Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-Hannity-Coop/9pm 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Ed Henry returning to Fox News…in a different role.
  • Ariens: Dr Drew is leaving HLN; last show will air September 22.
  • Election ‘guru’ Nate Silver attacks FNC while he gives CNN a pass.
  • Can FNC keep Megyn Kelly, the ‘most prized anchor in cable news’?
  • Fox & Friends video: her move to Michigan.
  • Concha: Unethical Ramos doesn’t disclose his own conflict of interest.
  • Coop gets another try-out with Kelly.  Why Sean does those town halls.
  • Late Show videos: Coop w/Colbert Q&A: Brianna Keilar.
  • Fox: Joe Scarborough has a ‘secret’…(that he has discussed repeatedly).
  • Wemple: Tantaros’s crack legal team boasts that they’ve only just begun.
  • Shafer: Has FNC hit its ceiling?  Sakoui: FNC has to expand its demographics.

150 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Three years ago there was all this wishful gloomy-doomy forecasting of the demise of FNC by a certain ICN commenter, soon to be banished to Twitter, idiot/moron, bet you can guess whom I’m talking about. Yep, kiss the Dino News Channel goodbye because baby, it’s extinction time. Must be cans of that crap on the shelf that anyone who dislikes FNC can open on a whim.

    • Never count anything out , CNN looked to be dying a few years ago too , then Zucker came in and umm Zuckerized it to the scary thing it is today, might be more a zombie situation.

      • ?Don’t it always seem to go
        That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone
        They paved paradise and put up a parking lot?
        ?oooh, bop bop bop
        Ooooh, bop bop bop?

  2. Pretty sure Tantaro’s crack legal team has only just begun. Step two is to crap in a paper bag, place it on Roger Ailes front porch, light it ablaze, ring the bell and run.

  3. Re: Unethical Ramos doesn’t disclose his own conflict if interest

    Moral grandstanding while all the while Ramos has a Hillary chit in his pocket shouldn’t be a shocker nowadays, but it is. Wow.

    This is a punchy and direct piece that makes no attempt in the slightest to soften the onus on Ramos for flouting a cardinal rule of journalism, whether out the writer’s solidarity with a fellow guild member or in sympathy for some demographic consideration.

    Thanks, Joe, for the display of courage and a concern for truth that your colleague in journalism only pretends to possess.

    • All fair points CC.

      But do the lines seem a little blurred lately as to who we crown as unmistakable journalist?

      The following names are a few who come to mind who seem unafraid to express a political opinion which their critics might perceive as biased:
      Megyn Kelly
      Rachel Maddow
      Sharl Atkinson
      Shepard Smith
      Jake Tapper
      Jon Scott (from Happening Now)
      Greta Van Susteren
      Chuck Todd
      Willie Geist

      • Ramos anchors on Univision. Not one of the names you mention above outside of Jon Scott calls themselves an anchor, but host.

        • Not referring as much to how they or their employer label or promote them as I am to how they are sometimes perceived by the general public.

          Just going by social media and blogs each of the names I mentioned has a significant number of people who think they know which way they lean politically.

          Even if they’re wrong, you don’t find this with Bret Baier, John Dickerson, Lester Holt and to a lesser extent Chris Wallace.

          In other words, Joe I am comparing and contrasting here…not reaching any definitive conclusions. A conversation starter if you will.

          • Megyn is a hybrid. Rachel is an advocate. Rachel hugs candidates after a Democratic debate, for example. Megyn asks tough questions regardless of party. So yeah, I think there is a difference between the two.

            But an anchor is Pelley, Holt and Muir. And Ramos. I don’t see the other three doing what Ramos is doing, do you?

          • I do not.

            To be fair we should also scrutinize FNC/FBN.

            How do you feel about news/financial reporters like Melissa Francis (to name just one) going on Outnumbered and spouting anti-Hillary rhetoric?

          • So we’re talking Melissa Francis now? Ok. Is her sole role on Outnumbered spouting anti-Hillary rhetoric? Because I’ve seen her slam Trump plenty.

          • Is it her sole role to warn colleagues that attempts at objectivity and nonpartisanship are tacit support for the devil?

            That they’re either on the side of the angels or else?

          • If she’s ever slammed Trump, I’ve missed it. But more power to her if she has — for trying to keep it fair and balanced (couldn’t resist).

