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  1. Spud woke up from his summer nap and for the most part did a great job sorting out the Ailes news. Just my opinion.

      • I don’t agree with the Sherman is vindicated part. Not even ‘sorta’ vindicated.

        It’s obvious that Sherman was leaked info of a sort and by a true insider/s that was never the case before.

        This was a part of embarrassing Ailes and making it seem that every negative thing said about him was true in order to grease the skids.

    • I think Mr. Brokaw made the funniest comment about ‘weird’ Chris Matthews years ago.

      As was reported back in 2008, “Tom Brokaw cracked on ‘The Daily Show’ that when it comes to politics, Chris has a form of Tourette’s syndrome.”

      • He was so awkward the other night asking a black SNL comedian, “who do you think is the funniest black man”.

    • It seemed to show up after he spent a long time off the air due to contracting malaria.

    • What hurts even more is to see all the haters gloating, celebrating, via the “ailes resignation” trend on Facebook. To them, it’s like a dictator was executed.

    • What hurts is that it was Megyn that stuck a dull knife right into Ailes! He was fighting back against Gretchen really good until those Sherman leaks about Megyn appeared & then Ailes was gone!

  2. The dress Megyn Kelly wore last night was almost as inappropriate as the one she wore the night before.

    Vanity Fair reported earlier this year that Donald Trump, should he lose the White House, wants to start his own media company to appeal to the mass of supporters he has accumulated. Ailes would certainly have some advice for him, if he were allowed to do so.

  4. All the talk about the NIce Truck Killer being a mentally ill loan wolf, out on a wild and crazy whim. Now the French prosecutor says the guy planned for a month, had accomplices, and direct contact with ISIS, what, not much being said about that?
    Meanwhile, somebody is shooting up a German mall, place your bets:
    a) soldier of the caliphate after the virgins
    b) soldier of the IRA molested by a priest
    c) Bad Santa getting an early shopping start
    d) random crazy

          • insanity is contagious. no doubt about it. do you think it is Catholics that did the Inquisition? Christians that shun, handle snakes, and have 8 wives, roll in the dirt speaking tongues? nope. just nut cases.

          • no. i believe the vast majority of people are reasonably humane. which is the problem of grouping people by attributes other than behavior.

          • Okay, the behavior grouping of all the murderers yelling “Allahu Akbar” in countries all over the world is our first clue, Watson.

          • larry you always help me make points. seriously, of course after yelling your fav phrase it is a tad late. so youtube El Al behavioral analysis, because they look exactly for signs of emotional instability and likely describe much better than I.

          • Man, you have lost me. I’ve even forgot what you were selling. At least in the commercials I knew it was cars.

          • All those things drive inhumanity. To deny it as merely acts of individual insanity is to deny their responsibility. SORRY, not buying.

          • sorry is correct. because as cc notes above there are simply too many people of every group you think is evil doing nothing insane. i have never posed that insanity denies responsibility, or that spreading insanity is not responsible for the acts of inhumanity we are seeing. we just need to focus our mores on damning behavior, not religion, origin or other false narratives. Giuliani did not jail people because of the group they were in, he jailed them for behaviors that hurt citizens and things calmed despite the lunatics of hatred on both sides.

          • You can be as insane as you can be and never harm a fly.

            You do a disservice to mentally ill people.

          • and of course you and Nix are correct. most insane people would never do a sociopathic act, but every person that does is insane, and not necessarily insane and Muslim. the left wing PC of no profile is stupid, and so is the right wing Islam is a religion responsible for sociopathy meme. just saying.

    • We could prohibit the purchase of firearms by anyone who is crazy. But our Politically Correct laws prohibit us from calling anyone crazy.

      • German born Iranian. One woman hear him say “Allah Akbar” while he was shooting children. She says this made her cry because she is Muslim.

        The shooter also insulted Turks.

        I went the entire late afternoon thinking that it was pretty much a wrap that he was a neo-Nazi based upon listening to Chuck Todd and guests on MSNBC.

        One guy actually said that Neo-Nazis were the flip side to ISIS. Neo-Nazis suck for sure, but I don’t think they’ve risen to the point of being an international terror threat.

        It’s important to consider this comparison because the panel regaled us on the anti-immigrant mood rearing its ugly head overseas while making no distinctions of anti-immigration folks from Neo-Nazis…to talking about “Strongmen” that had arisen in various countries due to nativism…to then mentioning Trump by name.

        They won’t link the Orlando and Nice killers to Islamic terrorism though they shouted “Allah Akbar” but within ten minutes they had everyone who wants tighter border controls or who reject the importation of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees as being xenophobic soul mates with Neo-nazis and with a man who gunned down children at McDonalds (again expressly mentioning Trump and his supporters).

        Of course there was no discussion of the intense tribal- sectarian factions and century old animosities in the Middle East that a second generation Iranian-German might have learned at his mother’s breast, and could have influenced his feeling about immigration policy.

        The same people who demand you separate Islam from terrorism took minutes to philosophically hang this guy in Munich around the necks of every Trump supporter in the U.S.

        • i have not read or heard a single word of it. Unless you are a researcher or in LE or CIT i do not recommend it.

        • People such as F. Chuck Todd and his pals at MSNBC are utterly worthless. Their entire agenda is to divide the people of this country, to pit one group against another. I hope they are really proud of themselves.

    • The shooter is described as holding both German and Iranian citizenship. He was born in Germany to Iranian parents. But I am sure all of that is a coincidence.

  5. Matthews should visit a random black lives matter demonstration wearing a support your local police hat. Then he has something to worry about.

    An average of just over 30 million people watched Donald Trump accept the Republican nomination on Thursday night across ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, according to ratings data from Nielsen. Millions more likely tuned in on other networks, and on streaming video services.

    During the 10 p.m. hour, which made up the bulk of Trump’s speech, Fox News averaged 9.35 million viewers, NBC 4.59 million viewers, CNN 5.48 million viewers, ABC 3.87 million viewers, CBS 3.81 million viewers, and MSNBC 2.95 million viewers.

  7. TVNEWSER has some potential candidates for a run at Connecticut governor: Gretchen Carleson, Joe Scarbourgh.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Today’s O’Whine
    4 rail against exploitation
    3 winners, losers
    2 Matthews terrified
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Ailes resignation reactions: Greta, Breta Baier, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace.

    • i got really drunk last night out back alone for the first time in a long time. sang out back in English till 1:30 am. awoke mid day. tomi gave me fruit, iced coffee and a lecture reviewing every time i have drank too much in the last 6 years. i still ain’t voting for any of those pukes. i still think i hit the vocal F# in Bbm really well. no matter what my neighbors yelled.

  9. Somehow in this crazy week we ended up with Michael Dukakis campaign manager as Roger Ailes lawyer.

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