Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Bruce: Carlson implies all female Fox hosts prostituted themselves.
  • ICN: Every day CNN looks less and less reputable compared to FNC.
  • FTV Live: CNN’s Lewandowski also being paid by Trump campaign.
  • Late Show videos: Bret Baier with Stephen Colbert
  • Goodrich: Bill Hemmer shares his take on Trump and all things RNC.
  • Luke Russert leaving (MS)NBC to ‘pursue other interests’ (via Stelter).
  • CNN convention anchors to include Coop, Cuomo, Tapper, Lemon et al.
  • Concha: Tapper’s crazy route to CNN stardom.  CNN fights privacy suit.
  • Concha: Even if Gingrich isn’t a VP candidate, Fox unlikely to rehire him.
  • Road trip: Pittsburgh or bust.  Bill and Matt’s breakfast in the Hamptons.
  • Real Story, sans Gretchen, scores its biggest ratings ever.  Q&A: Maddow.
  • Q&A: Bret Baier on Ailes, Fox, and more.  Wemple: Leave Megyn out of it.
  • McFarland: There was never a whisper of Roger being one of ‘those men’.
  • Gretchen Carlson: I’m standing up for what happened to me and the truth.
  • Kennedy video: Judge Nap spots about AG Lynch’s testimony.

55 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

      • my wife had a rash this weak and felt bad. blood work comes back late today. these evolving virus will be a much bigger story than they are today

          • she already feels fine. that is not the worry with Zikka or chikungunya. even if you are not pregnant or able to become pregnant you just don’t know the future consequences of what having the virus in the past are. with Dengue we know the 2nd time increases the likelihood for Hemorrhagic. we don’t know if these viruses are sympathetic to the others, or different ones entirely. Encephalitic births are not common in Asia and Africa where Zika has been for over 30 years. we do not know what the change is, or why, or how or nada.

          • not sure how you mean that. seems to me all this should be private until settled. that is all i mean. especially, it seems that a lot of non-news occupies news space that does not contain information like one would expect news to be. info.

          • I mean you’re dealing with stuff in your neck of the world that makes most other stuff insignificant.

    • chikungunya, as it is correctly en Español is not even understood. Dengue is changing and more first time victims are getting the Hemorrhagic version which has a high fatality result. Gringos seem to have short memories forgetting diseases that have swept the USA and left devastation. you know Don Nix, despite your heritage usted es Gringo.

        • fortunately that trick failed though. yellow fever and small pox were already infecting native populations and the blanket thing did not work,

  1. Tonight’s (tomorrow morning’s) Red Eye could be a train wreck of Paul Provenza proportions. John Fugelsang is among the guests. I just know he’ll hijack the show with Fox hater nonsense and mock the guests that don’t see things his way. And if he’s really like Paul Provenza, he’ll make Joanne uncomfortable the way Paul did to Ann Coulter.

  2. The fact that Tapper was campaign press secretary to a democrat and worked at SALON.COM may give a clue to his underlying sympathies. That said, he seems devoted to not letting them get in the way. That’s the most we can ask of someone.

    • That was a good article. I would have liked to have seen a line about what that newspaper editor saw in Tapper that got him from would-be cartoonist, to working for a significant news paper, to ABC News.

      I don’t mean the basic stuff like good writing and drive, but if there’s omething to him that we non-journalists might not fathom.

  3. Whenever I see a FNC person going on a Colbert show, all I can think of is, “It’s a trap!”

  4. Gretchen in her NYT interview basically says all the current FOX employees defending Ailes are doing so because they are current FOX employees. Nice. Trashes all her former comrades’ integrity in one fell swoop.

    • Gretchen’s veracity is being implicitly challenged in these testimonials to Ailes, but she’d have done better to say that not everything has been said yet.

  5. The Daily Howler has a fascinating set of blogs on the columnist Eugene Robinson’s seeming unawareness of a series in his own paper that is based upon a questionable shooting by a cop.

  6. My guess is Luke Russert’s contract was not renewed. Why else would a political reporter leave during the height of a heated presidential election other than NBC wasn’t happy with his work, which has been criticized as amateurish and partisan.

  7. TOO LATE FOR DAN RATHER – The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press reminded its constituents yesterday that it will again be running hotlines offering free legal aid to journalists facing arrest, detention or “other obstacles” at the conventions.

  8. from Political, generally dem shills can’t even hide this so they tried to get out front. read the article they try to explain the trend away. there is not enough info to know this outcome because we are experiencing too many new variables and the news that can determine the outcome has not happened yet. this is so Burr, Jeff, JQA. the candidates no one wanted but felt it was their turn.
    “New swing-state polls released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University show Trump leading Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania — and tied in the critical battleground state of Ohio. In three of the states that matter most in November, the surveys point to a race much closer than the national polls, which have Clinton pegged to a significant, mid-single-digit advantage over Trump, suggest.”

  9. Thanks, Tammy Bruce, for the understanding that if you must speculate that female employees who vouch for Ailes do so because they’d wheel their grandmothers into traffic to get ahead, then you ain’t no feminist and you ain’t no casual observer of the scene.

  10. Today’s most popular links:
    5 leaving (MS)NBC
    4 never a whisper
    3 two mysteries
    2 prostituted themselves
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Concha: Even if Gingrich isn’t a VP candidate, Fox unlikely to rehire him.

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