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  1. i would not vote for Stein, the libertarians, Sanders, Clinton, Trump or Cruz, no matter what they or their supporters say. i hope it is just my advanced age.

  2. I’m old. I find Megyn’s dress inappropriate, too. Maybe not with the vitriol others may express but can’t disagree with the “too revealing” for an anchor. But, since she seems to hold the card against Ailes I guess she is making her stand not just in words but in appearance.

  3. Five possible repercussions
    Four potential replacements
    Three French Hens
    Two Turtle Doves
    and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

  4. “Roger Ailes resigns” — Well. We all sort of knew it was coming, just not when and how. I’d expect a few more upper level changes between next week and November.

  5. “Whoever invented the Coca-Cola formula has long since passed this Earth, but the brand keeps selling because people like the taste,” said Mark Feldstein, a journalism professor at the University of Maryland. “I think that’s how it’s going to be with Roger Ailes. He invented this winning formula and all you have to do is not mess with it too much and it will continue to mint money for you.”

  6. Shep would bet the farm that Hillary will announce her running mate just before Trump’s speech tonight. What he grows on the farm, I don’t know.

  7. Zurawik pees on the freshly planted grave flowers. Put that guy on the next Reliable Souces, but make him give back all the checks FNC wrote him.

  8. Just read Bret Bier also has a out in contract if Ailes leaves. A network would be crazy not to go after him

  9. Zurawik: “it was holy warfare on what Ailes saw as a liberal bias in mainstream media.” I believe there was and IS STILL a liberal bias in the media-we just now have another source to look to for information.

    “But the dark side of the Ailes personality involves paranoia, seeing opponents of his conservative ideology as enemies instead of opponents and using inflammatory and vitriolic rhetoric to try and destroy rather than debate them.” Really? I believe many media types would have LOVED to destroy Ailes. But it was Carlson & Kelly that made it happen not the NYT, WP or CNN.

    ” highly partisan, confrontational rhetoric, particularly in its prime-time shows.” “It’s a rhetoric of derision and division. And it’s played a major role in getting us to the troubled space we now occupy with a gridlocked Congress filled with members who spend more time attacking their opponents across the aisle in the toxic language of cable TV than trying to pass legislation.” once again, really? Fox is responsible for ALL of that? And CNN and MSNBC have never had rhetoric of derision and division? What world do you live in Zurawik?

    “MSNBC has since gone back to a more journalistic orientation with an emphasis on the news-gathering…” Now, THAT’S funny!

    “Cable news will be a better place without Ailes’ heavily political hand on the tiller at Fox News, especially if 21st Century Fox brings in someone like David Rhodes, currently the president of CBS News, to head Fox News.” Dear Lord:let’s all pray that doesn’t happen. Do those Murdoch boys really believe Rhodes can make things better?

    • Zurawik looked like a real lunatic with that piece. David Rhodes? David Freaking Rhodes? Why not hire Zucker and completely crash the place into the ground?

      • He had that written and waiting for Ailes’ departure.

        He didn’t want to get it out before he was sure that Ailes was gone and couldn’t stop payment on his Media Buzz checks.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 knew the topic
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    3 possible repercussions
    2 walks off
    And the most popular ink in today’s links…
    1 Megyn Kelly lambasted as a ‘flesh-baring escort’.

    (A lot of late visits to the breaking Ailes links, but not enough to surmount the big lead built up all morning and most of the afternoon by other topics posted before that news broke.)

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