Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: DNC/CNN – DNC/MSNBC – Coop 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Trump’s acceptance speech outrated Hillary’s.  Flashback.
  • The War on Fox: Cameraman blocked, assaulted; reporter forced to leave.
  • Hogue: Nothing beats a great pair of legs.  Fournier: Hey, let’s ban Trump!
  • Video: Were the media in covering the two conventions?
  • Flood: Why Megyn visiting the CNN Grill is no big deal.  Dancing with Wolf.
  • Sherman: Ex-FNC booker with troubled history claims 20 years harassment.
  • Factor video: discusses DNC hacking, emails, and slavery.
  • Another photo copyright lawsuit.  The Great Sean Hannity Wawa Encounter.

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  1. Megyn Kelly should never ever think about leaving FNC. She’ll never ever have this kind of freedom to say & do things like she has on FNC

    I kinda soured on her, she stabbed a really rusty dull knife in Ailes

    • I always really liked her. All of those interviews and magazine articles can really give someone a swelled head. It is starting to look like her attitude is “Me first, me second and to hell with everybody else.” I hope that I am wrong.

      • Yea, I think she’s gotten a big head now

        After the TRUMP dust up, she’s more popular than ever but it was good of her to not take down TRUMP in their interview

        Maybe she still has hope! =P

      • Judging by some of the comments here and at other similar blogs her approval rating among Fox News viewers may have taken a hit.

        But I suspect just the opposite is true in the general public who thought less highly of Roger Ailes.

        Unfortunately, I know of no polling data to support my hypothesis other than the praise she received in some quarters like Twitter.

        • reading your comment and blanking my mind, easy to do, of all life experience the numbers clearly show ailes and drudge are the general public. you ever leave California?

          • i do not know that without looking it up. i suspect without looking that Fox news directly through all mediums reaches more than half of all adults at serious points in time and about 98% reach if you include hearsay. Fox itself is news. you could say Trump learned all he knows at Ailes feet.
            Nielsen ranking has Fox until these 2 conventions as the go to network of choice for immediate domestic news .

          • Since what we are debating may be unprovable, I have a strong hunch that fewer than 30% (perhaps as low as 20%) of the demo audience in America pays much if any attention to what Drudge or Ailes has to say about Megyn Kelly — or Barack Obama for that matter.

            This is based on my Facebook followers (mostly Republicans), my Elks Club amigos (90% Republicans) and my old sports bar friends (5-10 years ago who were mostly Republicans). I won’t even venture a guess at my Twitter followers.

            Peace brother. BTW, “Blue lives matter.”

          • if you are discussing advertising you are correct, if you are talking public influence the advent of link pages like RCP and Drudge have leapfrogged traditional news sources. few people read or watche all of fox, or all the the NYTs, all of the NR or Salon anymore. they use filters to pick and choose which is what link pages like J$ are all about. Fox gets it’s reach because it stands alone.

          • There was a reason an early priority of the Obama administration was to minimize and silence FOX. It wasn’t because it had little influence.

          • but Drudge, Ailes and RCP do not say anything. they just link you to info. i cannot imagine going to Yahoo, CNN, Salon, Politico or even Fox to read news. i follow links. Drudge and RCP i know own that route online and Ailes owned it on cable.

            Michael i am not un-peaceful in the least. i try to resolve everything with the least not violence and conflict possible. for example, my wife’s sis, was hit by her brother. he is going to get his azz kicked and i will be helping and inflicting damage while he is on the ground. now see, is that not the most correct direct route to lessening mysogeny? i live in a culture where everyone thinks things go away if we just do not talk about it. well she has four girls, he has 3 and a wife. my thinking is what i am doing is one of the principle causes of peace in the future.

            all innocent life matters.

        • Somehow I doubt people who called her a goon and a slut 6 months ago and now praise her……means very much to her.

          She a good journalist…..always has been IMHO and always will be….if she is at Fox or a lower rated network or one of the big 3 she still will be.

          I might be missing something but is someone here bashing her?

          I mean I HATE when a story comes out and it’s based on anonymous sources…….but I don’t have a problem with MK……….I think if she had something to say about something Ailes did to her or she saw……she should have spoken publicly about it…….but it was her decision.

          As to her having a big head………can anyone here really say that their head wouldn’t have gotten bigger if they were her? She #1 some nights and been in some really big magazines.

          in the end………..6 months from now the haters will be calling her a goon and slut again and the normal people won’t even care @ it.

          • Megyn Kelly has yet to make a public statement. All we are going on are rumors and gossip. And that freaking Sherman’s crap.

    • She’s as important to FNC as FNC is to her. The independence of Megyn and Shep are key to its integrity, and that makes it unique in cable news.

    • And Mr. Ailes had no part in his own demise. Sure.
      He gave her a job and she has held up her end.
      She owed him nothing more.

