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    THE TRUMPINGTON POST CHANNEL? — The drumbeat about whether Donald Trump is planning to start his own media operation after Nov. 8 is getting louder.

    • Joe and Mika sitting a tree
      K I S S I N G
      Along comes Trump with a very mean tweet
      Knocks that couple on their feet.

      • Makes me nostalgic.

        Oh how I miss those Burma-Shave signs (also stops at Stuckey’s) when as a military dependent our family of six (4 boys) traveled across country several times in the 1950s.

        • When I was in HS in VA in the late 60’s, I had a friend whose dad flew for Piedmont. He claimed that between them and Southern, they stopped at every town close to a Stuckey’s. I loved those canned boiled peanuts.

  2. YEP, moron: Several pills recovered at Prince’s estate after his death were reportedly counterfeit drugs that contained fentanyl, a synthetic opioid more powerful than heroin. Many pills were falsely labeled “Watson 385,” which is supposed to identify pills containing acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Autopsy results indicated the musician died from an accidental fentanyl overdose. Authorities are still investigating how he got the drugs.

        • whomever. so what? have you never met a person with a serious injury or illness that has not abused drugs? let alone recreation? you know, i appreciate a good idea, but life is not without ups and downs. tranquillo. we all have our needed distractions, unfortunately some are laced with physical or emotional psychological issues and self medicating is what organisms do.

          • Let the enablers be punished. My neighbor West Virginia has the highest overdose rate in the country. To anyone with a dead friend, sibling or child, your words are cheesy.
            “Have I ever met a person…” Yeah, me. I rejected opioids as soon as I had a choice for the week I was in ICU and never took one to dull the pain from the bottle sent home with me. Did not want to take the chance of writing a big paycheck later.

          • Every time I have ever had an opiate pain medication it gave me a headache.

            I don’t like them either.

            Good ole ibuprofen with a glass of wine does the trick.

          • so you have never had chronic pain, just temporary. thank you for answering. until people made it illegal it is telling how few ODs there where. if you are so attuned to the issue why do you favor the drug war that caused WV?

  3. This should put an end to the meme that once you work at Fox News you’re tainted and unemployable thereafter. But it won’t. Everyone prepare for the ‘strange new respect’ about to emerge for former ‘hack’ and ‘moron’ Ms Powers.

    • Hope her move to CNN turns out better than Mary Katharine Ham’s seemed to.

      Brian Stelter announced her arrival as a contributor on twitter back in March.

      She then made a few appearances on those monstrous panels (with 8+ people) before seemingly falling in a black hole. (Apparently she now focuses almost completely on the print media like Hot Air and the Federalist.

      • CNN has so many people for this stuff, I am surprised they hire more . I do think if Beckel was at NBC I think he would be used more same with MK Ham.

        • getting rid of MK Hamm was a major plus for Fox News. Has anyone seen Amanda Carpenter recently? She is another conservative Trump hater and I guess no one wants her on the air anymore.

          • Carpenter still shows up on the political panels – either on Cooper’s show or Don Lemon’s show.

        • That’s what I was thinking – they must have a lot of $$ to throw around considering the amount of political contributors they have on their payroll.

          • It certainly begs the question, “What happens to all these new hires once the election is over and there are significanly fewer panel shows?”

            Will it be raining pink slips in the NOV-DEC-JAN time frame?

            And not just CNN. What about the future of MSNBC’s ‘Road Warriors’ Katy Tur, Kristen Welker, Hallie Jackson, and Kasie Hunt?

          • Yes CNN might be cutting back on people after the election like if Trump loses they won’t need any supporters of Trump anymore (they’ll still have other people on right they can use for discussions etc… )
            On MSNBC: I think they have a place for all them… Welker is used as Mitchell fill in and Todd Fill in.

      • Mary Katherine’s status (rarely seen) does seem to be a sort of cautionary tale (unless she has been tending to something outside of work). Maybe they just didn’t think she fit in as well or something, but she seemed like a rising star on Fox.

        Kirsten Powers was a very good contributor and was a strong foil to Bill O’Reilly. Hope she enjoys CNN but I have a feeling she is going to just be bouncing around in the political contributor soup.

        • I miss MKH on O’Reilly with Juan. She may be reviewing her schedule since her husband died and maybe TV doesn’t fit as well into her schedule as more writing does. I will also miss Kirsten. Didn’t agree with her much but she was a good counter punch to O’Reilly and a good panelist on Special Report.

