Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump Hillary’s Bannon
  • Reliable Sources: When campaigns spin; Hillary’s pressers; Trump’s Brietbart.
  • Poll: Who should replace Anna Kooiman?  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • F&F Weekend video: her move down under.
  • Hogue: F&FW fans don’t watch for the ‘friends’, they watch for the ‘fox’.
  • Zucker Punch: How a snarky comment ignited the CNN/BuzzFeed feud.
  • Concha: Debate moderators won’t be named until end of August at the earliest.

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  1. Hey Johnny, is there any way you can put your poll on your main page so those of us who aren’t on Twitter can vote? Thanks. Also, shouldn’t Sandra Smith be an option?

    • You have to sign in to something to vote in any halfway decent online poll otherwise you could vote over and over and skew the results. This time I thought I would try a twitter poll as there are a lot more people on twitter than visit this site (unfortunately). We’ll see how it works out.

      As for Sandra Smith she is on five days a week on two news channels. I think moving to a weekend 6am show would be seen by her as a demotion rather than a promotion. She would have made sense for the weekday slot, not so much for the weekend.

        • I don’t think Abby Huntsman is a strong enough personality.

          The last time I watched her host F&F Weekend, the guys talked over her and above her.

          That’s not going to happen with Heather Nauert or Eboni Williams.

      • I think either Heather Childers or Heather Nauert will get the job. One of the big reasons why Ainsley Airhart got the job after Hasselback left was because she had done the grunt work of doing overnights and so on for years. I’d give it to Heather Nauert.

        • Heather is 46. Do you think that is an issue, even though it shouldn’t be given that she’s a year younger than Tucker Carlson?

          • I’ve noticed that Tucker has started going outside and taking part in the physical stunts/activities they have on the weekend show.

            That’s a shame. I had admired his resolve in refusing to take part in that crap.

          • I would have thought she was older.

            It just goes to show you that trying too hard to look younger has the opposite result.

          • they are news readers, i do not know their names or care to. unless they are naked i do not even care what they look like. their age, how they dress, do make up or any such nonsense is out of my realm if interest. i may be a dog, but i have zero feline in me. i just like to know stuff, actual stuff, u know news. like how the media coddles Trump protesters, i do not care who care who tells me, although BOR and hannity have dropped off my “will watch” list. the content is collectively not there, the outrage is not there it reveals they are collective deadheads. while they hate Trump as much as i do, in me, it does not translate to support for clinton or bernie’s left over occupy street trolls all who are equally criminal and disgusting. anyone showing either candidate or their supporters or protesters in a positive light in my view is not connected to reality. nuts is nuts, and the world has lost it’s mind.

          • Dude, nobody forced you to read my comment responding to a comment about whether Heather Childers’ age would be an issue in her being considered for F&F Weekend.

            Don’t give me a sermon on what you do and do not like to comment upon when you injected yourself into that thread.

          • I hope you communicated your dinner preference in a way that was energetic, unmistakable, and that involved sound effects.

          • Until I get a Groupon deal for Roseta Stone, that’s how it’s done. I keep a bucket in the trunk to avoid quantity confusion.

          • you got a smoker? you would groove on mesquite smoked beans with smoked tocino bits. no Mexicans n your area, use bacon. tocino is the fat layer they make chicharons with. you can smoke pieces dice it, fry it, add it to beans while smoking them. just add you favorite barby sauce and a couple of big hand fulls of dried red pepper smoke for 10 hours in disposable aluminum baking trays. i’ll twit you a pick, they are sooooo good.

          • I do have a smoker. That sounds wonderful. Tweet me a pic and a link to a recipe if you have one. I will have to go with bacon. Nobody in my neck of the woods but us white trash.

          • the pic went a while back. save your bones and scrap, make stock, soak beans over night, cook in stainless steel w/ colander, liquid makes bean soup, add cilantro, lime, couple pieces of minced fried bacon, a few eggs, cook till eggs done serve soup with chips and lime
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          • i do not know if this is blue or not, but certainly the nails are out and sharp.
            “I would have thought she was older.

            It just goes to show you that trying too hard to look younger has the opposite result.”

          • Both statements are true and are germane in the context of replying to someone who ventured that she might be discounted for her job due to her age.

            Put your ridiculous sexist stereotype where the sun don’t shine– that little stifling closet between your ears.

          • not just R&B. the feline nature of women on women is in all art forms. however traditional blues analogy probably does have a great share of the commentary contributing to the topic. Robert Johnson wrote a song called blues scratch, it has been modernized here:
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          • The comment I made wasnt catty or woman on woman… or whatever stereotypical nonsense you want to make about women while being as prickly as a biar patch yourself.

