Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Adios Anna: Fox & Friends‘s Anna Kooiman moving to Australia.
  • Thursday’s numbers: O’Reilly-MacCallum (Megyn)-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered videos: and
  • Click-bait: Breitbart’s deceptive headline, Mediaite’s lying headline.
  • Concha: A tale of two Louisiana disasters, and the ensuing media bias.
  • Factor video: analyzes coverage of the Soros hack.
  • Perino: I will never lie to you.  CNN, the most trusted name in drones.
  • Video: Martha MacCallum and discuss paying ransom.
  • MSNBC plans Hillary/Trump forum.  MoJo touts its anti-Trump history.
  • FTV makes public apology…for Hannity and Stelter.  Two FNC execs exit.

Updated 5:16 pm  Use our valuable bandwidth to post your cable news comments in today’s open thread.

46 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. remember i said Hannity will be Glen Becked a while back. i want to be right at least one time, so remember, ok?

  2. Re: “Factor video: Bernard Goldberg analyzes coverage of the Soros hack”: This was a bait-and-switch segment. The promoted topic was the Ryan Lochte et al story, but it was only briefly discussed before getting to the real topic: Soros.

  3. That ad hyping Morning Joe is a joke – both of them were kissing Trump’s rear end for months. And all throughout the primaries they were busy reminding their audience that they were one of very few who predicted Trump would win because he knew what he was doing. Now they are imploring Republicans to repudiate the guy as if he didn’t start saying controversial stuff until after the Primaries were over.

  4. I hope The Hill is thinking everyday “what a great hire Joe Concha was”.

    I enjoy every article even if I don’t agree with every point made.

  5. On the Morning Joe ad : I am watching a different ad than they did ,because it doesn’t really look like anything but pictures of them talking with famous people with words about how they are firebrands (ha ha ha ha) and holding the powerful accountable …watch them in the morning blah blah… not that they are against any candidates.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 anti-Trump history
    4 moving to Australia
    3 deceptive headline
    2 public apology
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Click-bait: Mediaite’s lying headline.

  7. Some unkind, disparaging comments about Anna on twitter tonight. From people who’ve never watched her host a single show, naturally. Knowledge would just cramp their style.

    • FYI: the dry drunk claims after he called you a sad person:

      “The perv who ignored the Ailes story except for articles that cast doubt on the women. Yeah.”

      Like I’ve said they not only see a Fox News in their heads that doesn’t exist but the see a J$ site they are obsessed with that also appears only in their poor disgraced heads. You linked to both sides and anyone who reads this site knows that.

      Im sure there will soon be a scary black man on TV they can obsess over so it will soon pass.

        • Well the frozen one did finally delete the FAKE tweet from a Parody Trump account….so he’s been thinking REAL hard today.

          Oops…spoke too soon its still there…you would think even a disgraced “writer” would post a notice it was a FAKE RT from a parody account…….but he’s a newhound after all.

  8. SPECIAL REPORT PANEL of Lisa Boothe, Karen Tumulty, and Charles was a nice mix. Knowledgeable, smart, funny all.

  9. SPECIAL REPORT PANEL of Lisa Boothe, Karen Tumulty, and Charles was a nice mix. Knowledgeable, smart, funny all.

  10. You know I said that week that I’m avoiding comments sections on most sites nowadays….I try to read Concha’s work when I see it linked here…..but while he gets more traffic at the HILL the comments are worse than mediaite…….which I wouldn’t have believed.

    His work has improved IMHO….I don’t agree with some of it……but I like stuff that makes me think.

    That said I made the mistake of reading comments about the poor CNN-EX-FOX producer who died in Spain this week…………some people are just sick.

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