Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: DNC/CNN – Coop – DNC/MSNBC 1-2-3.
  • Chris Wallace meets Hillary.  Orlando Salinas resurfaces…in handcuffs!
  • A liberal pundit reveals ‘the truth’ about his appearances on Fox News.
  • Interrupting MSNBC reporter bellyaches that Trump told her ‘be quiet’.
  • Hate facts: Bill O’Reilly’s WH history lesson sparks social media outrage!
  • Factor video: Kirsten Powers on Dems   Geraldo is all wet.
  • Zucker play: CNN reveals the true victims of the ISIS Catholic church raid.
  • Q&A: Dana Bash on politics, parenting (via TVN).  Audio Q&A: Steve Kornacki.
  • Erik Wemple perturbed that Rupert Murdoch thanked his staff for ratings win.

97 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

      • Between a few terrorists and a vast number of people of Western European descent, poor Muslims don’t stand a chance without Democrats.

    • Wemple and Brian Stelter have based a career around Fox criticism. It’s personal.

      On the other hand, you have Clinton champion Bob Somerby who critiques his own house. Who goes after the stinkin’ thinkin’ where he lives.

      Conservatives have a media full of tribal disdaining critics. What we don’t have are the faithful wounds of a Bob Somerby brother.

      There’s no one that smart and that insightful in our ranks.

  1. The social media outrage extends to my liberal friends. As outraged as they are now, they’ve already thought he was a racist [Ding!], among other things. But you can never pass up an opportunity to flex your outrage muscles.

  2. Re: O’Reilly

    How gauche of O’Reilly to fill us in on the history of the building of the WH.

    We’re going to have to disappear everything he said other than that thing about slaves being well-fed because we don’t want it to seem as though O’Reilly was commenting on actual history and where the federal govt had evolved on the matter at that point.

    Even though evolution was the topic of Mrs Obama’s speech, we don’t want to think that O’Reilly was doing something other than saying shut-up Mrs. Obama your ancestors had it good.

    Who could tolerate the sort of logic, reasoned behavior, intellectualism, or good will that would entertain the alternative?

    Not us.

  3. LOL John Devore was a FOX News pundit?

    I think he’s just talking about his guest spots on Red Eye!

    • I though Trump was hilarious today pulling the tail of the media asking Russia to hack Hillary’s email and turn the deleted ones over to the FBI.

        • Charles K. said maybe Trump laid a trap & Clinton people stepped into it:

          Trump asks Russia to reveal Clinton deleted email.

          Clinton people say Trump asking a foreign power to violate national security.

          Clinton said deleted email was personal. Marriage plans, yoga scheduled. Nothing work related.


      • He had to know that he was saying exactly the thing that they wanted to hear, that would get them abuzz, and would hog attention from Clinton, and wear the subject out preemptively.

        Trump is a damn troll.

  4. O’Reilly noting that the slaves who helped build the White House were fed well and were provided decent lodging was a dumb thing to say. Not saying it was racist or anything…’s just that it came off as trying to put lipstick on a pig, as the old saying goes. Regardless of what they were given to eat or where they slept, they were still slaves.

    • If you hear all of what O’Reilly said in context. He was making a point that even at the time in history that Mrs. Obama expressly referenced (in a speech about the U.S. being the best country in the world), the federal govt had progressed enough that it did not hire slave labor directly, and it insured adequate food and decent lodging for the workers of subcontractors which did include slaves.

      • As I have heard from Democrats defending the hiring of illegal aliens, claiming that they were doing work Americans refuse to do; the slaves were doing work that white people refused to do.

        • That’s like saying Army Boot Camp is like the Bataan Death March because it’s strenuous too.

    • Wow.

      That’s weird.

      My reply to you — a fascinating read BTW — just got deleted. 😊

      Flagged as pending at the DISQUS site.

      • I didn’t hear Bill’s defense last night, but according to what he said with his original comments, he loves history, was a H.S. history teacher, and loves discussing it.

        He didn’t correct Mrs. Obama, he fleshed out the era that she had referenced.

        It’s perfectly appropriate for anyone to comment on a public speech, whether it’s by a high school valedictorian or the pope.

        • Still think he’d been better off to avoid talking about the speech and shift his focus to some other aspect of that day’s events.

          But that’s Bill being Bill and most of the higher profile commenters probably didn’t like him anyway. So I doubt he lost any viewers over this and will continue to be invited on the same shows he was before to sell his books and promote his TV endeavors.

          • I don’t how Bill’s statements could be “weird in context” when Mrs. Obama was using the building of the WH as an example in describing how ‘the best country in the world’ had progressed beyond an era when its most well-known national symbol was built with slaves (via subcontracting).

            O’Reilly essentially showed us how the U.S. had progressed beyond even what was indicated in the example Michelle Obama used as a meter of progress via African slave labor vs African-Americans as the First Family in the WH.

            Shouldn’t all patriots in the best country in the world high-five him?

          • Then within the context of Mrs. Obama lauding American progress, that should be a mild disappointment to all of us, rather than a call to deride OReilly’s optimism about the Greatest Country in the World.

  5. Well shut my mouth — Hillary Clinton will sit down with “Fox News Sunday” moderator Chris Wallace on Sunday, her first interview since being officially nominated as the presidential nominee of the Democratic primary.

  6. Saw Jill Stein for the first time today on Shep walking around the convention center with Kennedy. She’s very pretty. Harvard educated physician. Remi could have done worse.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 thanked his staff
    4 reporter bellyaches
    3 social media outrage!
    2 the true victims
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 A liberal pundit reveals ‘the truth’ about his appearances on Fox News.

    • I remember reading the correspondance that was released after the fall of the Soviet Union. Call you say “High Treason” boys and girls? The Troll of Chappaquiddick should’ve met the same fate as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

        • To quote Jerry Reed’s character in “The Survivors.” thay are “smoking a turd in Hell.”

  8. Wikileaks tonight released 29 messages from the DNC voicemail system just to show they hacked it and cause unease about what they may have in the own words of the liberal elite.

    • Shep is so good at what he does, but so often he exudes…pours…pique while doing it.

      I don’t know what was eating him yesterday and he never said anything in ill humor, but his expression and manner suggested that any second he was going to start pounding the tray of his high chair and screaming at the top of his lungs.

    • This is what happens when you mold and massage as many factions, identity and grievance groups, as you can in order to cobble together a majority. As soon as conservatives or traditional institutions aren’t the focus, they start beating the hell out of each other.

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