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  1. I submit that as much as we might mock or scoff at Twitter on occasion, it is not without its pluses.

    With over 300 million users it really shines in catching celebs, politicians and other high profile people in moments where they wish they hadn’t been exposed. (Same goes for Yelp, fact checkers, Angie’s List and Amazon customer reviews. They’re not all bad and for the most part they’re better than what we had in decades past, doncha think?)

    How many of the 300M actually noticed for themselves the striking similarities between Melania Trump’s speech last night at Michelle Obama’s at the 2008 convention?

    “Priebus says he’d ‘probably’ fire Melania Trump speechwriter”

    But how much blame should her help get when she told NBC, “I wrote it with as little help as possible.”

    • Actually, nothing is faster for a hint at breaking news then Twitter. FIrst place I check “when something is up”. I follow some good sources. #nostooges

      • I follow @BreakingNews with a Twitter client open (and hidden) most of the day. Mo-Fr it’s good; weekends, not so much.

      • Twitter is the best thing since peanut butter. I have very little interest in tweeting, but Twitter is the ultimate grapevine and great for holding mucketymucks accountable in a heretofore unattainable way.

        I do rue the bullying there, however. If you have people involved you have meanies.

        • In the early days, famous people would exchange with you freely. It was a blast. Now, they have been burned and few will.

          • Until recently it was more than likely that they were exposed to feedback though.

            Now I hear that there’s some new software out that helps them avoid all that via just looking at specific data.

            So the best thing since peanut butter may morph into sesame butter.

      • Trending hashtags is usually pretty good for picking up on breaking news. Then again, I now know far more about Kim, Kanye, Taylor, and a bunch of other nitwits than I *EVER* wanted to know.

    • That’s a nice gotcha and everything, but anyone with the slightest bit of sophistication knows that any campaign with a lick of sense would fire her “help”.

      No one thinks that speeches or books by politicies are a major work by said politico.

      However, if anyone insists on holding Mrs Trump at her word the contested part of her speech is one paragraph. That might meet her definition of ” as little help as possible”.

      Best advice to Trump Campaign: Find the sabateur in your mix and fire them and fire anyone else you suspect of allegiance to Lewandowski.

      • Trump is upset.

        Priebus said he’d “probably” fire whoever was responsible for including plagiarized quotes.

        Lewandowski said, “I agree with Reince Priebus, whoever wrote the speech should be made accountable and fired.”

        Yet “Sly Stallone sound-alike” Paul Manafort somehow thought he could go on CNN and with a straight face say the “Plagiarism accusations are crazy.”

        Made me laugh.

        Just as it did when Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson twisted himself into a pretzel trying to explain why HRC did not lie (“she misspoke”) about how she had to evade sniper fire when she was visiting Bosnia in 1996 as first lady.

        • Or Josh Earnest yesterday with why the White House is painted by colored lights for all causes they give a damn about, but not blue to honor the fallen policemen. A hell of a tell.

        • Well, Michael, one does wonder how sensible it would be to steal a paragraph from the speech of your immdiate First Lady predecessor…

          What I did with Manafort would depend on how conscious he is that there’s a rat in the house.

          Frankly, both Trump and Manafort are in the sort of pants-down mode that hints they’d be caught flat footed as often as the current WH occupant.

        • Her speech was far from plagiarism. Biden cribbing Neil Kinnock and Obama doing the same with Deval Patrick was. Word for word.

      • i wonder if the software exists to point out numerically how many times Politico has plagiarized itself.

  2. (Politico) OVERHEARD: CBS Chief White House Correspondent (and former Fox News correspondent) Major Garrett on the phone telling the person on the other end, “I was one of the least Fox-like people at Fox.”

    • I think you’ll see a decrease on the network side and nice bump on the cable news side.
      Different world now.

      And then there’s this via THR:

      If you’re looking for an early comparison to 2008 or 2012, you’ll have to wait until the numbers for Tuesday night come in. The big GOP gathering has been plagued by weather interruptions during the last two presidential elections. Night one of the 2008 RNC was largely sidelined by media coverage of Hurricane Gustav. And the first night of the 2012 event was essentially nixed as Hurricane Isaac passed by the Miami location.

      • You may be right Joe.

        I would be surprised if FNC demo ratings are lower than 2012. But if polls are correct that 40% of GOP voters preferred another candidate, then it’s anybody’s guess I suppose.

    • I watched nothing of it, but I wouldn’t have expected it to be a snooze-o-Rama given the potential for controversy with Trump and that protests may go over the top.

      I suspect this bodes for low ratings for both candidates.

      However, I’m not Mr. Concha, but it’s nice he seems to have given you this as his forwarding address.

  3. Interesting contrast in headlines.

    CNN Chyron

    Drudge Report

  4. Scott Baio is speaking at the convention. I had my hopes up for the kid from GENTLE BEN, but I’m not too sure of his politics.

  5. Sherman was right. Must have been tapped in directly to the Murdoch boys. Dang me. Dang me. Oughta take a rope an’ hang me.

  6. Btw, does anyone have any idea why Ailes has left-winger Susan Estrich as his defense lawyer? Yes, she worked/works for Fox, but he can afford the best of the best so it’s not like he has to use someone in-house

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  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 could replace him
    4 out on a limb
    3 Matthews attacks
    2 saltier Dana Perino
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Sutton: Reporters for MSNBC, FNC ordered off the convention floor.

  8. Hint for looney haters pretending to be fake media “critics”:

    If you are going to “write” about #1 Fox News…..maybe you should know that his name is Karl Rove and not Carl…..he’s only been with the network for like a 8 years
    Most misinformed people on the net.

    I guess getting names right is just to much to ask from disgraced newshound “writers”.


  9. so i will be interested in all the Breaking new Trump scandals that various media have been holding for this moment. should be a fascinating 24 hours. i am sure Bri, Chris, chuckie. Tap, et al are well rested and ready to go.

  10. M. Herald reporting first Zika transmission in the continental USA in Dade county. now from memory so don’t count on it, Fla has the 2nd highest Zika infection count, just over 300 a few days ago. NY has the highest number. with that many carriers gets hard to blame a mosquito. wonder if any Fla property owners got ahead of this and sold last week. been bit this week?

  11. As best as I can tell Megyn got an uncomfortable hug ten years ago, Ailes has left but not really, everybody at Fox his quit, but not really, and Spud is so confused he’s packing it in for the evening and is busying himself installing a snorkel-finding app on his iPhone.

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