Monday Links and Open Thread

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  1. HLN “back to its roots” would mean repeating the top news stories of the day every half hour: the Headline News Network. The tree those roots grew died when the internet blew it down.

    • In the immortal words of George Pope Morris (and maybe Phil Harris),

      Woodman, spare that tree!
      Touch not a single bough!
      In youth it sheltered me,
      And I’ll protect it now.

    • In the imortal words of Bob Packwood, “Hey good lookin’. Be back to pick ya up later.”

  2. Re HLN: Michaela’s show has been alright so far … makes a nice change if the other cable channels get annoying …well when they do not if.

    • Since the shooting of eleven cops in Dallas, we’ve had shootings and ambushing of cops in Valdosta, Ga and in Ballwin and St Louis, Mo.

      Should Tapper ask someone…anyone…what in the short term can be done to stem that bullshite? Or was that question retired with past erroneous conjectures about a Tea Party Movement turned violent?

  3. Ok…does marc lamont hill not know about the internet and google?

    Today he said this.

    “I’ve been to some Tea Party Rallies; there are racists there, but I wouldn’t say the Tea Party is racist as such,”

    and yet……he said just that on Bill O’reilly show just that a few years ago.

    Speaking of racist things……disgraced hater stooge who shall not be named from Fri to this morning whined about 31 Black guests on Fox and FBN and yet only 6 white guests…..all the black guest were black men except for one…….so unless Fox and FBN had some sort of all black guest weekend….please don’t tell me the stooges don’t target people of color for petty political complaints.

    BTW: at least 2 of the white people whined about posts were about Mayor Rudy G,…who they complain about no matter where he is or what network he’s on. None of the black guest the complained about were liberals……big shock there. There biggest target of course was Democratic Sheriff Clarke.

    Today’s hater Meme is Fox points out something Clinton said but doesn’t talk about something Newt and Rubio said that was similar…….I’m guessing they can’t figure out why that might be…..Hint it has something to do with a event in NOV that Rubio and Newt are not in. I should be upset…I said something just like that and Fox News didnt cover me……LOL

  4. Speaking of desperate attempts to find fault with Fox News there’s this

    Seems Fox News didnt point out that the General is a registered Democrat…… why might that be you ask when the list (R) in front of everyone else…….OH thats right he’s the only one who not an elected politician….do they put a (D) after Michael Moore’s name on MSNBC when they talk about him?

    Picked up by the disgraced stooges of course.


    • Fourteen cops shot in last several days.

      How many BATF and Dept of Land Management members did the Bundy ranch protesters kill? How many downtowns did they shut down?

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 back to its roots
    4 Multiple missteps
    3 getting better ratings
    2 war on Fox News
    And the most popular link in today’s links:
    Hogue: F&F’s empowered Carlson flirted and twerked with the best of them.

  6. Bet ya Nixn is thrilled.
    “As Evan Bayh Jumps Back in to Politics, His Fox Contract Is Suspended
    Evan Bayh, the popular former governor and two-term Senator from Indiana is planning a late-stage run for senate in November.”

  7. seriously, what HE double hockey sticks are they going to do with jessie watters? now i do not wanna hear old geezer stuff. this kid has brand, demo pull and old women giggle and love him. Fox gonna use him or lose him? lay your money down conchbots.

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