            How about Harris Faulkner then? She’s called out a lot on twitter for her pro Trump stance. Doesn’t she do the news on the weekend?

          • Oh come on Michael….she’s called out by the racist stooges but few if any real media writers. Can you point to one person who calls her out that isnt a clear Fox Hater or anti-Trump? Let’s keep in mind that those same stooges claimed that MK is the most partisan person on any news network………..anybody sane believe that? Al Sharpton…..Maddow??? anybody on OAN????

            Does she have a pro-Trump stance or just NOT a anti_trump stance? How many of her shows do you actually watch?

          • As I said, “Doesn’t she do the news on the weekend?”

            Your being delusional if you don’t see Harris as consistently pro Trump. Do you even watch Outnumbered?

            C’mon man, get real. You’re smarter than that.

          • Well evidently not I see her as just NOT anti-Trump there’s a difference.

            “Doesn’t she do the news on the weekend?”

            are you asking that because you don’t know? If you don’t watch her and you are getting you info about her from Twitter……..not sure i’m the one who’s not being real.

            IMHO she pretty fair to both…….maybe that’s because at this point I don’t care who wins anymore. Trumps a nut and liar……..HRC is a nut and liar who will say anything to be elected……… if you listen to the disgraced stooges that makes me aTrump supporter.

          • I heard Harris Faulkner is the anchor of Fox Report, but I rarely watch shows other that The Five, Megyn and The O’Reilly Factor, so I do not know if that’s true.

            Like many people I get most of my information about cable news daytime programs by watching video clips online — many of which are linked to right here at J$P. Kudos to him.

          • “Francis is not an anchor.”

            Let’s keep it real my friend.

            Melissa Francis was a sub many times when Jenna Lee was on maternity leave.

            BTW, Mr. Smarty pants, it’s not “random tangents” when Melissa Francis’ name appears in my OP.

          • Megyn is NOT a news anchor. Not on the typical sense of the word. And if you have no clue about the political leanings of John Dickerson I believe you are not paying close enough attention to his questions AND follow-up questions or lack thereof on his Sunday show. Besides, how many independent and/or conservative writers does Slate have on their payroll? He’s written for them for quite a while.

          • I didn’t mean to suggest Megyn was (a news anchor). Not sure where you got that idea.

            The articles suggesting who might be chosen to as debate moderators all most everyone agreed John Dickerson plays it down the middle.

            He frequently appears on CBS This Morning discussing politics. Perhaps Larry Kelly has an opinion since he’s a viewer.

            But if you really think he’s biased, let’s replace his name with Martha Radditz — or will you olny agree to those on Fox News?

          • I think Dickerson plays it down the middle as well, Radditz is alright as well (though I don’t watch ABC News ). I think people on both sides get fair interviews on Face the nation with Dickerson though, or on MTP and FNS. No matter what their personal views maybe.

          • Dickerson and mom liberals, but he, in my opinion, makes an effort to be even handed. Can’t ask much more in that we are who we are.

          • Maddow isn’t a news anchor though more a political op-ed host with her own views. Though is willing to let people on the other side be on her show , like Trump’s CM pretty much got 90% of the show in an interview, last night . But knowing Maddow’s views she gave different questions to Conway that Holt wouldn’t do. Though Maddow does do election coverage with Brian Williams that’s it’s own breed of something.

            Megyn kelly is a mixture , she’s not doing what Maddow is doing , or Hannity ,but she’s not being Lester Holt , she is a host who looks at the day’s news and adds her own notes when needed, and she does try to be fair to stories. But she is part of their news coverage and doing elections with Beir in FNC’s way of doing election coverage.

          • I agree.

            I think it was Joe Concha who called her a hybrid, which I agree with.

            But there are times when she can really dish the red meat for a conservative Fox News audience. Hey, if research shows that’s how you get better ratings, why not.

    • Now that you mention it, I do remember that.

      I think Jenna Lee, Janice Dean and Sandra Smith were also regulars on (or frequent visitors to) Imus…and of course regular cast members Bernard McGuirk and Dagen McDowell. All fun in their own unique way, although Maria strikes me as a bit more serious than the others.

      As you said, good luck to her.

  4. Re: Fox & Friends video: Maria Molina announces her move to Michigan.

    So @gcblues, did you know she’s a Nicaraguan refugee?

