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  1. CNN came to the convention with a flamethrower. Maybe that’s what set their grill on fire.

  2. Considering that Roger Ailes has been in charge since Fox started, it’s a big story that he is likely on the way out (whether on his own terms or not). However I don’t see a big shake-up on the horizon. Fox has dominated cable news for years now and the Murdochs are not going to want to fix what is not broken. My guess is that Bill Shine takes over for Ailes and the change in leadership will not make any waves. The rumor floating around that O’Reilly, Hannity and others would follow Ailes out the door seems rather silly…..where else are they going to go?

    • Haven’t the Murdoch sons always wanted to get rid of Ailes? Gretchen Carlson gave them a reason to do so.

    • I could see Hannity and go to OAN and Greta go back to CNN and Kelly go to Network and O’Reily. Doocy retiring. By By Fox being #1

      • Hannity go to OAN? From cable’s #1 channel to something equivalent to community access? Nyet. Greta back to CNN? I think those bridges have been burned. Kelly might go to network or syndication a la Oprah. No reason for Doocy to retire; the extremely thin claims about him are just one notch above vaporware. He’s on a retirement track for sure but independent of this stuff. No reason to advance the date.

      • LOL

        I don’t see anyone going anywhere. $$$ talks, FNC pays them huge amounts of $$$

        Where is Ailes going to come up with that type of money on a startup?

        Remember the reports of Comey & the FBI resigning if there is no INDICTMENT? LOL How’d that work out?

  3. I wonder how things were at the convention last with Megyn hosting. Based upon the little I watched, everything seemed normal, but how friendly was it during commercials.

    I noticed Baier looked angry during Kurtz’ report on the Ailes fracas and Kim G. looked like she had shed some tears before going on O’Reilly.

    • “I’ve been in this bubble, in the Secret Service bubble,” Van Susteren said. “I haven’t talked with anybody I haven’t seen anybody. I hear all the noise. But I have no idea what’s going on. Except I hear about these random reports and they seem to be inconsistent.” (TVNewser)

    • I used to really like Megyn. Now, I picture her in front of a mirror saying, “I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a big bright shining star.” Ego writ large. Ailes created a monster who has now turned on him.

      • news is about content. just because it requires good writing and presentation does not mean it requires a pop star.

      • I hear you, Nixon, but I don’t think we know enough to draw any conclusions yet. She may have reported this to someone earlier or even have complained to him and come to some sort of ‘watch it’ understanding with Ailes.

        There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t had to do that with some man or another that they can’t avoid in life, whether it’s setting boundaries as to comments and/or physical contact

        He helped her, took a chance on her, etc, but I think that she would naturally and rightfully consider herself as having the sort of talent and drive that has helped Fox in return.

        I dont know if we’ll hear her side very soon (not that we’ve heard his either) and I have all the same impulses that you have in judging this.

        Let’s wait. It will take awhile, but people have an interest in saying their piece and eventually we’ll hear it.

        • I wasn’t even referring to the “Hug incident.” I was talking more about the sudden change in her on-air persona, plus all of the interviews.

  4. There’s a really bizarre post at Mediaite (where else?) by John Ziegler which tells a ‘story’ about the whole Trump/Ailes/Gretchen/Megyn timeline. Read it if you’re interested, but don’t accept anything in it at face value except maybe the punctuation. Making stuff up is no substitute for research.

      • That’s rather interesting in itself. You have two people there who roundly ….completely…beat everyone in the ratings from their direct competition to Don Lemon to Erin Burnett to Rachel Maddow to…name someone….and we naturally assume these people are unhurable anywhere else.

        That says it all.

      • I think in a year from now Fox will be a distant #2. With Kelly and O’Reilly gone. And as contract come to end many more will go. MKH got out when the getting was good

          • I’m not so sure about Kelly. She could get syndicated, but I’m not sure that would be what she would want to do from a journalistic sense. Maybe $$$ beats that, but who knows?

            O’Reilly is for sure gone in the next few years… at least from hosting a 5-day show. Kelly COULD replace him if she doesn’t go elsewhere.

          • I wonder if going down the syndicated route really would change her earnings significantly. I suppose it would increase her exposure (which is both good and bad), but I’m pretty sure FOX would offer big bucks to get her to stay.