    “The boos & catcalls from Sanders supporters during Hillary speech at [DNC] are distracting, even watching on tv,” tweeted Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who ended his campaign for the Republican nomination earlier this year. “What a disaster.”

    Funny I didn’t see a word of this in the NYT or WaPo recaps.

  3. Re: “Factor video: Bernard Goldberg”

    In the wake of revelations that Debbie Wasserman Schultz contacted both Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper’s producer to attempt to influence coverage begs the question, “Just how much of this actually occurs on a routine basis?”

    I suspect many of us remember the influence Valerie Jarrett tried to impart on Mika and Morning Joe regarding their coverage of Obama.

    Then years ago during the CIA leak scandal (or Plamegate) both Tim Russert and Scooter Libby testified that Libby called Russert to complain about the MSNBC program Hardball and comments that were made on that show about Libby and Cheney with regard to Joeseph Wilson’s Niger trip.

    There were multiple charges at the time about the cozy relationship between Dick Cheney’s office and Meet the Press. A Cheney aid was quoted as saying, “I suggested we put the vice president on Meet the Press, which was a tactic we often used. It’s our best format.”

    • Sounds like Joe Wilson was calling to correct what he thought was bogus info.

      It also sounds like the VP did the standard thing of getting booked whenever he had something he wanted to put out. That’s the bully pulpit of power. They aren’t going to say no, but he’ll have to face questioning on other things.

      I have no doubt that people in every administration call news people in order to complain about misinformation, being treated unfairly, etc. The difference here is MTP Chuck Todd consenting to be a mediator between the head of the DNC and a morning talk show host.

      I have a feeling that’s because Todd’s wife runs a big firm that is a communication outlet for Democratic pols. She’d certainly be friendly with DWS.

      Here’s a piece you might find interesting on what’s been going on with Joe Wilson of late. Sidney Blumenthall makes an appearance too.

      • Do Mr. and Mrs. Todd have a mixed political party marriage like James Carville and Mary Matalin?

        I don’t know the answer. But Chuck wrote a book critical of Obama and I have him pegged as definitely no fan of Hillary — just like his staunchly conservative father.

        I am usually pretty good at spotting political leanings. But I ain’t perfect. [wry smile]

        • I’m not sure how critical it is to write that the human equivalent of Mr. Spock couldn’t transcend Beltway factions and fallaciousness, but he may be more conservative than his wife.

          • I tend to agree CC…he might be.

            Either that or he is overcompensating because of what his wife does.

            Jake Tapper is another one I can’t quite get a handle on. A lot of fans — and non-fans — like to suggest he’s a better fit for Fox News. [head scratch]

            (Perhaps they should all wear helmets with BLUE or RED lights on top so we know which way they lean.)

          • Tapper is a liberal who makes a great effort to do his job and be fair.

            The way he manages that is due to his not having bought into the insidious snd corrupting sort of relativism that is the essence of Eden’s forbidden fruit: I must compromise revered principles for the greater good.

            Once indulged for a cause no higher than your own political precepts, It beomes an unfading necessity till they lay your rump in the ground.

          • Anytime I hear, “I’m going into journalism to do good”, I think, “you’re not going in to do journalism”.

          • Jake is right where he is at CNN. He’s a Dem too but will try mightily to be fair. Doesn’t always succeed but will give him an “atta boy” for his attempts.

        • There are worse than Chuck for sure, but Trump has been insulting him and no way he likes it, and it is beginning to show.

        • I think not. Todd worked in the office of some Democrat on the hill before he made the switch to TV. He’s a bit looser on MJ with his opinions than he is elsewhere. He’s a Dem no doubt about it.

          • You could be right about being a Dem.

            But he could be a Dem who flipped to anti Hillary much like Mika Brzezinski. (Doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll pull the lever for Trump.)

          • mika has said hard things about Hill but she and joe will pull Hillary’s lever. not a chance Mika would vote Trump.

          • Mika may criticize occasionally but she heaps praise more frequently. She’s a HRC gal and will always be a Democrat.

          • When I listened to MoJo the other day, they were not only in rapture over the DNC convention, but Joe, and especially Mika, were making comments along the lines of everyone now having had it contrasted and settled as to what sort of Battle of Good vs Evil it is, and what their better angels should be thinking, doing, and saying now.

            That’s a characterization, of course, but it’s that high horse thing that elites do, and it was all in that dire and portentous manner they take. Mika exudes that when she’s decided who’s out of line in the world.

            In fairness, Mika I think, has fairly criticised both candidates and has even had the temerity to ask questions about the Clinton Foundation and how its coffers got that mind-blowing amount of loot.

            That’s better than the rest of the media.

      • great article. however your comment indicts Todd not Debbie. if by hook or crook Debbie tried to use the press to accomplish her party’s goals as chairperson there would be no issue. being party chairperson working for HRC is verbotten, nothing else.