            I made the comment about the irony of Heather C. achieving the opposite result of her efforts to look young in the context of replying to a point made about FNC possibly considering her too old for F&F Weekend, in a medium where aesthetics matter. Where garnering a young market matters.

            I rarely make negative remarks about anyone’s appearance, outside of the occasional one about not liking a particular dress or finding a particular hairstyle unflattering on someone.

            So that much you can take to the bank. That much I can assure you of your being wrong. The other stuff in your post I have no idea what you’re going on about, and as usual, don’t care.

          • Not at all.

            Whoever ends up replacing Kooimen isn’t signing a 20 year, no-cut contract. She can do it for a few years and if by that time Fox deems her as being “too old” then they can give the gig to someone else.

          • Do I dare ask what the ‘real’ reason Gretchen exited the curvy couch at age 47 — for those of us still skeptical that it was because she declined Roger’s sexual advances? [wry smile]

            Coincidentally the same age (47) as Alisyn Camerota when she departed F&FW.

          • Interesting question. I was wondering the same thing.

            If there is some age discrimination (subtle or overt), it hardly applies just to FNC — as most of us must be aware of. I would say it’s industry wide including local news.

            I discovered that over at CNN,
            Brooke Baldwin is 37
            Erin Burnett is 40
            Kate Bolduan is 33
            Brianna Keilar is 35

            Ashleigh Banfield is 48 and she just got demoted to HLN. (At least some of us saw it as a demotion.)

            Was Nancy Grace (age 56) pushed out?

            Yet Alisyn Camerota is 50 and Carol Costello is 54 and both seem to be still going strong. What’s up with that? 🙂

          • Totally agree. Must be those Italian genes. My Sicilian sister-in-law is 70 and she looks 60. Judge Pirro also looks younger than she is. (Of course there are exceptions.)

          • I’m not sure what you mean about Carlson leaving F&F over Ailes’ advances.

            Gretchen got a lone gig when she left F&F.

          • Normally true and your’s is a valid point under normal circumstances. Reports suggest she also got a pay cut.

          • So you’re suggesting if she didn’t get a demotion for not sleeping with Ailes, she got it because she was old (inAiles’ estimation)?

          • Please note my OP on this topic begins, “Do I dare ask.”

            So it was a question — a conversation starter, if you will — not a ‘suggestion’ as you wrote.

            Cheers friend. Let’s not debate trivial stuff.

          • I didn’t mean that you did anything wrong, I just wasn’t sure what was being asked.

            I also had assumed the new gig was a promotion, so I wondered what you meant there originally.

          • I’m probably one of the worst at analyzing these Fox News changes CC.

            I only recently had to finally concede that it is extremely likely that Elisabeth Hasselbeck left F&F voluntarily. Shrug.

          • I think she was kicked upstairs because she complained about Doochey treating her condescendingly, but the move was done in the attitude of annoyance. That if she didn’t like 3 hours of air time, she could do less, get paid less, and not to expect any fanfare for the change.

          • I suppose it’s also anyone’s guess as to how much of a role Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s departure from The View and sudden availability played in making the change.

          • That could be. But it clearly was, as you describe it, ‘upstairs’, not ‘downstairs’. She took over the timeslot that made Megyn a star and it went from beating MSNBCNN combined during her first week to FNC’s lowest-rated 6am-11pm show as it has been lately. (In fact the ratings increased after she left.) What’s more, when she wrote her book the publicity, which she surely approved, described The Real Story as the apex of her career, not as a demotion. BTW, even reporting on her harassment allegations Politico still describes The Real Story as a ‘promotion’ for Gretchen. Cuz it was. It put her on the same career path blazed by Megyn Kelly. Only Megyn went forward.

          • I am left wondering if the book publicity was simply spin about The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson?

            I do think if I was promoting a new book about my career as a software engineer I would shine a light on my last job to demonstrate a career path ending on a positive note even if it wasn’t. My last boss was my worst. We barely tolerated each other. But that’s just me.

          • It could well be, but she didn’t have to characterize it at all if she felt at that time it was a demotion. Yet even the book title played off the Real Story name. And frankly, I can’t think of any impartial media reporters/analysts who called it a demotion at the time it happened. This ‘demotion’ claim is the weakest allegation Gretchen makes because it’s 180 degrees opposite from common knowledge about programming and seems to contradict the pre-existing PR, reporting, and analysis. I don’t doubt she feels that way now, but it smells like a retroactive refashioning to shoehorn in an extra count or two for the pleadings. Happens all the time in civil suits, but can backfire if it’s too much of a stretch.

