Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: DNC/CNN – DNC/MSNBC – Coop 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Gretchen Carlson reacts to the ouster of Roger Ailes and more.
  • Wemple: One thing you can be sure of…on CNN speeches are ‘powerful’.
  • Out# video: Is Hillary best qualified ever? square off.
  • Concha: Suspension lifted…Newt Gingrich returns to Fox News August 1.
  • Factor video: Bill O’Reilly and guests address slavery and
  • Q&A: Jake Tapper; Chris MatthewsJoe and Mika on politics, romance, etc.
  • Greta: Let’s get this straight…what I said was true then, and is still true now.
  • Report: A ‘stony silence‘ at FNC as staffers take sides.  Peaceful co-existence.

63 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Maybe not so stony:
    “Mr. Hume, the anchor, wrote in an email on Wednesday that any reports of tension between himself and Ms. Kelly were exaggerated.
    “Yes, I am upset about Roger’s departure. I love the guy,” Mr. Hume wrote.
    “I don’t think this episode was about political correctness,” he added. “And I think Megyn Kelly did what she felt she had to do, and I am not upset with her.”

      • You please croc haters and trolls when you say something that puts you or someone else in their mouth.

    • i am not pleased with either analysis. the White House was burned and looted in 1814 i believe NIX?? our snopes man, i did not hear word one about its rebuilding and it seems to me if you are going to tell the story, tell the story. MO, BOR, and i assume the NYDN have not spoken about the rebuilding that is perpetual. seems a little meat added to the bone would have made it more interesting. Slavery still existed. did slaves participate in the rebuilding? when did slaves stop working on the white house? capital? in DC? when slavery was outlawed in dc did that prevent Virginia contractors from using slave labor? Frankly BOR and MO missed a positive opportunity to talk about history which lord knows is a virgin topic for many. we all studied this in school, but for most of us it was long ago, why did not MO talk a bit more about DC, slavery and the transitions ending in a black prez? BOR, same deal. i mean, is that not a fast ball down the middle waiting to be hit out?

      • Washington freed all his slaves upon his death in 1899, he was against slavery. Several things kept it going among such people. You might go broke competing with people that had slaves. Many were fond of slaves that had a long history with the family. Casting them out was a worry.

        • not quite correct. upon Martha’s death and not all. Mount Vernon was complicated and here is a summary. i think you will find other sources all casi mismo. the Washington family had cash issues.

          Composed by his own hand in relative secrecy in early July 1799, George Washington’s “Last Will and Testament,” in addition to the dispersal of his estate, freed his slaves upon his wife Martha Washington’s death. Washington’s provision for this emancipation represented the final view of a slaveholder who had been grappling with a moral dilemma and a desire “to get quit of Negros” as early as the American Revolution.1 As one of the first founding fathers to take a tangible action against slavery, Washington’s will served as an example of hope for the future of abolitionism.

          At the time of Washington’s death, the Mount Vernon enslaved population consisted of 317 people.

          Of the 317 slaves living at Mount Vernon in 1799, a little less than half (123 individuals) were owned by George Washington himself. Another 153 slaves at Mount Vernon in 1799 were dower slaves from the Custis estate. When Martha Washington’s first husband, Daniel Parke Custis, died without a will in 1757, she received a life interest in one-third of his estate, including the slaves. Neither George nor Martha Washington could free these slaves by law and upon Martha’s death these individuals reverted to the Custis estate and were divided among her grandchildren.

          • Nice. I was in a wedding party in 1993 with reception held at Martha Washington’s estate. Fantastic moonlit valley view from its vista is burned into my memory. That and a little engraved plaque saying “Robert E. Lee” on a pew at Christ Church (Alexandria, Virginia) where the service took place.

  2. Isn’t it high time for Fox News to fire George Will? He is such a tired, bitter, old codger.

    FNC has to appeal to a younger audience. But Roger Ailes keeps George Will but dumps Andrea Tantaros? I am glad to see Ailes leave if that is his judgement.

      • Brooks, the man that decried that America has lost faith in it’s institutions and it’s “intellectual betters”. yeah, he is a puke.

