Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:  video media
  • Reliable Sources videos: A week of social media; evil Ailes; legal finagling.
  • Former MSNBC anchor claims she was ‘blacklisted at CNN‘ by Don Lemon.
  • F&F debate: Were Hillary remarks on Dallas shootings
  • Wemple: When images get ahead of confirmations.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Kim Guilfoyle: Nobody believes this…Ailes is a man who ‘champions women’.
  • Flashback video: Gretchen Carlson’s just 17 days ago.
  • Concha: CNN deserves credit for hiring Lewandowski and Scottie Nell Hughes.
  • Bartiromo: I’ve known Ailes for 25 years; he’s been ‘nothing but a professional‘.
  • New Ailes allegations are from as far back as 1960s.  FNC settles suit re 9/11 pic.

100 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. “Were Jon Stewart still in business, he’d be rebroadcasting this sequence, complete with snarky commentary”. No, Wemple. He wouldn’t. Context, moron.

    • Here’s another conjecture for Wemple. The cop killer was an expressed racist. Not a wit different from Dylan Roof who murdered those black church parishioners in South Carolina.

      If this guy had been white and shot protesters media would be demanding we dig up Conferederate soldiers from their graves and carpet bomb Republican counties in the Southeast.

      They’d be hanging this shooter around the necks of everyone to the right of Bernie Sanders and blaming the blood shed on any commenter in the country who had ever dared to criticise BLM.

      That’s what one Eric Wemple would be eagerly helping to accomplish.

      • Have not seen anyone demanding statues of abolitionists be torn down or burning copies of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Would like to see the DOJ put the screws to the New Black Panther Party, but hey, I’m a hater.

        • It would seem to me that the real haters were those that insisted on “protesting” last night, instead of showing a modicum of common decency. Shutting down interstate highways goes far beyond protest. It is simply throwing a tantrum.

        • I’d like to see a demand for introspection from a president and a governor, who before they knew anything in detail, laid two deaths at the hands of what they suggested are inveterately racist cogs in an inveterately racist system, but I won’t ever see that.

          That won’t make the narrative. Not once. Not ever.

          • The fool in the White House had to bring up slavery and Jim Crow laws today. Always stirring the pot. There are times that I think his real goal is a race war.

          • I am dead serious.

            “What I hope is that my voice has tried to get all of us as Americans to understand the difficult legacy of race,” Obama said of that struggle on Saturday. “To encourage people to listen to each other. To recognize that, you know, the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and discrimination didn’t suddenly vanish with the passage of the civil rights act or voting rights act or the election of Barack Obama.”


          • Has there been one controversial shooting that President Obama has demagogued in order to gin up his base that has played out according to his and the media’s narrative in a court of law with mixed race juries?

            According to his own DoJ?

          • He has demagogued every shooting or other incident that he could. He is bad news.

          • The narcissistic White House place holder showed his hand early when he took the side of black Professor Ancestry over a white policeman without a fact at his disposal (leading to the ridiculous “beer summit”).

    • Benevolent strongemen can prosper if they can keep good times rolling. Want to see how the canal works out.

      • if you crossed out “Benevolent strongmen” and inserted politicians, the first sentence would be more complete.
        the canal is sad. some history books going back to the 1500s, then put yourself and family in the setting i think you would feel bigger countries have been doing bad stuff here for a very long time. kinda like Poland of the Americas. not had a lot self determination and do have a lot of resentment.

          • they are not among the rio grand crossers. but this minute i can drive 35 kms to Peñas Blancas. drive up to the gate turn right on to the dirt bus turnaround, park, walk west out the well worn path, pay the guy with an AK and Sandinista patch 200 cordobas and walk into Costa Rica. there are 1,000s of Africans on the Costa Rican side camped out. the Nicas let them through in small groups and half way house them up to the Honduran border. they ahem, do day work as required by their particular skill and are sent north. wonder to where?

