Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: O’Bolling-Hannity-Trish Regan (Megyn) 1-2-3.
  • Sunday Showdown: Media Buzz beats Reliable.  Weekend numbers.
  • Katy Tur named to distinguished list.  MSNBC: The place for archery.
  • Kelly File video: Howard Kurtz on targeting Trump’s family.
  • Concha: CNN’s Stelter claims girl he dated in college was a Fox News ‘spy’.
  • Sources: Tantaros firing is imminent; Fox in settlement talks with Carlson.
  • Audio: The business of cable news, via HBO’s Newsroom.  Inside Fox News.

87 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. What I didn’t link today…
    CNN has jumped on a story saying that Fox News employees are worried their phone is bugged. This is based on ‘feelings’ by current and former staffers, all anonymous. The piece includes this line:
    “People definitely felt that the clicks on the line were coming from the inside,” said another.
    That sounds more than a little like “The phone calls are coming from inside the house!”
    The problems go beyond the anonymity of the sources. What exactly does an inside click sound like, and how do you differentiate it from an outside click? Is there any technical reason that anyone should be able to tell which is which? Not that I’m aware of.
    What’s more, this sounds like something out of a movie in more ways than one. We are not living in the past century, the time of Gene Hackman and ‘The Conversation’. In the 21st phone tapping is like hacking into a computer: it can be done seamlessly, leaving no trace, and certainly leaving no ‘clicks’ on the line…a Hollywood cliche if there ever was one. That went out with the days of the rotary dial.
    You can pop over to CNN and read Dylan Byers’s big ‘scoop’ if you like, but I think it’s solely a ‘pile-on’ story, intended to get a few more clicks on a hot topic while it stays hot.

    • A regime change does bring about some paranoia, but I noticed yesterday that new memes about Fox are being zealously crafted.

      You’re not going to see the rest of the media let the dust settle in order to see what shakes out and comes in with Fox under new management.

      No, they’re going to go with a formulation that doesn’t just require a changing of the guard, but one that personifies a wholly dark soul that requires absolution from THEM (as the high priests of civilized society).

      They don’t call people sexists, racists, nativists, xenophobes, ignorant, pigmentedly privileged, etc, because they’re open to discussion or intellectual analysis of ideas and perspectives.

      The very fact that there is an alternate media (which they have invariably despised) belies that notion.

      They’re working hard to be in the position where THEY set up hoops that Fox must jump.

      (The continued Fox ratings magic didn’t help their mood either.)

  2. Women Who Have Dated Monsters DISTINGUISHED LIST
    Ava Braun
    Bride of Frankenstein
    Lynette Alice “Squeaky” Fromme
    Katy Tur
    59 “friends” of Bill Cosby

    Tantaros lawyer reports they will also be suing the Chathlic Church and Jerry Sandusky for just surfaced relapsed memories of abuse.

  4. i wonder if people are starting to get it that waves of people from different countries are moving from S. America up the isthmus to Texas? what is happening in Europe is happening here as successive countries are trying to empty themselves. first Africa for years, then Cubans after the executive order, now Haiti. our papers are flooded with the news and there seems to be barely a hint of the prob’s size in the USA. after militarizing the southern border to keep Cubans south, the Nicas are helping Haitians as they have Africans pass north. it really is quite the parade. you would think The Donald would be screaming about it. maybe Spanish is an idioma beyond most gringo’s DNA because every Spanish news source is loaded with pics and stories. amcosta rica and the costa rica star have some in English if you care to look.

    • You don’t hear anything of this here because the media likes the arrangement.

      The Undocumented will vote for Democrats who tout entitlements and this will offset any political movements via a discontented middle and lower-middle class.

      Democrats will align with the upper class, the poor, and corporations, all under a socially progressive ideology fueled by corporate perks and tax waivers for cooperative businesses, grievance groups, and anyone else willing to champion a brave and better world under the dogma of the mutability of gender, the immutability of sexuality, and a fluidity of natural borders and geographic history and identity.

