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  1. Gold star mom was terrific when she was lambasting GWB, but when she criticized Obama, Cindy Sheehan faded from view. Used and discarded. A lot of play acting.

    • Mabye someday the Khan family will realize that they are being used by Madame’s campaign.

      • Hurt’s column was the best on the topic. i really like is writing and thinking. I think Fox sees the talent as he appears despite his obvious speech defects.

    • keeping ya posted: dollar suddenly starts weakening. watch debt outlays soaring to go after every benefit.

  2. Re: Tucker

    I had no idea that the Daily Caller story about Sen. Menendez was later collaborated by the FBI.

    “Other media outlets attempted to discredit the story, but when the Department of Justice later indicted Menendez on corruption charges, it also turned up “corroborating evidence” for the prostitution charge.”

  3. Anyone know what the status (or future) of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze is?

    While they moved Dana Loesch from St. Louis down to Texas to host a show in January 2014, it appears they have lost just almost all their big names like Amy Holmes, Tara Setmayer, S.E. Cupp and Will Cain.

    Is Glenn Beck’s once booming empire starting to unravel? Or is he still going strong?

    Last I heard he had a pow wow with his staff to announce he was tired of having to dig into his personal savings to underwrite an enterprise that was struggling financially.

    I haven’t heard much since February when Lloyd Grove wrote an unflattering article, “Why Glenn Beck’s Media Empire Is Burning Down.”

    • He just filed a major lawsuit against the former director of the network. TheBlaze is losing money hand over fist because people finally figured out he is crazy.

    • When he was on Fox…..and CNN for that matter I said here and at ICN many times he should be taken off…..but I’d like it if NO Opinion shows were on…….so I cant really be objective with Beck.

      That said 3 things come to mind….

      1 I heard him say on the radio a few months ago that he was putting huge amounts into his empire….personal money that is. However I just heard @ 5min of the show waiting for the local news so I don’t know why he was talking about it.

      Two,,,,,for a place Burning down…..since that was written in Feb….it must be a hell of a slow fire.

      and three…..I never get my Fox News inside information form the disgraced Newshounds site……and I wouldn’t accept news about Glenn Beck from someone who writes this….

      “But of all of the hobgoblins fluttering through his mind, consistency isn’t one of them.
      Beck regularly contradicts himself in word and deed—a trait that his less charitable associates call hypocrisy.”

      But that’s just me.

  4. Nick Denton Files for Bankruptcy
    Gawker founder Nick Denton has succumbed to an unfortunate truth: He will have to file for bankruptcy in order to stop Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bollea from seizing his assets.

    I feel a tear forming in the corner of my eye. Nope, my mistake.

    • Who to root for? [head scratch]
      Denton vs Hogan
      Bolling vs Rivera
      Trump vs Clinton

      These increasingly tougher choices are wearing this old codger down.

      I miss the good ol’ days of the easier choices (for many Americans) when life seemed so much simpler. [wry smile]
      Carol Burnett vs National Enquirer
      Reagan vs Mondale
      Obama vs the McCain/Palin ticket

      • All the little Hulksters out there know who to root for, brotha. Take your vitamins, say your prayers, listen to mom and dad. Well, on second thought, maybe John Cena.

        • i was at the premier of Godzilla VS King Kong. now that was movie making. i dreamed about it for months before watching.

  5. Tucker has been on fire lately when I have seen him. I like what he says about journalists and their laziness.

  6. Shannon Bream is anchoring Real Story this week (so far) and what a fine, professional job she is doing. i have to say it’s a better hour without Gretchen. I’ve said this before so I’m not using her absence to take shots at her, but Gretch’s sing-song delivery, aptly described by someone as like she was talking to first-graders, is the major reason her program was perpetually at the bottom of the Fox ratings. It didn’t seem to show on F&F where she had two co-hosts and for the most part was just conversing spontaneously. But reading the prompter or prepared questions on TRS her delivery simply wasn’t audience-friendly.

  7. Good piece by Concha. The difference in media treatment between grieving families couldn’t be more stark.

    Ive been watching the cables and its gotten to the point that where I find the dramatic testiments from journalists about the profoundness of their own response to the Khans to have reached absurd heights. If there was anyone in the country who didn’t view media with a jaundiced eye, they do now with this public display of garment renting.

    The father of another casulty of Hillary not seeing 600 emails (Is she ever accountable for anything? Anything?) said that HRC did say that it was a video that motivated the attack and that they would get the videographer.

    Good new! Hillary said that she is not offended by the fuzzy memory of these families.

    Afterall, the details surrounding the murder of your son is not something parents find memorable.

      • You are so right. Two hustlers. One two-bit and the other a mob boss.
        My husband calls them two shite-sandwiches.

    • It seems the aversion by many on the left (led by Chris Mathews) to Patricia Smith is based on her saying, “I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.” This is IMO the primary motivator for not giving her the same respect as Mr. Khan.

      Mathews of course claims that Hillary had nothing to do with the death of Ms. Smith’s son.

      So who’s right?

      Does Ms. Smith’s claim pass the “but-for test” is the question I would pose to Mathews.

      I.e., if Sec. Clinton’s State Department had not declined to add the increased security that Ambassador Stevens had repeatedly requested, would Ms. Smith’s son Sean be alive today?

      Seems to me Ms. Smith has a prima facie case and passes the “but-for test” that the lack of security was a proximate cause of her son’s death. Even the WH spokesman (Carney) conceded there should have been more security.

      Even though I am no fan of Chris Mathews, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But in this instance I think he doesn’t warrant it. However, I am not usually a fan of blaming those in the highest levels of government (Bush, Rumsfeld, Obama, Clinton) for deaths on the battlefield.

      • Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance led directly to the deaths in Benghazi. When confronted with the facts, she did what comes naturally to her, she lied. She has all of the humanity of a coyote.

  8. ‘When Zucker first came on board he told employees in a town hall that he knows the “heart and soul of this company are in Atlanta” and has no plans to change that.’

    Guy is fully qualified to be POTUS.

    All three cable news networks have something to brag about for July. As always, Spud will profile CNN & MSNBC at ICN, but not FOX. The first two hand delver their stats on a silver platter. FOX doesn’t. (so yeah, bitches!)

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 attorney criticizes
    4 more cuts
    3 correction
    2 media hypocrisy
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tucker: Today’s journalists are cowards…conventional, trite, and stupid’.

  11. What Zucker did with CNN was make news an event programming to attract viewers… focus on one story all day instead of multiple … debates are events, town halls are events have a countdown clock to the “event”. CNN’s not about what’s happening now it’s about you watching what’s happening now and how ever long CNN can drag out the story until they find a new thing to drain.

  12. I thought the Ailes investigators had approached Dhue for an interview, but she said she was writing a book about her time there and wasn’t talking to anyone.

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