Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: The predicting is
  • Reliable Sources videos: Garbage reports; bias; blame game; horrible Hannity.
  • Thursday’s numbers: O’Bolling Factor-Bret Baier-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Lean Forward: (MS)NBC’s new ‘security analyst‘ was on Hillary’s VP list.
  • Smith: Don’t write off The Rev.  Audio Q&A: Touré.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • YourBuzz videos: the Melania’s who’s

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  1. I have come up with the perfect strategy for a Trump win in November. He could pay each voter $50 to vote for him. I even have the perfect slogan – “Don’t vote for free, vote for me.”

  2. I’m really enjoying the Olympics. No Trump – Hillary bias there. Just USA bias. I have no problem with that, but will cheer on the Nicaragua bobsled team… if they show up.


    Pelosi “Hello”
    Larry “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?”
    Pelosi “No”
    Larry “Well… GOOD or YOU’D HAVE TO LET HIM OUT!”

    ……………..tick tock tick tock………..

    Pelosi “Hello”
    Larry “Is your refrigerator running?”
    Pelosi “Yes”

    ……………..tick tock tick tock………..

  4. Trying to stand tough against the wrath of Khan is pretty much a Kobayashi Maru exercise.
    (If you understand that, collect your NERD merit badge.)

  5. Re: “MediaBuzz videos: The meltdown”
    Donald Trump certainly makes it more difficult to argue the MSM is biased against him when he continues to embarrass himself and often takes his surrogates down with him, like Katrina Pierson’s recent multiple faux pas.

    Whether you’re from NY City, Biloxi or Mars you have to admit that there are far too many instances wherein if Eric Bolling, Matt Drudge or Lisa Boothe were being fair and balanced they’d have to agree much of the recent criticism is warranted regardless of what is being said or written about Clinton.

    Did Hillary also deserve her turn in the barrel (e.g., for lying when interviewed by Chris Wallace)? I would say, “Of course she did.”

    Finally, how much does this really matter compared to the upcoming debates where there’s always a chance either candidate could have a Marco Rubio moment when he was destroyed by Christie?

    • nothing has changed. not a thing. clinton is a still a criminal. trump is still a self absorbed entertainer, there are zero other options that have any reasonable odds, the public as already allocated their priorities and unless a significant event occurs the sole issue is the house, because the trumpettes threw the senate in the trash like the majority was not important. simply incredible that people have voted for this clown then left the country with the worst possible type of manipulative criminal dem bent on altering individual liberty in all respects for ever and capable of accomplishing that.
      however, do not tell me the media is not complicit because that is trash.there is close to zero coverage of the financial state of the nation. covering trump’s clown show and hillary’s corruption does not preclude the media from posting running account balance pages like they have for voter maps. where is the unfunded liability page? where are the money spent pages, why can’t the media post day by day financial functions broken out by department. they have the data they can build the interactive pages. they are the real news. i can pull up charts for every public company in the world but not the feds or any state except the same old debt page built years ago. crickets.

    • “Whether you’re from NY City, Biloxi or Mars you have to admit that there are far too many instances wherein if Eric Bolling, Matt Drudge or Lisa Boothe were being fair and balanced they’d have to agree much of the recent criticism is warranted regardless of what is being said or written about Clinton.”

      You do realize those 3 people are OPINION people right?…..I could say the same of Paul Begala who works both for CNN and a Clinton Super Pac….or David Corn who still on CNN says HRC didnt lie to the public about her emails….but I won’t because I don’t expect people like that to be fair and Balanced.

      IMHO…….and anyone with half a brain for that matter would think……the press isn’t fair to both sides……….here’s a great example……..HRC calls trump recruiting sergeant for ISIS…..or when she said he was “best recruiter for ISIS” Never mind that they didnt talk about him but DID talk about President Clinton as a recruiting issue at the time……….the press was mostly a yawn at that…..but Trump calls President Obama and HRC as founders of ISIS they go apeshit……….nobody with a open mind can compare those two incidents and tell me the press treated them the same.

      Both what Trump said and HRC said was outrages and in any other year would disqualify them rightly so for the white house……but the press didnt treat them the same……and thats bias .

      • For Drudge, Bolling, and whoever to balance out the liberal media, you’d have to move the fulcrum out to Mars.

      • Be careful not to get too sidetracked by a liberal media vs. conservative media paradigm as Lisa Boothe did today on MediaBuzz. (Far too many worms in that can, doncha think?)

