Despite the BS “Just kidding,” I think that Johnny might consider that crossing the line.

      • Yeah, Moe just wants to correct the record.
        I go on an overnight trip and come back and there’s 10 posts expressing Moe’s thoughts and feelings and 10 replies to Moe’s thoughts and feelings.
        This is what they do, folks. This is what drunks and trolls do.

        • I see the overnight trip mellowed you out.

          Glad to see it.

          Oh wait…what was that about “drunks and trolls?”

          • That loud laughter you hear is Remi and I laughing our asses off.

            Here is part of what I DM’d Joe on Twitter:

            I extended a subtle olive branch Joe…let’s see how she responds. Like I said, it’s the weekend and I don’t want to taint a good mood by fighting with her. But don’t be surprised if she replies with some nasty or snarky comment. She loves to pick a fight.

            You and your family have a nice evening, okay.

          • Can’t believe you aren’t getting along with the guy who defends the guy who called you a vile bit-ch just yesterday………next you will tell me there gambling in Las Vegas.

            IF someone on Fox News called a Woman a vile bit-ch the racist stooges would rightfully lose their small minds…..but it’s OK to do to people they don’t like.

            Interesting that nobody decided to defend the disgraced stooges….it’s been 24 hours.


          • Trust me. The only female he hasn’t called that at least once is that whiskey bottle shaped like a woman.

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