        • kinda like the cat that wrote on politico Vikers, Vickers, some such cat. he was knocking Obama not long ago. says i have been a Green Beret, in the CIA, served 6 presidents and i am qualified to say Hillary is qualified to be commander in chief and Trump will get us all killed. i don’t want to sound like a NYTs book on the CIA, but why would the electorate be interested in someone that got us where we are today? i go with neither dog can hunt.

  3. My friends in Chicago are drooling over Obama’s speech last night. No more than the hosts of CBS THIS MORNNG, “knocked it out of the park and ran around the bases”.

    “Dog, quit that damn barking!”

    • Much the same on the Democrat side. The harder Bernie was hit the better his polling did. This strange election year is very much a contest between the establishment and the ordinary people. And there are both D & R establishments.

      • Big chunks of each side are just fed up with what they have. I remember how angry/Disapointed my liberal friends were with Obama after his first two years. Peoples earnings have been stagnant for nearly a decade. That’s not in our expectations.

        • there is no a cybernetic probability model that can produce a result with the available info. while sure it is likely from standard approaches to say HRC has a lock. you best not bet the mortgage. there are way more than 2 sides. everything that happens in the world is exerting force on our politics and we do not know what will happen. normally by now we have an election we know will be decided in a known amount counties in just a few states. not this time baby. we do not know who the deciders will be, where they are, and what tipping points in states they occupy. if this is a 2012 plus minority since vote, HRC is a shoe in. But everything feels very unstable and the world could literally do anything in the meantime. predictors are foolish in my view.

  4. For several months Brian Kilmeade has done a regular thursday night light-hearted-type segment with Megyn Kelly. He’s on again tonight, only he’s doing a light-hearted segment with O’Reilly, not Megyn.

    • Too bad. Megyn and Brian appeared to have good chemistry and it was one of my favorite segments.

      I suspect many would agree with what Gretchen Carlson told WaPo (today) when she said, “What Meygn did was risky.”

      But it may be a bit too early to make any firm assessments as to whether Brian will return to the Kelly File.

      • I stoped pay attention to this a while ago………but other than anonymous sources had Megyn Kelly confirmed any of these reports?

        • On the one hand you’ve got those saying how could you (Megyn), given what he has done to advance your career.

          OTOH, you’ve got those criticizing the likes of Greta, Pirro, Cavuto and Guilfoyle for being more concerned about advancing their careers than with the truth — or at least waiting for the truth to emerge from the ongoing investigation.

          Looks like there’s something for everyone to chew on. 🙂

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Joe and Mika
    4 The War on Fox
    3 co-existence
    2 get this straight
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Report: A ‘stony silence’ at FNC as staffers take sides.

  6. Last night (I think it was) it was mentioned that somebody was lying about this site on twitter. Tonight that same person was caught lying about Fox News by The Cable Gamer. I smiled a little smile, RT’d, and sent her a Tweet of Encouragement. A little Karma can be a wonderful thing.

    • He’s been telling his few followers that Fox isn’t covering this or that all week…..forgetting that they are doing the old Fair and Balanced thing as they did with the RNC last week.

      He KNOWS why they are not doing gavel to gavel so he treating his few followers like idiots….or maybe he doesn’t really watch Fox News and doesn’t know why……..either way……..he lying about something.

      Speaking of the “not” racist disgraced stooges………that proud site has given us these comments this week,

      On Democratic elected Sheriff Clarke

      Anita Hall commented
      Only thing worse than “poor white trash” is an African-American wishing he was white!

      truman commented
      When Sheriff Bozo Clarke looks into the mirror, he sees the reflection of uber-white Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane.

      On The women of Fox News…….
      john howard commented
      Who care, everyone knows how all the women got their job, except one, so Megyn remember the night of the long knives. You and all the rest of the women who didn’t mind getting on their knees, no one but old white dudes care because everyone with an IQ are really laughing their AO.!!!LOL!!

      On Harris Faulkner

      john howard commented
      Well we know how she got her job. I wonder if it was her on her knees in that darken room? just asking.

      Anita Hall commented
      One has to wonder if she resents her heritage and is trying so hard to be one of the “good white girls”.

      nope no racist or sexists there. So Proud he must be to “write” for them.


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