Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: it’s
  • Reliable Sources: Ailes bails part one, part two, part three, part four.
  • Fox & Friends video: in leaked DNC emails.
  • Jake Tapper responds to criticism re DNC emails referencing him.
  • Q&A: Meghan McCain says ‘I no longer recognize my party’.
  • Harris Faulkner lawsuit clears first hurdle.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • The ‘Political Insiders’ one-hour special Saturday.  Governor Gretch?
  • Wasserman-Schultz complained about Mika, Chuck Todd intervened.
  • Abrams: Running MSNBC I didn’t compete with Ailes, I emulated him.
  • NYT exposé on Fox News ‘culture’ cites
  • Concha: If timing is everything, Fox scored a bullseye with Ailes exit.
  • Guthrie: Behind the scenes on day one at Fox News sans Roger Ailes.
  • Bauder: Rupert Murdoch vows Fox News without Ailes is still Fox News.

165 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Meghan McCain has every right to have complete disdain for Trump given how he dismissed her father’s service and the hell he went through in Hanoi. However, establishment GOPers need to take a hard look at why Trump won the nomination and all those establishment candidates went nowhere. The party she describes and claims she used to know never existed. She’s right that Reagan wouldn’t recognize the party but she needs to compare his foreign policy and what he actually did to the foreign policy of President Bush that her father continues to endorse to this day. That would be a good place to start.

    • Reagan wouldn’t recognize either party. He wouldn’t recognize Washington, DC.

      We have no leaders. Not anywhere. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

      • The natives are restless and the unscrupulous have ridden that wave to power. A house divided cannot stand. We are in for trouble.

          • That will be too late. USA will be well on the road to Venezuela by then as the flood of immigrants will create an unbeatable Demcrat majority rewarded by wealth distribution, until there isn’t any. Rome lasted nearly 500 years. We will be lucky to make 300. I, however will be dead. Blessed are the baby boomers.

          • you know they said exactly the same thing as the Irish flooded the NE. Frankly i have more faith in the illegals than the legal deadbeat pokemons i see wandering around the world. Europe worried about Muslims as if the tattooed euro trash natives would be just fine if they could just close the borders. europe and the usa are in for some harsh news. that which kills you is you.

          • It all depends on how they integrate. Irish became cops and priests, a fabric of society. The Latinos are good at instigating.

          • Mike, Larry. we do not know the future. not peddling hope, just the truth. we do not know what will happen.

          • True, the only thing we can be certain of is the unexpected will happen. Don’t be mercy-killing Grandma on Wednesday as sure as shootin’ they come up with a cure on Thursday.

    • If he though leaving MEDIAITE would get that stuff off the bottom of his boot, Mr. Concha has been disappointed.

      • People really need to find some better uses of time. Willing to bet 90 percent of those who spew that stuff can’t be in their Happy Place very often.

  2. Re: Wasserman-Schultz

    Wow. It’s hard to delineate the media members from the DNC staffers. That is some kind of chumminess. It looks like the tiffs and interventions between relatives in a big family.

    It’s astounding how the DNC plotted against Sanders, who unlike Trump, was a politician in office and a reliable supporter of Pres. Obama.

    • But “85% of the Sanders supporters are on board because Clinton treated him with respect”. Well, that’s the mantra, and they’re stickin’ to it.

      • I don’t know why Sanders’ crew can’t do what Republicans do and cop to dancing with the devil in order to stave off the anti-Christ.

        • a lot of us will not do that either. i would let daniel ortega be president before i let trump in my yard. he is a puke. i hate him. that is my story and i am sticking to it.

          • At least Trump isn’t a Communist. Or Marxist-Leninist, or whatever Ortega is. And I probably dislike Trump more than you do.

          • no you do not dislike him more than me. ortega is a monkey on a known leash. Trump is a self absorbed egoist that is capable of doing anything he is not prevented from doing. i wouldn’t enable that puke to do squat. the ism thing is passe. all people with power use it to hurt me and my family. smaller, less power =good. like anyone, you can do all sorts of good stuff, but f up once, and that is your name for life. the inconsistent self serving foreign policy has done the USA no good. now add trump to that and good fing luck. survival is interdependent. i see the choices as worse and much worse.

          • Too bad Ortega didn’t carry through on his threat to invade Honduras in the mid 80’s. He would’ve been squashed like the cockroach he is. No running back to the jungle to start over, he wouldn’t have known what hit him, courtesy of the 441st Bomb Squadron.