  5. Just a thought: think Dr. Drew, knowing he was going off the air shortly, felt like he could say what he did about HRC’s health because he wasn’t worried about management coming down on him?

        • Oops!

          Looks like once again I missed seeing a link because I had failed to refresh the page.

          All those for auto refresh say AYE!

          Seriously though, if auto refresh was available, I think Johnny would have already implemented it. As a retired software engineer I am impressed at how good he has become with web wizardry.

  6. J$P nemisis and noted troll ‘The Real Royal Emperor’ extended an offer to Joe Concha that “we” will pull Ramos if you (Joe) will use your influence to pull Hannity.

    Any takers?


    Oh well, I tried. 😊

    • Yup. Because the primary anchor (the guy who presents the news) of the largest Spanish-speaking network in North America should be equated with an opinion host. As non-starter an argument if there ever was one. Our Emperor friend also fails to address the conflict of interest aspect of the piece. But besides that…

      • You really do despise the guy, don’t you? Your typical sense of humor is missing my friend.

        ‘The Real Royal Emperor’ was clearly having a little fun with you at Hannity’s expense.

        • So I wrote it because I despise a fellow Latino whom I’ve never met? That’s your argument? How about the merits of the piece, Michael?

          I’m guessing this is the part where you tell me we’ll agree to disagree with a smiley face…

          • Have you been watching what has been happening to Mediate since you left ? It is a real liberal cesspool now, it used to pretend to be balanced.

          • You haven’t heard?

            Cuban-Americans and those from other caribbean countries have a large percentage of their populations who not only vote Republican but look down on Mexicans and Mexican-Americans.

            It was in all the papers Joe.

            Or maybe just the papers where I live — 20 minutes from the border — in San Diego for 40+ years. 😊

          • Speak for yourself. The phony couldn’t even come up his BDC, despite claiming to have been a Nalal officer. Mabye the Arsch mit Ohren meant “Navel.”

          • YOU painted him forever as a liar and a fraud. Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, TRRE. They can go on, but always diminished.

          • That’s a disservice to con-artists. They just want your money.

            Trolls want to pull the rug out from under people and then dine on their pained surprise and embarrassed distress.

          • English your second language pal?

            Quoting is no more defending that retweeting is endorsing.

            It was a funny comment. If you’re a Hannity ‘defender’ (to borrow your word), you have my condolences. He’s a sleaze IMO. But I like O’Reilly, so it’s not Sean’s conservatism.

          • “Quoting is no more defending that retweeting is endorsing.”

            Well that’s one thing that you completely disagree with the stooges on……..congrats…..BTW I agree with you.

          • Oh, for a moment there I thought you meant TRRE was a sleeze and that made it even more puzzling as to why you’d trot his stuff over here.

          • I forgot where I was apparently.

            In retrospect, I should have simply said, “A commenter at The Hill for Concha’s column proposed the following….”

          • Why do you wish to quote to us from someone who you have expressly labeled an enemy of JDP and a troll?

          • Gaxter is not quoting the Stooges as an “interesting” or provocative counter to what’s being stated or argued here.

          • Not a Hannity defender or watcher. Sorry to disappoint.

            But again, if you’re defending Royal (which you are) and hyping his trolling, you should be embarrassed.

          • “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
            ~ Adolph Hitler

            Is this apropo for the Hillary & Trump campaigns? Of course.

            Does it mean I am defending Adolph Hiltler?

            C’mon. You’re being silly and stubborn.

          • Quoting Hitler, where there’s no need to quote Hitler, might make one question your interest in Hitler… or Royal.

      • Emperor’s kingdom is only in his head and only the voices there support his illogical thought processes.

  7. It’s worth noting that Nate Silver is an OlbyFriend. While Googling that term, I notice I used it to describe Howard Kurtz years when he interviewed Keith at CNN. I assume they’re not now.

    • Nate Silver has no credibility, said TRUMP only had 5% chance of being GOP nominee LOL

      He was so good calling the past Election because he had polling data from Obama’s posse

      • I prefer Larry Sabato and his crew at Virginia. I haven’t been to his Crystal Ball site in a while, though. I just know it’s full of blue.

          • I wasn’t talking about neutrality. I know they’re neutral. I was talking about predictions. I don’t need to be reminded by going to the site that this district is going to flip, that governorship is going to flip, that Republican incumbent senator is going to lose, etc.

