Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: over allegations of ‘pay for play’.
  • Concha: Kirsten Powers calls questions about Hillary’s health ‘sexist’.
  • Rothstein: Joe & Mika discuss not discussing Trump ‘girlfriend’ crack.
  • Video: Kirsten Powers debuts on CNN…as one of a six-person panel!
  • Concha: Some in media crusading against covering candidates’ health.
  • Goldberg: Mainstream journalists can behave as badly as Trump shills.
  • Rothstein: Brian Stelter is not what he used to be.  Where’s the capital?
  • Ariens: No Andrea, TVNewser was not ‘created and controlled‘ by Ailes.
  • Say wut?!? A J$ tweet implicated by Tantaros as
  • Tantaros lawsuit serves up melodramatic language, titillating accusations.

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  1. Poor Kristen, part of the most humongous, elephantine political team on television. Know you’re in their somewhere? Speak fast and loud.

    • Except she didn’t have to speak fast and loud. She actually was allowed to express her thoughts with nary an interruption. Imagine that.

  2. “If politics is a chocolate chip cookie and media is a brownie”, Stelter is really ________ on a stick.

        • Heh. Real charm. I will miss her I don’t like cnn format ugh

          While I like Ebony she is not a Democrat. I wish they had used Powers on Five when they had the chance

          • Not a CNN hater, but the panel segments on so many shows has to be wearing thin with the audience. If an insatiable political junkie like me is getting bored with it, what about the rest of the audience?

            It’s like the wall-to-wall coverage of the disappearance of flight MH370 — it was riveting for a time (with excellent Nielsen ratings)…but CNN ran it into the ground.

  3. While I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump if my life depended on it, I have to admit he’s having a great week so far — and it’s only Tuesday. [wry smile]

    The addition of (and messaging from) Kellyanne Conway and perhaps to a lesser extent former Breitbart firebrand Stephen Bannon appears to be paying immediate dividends.

    What’s the buzz on Outnumbered. The Five and The O’Reilly the last 24 hours? I had my TV off most of yesterday.

    • lots of buzz. you know it effects whether the USA can sustain it’s buying their own negative return bonds back to support it’s deficit spending. that funny little G in the GDP formula is what drives economic progress you know. you have to believe that to vote for Hillary.

  4. Re: Tantaros lawsuit
    Remember the old expression third times a charm? (I think there’s another one for comedians about not telling a joke on the same topic a third time.)

    I wonder if we should have a corollary — third harassment story re Mr. Ailes and others falls flat.

    Does anyone else think that because the Andrea Tantaros allegations come on the heels of Gretchen’s and Megyn’s this story is not nearly the bombshell it might have been otherwise?

    • Really disappointed in Andrea

      She’s trying to take advantage of a bad situation at FOX News from what I read

      Too bad cause this will be the end of her contract at FOX News, who is going to employ her now? Will CNN do it?

      • CNN seems to have have an insatiable appetite for political pundits so she may get a gig with them but she will just blend in with the rest and probably won’t be pulling anywhere near what she was getting paid at Fox. She better hope Fox settles her lawsuit for big $$.

    • Perhaps I’m wrong about how much this story resonates.

      It just started trending on Twitter.

      But does it have legs into Wednesday and beyond?

      One for us old timers, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows.”

      • Trending was one of the purposes of the filings. The purple prose (e.g. Playboy mansion cult) was not there for legal reasons but to titillate social media, TMZ type websites, etc to splash coverage all around. It almost suggests to me that the lawsuit is not intended to be successful (numerous falsehoods have already been spotted in the filings) but rather to impact public opinion. Some elements are clearly lies (I can guarantee you there is no ‘information and belief’ behind the claims about my tweet…belief perhaps, though I doubt even that, but the information part is just a lie) and cannot/will not ever be proven in court. Why include allegations they know can never be proved? Because the social media will bite on them. She’s fighting the war in social media because she knows she won’t win it in the courtroom.

        • And hoping to make a bundle of money along with revenge. She sickens me. She’s worse than any woman she besmirched. Her parents should be ashamed of her lies.

          Quick q. I like Powers. Do you know why she went?…though I am not surprised

          • Beats me. I was taken by surprise. She was in DC so it’s unlikely she had much contact with Ailes though that could have played into it. She’s a good egg and I hope CNN doesn’t keep plunking her into the middle of Brady Bunch sized megapanels.

          • Thank you. Feels late yet quick. I think she would have spoke up if he did something personally to her but she could have heard things…. it really felt like she was being downsized on fn too. No outnumbered less on Bill/Bret….not on Megyn/Hannity. I really wish they used her as perma lib on Five. On out I always got the feeling she was not too excited to talk personal life. I hope they use her wisely but these days the more you yell and say outrageous things more attention you get.

  5. POLITICO — Willie Geist is turning over his co-hosting duties for the third hour of “Today” to Billy Bush. Geist will stick with “Morning Joe” and the Sunday installment.

    • As someone who had a senior moment just yesterday here at J$P perhaps I shouldn’t be relying on my memory.

