Friday Links and Open Thread

  • CNNC: Much ado about an unplugged cable.  This is CNN.
  • Steinberg: TV news placing its bets on splashy ‘town hall’ productions.
  • Ariens: Innuendo-drenched Gretchen Carlson clip from 2007 surfaces.
  • Grove: Fox News colleagues mad that Megyn hasn’t stuck up for Ailes yet?
  • Ellefson: As a VP at FNC, Neil Cavuto had no business sticking up for Ailes.
  • Wemple: Hannity’s plane ride makes FNC look like GOP; today’s O’Whine.
  • Moses: CNN’s digital emphasis aims to ‘find new readers‘ wherever they are.
  • Wemple: O’Reilly’s interview shows why Hillary should do more Fox News.
  • Concha: O’Reilly gets first live post-attack interviews with and .

32 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. O’Reilly came off is the place to be if you want to get your message out. Bet that schlemiel Stelter points it out Sunday… NOT. Too bad his Falkland Islands reporting ruined his career decades ago about the same time Roger was chasing the girls around the Mike Douglas set.

    • I came into the show as Bill was talking to HRC so I missed Trump’s portion.

      I think it was a great interview for both O’Reilly and Clinton.

        • There’s quite an irony in her not doing an interview in ages and then when she does, she’s goes for presidential sounding with the ole Islamophobic… fear-mongering Fox.


        • She certainly should talk to O’Reilly again.

          I don’t mean to sound crazy, but there was a chemistry that happened between them.

          With him, she sounded like a leader/boss who has been around the block, and tossed back a whiskey (neat) after a hard day, and who has never hesitated to get in the trenches with the people she supervises when necessary.

          She called him Bill with the familiarity and the comraderie of two Americans of the same generation who had come a long way from their beginnings based upon hard work, common sense, faithfulness, and leadership.

          He helped her accomplish that transformation in a way all her dropping her ‘ings’ faux southern accent schtick does not.

          If I were her campaign manager she’d be doing a bull session with “Bill” more than once before November.

          • hard work, common sense, faithfulness, and leadership

            Are we talking about the same Hillary Clinton running for President?

          • If you didn’t know her history that was the big vibe of the interview.

            She sounded more presidential in those few minutes than I’ve ever heard her. I wouldn’t have imagined it, and of course, the context of terrorism is why it happened.

            WITHOUT the shock of what transpired in Nice (in the unlikely scenario she would have bothered with O’Reilly without that context) she would have acted amused, elitist, and condescending with Bill for the benefit of her supporters. The ole guffaw would have been pulled out several times.

            With radical Islam mayhem as the backdrop, she had to give Trump a run for his money, so she played it straight, tough, and personal with Mr. Every Guy and came out better than she’s ever managed before.

            There’s a lesson there, Madam Secretary.

      • i turned it off. not a single direct response and BOR fawned. maybe the last 7 mins was different, but i preferred sleep.

  2. notfoxy Says:
    ICN 2.0 July 14, 2016 at 9:40 am
    I think everyone should lose their minds because I comment on this blog once a year. Party on, psychos.
    Your pal,
    Joe Remi

    You don’t see me there wearing a mask, do ya old buddy. Not even Halloween.

  3. Lloyd Grove says that his FNC sources tell him they are wanting Megyn Kelly to vouch for Ailes. They are questioning this and demanding she go on record, etc….not the media…

    There’s the trade-off I mentioned to having employees publicly testify to your professionalism and to a healthy workplace culture, the focus becomes any prominient person who doesn’t do a public display.

    • Damned if she does.
      Damned if she doesn’t.

      Either way, the people who hate FOX will whine and complain about it.

  4. Heralding “the promise of the internet and the power of television” MSNBC went on the air 20 years ago today.

    We’re still trying to get over QUBE in Ohio. Promises, promises.

  5. According to the WP, FBI says there’s no evidence that Mateen targeted Pulse because it was a gay club.

    That’s not going to matter. It’s as valued a false narrative as “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” and the meme that black people are shot by cops more often than whites (proportionately to pop.) despite the NYT commissioning and publishing a study that found otherwise.

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