Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Bret Baier, Megyn to lead FNC conventions; Bartiromo, Regan on FBN.
  • Kelly File video: Megyn to DL Hughley, who resists.
  • F&F video: kicks off from the FNC plaza.
  • Wilstein: O’Reilly stands by Ailes, rips our ‘out of control, tabloid society’.
  • Late Night video: Bill O’Reilly with Seth Meyers
  • Make way for the King: Ashley Banfield frozen out of convention coverage.
  • Carlson’s lawyer says arbitration is unfair because ‘they’re all white men‘.
  • Carlson’s contract could shroud her litigation in the secrecy of arbitration.
  • Hannity defends Newt plane ride: favor for a friend; Sean snags Trump’s VP.
  • Lean Forward: José Diaz-Balart leaves MSNBC, will anchor NBC Saturdays.
  • Concha: Should MSNBC let Maddow anchor conventions after Hitler crack?

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  1. Is Indiana Gov. Mike Pence the only VP pick that makes sense, don’t you think?

    Caution: I also said that about the Panthers beating the Broncos in the Super Bowl.

    • They all make sense for different reasons. Pence is the safest as it may bring conservatives into the fold, Newt brings a knowledge of Congress and abilities to defend Trump missteps, the NJ pitbull can be just that and is close to Trump personally.

        • Don’t bet against the pros. If you had Pence in the J$ pool, see Mr. Concha for your chicken dinner.

          • way i see it, and i am sure his family and handler see it, newt and christi are morons, and pence is not, but he is still a nothingburger which is just fine. not like Trump can pick someone with more savvy than himself. plenty of people like that, but Trump would never put up with it being the insecure punk bully that he is. hey, now i qualify for an MSLSD anchor spot.

          • Very popular cable news advertiser here in the States, along with catheter sales (believe it or not), ex-game show host hawking questionable arthritic cures, and an ex-admiral hawking home loans. Don’t see the gold ads like we used to but do see an occasional silver ad.

      • Pence and Gingrich make sense for the reasons you pointed out, but Christie is a dud. He’s gone from popular, straight-talking governor to blustering slob who’s in the process of leaving the state worse off than when he came into office.

        In the beginning, it was highly entertaining when he’d yell at people (especially union hacks with massive senses of entitlement), but that long ago wore off. Especially after he bellowed his standard “shut up and sit down” to someone who’d just served overseas in the military, and who wan’t being rude to him. He also has a rep for being a little too cozy with radical Muslims and has offended pro-Israel people on the right

          • Probably. But while we all know that Pence is a smart guy, reliably conservative, has DC experience without being known as a hack or RINO… we don’t know how he’s going to fare after the media pick through and distort his life and record between now and Monday. I don’t know enough about him to know if he’s going to be good in the attack dog role of running mate, or how fast he is on his feet when tough or biased questions are thrown at him

          • That seems to be his general reputation. But once the left and the media (but I repeat myself…) pick him over this weekend, he’ll be known as an imbecile or evil far right-wing menace. Or both.
            I’m sure he’d be a fine VP, but I wonder how he’ll hold up as a candidate

    • Trump likes to surprise people; can be unpredictable. I won’t be surprised if it’s someone we haven’t heard mentioned yet.

    • “Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is the only VP pick that makes sense, don’t you think?”

      I thought the General he was looking at made sense for the country……but for the party unity Pence would seem to be the best choice.

    • Most certainly a coincidence. It is highly unlikely that a news organization of the historic stature and repute of CNN would be capable of behind the scenes shenanigans of this…

    • Seems more like a kick upstairs, to a big broadcast network from a cable channel nobody watches.

      • Weekend network news shows not much of a prize as all you do is read from a script. Russ Mitchell, weekend anchor of the CBS Evening News for years, bailed to be an anchor for life cal news in Cleveland. Having your own show, even on MSNBC, satisfies the creative juices of one like Diaz-Balart who has demonstrated the agenda urge. My sources tell me MSNBC suits, not Griffin, wanted him out of the way. Facesaving way to do that.

        • He’s still anchor of Noticero Telemundo … though msnbc probaly did want him out. On weekend network evening news: heck CBS thinks weekend news is after thought now after what they did in May.

    • Well, I think the issue is that Hannity may have outed himself here.

      There has been speculation for years that Sean is a conservative, and throughout the Republican Primary there was speculation and whispers that Trump was his man.

