Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Hillary; Bill; Trump’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Conventions; Fox News ‘culture‘; Dan Rather.
  • Concha: Fox News is stable; there is ‘no rush‘ to replace Roger Ailes.
  • The Great Sean Hannity Wawa Encounter: part deux.  DNC voice vote.
  • Kilmeade & Friends audio: Julie Banderas demonstrates her breast pump.
  • CNN: ‘Absurd’ to say Wolf Blitzer was ‘celebrating’ Hillary.  The eyes have it.
  • Greta: Why so much of today’s journalism is shallow.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Kelly File video: on the conventions’ effect on a close contest.

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  1. Hillary and Kaine on a bus driving through Eastern Ohio today. If I can figure out where she is, I will bring my dog to bark at her in person. Reporters too.

  2. There have only been two polls since the RNC & DNC ended — one with HRC up by 5 and the other with DT up by 5.

    I’d like to see where we are a week from now — or maybe THU or FRI to get a better gauge of any convention bounce.

    Then I am looking forward to the polls the week after the first debate on Monday, Sept. 24th.

    In other polling:
    Swing States (RCP Averages)
    OH Clinton +0.8
    PA Clinton +4.4
    FL Trump +0.3 (probably the biggest shocker)

    • you are citing Reurters/lpos and lats/USC
      neither poll tracked all candidates. Rs shows tie when included CNN shows T+5% when 4 candidates listed preconvention bounce poll
      both conducted during not after DNC convention.
      no polling with rolling averages in post convention bounce time frame.
      899 dems 753 pubs 266indes, not how any state i know of breaks out
      credibility interval highest, 6.9%, for indes. (indicates error range)
      conclusion: irrelevant

      USC same respondents asked each survey
      no weighting or sampling published.
      no july number weighting for either candidate falling within a 95% credibility interval.
      conclusion: irrelevant

      FL JMC last respondent 7/10. weighted 72%white. good luck with that.
      party affil 42/39/18 d/r/i good luck with that.

      dates render polling not worthy of analysis.

      only 2 july polls, both respectable. show Clinton +9% neither reflect convention bounce
      with 4 candidates in july polling clinton +9% +8%
      solid dem at this point according to polls

      gcdata: Trump polling lower than prev repubs in almost every red state.
      Trump relying on social media with no ground op
      barring recession announcement, major terrorist attack, indictment of either candidate, or other similar event. assuming voting racial patterns do not change, trump gets no more than McGovern.

      • to be fair;
        new registration in some swing states favor repubs.
        to be honest;
        this is the republicans fault. they need to quit believing in unicorns, saviors, and electing reps and sens that do not run on written proposed legislation down to the last detail.
        exactly when will a candidate publish the exact line by line budget changes required to pay close to 150 trillion in unfunded 10 year liability.

        likely after Hill is elected and her first 2 years have a dem cong and sen SSI benefit income calculations will include cap gains, divs and rents as income and maybe then someone will catch a clue. there are no magic beans jack.

          • always oblique.
            should i assume you are saying govt can continue to spend more than it takes in by selling debt?
            yes, of course that is what you mean.
            let me send you some internet vittles sans dry ice.
            for food, health and housing all currencies in the world are losing value. guess why??:)
            currently, although Friday showed a small Euro erp, the US dollar is deteriorating more slowly than almost every currency in the world. this is done by other countries to support export employment and government spending.
            the more months back you extend the measurement the more it is true.
            the last published year, 2015, we spent a tad under 233 billion on debt service. read bond rollovers. about 6.23% of all outlays. if you see the word budget, skip to next paragraph, outlays are all that count. oh, i guess rates count too. if the US dollar begins to lose value against other currencies which it historically always has, interest rates will rise. those rollovers will become very expensive.

            can you believe they are still settling GDP estimates from 2015? $17,914 trillion growing at less than 2% per year is the last i saw. now scroll back look at debt service.
            GDP = C + I + G + (Ex – Im)
            the US govt is taking in record amounts of revenue, not just income tax. all revenues.
            with low growth and high taxes some are predicting the government will confiscate a full 35% of GDP. 6.3 trillion on 18 trillion GDP if we could hold it with those revenue rates.

            this is before the Clinton 3 trillion tax hike coming.

            wanna buy some beans, i mean bonds, no prob, just remember you will pay a commission on the purchase, just like the US govt paid when it bought back it’s own bonds.
            you can’t make this *%^^&% up. where is the comedic disaster movie?
            trump and clinton. yer kidding right? we are supposed to take this seriously.
            please note all the errors prove this is not cut and paste:)

          • pretending “nobody bothers me”. wait till you have to change the dogs food and cut his bowl in half. maybe you will here the bell ring then.