  8. Hope things worked out okay for Ed Henry on the home front. I regret so that he had to play this stuff out so publicly. He made that bed though.

    Hope he’s coming back as well to a more professional work environment. That there and in his private life there will be peace.

    • Good golly – I wish the same for Ed.
      He’s a great reporter.
      I will be glad to see him back. I wish he would be assigned to do investigative reporting.
      I think all news channels could benefit from that these days.
      Miss the days of the deep dives of Shayl Atkisson, Lisa Myers, even Brian what’s his name from ABC (though after he made the “it’s a Tea Party guy” who did something to an IRS office in Texas (?) faux pas I lost some respect for him since he seemed to jump in with the “it’s gotta be a conservative” crap super quickly).

      • I think we’ve lost those journalists because it’s easier for them to opine on gaffs, gossip, psychology, “optics”, etc than talk about policy. It’s easier to kneecap pols by that means too.

        I think the news media has lost its interest in investigative reporting because the orgs with the money to do it are not composed of the sort of people who have had the breath of experience, understanding, and knowledge of history that it takes to meticulously put one foot in front of the other in the process. They all seem to be in their early thirties and educated in Women’s Studies or sumpthin… They seem to only write for each other.

        Use to the media sought out info whether there was a public appetite for it or not. They thought you should know… Gone are the days when you could still keep your shirt doing that.

      • It was weird that Sharyl Attkisson wasn’t offered a job at Fox. She is more talented and professional than at least half the so-called reporters at Fox. They could at least run her Sunday show on FNC or FBN.

        • She might have been approached and thought going her own way was best for her. Full Measure one of the best shows on TV. I agree with your last sentence.

      • LIsa Myers, put on the shelf the last years of her career. Ought to be a place in hell for those that did that.

    • He sure made a mess in choosing a woman to take up with: Las Vegas “hostess” versus wife with all the PC/respectable boxes checked: NPR big wig and ” of color”.

  9. I got heat on twitter today because I suggested Hillary’s speech today laid the foundation for her to refuse to debate Trump. People took ‘laid the foundation for’ to mean ‘will’ and I was pummeled. I imagined this set-up: IF Hillary is comfortably ahead, IF Trump is still speaking erratically, she might decide that not debating would be the safe move. Why take a risk if you’re on the path to win? In that circumstance she could point to this speech, again call Trump a racist and white supremacist, and say she won’t dignify such a person by debating them. After all, would she appear on the same stage as David Duke and debate him? If so, I don’t recall seeing it. Perhaps my point was too subtle for twitter, where I was excoriated for saying Hillary was afraid of Trump. Exactly what I didn’t say. Oh well, so much for that.

    • You’ve seen the accusations of being conspiracy theorists we’ve gotten here simply by suggesting the Obama Administration had floated trial balloons or engaged in the routine political maneuver of triangulation.

      Yeah, suggesting that Hillary might to a cost/benefits analysis of debating Trump is going to fly way over heads.

    • As good as she is reported to be at debates this would seem unlikely.

      But thinking out of the box (or whatever peeps want to call it) and suggesting there might be a case to be made for skipping a debate seems perfectly legitimate to me.

    • She has been careful lately. No press conferences. Depends on the polls. She might just choose to coast. With the media behind her, she could get away with most anything including refusing to debate an enemy to all that’s decent.

  10. Why I read the disgraced stooges twitter……..they have spent months complaining that the Fox business shows are doing politics………when the talk Trump……….today they complained that a business show didnt cover Clinton speech enough.

    Its NEVER been about Fox News bias….it’s that they’re not biased for the people the stooges like.


      • anybody who writes for Newshounds is disgraced………….type in” newshounds” in J$ search Box….for details………….BTW…..they Call Fox News people disgraced so they can’t really complain now can they but being the hypocrites that they are….they will.

          • I don’t use Twitter, but reading the comments of The Stooges & Friends can be quite telling.

          • You said on Twitter that you had given up on the people here having any ability to be objective about Fox after some people defended Lewandoski.

            Even though a judge threw out that case.

            That was quite a surprise to me, Michael, because I had for years been under the impression that you enjoyed the discussion here. That you didn’t see the site as being filled with cult types.

            Why would anyone converse at a site for years and simultaneous think that it was filled with fanatics? Or mentally ill people?

            I’ll be honest with you, that hurt my feelings. That made me feel ill-used and disdained by someone that I thought was a cordial internet correspondent.

