Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Concha: O’Reilly pulls off a rare 2016 feat.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Q&A: Joe Scarborough is making music.   Audio Q&A: Meghan McCain.
  • Ratings for 20 Kelly Ripa co-hosts put Coop near the bottom of the pile.
  • Your Buzz videos: playing race
  • Maddow: 25 things you don’t know about me.  CNN is up for nine Emmys.
  • Abby Huntsman talks about Fox and Ailes.   Litigants squabble over venue.
  • Q&A: Ainsley Earhardt, John Roberts.  MSNBC’s somber 20th anniversary.

127 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. So I get home and turn on the news…..I find Fox News and CNN LIVE and MSNBC talking about how viagra shook the world….WTF!

    BUT hey it’s only a coup in a NATO country that may or may NOT be over. Maybe Brian Williams is in a helicopter taking fire and busy now.


    • I know – I was watching part of Chris Hayes’ broadcast and he was going on and on about the riveting footage that was being witnessed in real time.
      And then an hour later the network switches over to whatever replaced Lock Up.

      Surely there is someone they have aside from Williams who could have taken over and anchored coverage…..they can’t be on such a strict budget that the shoo everyone out of the building on Friday night.

      • You know I make fun of Williams but when he got suspended from NBC I said at INC that he should go to MSNBC because they need a REAL ST8 news person…..I wished they used him more.

        It will be interesting to see how they use him election night…….IMHO it’s crazy that MSNBC uses their MOST partisan Opinion people to run election night. I can’t imagine a real new network like Fox News using Bill O’reilly and Hannity running election night coverage.

    • I started watching during the O’Reilly hour, with Bret Baier preempting Bill. Good coverage and commentary. Kelly followed; not quite as good but still watchable. Finally Hannity, which was more than I could take. Switched to CNN with Don Lemon and Fahreed Zakaria. It surprised me. Very good, with lot’s of footage and live reporting from Turkey. CNN’s partnerships with numerous foreign outlets, CNN Turk in particular, made a big difference.

  2. Good column by Concha. He cut through the crap to get to the meat of Herself’s appearance.

  3. Gregg Jarrett and Patricia Stark on FOX. She is doing an excellent job in the anchor chair.

  4. MSNBC should have a “Weekend Joe” morning program with whomever they would want hosting….with so much breaking news it is just odd that they cede viewers to the other networks. I know they have Joy Reid on but that’s not the same as having an established morning show like New Day or even Fox and Friends.

  5. Battle in the news media for the moment over whether Nice truck slaughter was a terrorist act or isolated mental health issue. HAPPENS EVERY TIME.
    As always, my #1 clue (which I sadly point out again), guy’s name was Mohamed.

    • to be fair there are plenty of incarcerated insane people with areligious excuses as well. the insane always latch on to a reason. it is certainly true that copycatism occurs as we see in Baton Rouge today, but cops and Islam did not make these people insane. now certainly people prey on others weaknesses and gain perceived power by manipulating others into insane acts and history shows insanity can be organized, labeled, peddled etc., but the basic enduring quality these people have is they are all mad hatter loco.

      • When 75% of the insane are named “Jesus”, I’ll buy into that. In the meantime, I’ll go with “the religion of peace” associations as more than a coincidence.

        • actually you make my point even more clear, because truth is at times and places Jesus and Christianity have indeed been the excuse of the insane to be everything from unspeakable killers, to slave owners and just crazy parenting. Just imagine growing up in an 18th century Calvinist’s home.

          • I haven’t heard of Catholics, Methodists or Baptists flying planes into buildings or setting off bombs in large crowds.

          • That was a war against the British. The only role religion played was the British were Anglican and the Irish Republicans were Catholic. Were they the same denomination, it still would’ve happened.

          • nix there are ample examples in history. “predestination”, “the elect” other crazy ideas are no longer common words in Christianity but there are still cults that use Christ as an excuse for crazy. come on man. lets just agree and not go to examples of sickness.

          • Here and now is the issue. Don’t give a crap about Crusaders or fringe cults that have no impact. You are making ZERO sense.

