Friday Links and Open Thread

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  1. PBS is about the only other TV medium that still seems to fact check both candidates pretty fairly, FNC excluded. They are the rare liberal outlet that still pretends to be fair.

    • Brian Stelter has developed an oft repeated talking point that Trump is so different from your average candidate (i.e. egrecious) that the media just cannot realistically cover him or the election in the usual way.

      As though the media didn’t always focus on the gaffs, misstatements, ill-advised statements, rumors of poor conduct going back to high school, etc…of Republicans.

      If that is in short supply for a couple of days (which it never is with Trump), they demand the candidate address any of the above from other Republicans.

      So essentially you can’t expect the media to take the time to make the case that extreme carelessness with national security is anathema to a suitable president, even if it wasn’t ‘intentional’. You can’t expect them to give a fourth of the time to concerns that one candidate used a cabinet position as a means of rewarding cronies and otherwise facilitating personal power and interests.

      You certainly can’t expect Stelter and company to surmise that maybe these things are as relevant to a candidate as the dumb rhetoric stuff, hence they should exercise the sense of proportion it takes to look away from the shiny object that is Donald Trump’s infantilism into the other candidate’s baggage that isn’t just unsuitable, but very likely pernicious.

      Oh, no. Brian is sure to pull out his contrived talking point on how that’s unreasonable, though this tactic of his is as smelly and pathetic as dirty and tattered underwear.

    “I think she’s had moments of great fairness,” Trump replied.
    Tip o’ the Kelly hat to Mr. Concha.

  3. Re: Andrew Cuomo

    My husband heard Cuomo say that and told me about it and I openly doubted it and asked if he could have “heard wrong”.

    Oh, well, I don’t have to tell him I found out he heard right…

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 rejects Sherman plea
    4 Bill Shine, Jack Abernathy
    3 Trump opines
    2 more than we have
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBCNN ‘fact-check’ chyrons all about one candidate.

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