Tuesday Links and Open Thread

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  1. I have always liked Brian Williams…..when he got in trouble and rightly so….I said that day he should go to MSNBC….they could use a real journalist there to anchor election coverage……I think in that he’s worked out well. I might watch at 10pm CST because everything else is in reruns at that time.

    The show could last…..but how’s he going to do breaking news at 8am if he’s on the air at 11pm? MSNBC doesn’t seem to care as much about ratings………remember the 20th repeat of lockup got better Demos than their entire primetime lineup for years.

  2. Sean Hannity acting like an angry liberal with explicit remark about the media kissing posteriors and then his regurgitating Trump’s line about the IRS and Trump releasing his tax records.


  3. Re: Editing Magic

    Any thoughtful, perceiving humanoid entity could have never edited that woman’s remarks.

    Never…never…never…could they have brought themselves to hide anything so utterly representative of our modern day Tower of Babel. Of our relentless and ecumenical mocking from God…no matter what race, ethnicity, or nationality was the divine Exhibit A of the day.

    No one who cared a wit about transcendent principles would have tried to obscure that voice in a million years. Nor have seen those comments as anything other than who we ALL are.

  4. When MEDIA BUZZ started to suck Sunday at least I had the dignity to turn off the TV rather than change the channel to see what the cringe-inducing, egg-sucking little pipsqueak was up to.

    • I started watching the group back when it first came on due to a current events class I took in high school at the time……teacher suggested it…..made me a news junkie.

      I stopped watching it when I moved a few years ago….but thanks to my DVR I restarted a few months ago….I figured he was sick in the last few weeks…….HUGE loss for the nation.

        • Figuratively speaking, of course?

          Hope you’re not suggesting the “Second Amendment Peeps” take out Cliff and Pat before they go after ‘crooked’ Hillary. 😊

          • I would be happy to see both leave public life for good. I don’t want to see anything happen to them, just that they go away.

          • let them die naturally, slowly, let them see the error of their ways as they slip their earthly bonds of surrealism.

          • what you liberals have a hard time grasping is that legal gun owners as a whole are the most responsible sane people in the country. certainly more sane than a person that thinks a citizen should not own the means of feeding and protecting one’s family. the whole gun owner/cop meme of people wanting to use firearms on other humans is more than insulting, it is moronic. nobody in their right mind wants to kill someone, particularly with a firearm. the police the media, you on the front page, hiring attorneys, living through hell all because you did what you logically concluded was necessary enough to carry that burden forever. the whole piss on trump thing for his words should embarrass you for bringing it up once let alone repeatedly. get a grip michael. objectively your insistence on viewing as important the most stupid useless aspects of campaigns is beneath you. you are smarter than that. please consider cutting it out.

          • Whoa!!

            It was a joke. Sheesh.

            Where’s your sense of humor GC?

            GI issues from some bad gallo pinto? 😊

          • see michael, see. she gets props for the not relevant. i want to know what will effect my wallet and people see dwarfs. that is what i mean.

          • michael, relax. it was not a joke, you were comparing media memes of supposed transgressions that were not important. one was repeated comparing trump’s supposed 2nd amendment evil with a supposed hillay character evil. i refer to that whole personality discussion. we know it is out there, it is of not good enough relevance to repeat or discuss. honest, the point is not you, it is the repeated tangents that render the election like a whos got talent karaoke contest. it is making me nuts. hillary was not indicted, trump says stuff people like to give meaning to that make no sense. i got it. now back to who will be worse given the numbers and the actual ability of what a POTUS can do. that is all. come on why stretch out the nut job stuff on both sides? you are a smart guy i respect. use it finding real stuff we need to know. like your ratings and polling info, current reg situations stuff relevant to the living not the Oprah surreal world.

  5. I wonder if MSNBC is going to try hiring Larry Wilmore, now that Comedy Central is letting him go.

    Could be something like a Red Eye competitor, and couldn’t do anything worse than their current ratings.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 call for violence
    4 lambastes O’Reilly
    3 heartbreaking memories
    2 now you don’t
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 F&F video: hannity scorches CNN, zings ‘little pipsqueak’ Brian Stelter.

  7. Re: Concha: Newsers brace for decision on POTUS debate moderators.
    The significant increase in website traffic (according to Alexa) at The Hill vs. Mediaite is really starting to show.

    Joe already has over 5000 commenters on today’s column.

      • That is correct, Johnny. I’m on vacation this week until Friday, but generally you’ll see 5-7 stories from me on The Hill per day. Of those 5-7, one is an opinion piece. At Mediaite, I only did one commentary per day (5/week) but didn’t do much on the reporting front because I was only a contributor.

    • Usually that kind of number is only achieved when getting an MSN, HuffPo or Drudge linking to it, but apparently yesterday’s story got there without it. The Hill has a larger audience than most folks realize. Hopefully I can put a few more folks in the seats. We’ll see.

    • Did the Mediaite trolls follow Concha over to The Hill or was the place infested already?

      The Real Royal Emperior is there under a new avatar. Those guys have scores of sock puppets a piece.

      • “The Real Royal Emperior is there under a new avatar.”

        I see.

        He’s never dull. He started out here with some interesting observations unlike the annoying guy who only posts about “punitive damages.”

        But it only seemed to last for a week or two. Or perhaps it was an hour or two. 🙂

        Then the inexplicable trollish behavior started by figuratively poking other commenters in the eye…not to mention the sock puppet sneakery.

        • Internet comment boards broadened his horizons exponentially.

          Before their advent he was stuck buying Shirley Temple memorabilia for his mother who hated her, and loosening the lids on salt and pepper shakers.

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