      But I seem to recall discussions by NBC ‘suits’ months ago which may have included one or more outgoing execs. The jist of it was there was fierce debate whether Willie Geist and Tamron Hall should be phased out of Today.

      Personally, I always found Willie kind of dull — but have to admit he has some fervant fans who have given me grief in comment sections.

    • Did you see the Billy Bush/Al Roker dispute about Ryan Lochte? Al wouldn’t give up saying Lochte lied and Bush kept trying to sugar coat it. He’s truly an apologist for celebrities. Done waaaay too much Entertsinment Tonight type reporting for my taste.

      Can’t ever see him covering breaking news of a serious nature.

  6. Re: Concha- media against covering…

    When Sen. McCain ran in ’08, there was concern voiced constantly that he had been treated for skin cancer.

    The goddamn media is unbelievable!

    • Astonishing, isn’t it?

      The next thing you know the pro Trump, anti Cruz National Enquirer will be wriiting a bogus story about Ted having ringworm.

        • Yeah, pick a pol.

          I just happened to pick Senator Cruz because of the Enquirer’s recent bogus story about his father…and it gave me the opportunity to write “ringworm,” which I think is a funny sounding name for a fungal infection. 🙂

    • Yup – I noted that in the column. As a media writer, the then-and-now examples present themselves seemingly every day.

      • Yes, I saw you use McCain as an example. I specifically mentioned their focus on his skin cancer because I thought it was mountains out of molehills at the time.

        The media also used the same POW history that they are so reverent of when Trump dissed McCain, to make a case that his being quick tempered was a result of PTSD.

      • How is it that there can be such discrepancy from each election cycle about these issues? This is not just reporters making this decision, this is coming from higher up on the food chain, right? Are those folks really so worried about us flyover folks bucking their liberal mindset?

        • I don’t think it necessarily comes from the top. It more appears that there’s no accountability after the fact. Inmates are running the asylum.

          The primary bias I’m seeing is via omission by looking at past recent elections, other candidates in similar situations and if there’s any consistency in coverage.

      • And yet the media want her for President?
        WASHINGTON (AP) – More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State gave money – either personally or through companies or groups – to the Clinton Foundation. It’s an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.

  7. Well after spotting lies in Tantaros’s pleadings about TVNewser as well as your humble correspondent, I’m prepared to take the entire shebang with more than a few shakers of salt.

      • Think about this…..if you worked at Fox News and wanted to create a blog that made Fox News look better…..why not create a blog that is anti-Fox News but is so bad at lying they are a laughingstock and nobody can believe it. post articles that use spelling a 3rd grader would know was wrong…..make up lies a blind man could see..allow comments so over the top to scare away any normal people and make sure to let racist and sexist comments remain for years…..that way nobody else would start a blog that might find any real problems at Fox.

        Ever notice that EVERY Fox hater thinks anybody who defends Fox must be paid to do so.


        Seems we are the enemy to people who post here.

          • Moe also said tonight, and I quote, “Koldys is f****d in the head.” That’s kind of like a skunk accusing you of smelling.

          • I disagree.

            His Twitter feed pretty much says the same thing many commenters at TVNewser, Mediaite and Breitbart say. To varing degrees they don’t like Fox News, Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly — not necessarily in that order.

            I have friends and family who watch Fox News and those who despise it. Presumably you do as well.

            It shouldn’t mean they are bad people — or are relegated to eternal damnation in hell, should it? 😊

          • Yea big surprise there………but I was talking about his rambling about this blog that he calls a dump and says nobody cares what we say….well except him and the other racist stooge who have posted like 20 messages about this low read blog today alone.

            He doesn’t believe AT but slams us for not believing her either…..by the way …………..being the hypocrite that they are……..they haven’t said much about CNN media guy calling AT a liar………that doesn’t fit the anti-Fox cult they belong to.

            BTW: Just so you know….I would have no trouble calling Moe and Larry….what I’ve said here to there little faces. I have no trouble calling out racists and idiots.

          • Did Stelter call AT a liar or suggest as much?

            I’ve been watching the LLWS most of the day. Those young boys are such fun and I used to umpire Little League games in the hot summer nights in Phoenix, AZ years ago as a teenager.

          • Her court filing says Fox News started TVNewser….and controlled it….it didnt Selter did……that’s also been confirmed by at least two of his employees there.





            If you lie multiple times in your lawsuit…..what chance does it have?

            Truth be known……….If Alies is guilty……I hope he pays through the nose and can’t find a new job……but don’t claim multiple times that something is true in a court filing when its a lie and then ask me to believe you about they other things you claim.

            BTW: Stelter claims her lawyer already apologized for it.

          • Interesting. Thanks for that.

            One more thing. As a political moderate raised by a strong pro women’s rights Irish Catholic mother it gives me no pleasure to say this.

            But some of the complaints by Andrea Tantaros seem rather petty to me. Maybe you had to be there.

          • He told me that my people were “savages straight out of the Stone Age,” but I’m sure that he didn’t mean it in a bad way. Moe is a foul mouthed fool.