    • Michael, sorry for san diego.
      respectfully your analysis is all wrong. Schultz was in a position that required by job description that she run a fair and effective in turn out primary process. if emails showed she was supporting what her job description is to useful press no one would have said a word. politicians use the media, the media uses politicians. that is not the Schultz issue. She actively tried to eliminate a candidate. that she used the press or that members of the media sell their soul to get stories fed is not what it is about. read that carefully. she tried to eliminate a candidate for president in the party she was chairperson of.

      • Yeah, that’s so troubling that we lost another police officer — this time in San Diego.

        As for my OP, I wasn’t intending to address why they seek influence…but simply the fact that they do.

        The whole issue of what DWS did with the DNC is another issue altogether and one I basically agree with you on.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 ban Trump
    4 Wawa Encounter
    3 is no big deal
    2 great pair of legs
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    The War on Fox: Cameraman blocked, assaulted; reporter forced to leave.

  5. Sherman on the prowl: needs to come up with someone to testify that Roger actually did something other than making goo goo eyes or innuendo cracks. Someone who says Ailes grabbed her breast in the Oval Office while she thought she was being comforted about her dead husband. Something, if not Cosby material, at least First Gentleman’s. Someone that doesn’t have the baggage his current find is carrying.

    • 20 YEARS of harassment? Not believable to me. She could have surely looked for another job in that timeframe and risen in the ranks to make the kind of $ she said she did. I am not saying the harassment didn’t happen just seems to me to be way too long to tolerate it. Back in the day when I was a young woman that kind of behavior happened to me in a paper mill where the paper workers are all animals. I just didn’t turn in any work to their bosses and when asked why not I said either they stop touching me or else. I slapped one guy after that and pretty much they all knew I meant business. They threw one fellow worker in the pulp masher when they were unhappy with him. So I guess I should be happy it was only catcalls after that.

      • My first job interview was at the then Wollensak tape recorder factory of 3M in Chicago. As I walked by during my plant tour, one of the ladies on an assembly line pinched my butt. I thought it was pretty funny, but was still shocked. I didn’t get the job so no more pinches and no free tape recorders.

        • Ah the memories. Scotch recording tape, or for less important projects Scotch’s little brother the less pricey Shamrock (made up of tail ends of rolls whose premium footage went into the higher priced line). I even had a Wollensak at one time.

          • moving to pro tools and CD effect archives beat tape and razor blades with a stick. i remember vinyl sound effect albums. damn i am old.

          • The TV station I worked at was cleaning out their vinyl library 10 or 15 years ago, including a 78 RPM sound effect collection. I got 100 or so 12 inch albums but passed on the sound effects.

        • When I was in college I worked part-time in an office there with a lot of other students in adjoining offices.

          You had to dress nicely, which always seemed to be a quite an ordeal and challenge to some students. If anyone went all out and wore something expensive or especially nice or got a new stylish hairstyle, etc, that person, male or female, would be chased around the place until caught and then get their dress pulled up or their pants pulled down.

          I’ve had people tell me of similar antics in school settings and even in the real workforce.

          No one ever thought to file charges and everyone had a great time.

      • That took quite an exertion of the will to read. If it’s true (and I suspect to one degree or another that it is) Ailes is a pig.

        However, I’m like you. Twenty years of harrassment seems less like harassment than a relationship among two people with some definite emotional and sexual kinks.

  6. If FOX can’t get a presidential debate out of the two nominees, maybe they could get a pie fight?

  7. Mr. Concha points out a key factor in the presidential race: viewers more prone to tune into Trump than Hillary. She is going to need all that money for TV spots she is raising and more.

    • all she needs is nothing really bad to happen and voters to vote as they have in the past and she has a blow out of McGovern proportion. Trump cannot win an electoral majority, Hillary has to lose it. she is giving that some effort. past performance is no guarantee of the future. anything can happen. however, Trump is a punk, Hillary a criminal, Trump has no party support, Clinton has organization out the yazoo so if Trump has a hope of winning he needs Hill’s college orgy pics, an indictment and a bad case of lip herpes to start kicking in pretty soon.

  8. Fournier is not a Trump critic and Clinton critic.

    He’s a Trump hater and a Clinton groupie. I spent several hours on Twitter yesterday following him as he trolled conservatives with some of the most lame-brained illogical nonsense seen outside a comment board on Democratic Underground.

    Currently his focus at The Atlantic seems to be writing a compendium of highly subjective, emotional, and psychological narratives on Hillary Clinton that he can later combine into a book entitled Love That Girl.

    Think Maureen Dowd with 75% less snark and 100% more smarm. Imagine a Lifetime movie with a stereotypically conflicted first black president as supporting actor to HRC.

    This is a guy driven by a lot of feelings and characteristics, none more pronounced than frustration and absurdity.

    • From watching him on the Special Report panel I recal him being quite critical of Clinton, but sides are being taken now and from NBC NIGHLY NEWS to MORNNG JOE, no slight against Trump will be left unused. As James Carvile once said, “It’s wahr!”

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