        Put the media aside for the sake of argument. Would you not agree that Trump is getting tons more criticism from his own party than Clinton is from hers? False equivalency can turn a perfectly logical argument into a sham.

        • the media and political class are all like a broker. they could care less about you. just tune in, pay on 4/14 and shut up. liberal shiberal. they are just an emotional herd running whichever way the wind blows. it is embarrassing. trump and hillary???? really???? buena suerte con este.

        • “Would you not agree that Trump is getting tons more criticism from his iwn party than Clinton is from her’s? False equivalency can turn a perfectly logical argument into a sham.”

          Well they should both be getting tons of criticism IMHO and they are NOT……HRC told the American people and Journalist a lies about her email…for a year….the head of the FBI said so under underoath…….she should be ripped apart every day till she tell the people why……and yet she isnt ….he surrogates are still saying she didnt lie to us…………..IMHO Trump deserves what hes getting maybe more………but there is no fair and balanced going on.

          She called Trump a recruiting sergeant for a group that beheads Americans…..while in fact they were using her husband in recruiting materials and NOT Trump at the time……and didnt get 10% of what Trumps gotten for calling her a founder……….I don’t see how anybody could think that’s fair or balanced.

          I guess my point is HRC deserves exactly what Trumps getting…..the fact that she isn’t…..is the definition of bias.

          If I had a interview with either of them I would rip them apart on their clear lies…….its to bad there isnt a journalist who is afraid to lose access to do that these days……..at least not one who can get a interview.

          I forgot to tape mediabuzz so I don’t know what she said……..frankly I had to google her to find out who she was in the last post.

          • depends on where you look. on left wing sites i see all hate Hillary stuff. on right wing sites they hate trump. the MSM is all about offing trump. trump is getting dissed by the political class, hillary by the occupy class. both exist in their respective parties, both are as nasty and unhelpful as possible. the media is part of the political class, it is who pays them, so they are all HRC.

          • Well I think the problem with the gaffes is….Trump talks to much and HRC way to little…..reporters on CNN and MSNBC called her “press conference” last week NOT a press conference……which since they clapped multiple times at her answers I would hope not.

            HRC doesn’t talk to the press much so few gaffes are going to happen.


            “One of Hillary Clinton’s first sitdown interviews since the Democratic National Convention was conducted by a self-described supporter who has been hired by the campaign to host the Democratic nominee’s official campaign podcast.”

            Can you imagine if Trump did that?

            If I want to know about the issues and what the candidates really think and have said I got here and have since Gen Wes Clark ran,


            Its helped me decide in every primary since……..personally I figure no matter which of the nuts wins…….the 2nd coming is going to happen Jan 20 2017 at 12:01.

          • “Pick your own site which you think is impartial and fair.”
            no such animal exists.

            what each candidate says is meaningless.

            both will destroy the currency to push export, encourage employment and ease debt pressure pain.

            both would flirt with American first trade and immediately back off as it is exposes itself as ignorant, costly and a quick fail for labor.

            either would raise the the % of GDP as a share of govt above 30% limiting growth and permanently leaving govt in charge of more aspects of your life.

            as if re-educatng labor would better here than in Cuba or Vietnam HA!.

            everyone is pretending bush and obama are somehow different. ridiculous. despite their different views on taxation their world view and domestic views are just different shades of the same authoritarian beast, just bigger and bigger and bigger.

          • Hasn’t been my experience with Politifact. Could be because I am running an adblocker, have cookies disabled and the Google Opt-out browser add-on running.

          • Heck George, we Cali guys can barely afford fish tacos much less donations to GoFundMe or political parties.

            Have you seem the cost of gas, food and housing? People in Hawaii are saying, “Oh wow, poor babies!!”

          • prices rarely change Michael, only taxes and currency values change. now get in there and do your part in helping out the exceptionalism animal farm. pay pay pay!!!

          • Manafort tries to equate the father of Pulse cabaret murderer at HRC event with Trump NY campaign co-chairman saying Khizr Khan doesn’t deserve to be a Gold Star parent.

            No polling done, so neither of us can prove whether it was a whopper. But the reaction on Twitter has not been kind. 🙂

            Footnote: The CBS reporter (SopanDeb) with the tweet has 2300 likes and 1200 retweets so far.

          • (I say it was false equivalency and I believe Jake Tapper and others do as well.)

            Since we disagree on that point and speaking of “changing the topic” — can a Titans Head Coach with a 18–39 career record take Tenessee to the promised land? I too am a fan of Marcus Mariota. Great character and talent.