          • It angered me that some here seemed to not take Michelle Field’s side and later not taking Gretchen’s side. If I left the impression ALL J$P commenters , I was caught up in the moment and should have been more precise.

            My apologies

          • Anger is the ultimate reveal. We at “Dollars Dump” have seen it ban a stooge or too. Several that took advantage of J$’s hospitality to eventually trash the place after going bonkers. I didn’t get banned at Spud’s for temper outburst. I got banned for stepping over a line he tried to communicate to me that I never understood.

          • He can’t monitor comments full time so I have sympathy for the difficulty when he tried to crack down. I’m better off not being there, and he’s better off without me as I could send his blood pressure skyrocketing. We still talk now and then.

          • Too bad.

            Some of his columns are a fun read and I would like to hear what people like you think about what he has written. He doesn’t strike me as a Fox News hater or even a CNN hater — but I could be wrong.

          • No, your are right. He does have a very old ax to grind with the FOX publicity dept that he felt wronged him. I forgot what it was. Spud manly is an idealist who feels whatever high standards cable news once had, has deteriated to his strong disappointment. He still holds their feet to the fire. Spud also is a terrible houseguest as he broke the J$ tea set at our Alice in Wonderland Party.

          • More like an irascible neighbor, who during a drought decided he’d burn the brush around his house, and then busted in here to accuse us of arson after his house went up like a match.

          • Spuds NOT a Fox hater but he does do little slights… when all three networks put out rating press releases he post a thread for the CNN one and the MSNBC one but it’s been a very long time since he did one for Fox News…..which is weird because they are the #1 news network.

            I find him mostly fair and enjoy his insight……he makes me think….I like blogs like that. I was sorry that he blog blew up while I was taking a break from it. I still post there……but until the Ailes sick stuff he hardly made a post a week.

          • Worrying he just has Betty Davis eyes. Maybe a Smooth Criminal? You don’t have to say you love me, just keep your enemies close at hand. Running out of pop songs, oh, maybe Suspicious Minds.

          • Or Real Time w/ Bill Maher vs Red Eye

            Or NFL vs NASCAR

            Or Michigan vs. OSU except I don’t know which belongs to J$P, but I’m betting on OSU for Mr. Kelly

          • Some assumptions are soon proven true. I’m a Purdue grad, but life since has made me a Buckeye and, oh my, Fighting Irish fan. Have been to both campuses since I’ve been to West Lafayette’s. Apologies to Purdue Pete.

          • The Stooges, such as Joe Remi, are proven liars
            and racist tools. Don’t put any of here in that category.

          • Yeah, I know there’s a lot of history there including at ICN and some hurtful things were said along with disparing remarks apparently about your heritage.

            But when it comes to African Americans, au contraire. They are quick to point out racially insensitive comments by politicians and TV personalities. Same goes for LGBT. I would never call them racists, even if something deragatory about Native Americans slipped out in a heated debate. Nothing like that has happened in my memory of 2-3 years.

            All three of the “Stooges” appear to have moved on over a year ago and this blog only comes up in their Twitter feeds when someone like Gatxer pokes them.

          • If you’re going to be a angry contrarian about this, at least provide an example.

            When in recent memory did any of them like Ice come to this site when it wasn’t triggered by something said about them here?

          • No, i’m not being an “angry contrarian,” you are their lone defender. As far as I know, Ice is the only one left not banned from here. Mabye he got bored and decided to leave us alone. Whatever it is, I couldn’t care less.

          • I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe about my education. As far as what set me off today was your defense of TRRE.

          • In your mind only.

            I addressed this earlier.

            Grow a pair dude. Stop being so g-damn sensitive about every comment that doesn’t line up with your far right philosophy.

            Trust me. You’ll live longer and be happier.

          • You’re talking to an ex United States Air Force combat pilot who has dodged missles in the Gulf War. You grow a pair to match.

          • Dodged a NVN Mig jet myself while our P3 was patrolling the northern coast of Vietnam, so I know the feelings.

            He comes across as uneducated. If he doesn’t want to step up his game, so be it.

          • Dearest Cecelia,

            Me and the “Stooges” along with a few other invitees had a high-level executive board meeting at which we decided — based on comments like that one — you most closely resemble a cross between Dana Loesch and Jeanine Pirro all wrapped up in one.