        • Who do you think will be the new #1? Fox is pretty much the only (legit) game in town when it comes to non-liberal news channels.

          • Fox started from nothing but OAN can grow with some money backing. They are just started to be carried by some cable outlets. It may take a couple of years and a couple of key hires

          • From the admittedly little I’ve seen of OAN, they need a LOT of help with production. And some professionals to direct or produce or whatever

          • I saw it once on the TV in a truck stop fast food restaurant. Picture a high school newscast with adults instead of kids. It was really bad.

  5. I will agree with Woodward Jr. that Drudge has structured his page to be pro Trump. Much of FNC had no use for Trump.

      • Steve Hayes, Charles Krauthammer, Bret Baier (in my opinion), Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly… Just off the top of my head. You don’t get that kind of diversity on CNN or MSNBC: EVERYBODY hates trump and would give Hillary a pass if her prints turned up on Vince Foster’s gun and her DNA also on the blue dress.

        • I wouldn’t agree that “much of FNC had no use for Trump.”

          As for CNN, they seem to be trying to out-Trump Fox with their recent hires: Lewandowski (who is still operating under a rather strict non-disclosure agreement that bars him from criticizing Trump, Trump family members, Trump businesses, etc., for life), Scottie Nell Hughes, and I don’t know if they’ve actually hired her or if she’s just a frequent guest, but Kaley McEnany isn’t exactly there for her intellect and in-depth knowledge.

          • Sorry that most of the heavy hitters of prime time (other than Megyn Kelly) and morning are all in the Trump Tank. Hayes and Krauthammer are Fox News Contributors, not anchors/hosts. Smith is being eased out.

          • Your trollish minimalizing of a pretty sizable group on FNC every day that are extremely tough on Trump. I’ve concluded you’re just one of those people that pop up here. Often with false nose and glasses. Not a serious person deserving further response.

          • So, disagreeing with you is now “trollish minimalizing”? You sure think mighty highly of yourself, don’t you? And you still avoid dealing with the reality that most of the major players on Fox (with the exception of Megyn Kelly) are hardcore pro-Trump. Enjoy your delusions

          • You didn’t demonstrate that “most of the major players on FOX” were Trump fans from the start. You pointed out a few, and imply they’re more significant than those who didn’t. That’s your view of things, but it’s not based in reality.

          • I don’t remember who jumped on the bandwagon when, but I do recall that Greta and F&F have had Trump as a regular call-in guest for at least a few years. They continued that through the primary, and never gave the same courtesy to any of the others. Admittedly, I don’t watch much Hannity, but he seemed to me to be far easier on Trump than on most of the others.

            Still, despite when they jumped on, that’s still 6 hours a day of hardcore pro-Trump.

          • Probably she was talking with one on twitter this week… know what that can do to you if you don’t know everything you read is BS

          • That’s solid evidence: charges made in a political campaign. I remember both Marco Rubio and Ben Carson do phone-ins, so I know it’s fictitious, like the ‘no pants’ claim that has approached legendary status in some circles.

          • Consider it a helpful suggestion… since you’re making yourself look foolish.

            I’m helpful like that.

          • F&F 3 hrs
            Then 1 hr each for:
            The Five
            The O’Reilly Factor

            That’s 8 hrs then you’ve got Dobbs, Varney and Cavuto over at FBN.

          • If Fox News is the Trump channel….why do his biggest supporters hate Fox right now and call for boycotts?????

            want to guess how many shows have hosts that even support Trump a little on MSNBC? or CNN? They have OPINION shows….yet I can’t think of even one who supports Trump…..sorry no balance there….now is there.

            EVERY show you mentioned is an OPINION SHOW………..if they didnt give their OPINIONS…..they wouldn’t be doing there jobs now would they?

            But….and since I don’t watch most OPINION shows….say u are right….by my count that leaves 9 or 10 hours of other programing you aren’t claiming……maybe Fox News should change their slogan to “Fair and BALANCED”..

          • Let me just say that all I was doing was agreeing with Leslie’s statement, “Most of the heavy hitters of prime time (other than Megyn Kelly)
            and morning are all in the Trump Tank. Hayes and Krauthammer are Fox
            News Contributors, not anchors/hosts.”