          • yeah that is worth a regional war and Latins seeing Americans bomb America again all to create a country for a tribe that would likely end up being run by criminals. the history of war and revolution say the odds of good results suck.

          • That would be a side result of ending a war that Ortega would’ve started had he invaded Honduras. He thought better of it. Or Fidel did for him.

          • at the time both Honduras and El Salvador were very anti commie and that is why it did not happen. both Honduras and El Salvador were part of the “coalition of the willing”. Zeleya was a right winger until elected, when he got help from Chavez he was forced onto a plane to Costa Rica. if i had a list of all the things daniel has said they will do that never happened it would be almost as long as Obama’s. Daniel has been pumping cash into Honduran public unions for years and Zeleya’s wife got blown out in the last election. now with the FMLN bragging about death squads Honduras is reasonably safe from going left.

          • By the way, the other day at Half Price Books I found a copy of Moon Guides “Living Abroad in Nicaragua.” It’s an entertaining book about an interesting place.

          • incredibly, like 19th century choo choo trains. cable persists, i do not know why. but i came here for links, and became like each of us, a captured troll.

          • So GC, is this comment made in 2015 still accurate for the most part — including Super Bowl, World Series, NASCAR and March Madness?

            The local TV providers in Nicaragua have a bundle package that gives you Internet, TV, and a home phone for about US $20 to $30 depending on how much usage you need for the Internet.

            Can’t remember if you, yourself, get CNN and Fox News.

          • i pay 35 p/mo to Mexico, Claro, for net, an intermittent 2 mgs, and cable tv that used to have fox news pre-Daniel and now for english has 2 rotating nets abc, cbs, nbc, i.e. never 3 on. bbc, and cnn international for english. we get a lot of the sports but in spanish, i so i no longer have the cable connected in my cavern, just in the rest of the house for kids and mom. cartoons and novelas. i think there are a few movie channels in english but have not watched a movie in many many years.
            i hack every sporting event aired but have never been able to get into fox news. they are the most protective of their cable revenue of all nets even espn, and fox sports which i can always get from UK sky or Serbia.

          • in this morning’s news a costa rica man in san jose living under a bridge has been found sexually abusing dogs. they have not been able to remove him as squatting is legal, so OIJ, pronounced OEJOTA, the tico fbi is trying to get a judge that will approve animal abuse charges so they can bust him for removal. just when you think all the problems are on your block.

          • Bill Clinton is in Costa Rica?

            There was a thing on our news about a 15 year old girl in Arizona playing chicken by jumping in front of a freight train going about 60 MPH. Didn’t jump out of the road in time.

          • cnn international and cnn español are not CNN that you see. entirely different programming. euro in style, marxist in perspective.

          • $35 for cable and 2 megs, free lap top with contract. free connection for all in Parque central.

          • pacto con Hugo we trade coffee and beans they sell for dollars we get a price fixed 10 years ago that was very cheap, 50 to 60 a barrel.

          • i would be interested in it’s take. when was it written. i have not been to a book store in almost 20 years.

          • har har. funny, i think the majority are no longer mexicans and soon the majority will no longer be latin.
            of course i was speaking of the almost perfect failure rate of revolutions ending of with people being better off.

          • And, of course, you were making no sense. And, I never said they were Mexicans or Latin.

          • the USA defeating Britain in a land and sea war should be reviewed for miracle status. while the outcome was not good for all, it stands out as the most improbable military achievement since the Trojan war. of course the Trojan war was just a story.

          • not sure how much you have read about the inner political manipulations in the colonies. the founders were far from unified and were very jealous and competitive. he had enemies that wanted his job. promises were broken to see him fail. considering the battle terrain and that he lost every battle engaged in until the Christmas eve attack it is a miracle that Cornwall surrendered on the terrain were he held all the advantage. as an Atheist the revolution against Britain to me is one of the many proofs posited for the existence of a deity.

          • Don’t know too much, but by happenstance watched a TV show yesterday saying he won two key Revolutioary War battles with suprise crossings of the Deleware, the last being Yorktown. Read a portion of his letter to Martha when he accepted the possition of commander, that he had tried his best to avoid it but felt obligated to accept. One of only two Presidents to lead a military expedition while in office: the “Whiskey Rebellion” in PA.