          • I agree.

            The BO+MKH+JW was a pleasant trio and on that rare occasion when MK pushed back hard against either male with a ‘velvet glove’ it made for good television. Bill seemed to really respect her pov.

          • my understanding is she is a Mom. I ran a biz while a single dad w/ diff trauma. had to pay the bills but soccer practice came first.

      • other than tales gone by, Beckel is a nice useless guy. if he was a musician, i would tell him he need new arrangements.

    • Now that former The O’Reilly Factor contributors Kirsten Powers, Andrea Mitchell, Mary Katharine Ham and even Gretchen from years past are all gone will we see even more of Dana Perino and also Leslie Marshall.

      Two guests who are rarely, if ever, hyperpartisan which often makes them more interesting to listen to.

        • Wish I had an excuse like I was watching Ms. Mitchell on NBC as I was typing.

          But unfortunately it was just one of those very annoying senior moments. It’s been corrected…but my habit of senior moments lives on to rear its ugly head again at another embarrassing moment. 🙂

          • So can Dana when Eric Bolling unloads with one of his ideological rants.

            But all things considered I tend to see these two as some of the most affable debaters on Fox News.

            I’ve also watched some video clips of Alan Colmes vs. Tammy Bruce where they are quite cordial (even joking) with one another.

          • Dana always trys to keep her composure. Leslie Marshall has that permanent sneer on her face, showing her contempt for whoever she is talking to.

      • honestly the only talent lost is MKH. Kirsten works hard with little impact, Andrea is a personality not a producer, and Gretchen was good for nothing but reading a script. maybe if the new guys were smart they would send MKH some peeps.

        • With all that ‘charm’ GC…I can see why you were into advertising vehicles and not into selling them. /sarc 😊

          • until i lived out side of the USA i leased. average maybe 3, or 4 months a ride. transportation is an expense, not an investment.

  4. What’s in a name? A ROSE by any other name would still:
    a) bet on the REDS
    b) interview at a round table
    c) turn fat slob at the reunion tour
    d) be the only thing worth a damn in BATMAN FOREVER
    e) your turn…

  5. Looks like MSNBC got some Olympic total viewer inflation …and the prime shows got some of that… hence why they accept the events every 2 years.(summer/winter) , that’s how they get more viewers…plus a nice break from the same politics stuff.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 helping Trump
    4 shakes his head
    3 a twitter spat
    2 It’s not over
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Kirsten jumps ship.

  7. ONLY on CNN could you have a segment about the right talking about HRC health and NOT even bring up the fact that CNN own Dr. Drew has those questions and has said he’s gravely concerned’ about her health.

  8. granted my vista is peripheral. started the day normal, up and out 6:20, kid to school, pack coolers and ice into the the Hilux to drive up to Managua for 2 month meat and gringo stuff buy and to take Tomi to Walmart. Nicaragua owns many stores in costa rica and nicaragua but none are named “walmart”. we just got our first real, albeit smaller Walmart. did you know walmart owns foreign chains with …eeek foreigners? google Maxi Pali. walmart is the toyota of the big box industry. they innovate all the important stuff, and everyone copies them or tries to earn niche. never dominate the world with niche, bu it is a living if you want to buy a job. tomi 1st met walmart in eugene oregon. where there is no tariff import tax. no state sales tax. in the turn of a season. we go to the several acre indoor store she is floored. now many things floored her on her first USA visit. how you could drive towards the 3 sisters for hours and they still were far away with snow on them, the free box at garage sales, real ham at Dennys, her favorite, how the sun could be so bright and you were freezing cold. but nothing floored her like the yellow Walmart tags and her first long English word used with gusto “clearance!” at the Managua store she saw that in order to staff the store and keep with walmart policy there were in store reps of almost all the products sold. cost drivers. that everything was from somewhere else and there is “importacion”, read import tax, on every product no matter how needed, plus our Miss IVA, 15% sales tax called IVA. so all the promos well, they were expensive. particularly clothing. there is a lesson for you. low prices can make your day. when you go somewhere else you never know what will floor you, but you won’t expect it. so i got home. mixed crazy long day. pluses and minuses. bribed a cop for speeding, not new. USA sends radar guns, thanks a lot. do you know how slow 80km p/hour on the panam is? anyway, so see what in the NYTs????

    what the hell are you people putting in your water? this is what is news that moves the world? floored.

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