    • by the way there is a reference in the opening to “Orinoco”. a river that lows into a chasm so deep much has never been explored movies have been made about it. mostly in Spanish.

      • One of the first records I owned as a kid was one of those percussion hifi show-off records, and one of the tracks was called Orinoco. Now I know what it was about.

        • Spans Venezuela, and Brazil home to the worlds largest Anacondas. if you speak Spanish and like camp comedy Mexican movies an i do. there is a movie with Ana Luisa Peluffo called Orinoco with Blanca Guerra. 2 aging sex pots end up on a crew less boat floating down the Orinoco reliving their lives in skits. true camp.

          • I like Mexican wrestling/horror movies where between matches they fight zombies or Aztec mummies.

    • I watched the Mediate montage of “Gretchen Carlson Being Objectied” on F&F through the years and found it so emblematic of the dumbness of our thinking as steered by various cultural guideposts.

      Here you have a beautiful woman done up by profession hair and makeup artists, wearing expensive attire especially chosen to compliment her coloring and figure. She is tanned, toned, coiffed, false eyelashed, manicured, dental overlaid, likely wearing a few strategically place hair extensions, and sitting under the most flattering of lighting designed by experts.

      So what happens when males behold her? They say, “You look gorgeous, Gretchen” and for this they are out of line.

      I’m telling you we are managed by the dumbest most ridiculous people on the planet.

    • Actually the only one I ever knew. Stopped watching it before she left. Remember “Mancow” appearing in a little box on the screen via technology suitable for an Atari.

  2. In another example of racial injustice Goldie Taylor details how she was blackballed by CNN for calling an anchor there a “turncoat mofo”….


  3. RE: “New Ailes allegations are from as far back as 1960s.”

    I’m kind of late to the game after a busy Saturday.

    It looks like this story may have more staying power than many of us thought a few days ago.

    Actual names are now becoming public with incidents prior to 1990.

    In 1989 Kellie Boyle, a former Republican National Committee field advisor, said Ailes suggested she have sex with him in return for helping advance her career in politics.

    A 2014 biography of Mr. Ailes, by the journalist Gabriel Sherman, “The Loudest Voice in the Room,’’ recounted an episode in the 1980s, when Mr. Ailes was at NBC, involving a woman named Randi Harrison who said he offered her an extra $100 a week in salary in exchange for having sex with him “whenever I want.”

    Marsha Callahan, a former model who says Ailes harassed her in the late 1960s, shortly before he became Richard Nixon’s media adviser.

    There are four more, with first names only, reporting issues with Mr. AIles in 1966, 1967, 1975 and 1984.

    How much confidence you have in Gabriel Sherman and Gretchen’s attorney may depend on whether you’re on Team Ailes or Team Carlson.

    • “How much confidence you have in Gabriel Sherman and Gretchen’s attorney may depend on whether you’re on Team Ailes or Team Carlson.”

      Well…I’d say i’m on team….who the hell knows……….but with Gabriel Sherman past performance….I mean has ANYTHING he’s ever said about Fox News happened???? I would say I would have had much more of a idea of what might have happened if ANY other person reported it.

      I also don’t expect the truth from either Ailes or Carlson lawyers.

      • The link that I posted above sheds real light on the Carlson case. And gives the lie to her narrative.

        • In a motion filed by Ailes’ attorneys they said Carlson’s filing of the case in court was done “so that her counsel could tar Mr. Ailes’ reputation
          publicly, try this case in the media press, and coerce him to settle.”

          I suspect a lot of people — perhaps even some Gretchen cheerleaders — suspect this is exactly what’s going on.

          Meanwhile Carlson’s attorneys said they “intend to fight for her right to a public jury trial.”

          • I’m pretty sure about what would be the top priority of Gretchen’s attorney, I’m less fast than gc to imply that money is on her mind.

            You have only to read her notes to Ailes and to see how seriously she took herself on the air, to understand that professional advancement meant everything to her.

            Frankly, I wish things had gone better for her in that regard, though I don’t think she was slighted by Fox. She was given opportunities.