          • some very good books. Newt and ghost author wrote 2 i believe that tell in a historical fiction context. i.e. it all happened and they had words that were not spoken that reflect the historical character. i bet you would enjoy.


          • Also from what little I know, Lafayette quite a remarkable man. Must have been admired greatly given all things named after him. I sometimes drive the half hour to Marietta on the Ohio River to dine at the old Lafayette Hotel.

          • Until the 1940’s, Lafayette, IN was spelled LaFayette due to a Post Office error that was never corrected.

          • Amazingly just a few years later Adams was doing everything in his power to keep from going to war with France after their revolution.

          • Their revolution descended into utter madness, however, we were in no position to intervene.

          • The Trojan War was “for the prevention of disease only.” And, if tou get that joke you are really old.

          • Jews maybe, Israel not even close. the entire Muslim world vs Israel is not even close to the late 18th century British Empire Army and Navy vs the colonies. Britain was the most powerful country in the world. as to the Americans even with German and French help should have never been able to win a land or sea battle. in fact lost the majority of encounters. that the British will was broken is unique in history in my mind.

          • “You can do all sorts of good stuff, but f up once, and that is your name for life.”
            That can be very true depending on who you are, what’s forgivable, of what becomes forgivable.

          • He wears a gun — or least he used to. I miss the days of Andrew Jackson when the President used to shoot people.

          • And ignore the Supreme Court and kill off as many indians as possible. Jackson should’ve been flayed alive and burned at the stake.

          • you want the first populist president flayed alive and are voting for Trump? that is quite the pretzel.

          • or sanders or stein or johnson either. the political class is a fail on all sides. with unfunded liability un-payable by any method of taxation possible to enact no matter who or what is in, the future is devalue devalue devalue which can only be cleansed with default by world war again. all the while looking back fondly at ww2 like it produced so many good things. insane.

      • Well, at least she didn’t have him killed, only called him a “f***ing Jew b^stard” over and over. I wonder how Debbie-poo liked that. Yes, Debs, she doesn’t like you either, you were just being used.

    • Looking at the NYT today, not a single mention of the email mess could I find. Not even the decision Wasserman-Schultz not speaking at the convention. News unfavorable to the Democrats unfit to print?

    • I guess. At least he wasn’t trying to play peacemaker between MSNBC and the head of the DNC.

      I suppose if you’ve lost Mika you’ve lost America.

      • Mika is a younger but much more arrogant Eleanor Clift. she predictably and brainlessly bleats an ugly shriek that goes on and on and on.

      • I watched NBC NIGHTLY NEWS tonight. Mention of the leaked email and that they may cause problems with Sanders voters, but very little of what was actually in them… and not a word about their own lovely and talented Chuck “the fixer” Todd.

        • So many examples of how the media is in the tank for Dems and they are truly confused as to why we citizens sneer at them regularly.

  3. Is FOX News still FOX News without Ailes? Seems Ailes has a gift of hiring Conservative men & women. Does Rupert have that gift? =P

  4. BBC drops the first name (Ali) of the Munich shooter. KInd of confuses the “troubled boy doesn’t like foreigners” meme being pushed. Also fits the “Larry 1st Name Pattern” statistics which polite people ignore.

  5. so the New York Times thinks Fox News is an animal house, gimme a break. they are describing it as if they practice human trafficking. i cannot imagine the type of people that think this is how successful modern corporate offices operate.

      • Always.

        And when the accusations come at other nets (and they will), it will morph from being a bad apple into the more general societal problem.

  6. Jamelle Bouie is 100% right. just like here, they are not socialist, they are ethnocentric nationalists. trumpers are not republican, they are ethnocentric nationalists.

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 scored a bullseye
    4 Chuck Todd
    3 Tapper responds
    2 Behind the scenes
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Harris Faulkner lawsuit clears first hurdle.

  8. Today’s terrorist attack – Ansbach, Germany. Suicide bomber, who luckily blew himself up before getting into the crowd.

    • OBVIOUSLY INSANE BUT, as a current profile predictor:
      a) IRISH tourist
      b) old GERMAN war criminal
      c) Merkel’s ENGLISH butler
      d) 27-year-old SYRIAN man who had been denied asylum

    part one — didn’t watch it
    part two — that one neither
    part three — nope, can’t make me
    part four — see the pattern?

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