Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Rachel Maddow-O’Donnell 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Why Meghan McCain says she
  • Red Eye fans react as Joanne Nosuchinsky reveals she’s leaving Fox News.
  • CNN’s ‘new normal’: another day, another two expletives dropped.  More.
  • Video: Mornings with Maria, Fox & Friends simulcast
  • Buckman: Fox News is ‘a great tv network‘.   Two FNC embeds promoted.
  • Joyella: Will Megyn Kelly’s upcoming memoir address issues about Ailes?
  • Farhi: Why is liberal feminist hero Susan Estrich representing Roger Ailes?
  • Kelly File video: on controversy over Melania’s immigration.
  • CNN, terrorism, and The Way of the Serengeti.  Craig Melvin moonlighting.

29 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Here’s one for the barbershop, Larry: Shawn Lucas, the guy who served the process papers on the DNC when the Sanders Campaign sued them, has been found dead on his bathroom floor.

    Guess all those recently fired DNC staffers (that there was barely a whisper about) who helped rig things for Clinton, should consider themselves lucky.

    • Keeping with the current string of elevated conversation, via TVNEWSER:
      “Fox News host Sean Hannity called a Wall Street Journal editor an “a$$hole” and a “dumba$$” in a series of messages on Twitter late Thursday night, after the WSJ columnist described Hannity as “Fox News’ dumbest anchor.”

      • It held the record at the time for the use of the f-word, 207. By the way, it was Saddam Hussein’s favorite movie.

  2. Re: “Joanne Nosuchinsky reveals she’s leaving Fox News”

    Voluntary & Involuntary Departures since 2013
    Bill Schultz (2013)
    Alisyn Camerota (2014)
    Bob Beckel (2015)
    Jedediah Bila
    Elisabeth Hasselbeck
    Gretchen Carlson
    Andrea Tantaros??
    Ed Henry??
    Joanne Nosuchinsky
    Mike Huckabee
    Geraldo Rivera (no longer a host)

    Who did I miss?

    To their credit most of the Fox News on-air talent has been there for over a decade. MSNBC should be so lucky.

    • Well, one says she got harassed, one ran for office, one thought he was posing for Playgirl, one’s pill problems interfered with work too long, and… 2913, JEEZ that’s three years ago! You demand too much of me.

    • Let’s see –

      – If we are including FBN, Tracy Byrnes
      – Jill Dobson (another Red Eye regular – no contract renewal)
      – Sarah Palin (no contract renewal)

    • Bill Schulz (2013)- wanted to come back so I assume fired.
      Alisyn Camerota (2014)- Left so she could guest host shows at CNN
      Bob Beckel (2015) -Couldnt get drug? or Alcohol habit under control
      Jedediah Bila- Job on big three network TV
      Elisabeth Hasselbeck- Family reasons
      Gretchen Carlson- Low rating and maybe harassment
      Andrea Tantaros??—still with network future unknown
      Ed Henry??—Personal problems still with network
      Joanne Nosuchinsky-I don’t know who she is
      Mike Huckabee—guest hosted prime time show tonight so I guess he’s back
      Geraldo Rivera (no longer a host)—-still with network I expect he get another show if the 5 doesn’t work out.

      Of the ones who actually left the network IMHO it seems only Jedediah Bila got a better job and maybe Alisyn Camerota….she gets more airtime at a much lower rated network.

      One thing I really like about Fox News….if you are good at your job they will put up with a lot IE Gregg Jarrett ….or Beckel till they couldnt anymore which took over a month I think.

      • Another semi-interesting point is that of all the TV celebs who have changed channels/networks voluntarily and unvoluntarily how many actually ended up better off at their new destination when based solely on a higher (or similar) profile (as opposed to more money, which is not unimportant of course).

        Glenn Beck going from HLN to FNC in 2009 and Norah O’Donnell moving from MSNBC to CBS in 2012 definitely qualified as having a higher profile at their new digs.

