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  1. If you all recall, News Corp weathered the hacking flap just fine. If you don’t recall, well, there you go.

  2. so i read there are 13.4 trillion in bonds now yielding neg return. as it is bonds that feed each and every person on the planet would it be to much expect the media to question the candidates as to what gives the damn currency any value?,Authorised=false.html?siteedition=intl&

  3. Comedy Central cancelled Larry Wilmore. If not for his color, enough fake news “funnymen” out there, no one would notice.

  4. Subject: False Equivalency

    Let me try my position one last time. (I warned you I was a stubborn German — plus French & Irish.)

    Over the weekend we had a thread about pundits and campaign staffers using what I saw as false equivalency.

    Perhaps we are arguing semantics here, so let me use three examples:

    Pundit A: Hillary should have never used a private email account.
    Pundit B: But Colin Powell also had a private email account. (Neener-neener.)

    Pundit A: Donald Trump is a prolific fabricator and exaggerator on an almost daily basis like we’ve never seen before in a presidential candidate.
    Pundit B: Hillary lies too. (Neener-neener.)

    Pundit A: Trump’s New York campaign co-chairman says Khizr Khan doesn’t deserve to be a Gold Star parent.
    Pundit B: The father of the Pulse cabaret murderer was at an HRC event. (Neener-neener.)

    As Mr. Bill is fond of saying, “Don’t try to justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior.” For which I would add, “Especially if it’s not equivalent bad behavior.”

    If you don’t want to call all three examples “false equivalency” — but use some other characterization instead, fine. I was a Math major, not an English major. 😊

    • they all look alike to me. non-issue distractions from what each of these clowns will cost. who is going to pay how much is the only valid news story and no one is reporting it. the feds are taking in record amounts of taxes and both these clowns want more. how much? who? detail the new reg costs and restrictions and paperwork. people so stupid they think the TPP is wrong. sure. sure make it harder to do business in Asia. why is the clown show so important?

  5. Eric Bolling told me on twitter I should get a ‘second source’ for the Friday cablenews ratings. I asked several times what was the problem was and he just said a second source ‘would help you be more accurate’. So that clears that up. Sort of.

    • Over the years I’ve had some not so friendly replies after tweeting rather mild criticism of the following: Jake Tapper, Betsy Rothstein and Tara Setmayer. Good for them.

      Only Eric Bolling was not man enough to reply and chose to block me instead.

      A first in my 7 years on Twitter. He seems to be almost as thin skinned as his idol Mr. Trump. 🙂

      Oh well. Live and let live is my motto and I actually became a fan of Ms. Setmayer for the way she handled my criticism. Tapper was cool about it as well.

  6. “I’m guessing that a 20-year-old in Baltimore has a lot to say about education in America that’s probably more relevant than…the owner of a charter-school conglomerate,” O’Brien said.
    Mater of fact, can’t say nutin’ ’bout nutin’ after hurtin’ da nick in da pohleece van.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Banfield abandons
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    3 their true hypocrisy
    2 you didn’t see
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Hogue: Please deflower Fox & Friends.

  8. Re: “Concha: Lazy media’s campaign coverage exposes their true hypocrisy.”

    Where was all this complaining about media bias when Donald Trump was eliminating one opponent after another on his unstoppable march to the nomination with tons of free media?

    This included full TV coverage of press conferences and network interviews lacking in aggressive follow-up questions.

    All of a sudden when Trump has a series of significant missteps and embarrassments post conventions that same old tired meme about the lamestream biased media has reared its ugly head.

    • I’ve seen some deflective arguments in my day, but that wins the month.

      Care to debate the merits of the column, Michael?

      • We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one Joe.

        We are experiencing a terrible heat wave in San Diego with no A/C and I am in no mood to engage in a debate. What I really desire is one of those ice bucket challenges dumped on me…or maybe 10. 🙂

          • Thanks Joe.

            If this old codger wasn’t so lazy I would go see the critically acclaimed “Hell or High Water.” But many locals probably have the same idea and I loathe long lines.

            Have you (with baby sitter issues no doubt) or any of your friends seen it yet?

    • You are kidding, right? There was all kinds of talk of media bias way back when there were 16,15, 14, 13, 12…….candidates. How can you forget there was actual math done to say how much “free advertising” DT was getting. Sorry, just don’t buy your conclusions.

      But stay cool!

      • Perhaps it depends on whether you are pro Trump or anti Trump.

        While I didn’t watch Outnumbered I read on Twitter that Greg Gutfeld (no Trump fan to be sure) said (paraphrasing), “I won’t defend Trump’s media bias whine. Trump benefited from the media earlier in the campaign.”

        So there’s that.

        • “Perhaps it depends on whether you are pro Trump or anti Trump.”

          Actually I think it depends on if the only media bias you see exist at Fox or you can see a left wing bias elsewhere. and if you can tell a journalist from an OPINION maker……..and no this comment is NOT about you Michael…..but to people in general.

          • This snippet from an editorial in Monday’s WSJ got a lot of attention today:

            “Trump is right that most of the media want him to lose, but then that was also true of George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. It’s true of every Republican presidential nominee. The difference is that Mr. Trump has made it so easy for the media and his opponents.”

          • isnt that what I said here last week?………of course the media wants him to lose……..he should know that…….he should be looking and planning ahead and watching what he says……he isnt…..that a BIG problem for the GOP.

