Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos: Trump’s Hillary’s
  • Reliable Sources: Trump supportersbalance; Trump’s claim is ‘unpatriotic’.
  • Video: says her goodbyes to Red Eye and Fox News.
  • Beeley: Was CNN’s Clarissa Ward embedded with Al Qaeda in Syria?
  • Sean Hannity in a twitter spat.  CNN overhauls its ‘native’ advertising.
  • Greta: Get the potato out of your ear!  Fox News weekend special: Zika.
  • Marcus: Meet Fredericka Whitfield, triathlete.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • YourBuzz videos: words; Trump

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    “The striking vista of Copacabana Beach on a Friday evening in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where tonight, amid a mixture of anticipation, excitement, curiosity, controversy and concern, the Games of the XXXI Olympiad officially commence with an Opening Ceremony at storied Macarana Stadium promising music, dancing and a spirit of revelry that endures in the face of everything else as a Brazilian signature.” {breath} “And now, a word from our sponsors.”

    • CNN is just doing what they did in Iraq with ol’ Saddamy. This time, it’s Clarissa Ward instead of Peter Arnett.

  2. Attacker in machete rampage on Belgium cops screamed:
    a) “this is for raping and murdering my sister!”
    b) “Allah akbahr!”
    c) “touché!”
    d) “the waffles here suck!”

  3. rotating in and out of the grid i had never seen Joanne before. that is one talented person. she ooozes believably on command. guess it is good she is not in politics.

  4. Syrian refugees resettled in low income towns in Virginia miles away from exclusive Va and DC areas.

    Shocker. It’s the least those low educated losers can do for the Democratic oligarchy.

  5. How in the Sam Hill can a candidate survive a two week media onslaught of scorn, ridicule, and utter contempt and have this be the result?
    a) He’s running against Satan
    b) Voters are fed up
    c) Viewers regard the media with scorn, ridicule, and utter contempt.
    d) Piling on got ridiculous
    e) Non of the above
    f) ALL of the above
    t) A drink with jam an bread

  6. Re: “Greta: Get the potato out of your ear!”

    It ‘appears’ Greta got hosed by Media Matters, which only used her first statement in their video. The part where Karl Rove told her (or gently suggested) not to put too much stock in rally attendance numbers.

    She claims,

    I later in the interview said, as I was thinking over the large crowds v. the slipping poll number…that “maybe some people show [up at the Trump rallies in big numbers,] because they want to see a celebrity [Trump], but may not want him for president…” This would explain the large rallies and the slipping polls.

    It’s unfortunate she didn’t have video to add to the clip Media Matters showed. This would have made a stronger case.

    Oh well, I’m sure her fans believe her.

      • Media Matters, on the other hand, has slightly more credibility than Newshounds. Slightly.

      • Video evidence would have been a nice touch to ward off the critics on the left who are blinded by their dislike for her after she took Roger’s side instead of Gretchen’s.

        That’s all I’m saying.

        If you are suggesting it shouldn’t be needed, I have no problem with that. This is not a court room. 🙂

      • “When did she become a suspected liar?”

        Fair point.

        I searched for about 20 minutes and can find no examples…not even on Media Matters.

        She might have guests on who might be less than totally honest. But what cable news show doesn’t have some of those?

    • To be fair….anybody who reads media matters for news about Fox….remeber MM says they are WAR with Fox News……isn’t going to believe Greta even if she had posted a video.

      • Greta missed a golden opportunity to shame Media Matters with a video proving that MMFC edits videos — a charge often made by their many critics of the right.

        • For what it’s worth I read some blogger contemporaneously talking about that exchange between Greta and Rove and making the point that her analysis on people turning out just to see a celebrity (Trump) was flawed because folks dont brave traffic and crowds just yo see some rich guy.

          I’ll look and see if I can find where I read that exchange.

        • Michael, for what it’s worth…I just retweeted a contemporaneous (Aug. 4th) tweet of someone complaining about Greta saying that folks might turn out to Trump rallies only because he’s famous.

        • @gamecocksSecE: So now MSM (Greta w/ Karl Rove @FoxNews ) just said Trump having big turn out for rallies is due to his celebrity not from running for POTUS

          • Thanks.

            Since this tweet appears at the 42nd minute of the August 4th airing of On the Record it sure seems to support the veracity of Greta’s claim that she said large turnout at rallies may be due to Trump’s celebrity.

          • No doubt.

            It does make you wonder where Media Matters got the misleading video if the convo with Rove is not one of the six videos she had posted from the August 4th show.

            Oh well.

          • I hear that a lot.

            But I am a stubborn guy of German extraction and I want actual examples of creative editing.

            This one with Greta may be the first — I’ve actually witnessed first hand. 🙂

          • I never visit the place, or any other Soros-funded operation.

            Add being a quarter German (my father’s mother), to being roughly 64% Miami, with some Scotch, Irish, and way back there, French, thrown in and you have one stubborn mix. Unlike that crackpot AncestryDNA or the equally bad 23and me, I had a very expensive test that can pinpoint the tribe or tribes involved.

          • From a pure writing standpoint I would rank Salon even worse than MMFA. Of course, MMFA is known more for its videos, which are often posted without comment.

            So perhaps this is a bad comparison. But I wonder where Salon gets some of their writers. Right out of an online J-school.

          • I find ridiculous the whole concept that Greta is not supposed to question poll numbers. That they are sacrosanct.

            That questioning them would defacto make her Hannity.

            As you can see by the tweet, then you have people who think it’s partisan to suggest that people might attend Trump rallies to see a famous guy rather than to support a politician.

            You pretty much can’t get from the cab to the curb without criticism in her business.

          • My guess is the video is misleading because it ended before she said what she did about Trump’s celebrity.

            MM could have asked FNC for it or have taped the segment themselves.

          • “My guess is the video is misleading because it ended before she said what she did about Trump’s celebrity.”

            Exactly. Totally agree.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Video: Joanne Nohsuchinsky says her goodbyes to Red Eye and Fox News.

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