          • “It could well be, but she didn’t have to characterize it all if she felt at that time it was a demotion.”

            A fair point.

          • Could the show have done poorly because it wasn’t promoted?

            How would it ever be in a network’s interest to let someone fail in what had been a highly rated time slot?

            You’d lose a ton of audience that you stood the chance of never regaining, only to again be in the position of having to retool the program with someone knew.

            That seems insane to me.

          • From the Daily Beast on July 6th:

            “In 2013, she was moved from the morning gabfest and given a midday slot to host her own show, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.
            This was effectively a demotion, the lawsuit alleges, because Ailes
            “reduced her compensation and withheld network support and promotion for
            her show.”

          • It was a graduation from 6am to 2pm – I think 2pm was Megyn Kelly’s time slot at one point and she certainly did all right with it. Also Gretchen went from two co-hosts to being the solo anchor on a news, rather than discussion, program. Plus no setting the alarm for 4am. I don’t know whether she got a pay cut or not but few ambitious cable newsers would turn down such a trade-up.

        • Ainsley got the job because she was the best choice. As for Heather N, I doubt she would go to weekends since she has young boys. Besides, I think she is much more likely to get the job hosting whatever they call the show Gretchen Carlson used to host. If that happens, Heather C would likely become the F&F newsreader.

      • You have to sign in to something to vote in any halfway decent online poll otherwise you could vote over and over and skew the results.

        Now, I wouldn’t cast more than 3000 votes for Patti Ann Browne.

  2. Larry Debate Monitor Choices:

    Candy Crowley
    Kitty Dukakis
    My dog
    Paula Jones
    GIlbert Gottfried
    John Hinckley Jr

  3. Speaking of debate moderators, I see it hasn’t taken long for the hypocritical #StandWithMegyn crowd to dump her like a load of concrete. Now that Trump isn’t attacking her they have no use for her. I’m especially flabbergasted to see people cite her ‘biased’ coverage of the Freddie Gray case as a reason. Yeah, she should be punished for that. While other channels were telling their credulous viewers what they wanted to hear (exactly what Dana Perino was warning about but on the other foot) and letting their ‘legal analysts’ take sides and act as partisans, Megyn and her legal analysts Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh spotted the many holes in the case and warned that this prosecutor was way out beyond her skis. And now that she was proven exactly correct, she must be punished for her ‘bias’. You know, just like she went off the reservation on the Duke LaCrosse matter, daring to suggest that the ‘victim’ wasn’t exactly believable. Yeah, she was right on that too, but that’s just another reason she must be punished. She’s has a ‘bias’ in favor of being correct.

    • All valid points Johnny — as usual.

      My only point would be that it was pretty clear Megyn was biased in favor of the cops — especially in the first trial with the hung jury.

      Many viewers of her show would probably be surprised to learn on the reckless endangerment charge, the jury split 7-3 in favor of conviction with two undecided. If you listened to Megyn you would think the case was bogus from the start.

      Oh well, not withstanding MK’s pro cop bias in the eyes of many on the left my own view is that justice was served and the general consensus in the end was that SA Marilyn Mosby overcharged the officers in an attempt to satisfy protesters and prevent further disturbances.

      • “My only point would be that it was pretty clear Megyn was biased in favor of the cops — especially in the first trial with the hung jury.|

        bias is stereotype over logic. it was logical to believe the BP and not the mayor or prosecutor considering their baggage. it was easy call except for people that buy that police hunt minorities because they are racist ….which includes minority cops. buena suerte con este.

      • If you’re saying she thought the police were blameless and did nothing wrong, that would be defending them. But I don’t recall that. Even so, I think a case can be made for a presumption, at least in what the Brits call ‘early days’, that police acted properly. But that’s a whole ‘nuther kettle of fish and not what I was talking about anyhow.

        • Let me just say this.

          I watched a lot of trial coverage on Court TV in their early years and it was rare when I couldn’t detect which way a Beth Karas, a Gregg Jarrett or a Rikki Klieman was leaning with their coverage.

          Were their arguments almost always well founded as Megyn’s were. I believe they were. Were there times when it tainted their coverage ever so slightly. I think the answer was also yes. At least if you believe the commenters at the time on the Court TV website.

          If I got this one wrong, I apologize. 🙂

          • you know there was a pre-Renaissance Renaissance where a lot of supposed intellectual smart cats would try to pretend they were Plato, Cicero, or Aristotle, adopting style, clothing, supposed mannerisms etc. all under the guise of “imitatio” and spirituality. very Californian for 14th and 15th century but produced insane works that i cannot remember now, sorry Dom LaRusso, it is the Jimidor. but let me tell you it was a weirdo time! being right and biased fir right in, crazy time, it’s excellent! back to Ebm…

          • What ever happened to Beth Karas? I remember her when she was at Court TV. She was smart and beautiful.