            I think the clearest example of this was John Mccain in 2008… the primaries he was the darling of the press…..a Maverick…..until he won….then he was pretty much scum…….he NEVER saw it coming.

            IMHO………he lost because of the nut from AK……but the press turning on him didnt help.

            You have a whole network (MSNBC)that with one exception I can’t think of any of them Journalist or Opinion host that would be voting for Trump……….that can’t be a help to any candidate. It’s Clear that on Fox most Opinion folks seem like him but on CNN NONE of the Opinion folks or at least everyone I see……… dislike him….so that evens out.

          • I agree entirely with the WSJ piece that you’ve excerpted. There’s nothing contradictory or exculpating of the media to say that Trump has endlessly obliged them in his undoing.

          • Yep, lots of ‘obligin’ goin’ on. 🙂

            As I tweeted yesterday, “I no longer think those suggesting he wants his ego stroked more than he wants to be president are delusional.”

          • What in God’s name is wrong with him Cecelia. You’re a smart keen observer of the political landscape.

            My ex-wife (from decades ago) and 40-something son not only loathe Hillary but they have voted GOP for every election AFAIK — except this one where they seem to be leaning toward Gary Johnson.

          • I don’t know. The only thing that comes to mind is that he’s a bored rich guy with a gold-plated ego who will return to his gold-plated penthouse, and leave high and dry a lot of people who are seriously floundering in a cultural and economic system that is changing by the nanosecond.

            People who hoped that he might be able to help.

            Above all else he’s a hustler. They like to hustle people.

          • My son’s most common adjective is “bully” — but I think “hustler” is even better.

            What’s actually kind of sad is all the Middle Class people who have put trust in him to move the country forward in terms of jobs, national security and immigration.

            Are all those hopes and dreams about to be dashed because of what you described as a “gold plated ego” — just like many of those Trump University students?

            Perhaps not. But I wouldn’t bet on DT at 3 to 1 odds to win in November. But it is only August.

          • Let me give you an illustration of the sort of obliging I mean.

            If I lived next door to an nosey old man who loved to gossip and run down the reputation of his neighbors, I would oblige him by walking my brother out to his car in a skimpy robe.

            I would make his day by gardening in a swimsuit.

            I would send him running for the phone by having a delivery service cart cases of champagne into the house (for my friend’s wedding).

            I know this dude is gunning for me. I know how he thinks. However, I continue to do things that put a target on my back.

        • Whether it’s bias for Trump because he was a ratings draw or bias against him now that he is the actual candidate going up against Her Royal Highness…. bias is bias.

          • And let’s not forget bias against him from his own party.

            Then I think our views are pretty close to being the same.

          • We all have bias for or against by people — friends, family, acquaintances, people we pass on the street may harbor bias in on way or another.

            Sanders had bias against him via DNC people who felt that Clinton was more electable.

            There’s a difference between that and bias from journalists who bill themselves as having the discipline and the distance it takes to maturely inform the public.

  9. Watching arguably the best there has ever been at what they do in this Olymics has been a joy. Talking about Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and Simone Biles.

  10. Man a black Democratic Sheriff on FNC/FBN sure does upset some people because he doesn’t agree with them.

    Don’t think Sheriff Clarke cares since he won with @80% of the vote in the last general..

    But what can you expect from a “writer” at a disgraced website who allows people to call a black man a “wannabewhite “..and a “Uncle Tom”…nope no racism there. Of course these are the same people who think SHERIFF Clarke works for the CITY of Milwaukee and not the COUNTY.

  11. On another note….I download all 7 seasons of the West Wing and started watching them this week.

    I’m amazed at how civil the press was in that show. I read once that people said it was pretty accurate…..if that’s so……my how the media has changed in just a decade or so.

    • Who is responsible for the coarsening of America and diminished civility is an ongoing debate.

      Some blame it on the emergence of conservative talk radio in the 1990s. But since I know so few people that ever listen to AM radio (even back then), color me skeptical.

      I do seem to recall that attacks on the media date all the way back to at least the Nixon administration when William Safire penned the famous Agnew quote, “Nattering nabobs of negativism.”

      • I like “A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.”

        • Yeah, that’s another good one.

          Plus it has such widespread applications including most of the highly intelligent but socially awkward and personality-challenged computer programmers I worked with for almost 40 years. 🙂

        • “I like Effete corps of impudent snobs.”

          Yeah, that’s another good one.

          Plus it has such widespread applications including most of the highly intelligent but socially awkward and personality-challenged computer programmers I worked with for almost 40 years. 🙂

      • It’s all in perception IMHO……..My cousin was going on and on about if not for Fox News the whole 1994 election with congress would have been better……now he was alive and an adult then……….but I had to remind him that Fox News didnt even go on the air until 1996……..the population of the USA is like 324 million…..on a good night 6million watch Fox News…….yet people like the disgraced media matters and Newshounds act like the problems are all Fox fault….same goes for AM Radio at least 300 million are NOT watching or listening yet ALL the problems are their fault….it BS.

        IMHO and I can’t back it up with a Poll as far as I know… turned after the 2000 general election mess….but it was building after Clinton impeachment.

      • Yea both sides do it…..let’s remember how the Obama whitehouse treated Fox News at the start…….I remember seeing a doc about Harry Truman he wasn’t fond of the press at times and complained polls were wrong(which they were)…… its been going on for a long time.

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