Friday Links and Open Thread

  • CNNC: Much ado about an unplugged cable.  This is CNN.
  • Steinberg: TV news placing its bets on splashy ‘town hall’ productions.
  • Ariens: Innuendo-drenched Gretchen Carlson clip from 2007 surfaces.
  • Grove: Fox News colleagues mad that Megyn hasn’t stuck up for Ailes yet?
  • Ellefson: As a VP at FNC, Neil Cavuto had no business sticking up for Ailes.
  • Wemple: Hannity’s plane ride makes FNC look like GOP; today’s O’Whine.
  • Moses: CNN’s digital emphasis aims to ‘find new readers‘ wherever they are.
  • Wemple: O’Reilly’s interview shows why Hillary should do more Fox News.
  • Concha: O’Reilly gets first live post-attack interviews with and .