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  1. CNN and the politicians rile up the blackthugsmatter, and then the only people that protect us from them are assassinated. When I saw CNN tonight making a big deal of “a crowd of 100 and growing” marching to the Capitol, I’m thinking the same reporters that won’t fuss about 10,000 anti-abortion marchers will fire the minorities up in hope of rocks thrown and blood shed if they can get 100 to swell to 1000.

  2. Someone posted this about Gretchen in another site

    Does anyone know what happened in Minnesota?

    —> Do a little research into Gretchen’s early career in Minnesota and you’ll see this isn’t her first rodeo


    This was another post from TVNewser

    —-> This law suit is consistent with her past filings. Her ratings aside she was dull when compared to other newsies broadcasting for Fox. She often appeared just DUNB and over her head.

    Thing is she has an extensive past history of this type of excuse. She is not rehired so a law suit follows. Where were her complaints when the paychecks were coming her way? You may not like Roger’s presentation of the news but using a phone sexual harassment charge is pretty low. It could happen to you some day. She is so uninteresting and dull I doubt we will be seeing her for long on any TV show.

      • Yep, all the bad ratings fact gets you is a reason to not renew her contract other than rebuffed advances.

        • I’m not saying that her ratings are not particularly germane, Larry. They are.

          However, if there’s anything we should know here is that how you…rate….ratings is pretty subjective…via the hype on cable channels.

          Ratings very often don’t reflect decisions to keep on keeping on with certain tv shows and their hosts. Other factors can come into play here, including how bosses feel about this employee in a variety of ways.

          I don’t think we can completely rule out Carlson’s charges (which Lurker seems to do) over ratings.

  3. FNC faces ‘changing mores‘. So was Lot’s wife just before the Morton Salt Company came calling.

  4. Listening this morning to somber NPR, I must have heard “peaceful protest” repeated a hundred times, not a hint that the anger driving them has consequences for the pot-stirrers.

    Dallas police chief Brown on the shooter that was killed: “he was upset about Black Lives Matter” and angered by the recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota that dominated national news this week.

  5. Greta Van Susteren: “She’s disgruntled she didn’t get her contract renewed and the timing is very suspicious,” the Fox News host told The New York Times. “I’ve been here 15 years I haven’t seen it and frankly I’m rather outspoken and I don’t think I’d stick around for it.”

  6. Shep had help from a reporter on the ground last night with the name of Casey, who was outstanding.

    Other than Megyn Kelly, most talent I’ve seen in years.

  7. How in the world can the media pretend that a Minnesota police officer asking for a drivers license and registration (Why not her license? Was she driving his car?) and then being told that the person is carrying a gun, is not one freaking hell of a game changer?

    • Depends on if he had a concealed carry license. If you have one and are carrying, you are obligated to place your hands where they can be seen, and notify a police officer that approaches.
      If he didn’t have one, another thug bites the dust.

      • Yes. Going by the girlfriend’s story, if Castile was asked for his DL and car registration and then told the cop that he was carrying a gun on his person then that stops everything.

        It’s not ‘Okay, thanks for the info, now hand me your DL and registration’. It’s “Stop, Don’t reach for anything! Get out of the car.”

        On the video, the officer yelled, “I told him not to reach for it”.

        This is a far more fraught and complex situation than the media portrays.

  8. Read the Kiran Chetry piece about her time at Fox News. It’s the most convincing (to me) defense of Roger Ailes I’ve seen so far, its credibility boosted by the fact that Chetry, who burned many bridges when she left FNC and then burned the ashes, has no reason to stick up for the guy…but she does.

    • I never really cared for Chetry, but this really showed a lot of character on her part.

  9. please forgive me. insanity runs wild and talking about the news media just seems banal to me right now. same with Carlson talk. i ill take a break and only watch the markets for a few days as i cannot interrupt paying for retirement. this is the limit. the world has gone mad. those that care to can carry on, i think it is best for me to carry out. glad i pulled my shorts first of the week on the Euro and pound. the news is making the insane markets look very sane. i guess it is all relative.

  10. Re: is rhetoric on social media…

    Probably. But lets also curtail the emotional speeches from the world’s biggest soapbox that point the finger at endemic white racism before local investigators and your DoJ has had time to turn over a leaf.

    • I really don’t see that much racism. Sure, there is some, but nothing like 50 or 60 years ago. The Left seems to pine for the old days when Robert Byrd was wearing his Klan robes.

    • Love the piece Shep aired of the Governor of Minnesota saying that had Castile been white the cop wouldn’t have worried about his saying that he was armed and then reaching into his pocket.

      Imagine being a cop in a state with a governor like that. Thanks, Guv, but I’d be as vigilant for my life if Castile had been as white as your dumb arse…

  11. The liberal news media has often sided with the DOJ that domestic terrorism is as dangerous as the foreign variety. They of course had skinheads or neo-nazi militias in mind, but with yesterday the most casualties of first responders since 9/11, well, maybe they stumbled onto something.

    • Oh, they’ll have it all ways.

      When arguing that cops are out of control we hear speeches about a culture of endemic white racism that must be examined and discussed and rooted out via the ageis of govt. We hear nothing about guns because cops must have guns.

      With violence wrought in communities due to sociological dynamics including religious extremism, it’s guns we must discuss and nothing else. Just guns. Only guns.

      It’s a great gig that they have and we can thank the media for these arbitrary boundaries.

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  13. If Gretchen Carlson is going to prevail, she’s going to need either 1) correspondence of the likes that Fox has leaked that shows Ailes acting improperly, or 2) the rumor of those former female Fox employees who back up what Carlson said about Ailes and Fox. Even then nothing is assured, but as things stand now Ailes and Fox have begun to litigate this in the court of public opinion and probably won’t stop as long as they have evidence that puts them in a better light.

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