            I know one thing, the worst advice she ever got was Ailes telling her she could be taken seriously as being a former Miss America and as being a smart journalist.

            Another network would have been a better fit for her. The title was the worst sort of baggage she could have in the industry while working for Fox.

            I don’t know where she will end up now, but I wish her satisfaction in her career goals. I wish her peace.

          • “Frankly, I wish things had gone better for her in that regard, though I don’t think she was slighted by Fox. She was given opportunities.”

            Would be hard to argue otherwise….she not only got her own hour of TV on the #1 news network she got her name in the shows title. I cant really talk about her qualifications as the only time I saw her was when I was to lazy to change the channel……but not many get their own show named after them on ANY network. I assume she was great since the stooges hated her and called her a goon and other names on a regular basis.

            “Another network would have been a better fit for her.”

            IMHO she should get Nancy Grace’s job…..however………nobody going to hire her now that she’s sued the boss……….if she was a rating winner she would have a chance……..but she’s not…..IMHO her career as a new network host is over…..unless somebody anti-Fox gives her a job like huffington Post did with Fields which is to bad…..but I’m sure she must have realized that before she sued.

      • There are times Gabe Sherman sounds like one of those so-called psychic readers.

        He often spreads rumors which are difficult to disprove. Kind of like a psychic telling a customer, “You had some sad times in [pick a year].” Haven’t we all? 😊

    • This is the embarrassment phase of a sexual harassment suit. People start coming out of the woodwork and the impetus is to embarrass the defendant thoroughly in order to get a settlement (which is tantamount to admission of
      quilt in people’s eyes).

      I’m not arguing that these ladies are lying. There’s no way to tell. Goodness, knows too it was a different world in the 60s and 70s and things went down with men then that they’d know better than to pull now.

      I think this why we’ve seen Bartiromo, Greta, Chetry, and Pirro averting Ailes’ professionalism lately.

      Unless you’re last name is Clinton, you arent coming out of this unscathed. If it’s Roger Ailes you certainly aren’t. Ailes is seventy-six years old. If I were him and *if I knew I was right, I’d stand my ground. I’d get down in the mud and fight like hell.

      Nothing to lose.

      • if i had the equipment i would lie. maybe not. but i would think about it and if even close ….. well maybe … lot of money. do they tax settlement cash or is it 100% mine forever? tough questions. better leave it to the gossips.

        • They tax everything. If they could figure out a way to put meters on our faces, they’d tax the air we breathe.

  4. Cecelia you are on a roll this weekend. Wheee! ? to Larry & Nixon, too. Thanks for the smiles!

    • Like everyone else, Kurtz is happy to default to the conventional wisdom that an Hispanic cop shot Philandro Castile due to institutionalized racism.

      Our not knowing what went down before the shooting and the fact that there was a gun in the car do nothing to suggest a bit of media caution is in order before making this case as simplistic as one of Pres. Obama’s discourses on U.S. culture.

      • And the people march for the Ferguson gentle giant thug and chant “hands up, don’t shoot”. The truth doesn’t matter. It’s the idea of the thing. Somewhere there must be a picture of the Dallas sniper as a cute, twelve-year old. “Hands up, don’t send in the robot.”

  5. You actually could make allegations about me as far back as 1960’s, but you’d have to chalk it up to teenage hormones.

    • I got in trouble in the ninth grade for trying to look up a teacher’s skirt. Got hauled to the principal, who was not amused.
      Years later, the principal became my father-in-law, we laughed about that episode for years.
      Now, they would probably either send me to the penitentiary or the Neuter Scooter.

