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  1. So Roger will write a book? As a parting gift, I offer my opening line that I have been trying, without success, to wrap a book around for fifty years.

    It was a hot day in Mexico, and Dracula was on the lose.

  2. Re Wemple: “It bothers me most, quite frankly, when it’s the television networks. More so than the newspapers, more so than radio stations, more so than any other segment of the media,”

    Really? When I google a story I am more apt to read an article from a newspaper than watch a TV segment a about it. Do more people watch you tube to get their news? I believe he’s deflecting to try to place blame on a media other than his own.

    IMO all media is to be blamed.

  3. All the suspending of Brazile confirms is CNN was content with her having DNC obligations as long as no one watched her fulfilling them.

  4. Verizon is buying YAHOO for nearly five billion dollars. Maybe they can figure out what it is.

  5. From the Wemple piece— a link to an interview by Tucker Carlson.

    Wish Media Buzz and Reliable Sources would talk about real diversity in the news room.

    Circling back to that point about how newsrooms used to be full of people from different backgrounds and weren’t all milquetoast liberals: There’s truth in that, but obviously newsrooms were a lot whiter than, and were pretty male-dominated. So do you see much value in having a more ethnically diverse or ­gender-diverse newsroom? Or do you think that if everyone goes to the same colleges, it doesn’t matter?
    It goes without saying that I’m opposed, strongly, to erecting irrational barriers to people to do anything: serve in the military, work in a job, go to college. We have a lot of those barriers now, with affirmative action, that penalize people based on their skin color. I’m against it now; I’m against it when it was practiced in the ’50s. I think it’s cruel and irrational. However, the beauty of the diversity regiment, as it’s now constituted, is that it gives moral cover to the ruling class to perpetuate their power.

    So basically what you say is, “We believe in a diverse newsroom. It’s 11 percent black, it’s 15 percent Hispanic and 52 percent female.” But what you leave out is that everybody agrees with everyone else, and they’re all full-speed ahead on keeping the status quo in place — which they are, completely. So you don’t actually ave any diversity at all. Think back to the rationale behind diversity: that you’re going to get a richer environment, that you’re less likely to make dumb mistakes when you don’t have a national consensus, when people come at things with different points of view and assumptions and life experience. And if anything, I see a much more uniform set of life experiences than ever before … I always felt like, If you want real diversity, why not hire some Mormons once in a while? Why not?

  6. Democratic Convention — Miles long fence surrounds site. Must have two forms of ID (opincluding picture ID) at multiple checkpoints.

    Guess illegal aliens and poor minorities are S.O.L.

  7. The the liberal media did such a wrecking ball job on the Republican Convention that the Trump bounce to take the lead over “crooked” Hillary leaves one to think their power of persuasion ain’t what it used to be.

  8. BREAKING NEWS: At least 15 dead, dozens injured in knife attack outside Tokyo.
    Your assignment media: weave this into need for gun safety. (OKAY) Maybe with gun, would be more? Maybe with bomb… Stop right there! CUT; PRINT.

  9. James Rosen on potential future leaks, “If you claim you know what’s going to happen, you’re probably back in the USSR”.

  10. Snopes has a fascinating and detailed piece on what is known about the Wikileaks thing.

    I view this whole deal with a lot of trepidation. I think hacking systems in order to expose things ultimately leads to less freedom, more totalitarianism.

    Property laws and boundaries…borders…guard freedom. They protect us from tyrants, demagogues, people who take matters into their own hands without checks and balances ( Obama).

    There’s some karma going on here with the Democrats.

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    1 Margolin: Megyn Kelly’s silence ‘signaled the worst’ for Roger Ailes.

  12. All these kids shot up In FL, will BLACKLIVESMATTER give a hoot? Nope, black lives not a big part of their agenda. Cerainly not if the killing is “in the family”. I have see ZERO analysis on the networks as to why this is happening.

  13. Larry Prediction: WIKILEAKS has (at least) another shoe to fall. Wait til the Clinton Foundation email hits the fan.

    • Can’t argue with that. The Clinton Foundation would be a prime target. Almost as good a target as her State/Personal mail server.

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