      This show of hand by Hannity has folks a bit scandalized and intrigued given that his career has been marked by
      an assiduously close-to-the-vest handling of his political sensibilities.

      • Never understood NBC’s pretending that their opinion people couldn’t support candidates. Suspensions of Olbermann and Joe S. were crap.

        • I see your point now when I might not have then.

          Perhaps it’s because for audience sake, you expect some honesty and common sense from opinionizers even when they aligned.

          Contributions make that more doubtful.

  2. Back when DL Hugley had his own show, it became painfully clear how ignorant he was. Talking sense to that guy makes as much sense as squeezing a turnip to get a pint of blood.

  3. He may have been banned, he may have bragged that he was banned, he may have insisted he wanted to be banned, but an old pal is still posting at Spud’s potato patch, this time under one of his several aliases. After all Fox News needs smearing, and who better for the job than someone who boasts that they never watch the channel?

      • Still got Fritz as a regular poster, but not too many comments unless something pretty juicy is going on to attract the Fox-haters. Grandpa and Blue bop in now and then. I still value ICN as a daily read if he has some things going.

        • A long time ago, I used to read ICN at least a few times a week. Very lively discussion among some intelligent (and a few not so intelligent) people on both sides. Then I got busy and distracted, and didn’t go back for maybe a year or two. Most of the regulars were gone and just about every one of his posts had no comments. I don’t know if it was a joke, but I read somewhere that he pretty much banned everyone

          • Spud had a hands off policy on comments. Then apparently someone he cared about complained that the section had turned into the Wild West. He announced he was going to crack down, but given his employement situation said he could only sporadically moderate. Sniping and gunfights and intrigue resulted until the streets left bare with but a sole porno-cat dodging tumbleweed.

          • He didn’t like Larry or me. He banned Larry and I walked out. He even admitted here that I walked on my own, despite the claims of Chilly Willy.

          • Consider yourself lucky. I’m sure that some of the finer posters would have came up with an ethnic slur for Greeks. Joe Remi would’ve told you that he knows more about being a Greek than you do. The boy needed to see a physician.

          • It was epic. If Homer were alive today, that’s what he would write about. Well, maybe his wife, Marge.

          • He feels he gave me multiple chances to do things his way, but I honestly never figured out what that was as goalposts seemed to float. We never communicated well, and he sympathized with my enemies. I still consider it a privilege to have been there. I did make him smile now and then. I still do.

          • He came over here amd had the meltdown to end all meltdowns.Everybody here was to blame for his blog ending up being a disaster. That and being responsible for his lost snorkel.

        • I told him Remi was a problem… But Spud let him play, and things got out of hand.

          Remi should have been booted, and things would have lived longer.

  4. MEMORIES — On this day in 2010

    Keith Olbermann just got hacked off at me on Twitter & blocked me:
    @KeithOlbermann @Larry_Kelly Wow! You’re clever! Did you stick it out through the 4th Grade? Congratulations!
    He can dish it out, but he sure can’t take it. 🙂

  5. Re: “Kelly File video: Megyn tries to talk sense to D.L. Hughley, who resists”: That resistance earned him praise from the usual sites on the left. Most sites clung to one of his barbs, citing it in their headlines. Guess which one.

  6. SPECIAL REPORT: hold the horses on the Pence wagon. Not yet cast in stone? Mixed metaphors welcome.

  7. As to the folks doing the arbitrating, Smith said, “They’re all white men.”

    I had no idea that Gretchen wasn’t white. What race is she? Or, are her and her lawyers loons?

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 frozen out
    4 secrecy of arbitration
    3 tries to talk sense
    2 Hannity defends
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Should MSNBC let Maddow anchor conventions after Hitler crack?

    • Not that it reflects anyway on Mr. Concha…..but……I took a look at the comment section of today’s piece……I thought the Disgraced Newshound sections were bad….but WOW…..just WOW!

      I will read his stuff…..but the comment section is off my list of things to do.

      • Comment sections are often of the Newshounds and Mediaite variety. Full of leftist fools showing their ignorance and lack of the normal communication skills expected of adult human beings.

  9. Have I descended completely into senility or am I really hearing Hillary Clinton talking to O’Reilly?

      • She sounded better than I have ever heard her.

        She sounded engaged, strong, genuine.

        That’s quite an accomplishment for her, an impossible one for Obama.

        • We are so used to his and Kerry’s limp backbones a Democratic talking from strength is a blessing. Didn’t used to be that way. Can’t imagine the Sanders supporters are thrilled.

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