          • WADR, then or here and now, insane behavior is caused by insanity not religion. if indeed, as you seem to agree to, in history Christians did insane things and now they do not, what changed? did Christians suddenly stop being driven insane by their religion? Christianity did not cause the Christians to do insane things anymore than Islam causes people to do insane things. Islam does not cause insanity. insane people use it as a means to express their insanity. if you are willing to say Islam is the cause of evil you have a lot of people to kill and subdue and frankly, it makes ZERO sense. now if you wish to say say crazy people use Islam as a cover for acting insanely and we should keep an eye out for it, i am with you. if you are calling Islam a gutter religion of no use to humanity and that Jews and Christians are morally superior and we need to eradicate the scourge of Islam, well that is insane.

          • Actually, there are doctrines, philosophies, ideologies that most certainly inspire sane people to do evil acts.

          • inspire? please. i do not care if you set a cat on fire, feed a kid cyanide kool ade to get to heaven, or blow yourself up in a shopping mall to bang 72 virgins, you are crackers.

          • 4 arrows and you are still wrong. we do not have a vote here, it is factual, not religious or political where beliefs settle the issue.

          • Everyone is out of step, but you. You’d best give yourself an arrow. Well, maybe wait until you convince at least one person. Work on the Flon guy. Odds are he won’t sue for punitive damages.

          • There are cults in every religion. Few want to rule the world, while killing as many non-believers, as Radical Islam.

          • this week. radical Islam to the posters here is all Islam. that it is inferior because of it’s adherents. that simply does not contort with the mixed history of religions all of which have been used by fruitcakes from all time in memory. the constant thread is crackers, not Allah or any such religious construct. religion is based on nothing empirical, it is knowing by faith. therein lies the back door to every religion for the entry of fruitcakes. let fruitcakes be the issue and you have a means of solution. killing or subduing Islam because it is inferior to Christianity is a stupidity equal to Islamic fruitcakes. just saying.

          • From late ’68 until the spring of ’98, when both sides realized that they were killing themselves for no good reason.

          • your assertion requires the thinking that if it were possible to eliminate all of Islam the terrorism acts of insanity would cease. that is a delusion.

          • Your assertion seem to be all about crazy lone wolves, as if iSIS, Al Qaida, and organized Muslim terrorist groups from Pakistan to Samalia don’t exist, so yeah, eliminating Wahhabism and the like by the snap of my fingers would be a damn good start. But been all powerful is corruptive and next you’d see Ortega dancing naked in your back yard and such.

          • i think earlier if i go look i cited crazies getting organized around beliefs. the Nazis are a good example. eliminating Wahhabi beliefs requires cutting the herd, which you would find my support in. i object to saying Islam did it just like i object to people saying the police made people crazy enough to shoot them. i honestly did not really expect the emotion of anti-Islam to be so great, thank you for a measured response. our battle is against crackers.

        • who exactly? people that commit insane acts like shooting cops and blowing up babies? of whom are we speaking? cuz all i see is crazy ^%%^$s doing crazy *&*&%%

        • btw, legally the acts are sane, i.e. these people have rational thought and are therefore responsible for the reprehensible acts sociopaths commit, but that still leaves them nuttier than a planters bars.

  6. re: joe, if those are chops i am a monkeys uncle. how embarrassing to get on stage sing bad and play 3 chord songs on only the first 3 frets.

  7. RELIABLE SOURCES and MEDIABUZZ interrupted by Louisiana police shootings with the fog of early speculation making me turn off the TV. I’d read the Sunday paper but haven’t had one for six years.

  8. I don’t want to sound smarmy, but in having heard Shep talk to police officials and mayors in Dallas and Baton Rouge, I’m struck and am thanking the Lord over how many great and true public servants there are out there.

    People who handle inconceivable things with diligence, training, and wisdom, and who confront evil and personal devastation with unflinching maturity and faith.

    Goodness gracious, do they not call upon and deserve in return all those things from the rest of us.

  9. what was that guys name on MTP every sunday forever? always news. NBC has turned MTP into a mind reading reality show where each week the emotions of the guests are featured tragically. wow, that was bad.

