Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Hannity-O’Reilly-Trish Regan (Megyn) 1-2-3.
  • Tom Foreman at Troy University.  Lynne Russell suing Motel 6 et al.
  • Ashley Banfield moves to HLN, Inside Politics takes over noon on CNN.
  • Concha: FNC adds Sunday election report with Bret Baier.   No mo Bo?
  • Suebsaeng: Bo Dietl threatens lawsuit over Gabriel Sherman allegations.
  • Trump/Ailes media conspiracy theory promoted by Stelter, Esquire, et al.
  • Kennedy videos: Party panel debates Trump Ellen’s
  • Lean Forward: Chris Matthews says get excited about Hillary ‘or don’t vote‘.

Updated 5:40 pm  Use our valuable bandwidth to post your cable news comments in today’s open thread.

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  1. Mr. Concha, I’m pleased with FNC Sunday addition. Charles probably the only one that can show up and not feel guilty.

    • when rasmussen first started we got all their methodology info. the robo call was begun because they could not train the bias out of live callers ….”according to studies”. so since i have left their stature has fallen, i have heard a variety of reasoning. i think they have made some adaptions. some adjustments. are they doing cell now? has their weighting improved? always used good sample size and multiple day rolling averages. they initially used all LV respondents and were spot on. PPP carvilles group used their system. then boom, they are out of favor, dismissed, considered not reliable polling. what happened? any insiders here know. once i left i don’t here those insider debates.

        • well i see that, but each poll has a construction story and i was curious about what scott has done to adjust since the first fail in 06.

          • Is Scott Rasmussen stil lin the polling business?

            Last I heard he founded the Rasmussen Media Group after leaving Rasmussen Reports in 2013. Then the following year he launched, a digital news service.

            I haven’t been paying attention to what this Media Group actually does.

        • i believe Stiewalt has left scott out of his average. RCP uses them in theirs. Chris:

          “Certainly, Trump’s new campaign manager, pollster Kellyanne Conway, knows the truth. So, one would assume that others in the campaign are aware of Trump’s deficit, which currently stands at about 9 points in an average of reliable polls.

          If the numbers hold, it would be the worst popular vote defeat since 1984, so whatever individual polls indicate, there is lots of ground to be made up.”

          note the term “reliable” i have heard him say he does not use all polls but i have not seen a list that his average includes, PPP?

          • No I haven’t. Apparently RCP hasn’t added it to their list yet.

            It’s getting a little messy now with some pollsters adding the 3rd party candidates — which I think they all should.

            I just noticed that Pew has HRC at +4 which still doesn’t refute my tweet to Rasmussen Reports this morning that they are the only pollster along with LAT/USC to have Hillary at less than +4 in the last 15 (now 16) polls. They sure look like outliers to me with both having Clinton at +1 or less.

          • Whitling away at the Hillary 8 point lead the media was using as a club is helpful to Trump. It’s all in expectation — building or dashing.
            All poll averages begin with the first poll. Isn’t that how the saying goes? OR “I’d rather curse a candle than light the darkness.” I get these things mixed up.

          • i like Pew but i do not think Johnson will end up w/ 10%. the road to perdition is paved with intended votes

    • Maybe it’s a sign that they are less biased against Trump than I am that they endlessly bash him on CNN and MSNBC each morning.

      They make the same points repeatedly. Have guests on making the same pejorative comparisons and the same portentous adjudications to media ranks and to the public as to how he should be exposed, marginalized, resisted, etc.

      I’ve written him off as a clown who can’t win and they treat his running as though we’re Germany in the 30s.

      My husband says this is more indicative of their distrust and loathing for the white working class than an inexplicable regard for some sort of Trump wileness.

      I guess. Wake me when it’s over.

      • they treat his running as though we’re Germany in the 30s.

        I have yet to hear him say, “Heil myself.” So he’s got that going for him.

    • Haha!

      Only a few months ago a report at The Wrap showed “Legal View” with Ashleigh Banfield averaged 611,000 total viewers at noon ET.

      Now she’ll probably get about a 3rd of that.

      What a crazy business.

      • She probably won’t get Nancy Grace ratings …though… or Robin Meade ratings.(HLN’s only daytime thing that beats CNN sometimes)

    • She can follow Soledad O’ Brien into some media purgatory for journalists whose smarts and talent are tainted by their being uber-touchy control freaks.

      Shep Smith can go with them. The same would be the case for Gregg Jarrett before he went into recovery.

    • It’s a place that isn’t carried in HD by my cable provider–Optimum (Cablevision). There are many channels that should be in HD, but aren’t. Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Discovery Family, Fox Sports 2, Fox Deportes, and ESPN Deportes immediately come to mind. There are more.

      • It is in HD on DIRECTV at the cabin and my Time Warner Cable at home. Even AJAM finally was before the plug got pulled.

        • Cablevision is notoriously slow in adding the channels I want (i.e. SEC Network) or changing the channels that should be in HD to HD. In the case of SEC Network, Long Island has its share of student athletes that play at SEC schools like Florida. Yet, after two years, the channel remains off Optimum while Time Warner Cable customers in New York City get it.

          • When I bought my first HD set, only two channels on Time-Warner Cable were in HD: HBO and SHOWTIME. Damn TV cost me $3,500 with weight of 250 lbs. Being an early adapter gets you a very expensive worm.

  2. NPR Is Closing Its Comments Section
    The editors at NPR have come to a realization: Comments are worthless at best, harmful and hateful at worst. Therefore, starting Aug. 23, is closing its comments section for good. (FishbowlNY)

    WELL, excuuuusssse me!

  3. Helen Maroulis just won Olympic Gold in Wrestling for the first time ever for a USA woman. Beat Japan lady who only had lost twice in the last 14 years and had 3 past Olympic Golds. Helen cried during nation anthem medal ceremony and so did I.

      • Girls that want to wrestle in school have to do so by wrestling with the boys. The rare coed sport. Every match is charged with electricity. Ohio has had only one girl make it to the state tournament, and she lost her first match as I recall. Both my partner’s boys have had matches against girls. One dreaded it with great fear. One was thrilled.
        Helen Maroulis is 24 and I have some idea of all the sacrifices she and family have make to finally achieve the pinnacle of the sport’s success. Unlike some other sports, financial reward is slim pickings.

      • Probably most. It is a time of release of giant tension buildup combined with a sense of patriotism.

      • She is something special. Pinned Swedish girl to advance to gold medal round. That girl then pinned her Chinese opponent to win the bronze.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 or don’t vote
    4 No mo
    3 election report
    2 suing Motel 6
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Suebsaeng: Bo Dietl threatens lawsuit over Gabriel Sherman allegations.

  5. Reading Johnny $ while watching pre-season football. Hubby & I have to drink more since we won NOTHING in the meat raffle! Johnny is good reading anywhere, anytime!

    • Democrat Lanny Davis and Bo Dietl
      Democrat Susan Estrich and Roger Ailes
      Republican Ted Olson an unlikely ally in the fight against California’s Prop 8

      Interesting, but strange bedfellows indeed.

  6. Trump to visit Louisiana flood victims tomorrow. Obama golfing with Larry David. In a USA with a fair media, GWB wouldn’t be shaking his head.
    “Heck of a good putt… want a pot brownie?”

  7. Re: No mo Bo?
    Or as grammatically challenged Bo Dietl might say, “I been whacked, Don’t know what der doin’. I ain’t done nuttin wrong.”

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