      • Then that’s the second time I read about a Florida poll with an oversampling of white voters.

        You would think they (JMC Analytics) would have picked up on the criticism the first time that happened.

        Oh well.

        • look at 2012, add subtract for demographic change, weight for stronger 3rd party participation and subtract for in party disaffection. break out by each state. you have about 98% of the outcome.
          barring curve balls, nukes, a $1,500 S&P drop or other such undesirable things Stirewalt is right. Tsunami is the likely outcome.
          now i have not made a call yet because of that. but i have picked every president since my dad taught me how to count electoral votes…. i don’t know i was, 7 8, years old. it is really not that hard. just blow off the spin.

  3. Lily Langtry is our Bluebird of Happiness on The Fox Report. (sigh!)

    And I hope that mamzer troll keeps his crap to himself.

  4. not much love for my cynicism. on a roll. with, Oberman music cued, the dumbest false flag of the week.

    i demand Chris Stirewalt confront Doug and for an electoral rhetorical cage match. i suggest each a 5 min each opening. 2.5 min cross x, 3 min refutation, 60 second summary. Doug has the burden as the affirmative, Chris would wipe him up point by point.

        • the joke is how pundits that know better are saying polling is close this is a tight race. the truth is if things don’t don’t go gunny Hillary is going to be president and her primary objective is to raise taxes higher than anyone has ever dreamed. i have yet to see that story in the media. phony news &^%^*%^$#$

          • She will need to regain control of the House and a veto proof majority in the Senate to do much with taxes.

          • the senate is gone with trump on the ticket. even the house is in question. remember almost all dems and repubs are neither, they are just members of the elite political class. no different than here.

          • What if we had four major political parties instead of two?

            Would elected officials be more, or less, inclined to work and negotiate with each other?

            Just asking. (Mostly a hypothetical question since the likelihood of it happening approaches zero even though both primaries seemed to suggest as much with such division in both parties.)

  5. FIVE Reasons to vote for Trump:
    5 Bill stays in NY
    4 No cackling at press conference
    3. Does his own tweets
    2. No chance of a second term
    1. Hate the people that hate him

    • the distinction that matters trump vs clinton. we know how Clinton will destroy the planet, by appling a formula of fail. we do not know how trump will destroy the planet, he applies the formula of chaos. i ain’t voting. refusenik.

  6. The media goes into spasms over the Khizr Khaz’ very moving speech about the death of his hero son and then disappears details that do not jive with their narrative that somehow a moratorium on Muslims coming from the Middle East now is disrespectful to an American Musim soldier who died 12years ago.

    They disappear the fact that Homeland Security said that we currently need a more rigorous way of screening Muslim immigrants. They disappear the explosion of radicalization via social media. They disappear what has happened in the world with the so-called Arab Spring, Syria, and groups like ISIS and Boko Haram.

    They don’t have to agree with the moratorium policy, but basic intellectual honesty would presume that part of their job would be to elucidate on all these things from both angles.

    They were not so swift and vehement to press on Hillary Clinton the death of another wonderful man working for his country. Sean Smith, who died in Libya during the attack on Americans there.

    Sean Smith’s mother has never moved them in any way approaching their passion over the Khans.

    Although Sec of State Clinton is relevantly accountable as to what happen in Libya that night and in Libyan policy, the MSM has never held Hillary Clinton as being beholden to Mrs Smith and her loss.

    Trump isn’t responsible for voting for and continuing wars that get young men and women killed in battle. Trump was not responsible for voting to go in the first place as Clinton did then.

    Whether you feel these policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Eqypt correct or not, they do lay at the feet of the politicians who sponsored them at the time. Certainly the former Sec of State is accountable for and to Sean Smith and his grieving mother, and to the Khans in a way that isn’t close to being the case for Trump.

    You’ll never see the media going into spasms over this fact. They’ll never demand the sort of optics and drama in putting her in front of a camera and demanding this sort of Come to Jesus with grieving parents.

    She has vastly more responsibility for deaths of these sons than does Donald Trump.

    That fact moves our media not a whit.

    • Madame Clinton doesn’t give one whit about those killed in Libya. In fact, when you come right down to it, she cares only about herself.

    • Media sees this as something with which to finally nail Trump plus they get to act butt-hurt which is tantamount to orgasm.

    • Note: they better pull the father of the Muslim hero off the sage: he’s burning up his good will faster than you can say “Cindy Sheehan”.

  7. After all this sour political talk, we can now move on to uplifting Olympics talk of pure sport. Well no. as it stands, close to three-quarters of doped-up Russia’s original near-400 delegation are still going to the Games and the rest are challaging suspensions. Better medal counts through chemistry.

    • At least it’s not as bad as when the East German female athletes wore cups and supporters.

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