  10. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Joe Scarborough
    4 20th anniversary
    3 near the bottom
    2 Abby Huntsman
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Concha: O’Reilly pulls off a rare 2016 feat.

  11. CNN Anderson Cooper show playing down the racial angle of the shooter’s motives, almost making him sound like a white militia nut. DAILY CALLER analysis of his You-Tube site, not so much:

    In the video, Long met with several men he seemed to not have known prior to their encounter. He promotes a book he wrote and discusses black liberation ideology.
    “I wrote it for my dark-skinned brothers,” Long said of his book.
    “If you look at all the rebels like Black Panthers, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X…Elijah Muhammad, they was light-skinned. But we know how hard y’all got it,” Long continued.
    Phone numbers on buildings in the video show that it was filmed in Baton Rouge. Calls placed to the numbers were not answered because they were out of service.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/07/17/baton-rouge-shooter-gavin-eugene-long-was-nation-of-islam-member-railed-against-crackers-on-youtube-channel-video/#ixzz4EiMldGxW

    • CNN and Cooper have their own agenda. An agenda that, as far as I am concerned, they can shove where the sun don’t shine.

    • After being out of the media loop all day I am crazed by all the garbage I am reading about this killer being a right-winger. That is so far from the truth and I am hoping against hope the American people are smart enough to not fall for this line of BS.

      • where are you seeing that? i am seeing he is on youtube ranting “crackers” and a member of the nation of Islam.

      • My guess is that he was a guy who felt estranged period.
        It’s likely he drifted in and out of a lot of counter-culture and protest groups.

        • whew, good thing he did it because he was a sociopath and not because he was black. what a relief. sarc

          • And the cover by activists and politicians given over sympathy for thugs like the Ferguson one empowered his thoughts and actions. HIs black life mattered so much he never should have been born.

          • I didn’t miss the topic, I implied you can’t prove your absurd argument by pointing at one guy.

          • the absurdity is yours then if you wish to go to that level. the discussion was my disagreement that Islam is the cause of insane acts. if you wish to begin a new topic, begin with the major premise. Mine was easy, Insanity is the consistent predicate of insane acts, not some gutter religion or racial belief.

          • You started going off topic camping on my comment that seemingly all the recent terrorists were named Mohammend and not a one Jesus as if that meant nothing relevant to today’s terrorism. Obama-like transition.

          • I never made a blanket statement condemning Islam.

            I am aware that within the religion there are different sects with different emphases. Some of those emphases and interpretations can lead to evil acts by sane people.

            You go ahead and pretend that the state of being sane is some sort of legal fiction that has no relevant relationship with your realistic pronouncement of someone being “bonkers”.


          • sorry, i have the presumption, your citation would support your claim. without it, it does not exist.

          • What does not exist: the presumption, the citation, the support, the claim, my ability to follow what in the hell is being debated?

          • tranquillo carmelo. look above, “to cc.” cc made an assertion early on concerning “evil” that i tried to avoid to the best of my recollection simply because unlike Islam, Christianity, race, insane and crackers it is hard to define. she seems to say i agreed with her evil pronouncement and says i should read my own posts. well it is her that should cut and paste my “support” for her assertion as i do not recall it and am not proposing it. see simple man. keep up. she is making the claim, she should support it. malice towards none etc etc.

          • apparently around here you have to think Islam is the cause and liquidation the solution. so if saying stuff like that it is popular. i will suffer gladly.

          • These are the actions you defined in our discussion. I’ll stick with them as being the definition for evil.

            “who exactly? people that commit insane acts like shooting cops and blowing up babies? of whom are we speaking? cuz all i see is crazy ^%%^$s doing crazy *&*&%%”

          • forgive me, i do not know how to define evil well so i purposefully avoided the word. so you conclude without me. insanity, crazy i can get my arms around, evil is above my pay grade so i never mentioned it.

          • I can’t control what you are able to wrap your mind around.

            I can engage in an argument that evil exists as both cause and effect to those actions that you have expressly defined as “crackers”.

          • yeah, i got that. i am sure others are happy to go there with you. just not i. nor did i imply it. that is all.

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