            I find this to be a legitimate statement. If you disagree, fine. I’m sure there are many out there who find eight hours a day of mostly favorable coverage of a Republican nominee for a cable news channel which most think favors the right is understandable.

            No one is talking about other cable news channels or FNC boycotters who still hate Megyn — for which there is little evidence they’ve hurt the ratings. Not sure why you chose to go there.


          • and totally ignore the anti-trump intensity of those that regularly voice their option he is an anathema to conservatism. It’s loud and clear and there is nothing like it on channels that truly are pushing a candidate. And tell me again all the opinion hours are 100% pro Trump. To paint FOX as a pro Trump channel is to paint with a bucket of smear.

          • “To paint FOX as a pro Trump channel is to paint with a bucket of smear.”

            While I am sure many share your view, there does seem to be a range of opinions (including conservatives) out there regarding the coverage of Trump by Fox News.

            Jonah Goldberg, of the conservative National Review, recently argued that Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Eric Bolling, Bill O’Reilly and the majority of hosts on “Fox & Friends,” “The Five” and “Outnumbered” are “all more pro-Trump than anti.

            In May conservative talk show host Mark Levin, “Lowered the boom on Fox News’ pathetic TV shows like Fox and Friends, Outnumbered and The Five for giving favoring Trump by giving no context to why Ted Cruz went off on Donald Trump Tuesday morning.”

            The website RedState featured a headline in March that read, “The Fox News Channel: Full Time Enablers Of Donald Trump.”

          • KELLY FILES and SPECIAL REPORT have good ratings and you can get an order of barbecue trump at either.

          • “No one is talking about other cable news channels”

            And that’s what drives me nuts….the hypocrites have one standard for Fox News and another for the competition……..EVERY OPINION show on MSNBC will be in the tank for Clinton..and many if not ALL of the news shows……..the hater will have NO PROBLEM with.

            makes me want to just say……just shut up.

            Fox has @ 10 hours of show they don’t claim are in the tank for Trump…..but if even one host doesn’t hate Trump…..”Fox is in the tank!”


          • And it’s not just the ‘many’ anchors and co-hosts on FNC and FBN Leslie.

            Here’s my working theory and since I have yet to see it mentioned elsewhere, I must be totally deranged.

            Producers and executives for FNC, CNN, the broadcast morning shows and the broacast evening news shows all came to a similar conclusion.

            A. Viewers of these programs average 65 yrs old and older.
            B. Romney carried the 65+ age groups by a whopping 12 points. News flash: Viewers of these programs mostly lean right.
            C. CEOs like Jeff Zucker (CNN), James Goldston (ABC) and Les Moonves (CBS) finally concluded that we can achieve our optimum payoff for adding new viewers by appealing to those interested in and/or supportive of Donald Trump. Bingo! We’re heroes!

          • I don’t consider her a troll. She actually has a legitimate journalistic career. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I don’t agree with everything that I say.

          • And on the other side you have Cuomo, Banfield, Lemon, Burnett, Matthews, Hayes, Maddow, O’Donell,

          • Well, his early prime time show was taken away and he was given a nifty title while keeping his mid-afternoon show, which is prime time for the elderly and other shut-ins. Whatever they said, it was not a promotion.

          • Oh… so he’s being “eased out” based on what happened how many years ago?

            That’s a lot of “easing” going on.

            *rolls eyes*

          • Well let’s see…they built him a million-dollar Fox News Deck (I’m guessing at the price, it cost a pretty penny if not a million), made him the de facto Breaking News anchor (a concept that MSNBC has since copied), and named him Managing Editor to boot. What’s more this all happened about three years ago. If they’re easing him out and after three years he’s in the same place he always was, that’s the s-l-o-w-e-s-t easing out in the history of easings out.

          • That’s three….not including candidate family members ala spokespersons who any news organization would interview.

      • Simply defaulting to that as a given, that would be balance with the rest of the media.

        They’ve milked Trump for the cash cow that he’s been for ratings, but they’ve intimated that he’s the second coming of Hitler and George Wallace in the process.

      • Meh on Hannity.

        Hannity had a few favorites of the group, and would have been fine with any of them. He’s just a good Republican soldier… and would have fallen in line with ease.

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  7. That whole Chicago in the 60s meme never happened.

    Did Soros decide that the optics were bad after the cop killings or what?

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