Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Bolling Factor-Sean Hannity-Greta 1-2-3.
  • Concha: It’ll be five years before Hillary talks to Chris Wallace again.
  • Impartial CNN reporter makes totally unbiased election observation.
  • Maglio: Coop getting yet another tryout as co-host for Live with Kelly.
  • Secret Service debunks CNN Trump allegation.  Zain Verjee resurfaces.
  • Student 2A activists detail why they say Tamron Hall ‘missed the point‘.
  • Newsmax pulled the plug on Dennis Michael Lynch while on live.  More.
  • Video: Greg Gutfeld bearing coffee for Shep.
  • Tyndall: With Ailes gone, Megyn likely to stay at Fox News…’as queen bee’.

75 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Don’t like the attention given to climbing-guy-stunts. Shep hates Trump so much he almost welcomed it as a meritorious political statement. I saw a cop in danger grabbing the asshat to pull him in the removed window. I saw enough taxpayer money wasted to fund a battered women’s shelter. BY ALL MEANS, let’s encourage this crap. Maybe next one makes a big splat.

    • Covering that like it was “breaking news” worthy of Shep breaking into regular programming is nonsense.

      It was a stunt. It wasn’t someone in danger or a police chase.

    • The Hill was a bit of a surprise to me.

      Along with conservative columnists they also have columnists (past and present) like A.B. Stoddard, Lanny Davis, Juan Williams, Bill Press and Markos Moulitas.

      I just assumed they were a non-partisan website. (For the record I am not sure Stoddard can be labeled left or right.)

      Then I read yesterday The Hill is a conservative website.

      I’m confused and flabbergasted (I love saying that word).

    On Twitter, Donald Trump Calls Don Lemon ‘Dumb as a Rock’.
    Says AC360’s mother wears designer combat boots. (okay, I made that part up)

      • you know, i have an easier time not taking sides here than the US. first it is not my country, second, i got no beefs as how it is here now. the USA with citizen based taxation is a bigger prob than residency and the taxes i pay here.
        that being said just the news on the isthmus of CA should be important. i was showing Tomi a pick of the container ship size Daniel is talking about and explained how there would need to be a bridge on the PanAM in order to get to Cepadia where the family lives. i think we would need a circular or several kilometer long ramp to make it work. at least 30 meters clearance or more i would have to guess. not holding my breath but it is interesting and important to the USA.

      • We also won the Battle of the Wabash. It was the greatest defeat for the United States Army between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. And the Primary tribe was the Miami, and the leader was Little Turtle.

    • I saw in your Instagram pics that you live on very beautiful piece of property. Are coyotes big in Ohio?

      • Some years worse than others. Not so bad this your but three years ago their howling could wake you out of a sound sleep. Half dozen got so brave as to camp out under my apple tree in the back yard waiting for fruit to fall. I had to drive them away with a gun. Lady at the old general store near me now shoots to know kill after they got her dog. My neighbor had one kill a calf.

        • i like how they jump when you hit em with a 3 round burst of .223 from the full auto mini 14. some things about Oregon i miss. shooting, the ducks, Halibut, crab and not much else.

          • do not doubt it. even with a combat sight up to a hundred yards a torso size target is a hit. they make a .22lL conversion kit. change out the receiver and use the mag seat provided. we used to jack rabbit hunt with it from a jeep over the high desert. they jump good when you hit em to. i have no probs with vermin hunting. gotta do our part in keeping the eco balance jiijiji. is Ohio a full auto state? i sold out in 04 but they were fun to collect and due to scarcity an easy re-sale.

          • Full auto is up to the county sheriff signing a BATF application, the $200 tax stamp, and a year wait for federal approval. Too expensive for my tastes as only guns made prior to 1986 can be purchased and those are running $15,000 at a minimum. I did go though the process though for a semi Thompson M1 SBR. Took me about a year and a half even with a wonderful sheriff who fingerprinted me before business hours.
            I have an old pump Winchester 22 mag that is a pretty good varmit gun

          • familiar with the process. if it has a suppressor it is 2 stamps double money. i feel stupid, i got $2,400 for the mini after paying 1,500. i like the Thompson, uses a standard .45. needs a drum:))

          • all the sheriffs in Oregon sign. there are a lot of clubs. In southern Oregon there are a lot of guys that make specialty barrels. little shops here and there. there is even a Canon club. they shoot bowling balls into lakes shot at high angle. fun times. the sanest people i have ever known.

    • My confession re Williams would be the following:

      The only movie of his I really liked was Dead Poets Society.

      Some of his big hits I didn’t care for like Good Will Hunting (good but not great), Popeye, Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs. Doubtfire.

      I was never a fan of the silliness on Mork & Mindy either.

      OTOH, I’ve seen some appearances on Letterman, Leno and Inside the Actors Studio that absolutely amazed me because of his gift of spontaneity and comedic genius.

  3. I will say … that I didn’t even know NewsMax TV will still going ..well I am surprised then ,I say that because it’s not on a lot of TV systems.

  4. The arrogance of ignorance, example #326:

    Fric: I see nothing in Dana Loesch’s past which qualifies her to talk politics on TV. Her opinion is literally as important as MINE.
    Frac: Someone on Fox News was “interested” in her. As we’ve known for YEARS, that’s how it works over there.

    Fact: Dana Loesch was hired by CNN. She is not a Fox News contributor.

    • Frac claims they have their “own” language…..I would suggest a translation dictionary is available at stormfront.

      What can you expect from someone who lies and claims to be a media critic covering Fox News and doesn’t know Karl Rove’s first name isn’t Carl.

      Today’s fake outrage is a cable host in the cable hall of fame gives opinions on an opinion show. Of course its not thats she gives opinions….it’s that she doesn’t give the ones they agree with…..otherwise they would whine about MSNBC host once in awhile….other than MJ.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 totally unbiased
    4 missed the point
    3 pulled the plug
    2 Megyn likely to stay
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Video: Greg Gutfeld crashes the Fox News Deck bearing coffee for Shep.

    • might help that megyn is on Vacation also.

      Seems like half of all host on cable new stations went on vacation this week or last.

      • Good point.

        I kinda like that Tricia Regan. Is my brunette bias showing?

        Did not have a clue who she was at first since I don’t watch the business channels CNBC or FBN.

        Could we see a Bolling, Regan, Hannity lineup in 2018 (or sooner) if a network steals away Megyn and Mr. Bill semi retires?

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