          • After TruTV stopped covering trials HLN finished up (Jodie Arias trial I believe) before stopping as well.

            In 2013 Jean Casarez was lucky enough to land a gig with CNN…Beth Karas not so much.

            Last I heard she was devoting much of her time to her website karasoncrime[dot]com.

      • Mosby did not overcharge to “prevent further disturbances”.

        She overcharged because she was looking to make a name for herself.

        There was nothing she would have wanted more than further disturbances in order to justify overcharging.

        • I’ll see if I can get ahold of the phone number for Alan Dershowitz so you can take it up with him. 🙂

          He’s the one I stole the phrase “prevent further disturbances” from, which was made during an interview with Megyn.

      • “My only point would be that it was pretty clear Megyn was biased in favor of the cops — especially in the first trial with the hung jury.”

        Ummm…..does it matter that she was right about the case?

        IMHO she should have had a pro cop bias…..the prosecutor clearly overcharged and anybody could see that….How about what did MK get wrong? Seemed pretty clear to me this was a political based case………how could she not favor the cops when clearly they were being overcharged?

        My point is….how could she have a pro prosecutor bias when she was clearly wrong to change these cops?…..should MK have lied to the viewers about the chances of guilty verdicts like other news channels did?

        Now all that said….A young man is dead…….someone’s responsible for that (maybe even the victim) but because of the prosecutor making the charges politically (she should be disbarred)…..there NEVER will be justice for this man and we will never know what really happened……that should be the story.

        I also saw the stooges say MK always is pro cop in these things…..of course anybody who watched her during the incident where the cop shot the poor man in the back on video (cant remeber the city) knows that a LIE….one of many of course.

        • You make a good point that believing the prosecutor had overreached with the charges is not at all the same as being biased toward those particular cops (or toward cops in general).

        • My point about bias may simply be too subtle and layered for a blog forum — or I am not able to express it adequately.

          We’ve heard people like Bill Maher say ‘biased’ things about both conservative Christians and Muslims that happened to be factual in the eyes of many. But the context clearly shows his bias (or prejudice) — however large or small.

          This subtle layered point I am attempting to make about Megyn (and context) on a conservative blog would be better discussed over pizza and beer. Can you fly to San Diego? We have really nice weather.

    • Well people who called MK a Goon were going to turn on her sooner or later.

      One of the less bright stooges called her a goon and just a week later was acting like she was journalist of the year……they are just as fake as they are liars!

      I will be so glad when Nov comes.

  4. If Clinton supporters were attacked outside of rallies, would that not be covered at the scene endlessly and likened to a political movement of dangerous extremists?

    Just as chanting “USA!” at the Democratic Convention was refreshing patriotism, rather than characterized as being baleful and chauvinistic (we learned later that it was coordinated by operatives in the crowd to drown out Sanders protesters) as it would be if coming from Republicians.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that Trump’s appearance has been revamped along with his campaign.

    His hair isn’t as yellow or fluffy and he’s no longer orange.

  6. Lily Langtry doing the Fox Report tonight. I got home in time to see the last 20 minutes. I went into a Snoopy dance (sigh!)

  7. The usually stable FNC lineup is in a rare state of flux

    With Anna Kooiman’s departure, that cuts even more into Fox’s deep bench

    But there are a number of ways Fox can go, such as:

    Abby to F&FW

    Heather N to Real Story

    Heather C to F&F newsreader

    Make Lea Gabrielle and Jackie Ibanez F&FF anchors

    This is my preference, but here are others

    All have Abby on F&FW, which I see as the most likely option

    Abby to F&FW

    Jackie Ibanez to F&FF

    Shannon Bream to Real Story

    Heathers stay where they are

    I see this as less likely because I think Shannon would rather remain in Washington

    Abby to F&FW

    Jackie Ibanez to F&FF

    Martha to Real Story

    Sandra Smith to America’s Newsroom

    Melissa Francis to Out#

    Heathers stay where they are

    I think the Gretchen replacement is between Martha and Heather N

    If Martha gets it, Sandra has worked well with Hemmer before

    That would take her off Out# but Melissa has become the fifth Beatle on that show and would transition easily

  8. Larry, here’s another one for the barber shop.

    A prominent British attorney who worked for Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, died in an apparent suicide a week ago.

    He was hit by a train.

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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
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