          • My company monitored people screwing off on the internet during working hours. They viewed it as thievery. Add that to bearing false witness and we probably have assburger man guilty of breaking every commandment short of murder.

          • He doesn’t seem to work on the Sabbath, so he’s good there.

            Then again that seems to be the case for all the other days of the week as well.

          • About a decade ago my late brother-in-law’s bank in Los Angeles did a similar monitoring.

            Thirty people got pink slips. Sounds like they were serious.

            Heck, my last employer (really old school in many ways) wouldn’t even allow internet access for the hardware and software engineers.

          • Yea moe thinks you’re stalking him by making him come here………another word the stooges don’t know the meaning of.

            Think he knows you get a daily report of IP that visits….and the IP of people who make comments….before the bars close?

    • About a month or so on The Five, Greg Gutfeld said something to Kim G. that was a reference to her being fetching. I don’t remember the exact wording, but it wasn’t lascivious.

      She responded by saying he was being creepy.

      I don’t get it. Kim….Andrea…Gretchen….are dressed, tressed, made-up to the nines, and shod in these inch heels. Men aren’t supposed to notice that?

      How did someone “sexualize” their image? If Tantaros made the case that the ” Playboy” culture she referenced at Fox put pressure on females to behave that way, I’d buy it. I think that’s obvious to an extent.

      However, that sort line of thinking tends to put a certain amount of responsibility on them. It leads to questions like why did you go along with it? Why didn’t you make a federal case out of it before you were fired or before Ailes was being investigated in scenario where Murdoch’s sons were only too glad to get him out.

      It’s not my intent to victimized the victim…but good lord, does it have to a scenario where women are treated as though they are unaccountable children as they are lining up for big payouts?

      I’m glad Ailes is gone. Anyone else who has acted unprofessional needs to go too. Let me just say that this whole process has given me a bad taste in my mouth for all parties involved.

      I don’t like harassers and at the same time I’d hate to be a male and have to go up against the sort of mindset where you’re a “creep” for noticing a female dressed to impress, because goodness knows she’s just a little girl down by the garden gate.

      Jerks all around in my book.

      • Asking this sincerely: how do Shannon Bream and Dana Perino (there may be others) not get caught up in this dressing with IMO way too snug dresses, stiletto heals and IMO way too much make-up BS? Do they personally say “That’s not me and you’re not gonna make it be me?” Or what?

        • IMHO people like Shannon Bream, Dana, Kirsten, Martha MacC, et al are more serious at their core. Either they are journalists like Shannon & Martha, or they are serious pundits like Kirsten & Dana. It’s almost like a different category of punditry: the take me seriously branch rather than the ‘let me entertain you’ branch (Kimberly, Andrea, et al). Both have their place, but the take-me-seriously branch will always have a longer shelf life. If I think about this a little longer I might have a better insight but this is what strikes me off the top of my head.

          • I always thought that part of Tantaros’ personae was…here I am this sexy…liberated…dating a rocker…woman…who is also smart and accomplished… so don’t put bonds me…or on women in general…

            Now she’s just another victim.

          • Yes you’re correct. Thinking off the top of my head my first image of KG was her on the Five…entertaining for sure. When she puts her smarts to work especially in legal matters she’s definitely in the serious category.

          • Never got or liked Andrea.
            Kim’s hoochie coochie mama act has worn thin. She’s too intelligent for that.

    • I’m pretty sure Roger Ailes did create TVNEWSER. Believe it was thirty years to the day he created Tang.

  8. CBS News has learned 69 pregnant women in Florida have the Zika virus, but state health officials aren’t saying if those infections were contracted locally or while traveling abroad.

  9. Something that may be accurate in the Tantaros pleadings: she was set up for an interview ‘with a writer for a blog controlled by Fox, who asked about her breasts and if she was difficult to work with’. This interview was around the period described in the pleadings and does in fact mention that she was difficult to work with, via an anonymous source at Fox. What’s more the site seems somewhat shady, and its top guy (who also did the Andrea interview) is billed as a consultant to media companies. I think it’s likely this is the interview AT is complaining about. (hat-tip to The Cable Game who spotted this.)

  10. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 Kirsten Powers debuts
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tantaros lawsuit serves up melodramatic language, titillating accusations.

  11. Is it just me or is the complaint that Tantaros filed against Fox underwhelming?

    I’m not saying she doesn’t have a case re: wrongful suspension but the allegations about sexual harassment don’t come off as more than a few inappropriate remarks. What the comments about the other hosts of the Five have to do with her being harassed is beyond me.

  12. With Natalie Morales‘ departure for Access Hollywood, the news anchor position, a Today show mainstay, will be no more according to TVNEWSER. Originally demanded by NBC NEWS to keep news reporting and entrainment completely separate, Frank Blair originated the job from 1953 to 1975, but one Chris Wallace did it for a spell too.

    • I guess more shows are following the CBS This morning model of no regular news anchor. pre say, now to follow the no national weather person except when needed thing.

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