            I hope you take this in the spirit in which it is intended knowing that you no doubt admire both of these woman.

            Chairmen of the Board

            “Defender of dry drunks (even wet ones) everywhere.”

            I tried to submit this tongue-in-cheek satirical comment to the “Onion” but was rejected. They said they are only accepting submissions from Larry Kelly because he’s a better writer of satire (which is true).

        • I don’t think anyone has defended the comments made at Newshounds…same goes for Mediaite and TVNewser.

          But their columns (although slanted like those at NewsBusters) do often include videos so the few site visitors they have can decide for themselves.

          • Do I really have to give you links to the many articles that J$ has done showing how they edited videos and took things out of context for you?

            If you write for site like that… are disgraced…….I would BTW say the same about Breitbart writers.

          • Let us know the next time that happens.

            I’ve looked at the last 10 and see no examples of that.

            But I’ll monitor NewsBusters and you monitor Newshounds and we’ll see how it goes.

          • Well I don’t check newshounds that much but if I see a new one I’ll point it out…..plenty already in J$ arcives……….as for newsbusters I don’t read that site unless J$ points something out or a commenter here does really.

            did you look at the last 10 newsbusters and find a example?

          • To be honest I had to go back to June to find an example where NewsBusters was called out. But other than Google I didn’t check myself. I also suspect Breitbart might be more of a treasure trove than either Newshounds or NewsBusters.

          • and I would call a Breitbart “writers” disgraced also as Ive said.

            BTW……as I’ve said….I don’t like opinion shows very much…….I watch if they have someone on that I want to see….like tonight’s MK show………I doubt I have seen more than 10 of GK show before she sued………and @9 of those times was because i was just to lazy to change the channel…..thats why I cant say much about her…………you might notice I never……I think at least NEVER comment on Fox & Friends…..because i don’t watch the show.

          • Well, of course I mean the angry cantankerous mob at J$P. 😊

            Husband to wife: When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?
            Wife: I clean the toilet bowl.
            Husband: How does that help?
            Wife: I use your toothbrush.

          • We’re not a mob, we’re a comment board on a blog site that discusses cable news and has a particular interest in and in most cases an affinity for Fox News.

            No one is forced to be here.

            No sacr…no passive aggressiveness…no smiling faces (good song, by the way…), just being straight up.

      • “When’s the last time you linked to a GoFundMe account for a friend like Joe ‘Moe’ Remi did on Twitter?”

        Done it many times….usually for a gay pride type cause..I just don’t do it on twitter…I use my facebook and blogs……like Orlando. The difference is I have never done it for a friend I’m met…..I do it for causes.

        BTW: I was impressed that MOE did that… was nice of him and he deserved praise for it.

        I don’t call the stooges disgraced because I don’t agree with the stuff they post about Fox News….that’s silly…..I’ve never called You or Andy or Laura that or racist either.

        I don’t throw names like that around unless I’m sure……….if you write for site that lies on a daily basis and allows comments that shame a 10 year old…..that’s disgraceful.

        I’ve criticized Harris……..BO and Greg Gutfeld and I’ve been brutal on Hannity…here……..who I think shouldn’t be on a news network anymore than I did Beck…..both when he was on CNN and Fox and I said so right here.

        I’m not obsessed with anything except maybe old TV shows…………why is it that anybody who calls out Fox haters is called a obsessed person………..yet people who watch a News network they hate yet watch all day and then talk about it all day are not obsessed. I visit their twitter account a few times a day…..they visit here all day………who sounds more obsessed. I have NO RESPECT for people like them and never will………I think if you think about you will discover that they only people I “attack” have been the racist stooges and Trump and HRC

        • You’ve given your side of the issue I raised.

          IMO rebutals like yours should always be welcome. I would only ask that you dial back the name calling a bit. I’ve seen you catch tweets with legitimate mistakes like “Carl [sic] Rove” — but the tone and snide remarks diminishes what you have to say.

  11. Today’s most popular links:
    5 doesn’t disclose
    4 Maria Molina announces
    3 Ed Henry returning
    2 only just begun
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Joe Scarborough has a secret…

    • Congrats to Ed Henry for his return.

      Hope he was able to get some couples counseling and come out of this with a marriage stronger than ever.

  12. The word I had not heard until yesterday was “Alt-Right”.
    Suddenly it’s everywhere.

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