            Now how do I tie this to cable news? (Is it true Marcus has a tattoo of Judge Nap on his bicep?) /sarc

          • how can you disagree? tap asked a stupid NRA question that bears on nothing important to anything so the response was a different irrelevant topic that is important to no one but insiders in the media. tap and manaforte was a clown show with nothing discussed, so how could there be a “whopper”? the media refuse to discuss anything relevant except personal bull waste. it is disgusting. certainly no one can disagree with that.
            i know little about the titans. nothing about tattoos. i began sitting in Autzen in 74, last season before i left was 03. was obvious Murray did not want to play for chip, and chip did a terrible job with pros that are not kids and did not want to be coached. so murray and henry will make a strong tandem as murray does want to play this year. i understand the titan o line is useless, they lack receivers, a d line and a d backfield. but that is the nfl where complete teams rarely exist more than one season. so whatever the titans do will be done by a few skill players and the position coaches doing a better than average job. the head coach, beats me. they are shrinks in the nfl. is he a good shrink?
            if mariota is not hurt he will likely play a long time in the nfl. however as an equally talented qb harrington proved you can have all the talent in the world and still fail if you draw crap teams and coaches. for the record joey threw the best over the shoulder passes to the sideline of any qb i ever watched in Autzen. a small stadium where we were very close and able to see and hear the whole deal and really see football.
            sorry frustrating morning.

          • Khan’s actions have nothing to do with his son being a hero. He was used by the Dems, and Trump fell for the bait.

          • Senator Claire McCaskill, said this today:

            “you can say Trump and his friend Putin are the founder of ISIS, which would probably be more accurate than calling out that Commander-in-Chief in that way.”

            I look forward to the week of outrage she will get………but of course she wont …..and thats bais.

            Spokesmen lie Michael….last week Clinton’s lied on CNN and MSNBC about the emails………..no outrage then……….its why nobody trust HRC or Trump……both honesty polls are VERY low.

            NO matter who wins…..we will be electing a known liar………only question is will the media care about both……we know they will about Trump.

            side point…….Trumps full of it with his the media will cause me to lose……a factor sure…….but a small one…..the American public don’t trust the media already………..it won’t cause him to lose……you could say the non coverage of issues and lies from HRC might help her….but I don’t see it hurting him……if people don’t know HRC can’t tell the truth by now…….nothing the press will do will show them.

          • “NO matter who wins…..we will be electing a known liar.”

            Can’t disagree with that. Is it still too late to draft Bloomberg, Biden, Ryan, Christie or Bill O’Reilly? 😊

          • Well….I would have voted for 50% of them………..and I can’t think of anybody worse than what we have…….In fact I would have knocked on doors for Biden,,,,,,,,,and since I didnt want him as VP…..that says a lot….IMHO republicans would be like 20 points up if it was someone other than Trump………..the fact that HRC is only like 6% ahead in the last poll I saw says more about her than Trump.

          • Both are liars, but only one peddled influence as Secretary of State to foreign companies, and even governments, thru their family “foundation.”
            That alone should disqualify Madame Secretary for any elected office.

      • well said, but what fries my willie is what is not covered. govt is like the broker you have in a 401k program at work. the employer hires him, the broker pays the company to capture you, the employer does it to lower tax liability and collect kickbacks in trips and tickets. then you proceed to pay the dummy 3 to 5% plus monthly fees to manage a fund variety all performing below the S&P. so basically they take your money and bury the info so you have no idea what the cost structure really looks like. now there is the media’s &^&*^^*&%$ job is. tell us how we are being robbed, just stick to explaining where all the (&*)^&*^% money goes and leave the personality baloney to cable comedy because it ain’t news unless it is coming out of your wallet. i really do not care how outrageous these idiots are i only want to know what it is going to cost me. the media. crickets.

      • Wow, someday you should scroll back thru the timelines and read all their outrage when Chris Matthews said Dick Cheney created ISIS. It wasn’t that long ago.

        I’ll bet they went on for days ripping Matthews.

        Or, maybe not.

    • I feel sorry for Trump’s supporters. They are championing the hell out of him and he does nothing to help his chances. He won’t listen to advice from politicians who have run for office. He won’t spend money on advertising.
      If Clinton were to be discovered in bed with two men tomorrow, he’d light himself on fire to distract media attention away from her.
      He doesn’t really want the presidency, he just wants to hold rallies and yabber to devoted admirers.

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