      Thus you have a ruling class composed of elites, the media, a vocal grievance class and corporations keeping everyone else in line.

      The chief winner is all this not only the oligarchy, but those people who were born and/or bred to despise that uncouth, irreverent to all they hold dear and overly-reverent to the things they don’t….mutt…by the name of America.

      • to you and larry. just because one thing is bad does not make the reverse good. Mutt is a good thing. deal with it. the problem has been caused by ethnocentric stupid immigration. think of it simply as a math problem. freedom to work, create, invent, bring, export, move at ease in accordance to your needs creates X benefit, the entrance of people able to abuse social services, vote one way, change AGAIN the cultural make up you like and dislike at the same time causes X discomfort and cost. now use basic mini max analysis and create a system that minimizes the negative and maximizes the positive. never have you posted thinking that approaches that. i mean u and larry. i do not mean it cruelly, rudely or arrogantly. every country in the world has these issues and to the degree they are governed stupidly it is represented in their laws which then creates the problem world wide of people doing what they can do with crazy rules in place instead of acting honestly. you know how many gringos are abroad illegally staying past visa limits? millions. they even have a name, “perpetual tourist”. so advocate a policy which maximizes liberty, which is a human right, not just an American one, and minimizes abuse of a countries resources illegally. seriously how simple would it be to ban non-citizens from social services and education without payment? while at the same time giving people the right to work and live where they want if they pay their way and have no police record. currently the policy makes the good difficult to impossible so the bad becomes a certainty. good job.

          • no, we do not. that is insane. airlines have stopped using Miami as a hub because of impossible “legally” re-boarding and leaving never leaving the air port. green card is a lottery. no retirement without citizenship…how stupid. students, musicians performers of every sort pay thousands to cover entrance and special rules. it is a mess cc. and USA embassies abroad are an embarrassment. they are not helping you at all.

          • None of that is what the debate is about. I doubt anyone would mind a discussion on easing the cost and other aspects of the requirements of legal immigration.

            We don’t get that privilege. We don’t get THAT debate so we can elect legislators based upon their positions on tightening or easing the legal process.

            What we get is, we’re letting them cross over…we’re giving amnesty to illegals…we’re busing them in….shut-up.

          • you shut up. our own dysfunction is what is causing us to be unable to do what you ask. deal with that. we have a closed border, how is it working out for ya? think the Marines will fix it? get real.

          • I wasn’t telling you to shut-up, gc (I’d never tell you to do that) I was paraphrasing our overlords here.

  5. Taking dog to get haircut, shampoo, and nail trim today. Sign of the times: it will cost three times more than my last week’s barbershop visit. No insights expected from chatter either. Dog did prove she hates all presidential candidates as she barked at Jill Stein last night. Only FOX personality she barks at is Judge Pirro, though she will growl at Judge Nap. when he laughs.

  6. So, Stelter claims that FOX knew he was going to work at CNN clear back in college? And, they assigned a spy to pose as a “girlfriend” to feed them info? There is medications that will help calm these delusions. I’m sure that CNN’s health plan covers psychiatric visits due to mental health issues.

    • According to Wikipedia, “While still a student, he created TVNewser, a blog about television and cable news which he later sold to Mediabistro.”

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Fox News spy
    4 of cable news
    3 Inside
    2 Katy Tur
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Sources: Tantaros firing is imminent.

  8. According to WaPo, “Paul Ryan is on pace to defeat Paul Nehlen by a hefty margin, with the speaker garnering more than 80 percent of the vote with nearly 90 percent of the district’s precincts reporting.”

    A surprise to very few I suspect. His primary opponent was really out there — both in his politics and in his off-putting personality.

      • You ain’t kidding. I heard that stated so often that I thought he was in big trouble.

        What the heck was that?

          • exactly correct. this is equal opportunity spam. Nehlen never had a chance, neither does Trump, and many other election coverage stories that were just stupid like the Wendy gal in Texas.
            just publish the polls and their methodology and fire the reporters, most are useless or trying to make news not report it.

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