  6. An open letter to those who support Trump.
    And we all you know who you are.
    Those of you who support Trump and still consider yourselves to be patriotic have a duty to carefully consider the evidence at hand on what is going on in the party.
    First of all, you need to carefully think about why up to 12 Million Democrats temporarily crossed over to support Trump during the primaries. And you have to consider why a hostile press supported Trump with free airtime during this time period.
    Note that similar events took place in previous elections with disastrous results.
    Second, you also have a duty to thoughtfully reflect on the fact that most polls and analysis shown Trump losing in an electoral bloodbath.
    Again, in recent presidential elections the polls and analysis indicated a certain result and that was borne out in the election.
    Third, There is also the very strange case of a presidential candidate taking action against his own interests, making unforced errors such as the attacks on the judge in the Trump U fraud case or espousing policy positions directly opposite to Conservative principles e.g. raising taxes and denigrating the 2nd amendment.

    These events should be bothersome to all of those who support Trump and yet many do not care.
    One can debate certain parts of these events, but it is reckless to dismiss them in their entirety.

    These are very dangerous aspects that should serve as a big flashing WARNING sign to Trump supporters – if they were interested in winning. And yet some supporters dismiss these items without a second thought – Why?

    Ask yourself these questions:
    Why would the Democrats desperately want Trump to be the nominee?
    Why are some Trump supporters not bothered the polling and analysis that shows him losing in an electoral disaster of epic proportions?
    Why are some Trump supporters not alarmed by his actions that sabotage his own campaign?

    The purpose of this open letter is to plead with those who support Trump to consider the evidence at hand and help avoid setting a temporary mistake in stone that very well could be the grave marker for the party.. and the nation as constituted.

    This is specifically directed at those who in the past have championed the Conservative cause: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge….. Like many others, I had been a loyal fan and listener to your programs and books over the years. So you people above all others need to consider the evidence in front of you and make the right decision.

    The evidence I have presented should be the impetus for you to reconsider your support for Trump.

    To be blunt about it: There is no rational point to supporting a candidate who will lose and take down the rest of the party with him. As previously stated, there are some in the Trump movement who are immune to facts and reality. Thus, there is only one logical conclusion for their actions and that is to have him lose and help Comrade Clinton win.

    But those of you who can process this evidence with a clear mind should be able to make this determination on your own.

    Those of you in the formerly Conservative media can find redemption in what you do now. You along with every other true patriots in the Trump camp should be taking the following steps:
    1. Seriously consider the evidence at hand and reconsider your support for Trump.
    2. Be mindful of the distinct possibility of a down ballot apocalypse IF Trumps remains on the ticket.
    [And no, it does not matter that this means we will lose – at least with Trump OFF the ticket we have a chance to win and a good chance to keep control of Congress]
    4. Implore Trump to drop out of this farce and let someone qualified take over in his stead.
    5. At a minimum you have to encourage and support those who want to #FreetheDelegates and #DumpTrump and let the people decide with the current facts as they stand.
    Bottom line: You have to do everything in your power to reverse the horrendous circumstance of Trump nomination and lose in the general election.

    I cannot make any guarantees as to how history will judge you, but I can assure that you will not be lauded if you stay on your current path.

    You are at a crossroads, stay with Trump down the dark path and you will be marching off to oblivion. Turn against this destination of doom and help save the party and the country and you may be able to continue as you have in the past. Because if he is nominated your fate will be tied to his and those who cannot dwell in reality or worse yet, those who want a Trump disaster.

    It is your choice.
    It will not be easy, but doing the right thing never is.

    • Convinced me. I’ll vote for the lying crook who endangered our country and her husband, the sexual predator.

      • Interesting that you should parrot roughly the same talking point I’ve seen repeated just about everywhere instead of being able to converse on the issue.

        • Glad you’re interested. Want a cracker? Just don’t tell me one choice is awful and expect me to vote for the other, who just also happens to be awful. Post your hit piece elsewhere. No Trump fans here.

    • FYI: We don’t want long cut-and-paste posts here, particularly when they aren’t particularly on topic. So now that you know I assume you won’t do it again. Thank you so much.

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
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    2 last appearance on F&F
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Former MSNBC anchor claims she was ‘blacklisted at CNN’ by Don Lemon.

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