Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: O’Bolling-Trish Regan (Megyn)-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Trump’s 2A comments get a
  • Katy Tur: My crazy year with Trump…’insults, harassment, and threats’.
  • Kurtz video: on Trump turncoats.  Concha: Rather biased?
  • Joyella: Insiders see Megyn on the short list to moderate a Prez debate.
  • Video Q&A:  on libertarianism and the 2016 election.
  • CNN using multiple chat apps for Olympics coverage.  Sit Room turns 11.
  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck resurfaces…in a 7,100 square foot Nashville estate.
  • Flood: Tantaros ‘couldn’t recall‘ any sexual statements made to her at FNC.

35 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Just because you couldn’t recall sexual statements doesn’t mean they didn’t occur. It happens. Happend to me. Yesterday. Lewd, suggestive statements as I was walking by. I can’t hear well, but I could tell. No money in it so I’ll let it pass.

    FNC’s Trace Gallagher is watching TV all day so he can do short summary reports on the Olympics.

  3. Re: “Elisabeth Hasselbeck resurfaces”

    While Elisabeth’s brother-in-law Matt Hasselbeck just signed with ESPN to replace Mike Ditka on the Sunday Countdown and Monday Night Countdown teams, what happens to hubbie Tim now that they are moving to Nashville.

    Is Tim no longer with ESPN as an analyst? If he is not, that’s a sizable mortgage payment for their new digs with six bedrooms and six full and three half bathrooms and just over 7,100 square feet. There’s probably some cash flow / income there that I am not aware of — and is frankly none of my business.

          • At the end Bern was for sale. Picked up cheap for a Wasserman-Schultz head on a platter plus a platform already hauled to the Philadelphia Dump.

          • its ok, the repubs sold out to ethnocentric cultural and economic isolationism. they want their kids to work in factories, fields and pay high prices.

          • We’d like to have factories and fields for our kids to work in. Or own. Or inherit. Anything else is a pyramid scheme. Timing the only variable.

          • incorrect. there is no more need for old style factories and agriculture than there is for buggy makers. Manufacture hi tech and specialty agri business is fine along with info and service tech being encouraged through self employment incentives. all would work better than trade ideas talked about to “preserve American jobs”. if you think paying someone a living wage for 25 years then pension and health care for factory work or bus driving is a good idea i would simply say you are wrong. it is just as wrong to pay people to sit at home as to pay farmers for not growing sugar and corn as it is to subsidize GM or any other useless old style factory.

          • Well there you go again, raining on my parade. Then let’s start to look for places to conquer and take all their stuff. Make America great again the old fashioned way. The Roman way. Colonel Sanders buys only the best chickens? We’ll steal ours.

          • creating wealth is a lot easier than trying to kill enough of the world to own it. if we let self employed people have private ssi and msa accounts and full expense deduction including educating their kids in private schools instead of depreciation you could move immense percentages of people into self employment. dirty secret. self employed and S Corps pay almost all fed income tax. oh rats, then all the yahoos could not seek to reek revenge on those they hate in the voting both so forget i brought it up. better a war against the “haves” banks and “dirty immigrants”.

      • In the old Soviet Union, all party leaders had a dacha. Why should Comrade Bernie be any different?

    • I think the Nashville place is a bit of downsizing.

      That has less to do with square footage than with the overall cost of living.

      • That was actually my main point.

        But did they downsize enough? Hard to answer without knowing their combined income.

        I suppose if their reported net worth is really $12M, then monthly mortgage payments of $8K or $9K may not be that significant even if neither one is making the big bucks any longer.

    Katy Tur: My crazy year with Olbermann …’insults, harassment, and threats’.
    Publisher saw an opening.

    • Olbermann also dated Laura Ingraham (who was once engaged to D’Souza) and Jake Tapper went on a widely publicized date with Monica Lewinsky. Ed Henry dated…never mind…you know the story.

      Oh, those wild and crazy journos.

      Did Ann Coulter really date Jimmie Walker? I think the answer may be yes.

  5. Media LOVES turncoats. How they loved Joe Lieberman and Zel Miller. Okay they didn’t. Wrong coats were turned.

    • They love turncoats, but ones that go to the left: Meg Whitman, Jonathan Krohn (spoke at CPAC as a tween), David Brock, Arianna Huffington…

  6. 11 years of Situation room , besides AC360 it’s the only CNN show to still exist in double digits of age… I notice these things.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 crazy year with Trump
    4 Rather biased
    3 on the short list
    2 resurfaces
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Flood: Tantaros ‘couldn’t recall’ any sexual statements made to her at FNC.

  8. Everybody’s favorite frozen brain said this today….

    “Between FBN and FNC Every other host at that place is a Trumper.”

    While of course that’s a disgraced newshound lie where anybody who doesn’t back their choice of Clinton is therefore a Trumpet….but I wonder how long it will be before he figures out that if “Every other host at that place is a Trumper” that would make FOX pretty balanced………of course they NEVER mention that EVERY host on MSNBC (but MJ) is a clear Hillary backer.

    It’s the Fair and Balanced that drives them even more nuts then they are….oh and that scary black man Democrat Sheriff Clarke.

    • Apparently someone is operating under the delusion that if he calls someone a Trump supporter, then that makes it true. A half-dozen or so names come to mind where they smear someone with this lie and it isn’t true, but then at newshounds lying is tolerated, it’s encouraged.

  9. Exception to everything, but I propose that we Second Amendment proponents are the most law abiding group in the country. We have to be. Nuts and criminals don’t worry about any Amendment but the Fifth.

    • And the waitress served them and THEN called the police over a fake ID.

      How often does that happen?…

      News hit every newspaper in the country. Liberals who had dropped acid on their high school senior trip were scandalized over the poor parenting of the Bush girls.

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