        But how many others?

        What about all these? Do they really have a higher profile at their new ‘home’?

        Jake Tapper (ABC to CNN)
        Ed Henry (CNN to God knows where)
        John Stossel (ABC to Fox Business)
        Lou Dobbs (CNN to Fox Business)
        John Roberts (CNN to Fox News)
        Bill Weir (ABC to CNN)
        Elisabeth Hasselbeck (The View 2.5M viewers to F&F only 1M)
        Alisyn Camerota (suspect she had more viewers at Fox News)

        • Well I would say if they just wanted higher viewers….nobody would leave Fox for CNN or MSNBC ever…..only the big 3 get more eyes.

          Jake Tapper (ABC to CNN) I don’t remember what he did on ABC. Has own daily show and host election night stuff.

          Ed Henry (CNN to God knows where) he be back on Fox…way more eyes than CNN

          John Stossel (ABC to Fox Business) well on ABC wasn’t he just a guest….has own show on FBN and is a guest on #1 show on Fox weekly

          Lou Dobbs (CNN to Fox Business) Same as Stossel

          John Roberts (CNN to Fox News) Way More viewers
          Bill Weir (ABC to CNN) Dont know.

          Elisabeth Hasselbeck (The View 2.5M viewers — F&F only 1M) I think she left because of the daily fights on the view…she was outnumbered

          Alisyn Camerota (suspect she had more viewers on Fox News) More viewers for sure on Fox…..but she wanted to guest host and CNN offered that and Fox didnt.

          I don’t follow how much these people get paid…..but If I was in the business…..I would want the MAX # of people watching me at the start of my career so I could be making the MAX money at the end..

          • Good post, but we disagree on some of the people you mentioned.

            John Stossel rose through the ranks to co-anchor ABC’s 20/20 reaching far more viewers with a higher profile than he does at FBN.

            Elisabeth was fired from The View and very fortunate Roger Ailes sought her out.

            John Roberts had his own morning show on CNN as a co-host. You seldom see him on Fox News. Same with Lou Dobbs lowly rated show on FBN.

            Jake Tapper wore many hats at ABC including as a WH Correspondent and hosting the Sunday morning show. Whereas at CNN he hosts a weekday non-primetime show and a Sunday show — both with comparatively low ratings.

          • Seldom see John Roberts? Some days he’s on almost every hour. You can’t have a higher priority beat than covering Trump, and that’s kept him on or close to the top story of a whole lotta hours.

          • That may be true…but you don’t see him much on prime time and he doesn’t have his own show like he did at CNN.

            Definitely a step down for him. But I’m sure he’s glad to get away from that CNN co-host (Kiran Chetry) who seemed to annoy him. 🙂

            The Trump beat on MSNBC and CNN is by correspondents who were pretty much unknown prior to the campaign. We may differ on just how much prestige they have on any cable news channel.

  3. Looks like they tried the Merkel look for Hillary and it resulted in her looking gnome-like and a bit more frail.

    Now they’re going for Margaret Thatcher and it’s much better.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 great tv network
    4 representing Roger Ailes
    3 two expletives dropped
    2 embeds promoted
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Red Eye fans react as Joanne Nosuchinsky reveals she’s leaving Fox News.

  5. Out of the ashes of Obama Democrats and Trump Republicans will be born a new party. A party supporting the supremacy of Congress over the Presidency and favorng a program of modernization, banking and economic protectionism to stimulate manufacturing. It will call itself the Whig Party.

    In the words of Arrowsmith, “Dream on”.

  6. NBC Olympic opening ceremony turning into a commercial for climate change. KIck the damn ball! Run! Jump! Throw the damn stick! CLICK

      • NBC getting outrage for two minutes of ceremonies spaced between five minutes of commercials with then obnoxious commentators attemptng to explain what’s going on.

        • The only way that I’d watch that crapfest is if a monkey swiped Costas’ rug on-air.

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