Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bourdain-CNN Newsroom-Bourdain 1-2-3.
  • Roger Ailes responds to Carlson allegations: false and defamatory.
  • Video flashback: on leaving Fox & Friends.
  • Carlson attorneys to explore claims about Ailes in Sherman book.
  • Fields: Gretchen not the first Ailes victim, says anonymous source.
  • Gretchen Carlson fired by Fox, files harassment suit vs Ailes.  More.
  • Is CNN’s Declassified telling the truth?  MSNBC investigates…clip art!
  • Friday’s numbers: O’Reilly/Dennis Miller-Sean Hannity-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Sunday showdown: MediaBuzz tops Reliable Sources.  Weekend numbers.
  • Kelly File video: Hillary’s email claims fact-checked
  • Wemple: Latest hire shows CNN suits determined to torture their anchors.
  • Hollywood director wants Andrea Tantaros for move role, but can’t find her?!

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  1. Didn’t watch all that much coverage of the Hillary FBI decision, but what I did watch didn’t make much of an attempt to hose the stink off off her. At least I didn’t see my Senator Sherrod Brown giving his shameful, “all the prior Secretaries did it” defense.

    • Something that people are forgetting is that Gretchen had the lowest-rated show 6a-11p on Fox News, consistently, year after year. F&F ratings increased when she was replaced by Hasselbeck. So she’s been on the dismissal track for some time. Not to judge the validity of her complaints but it’s something to consider with disgruntled fired ex-employees.

      Parenthetically, I’ll just say the image of Steve Doocy as a drooling, lecherous Lothario has to be right up there with Pee Wee Herman as Charles Atlas.

      • I wonder what Gretchen and EH told Ainsley, especially since both encouraged her to take the F&F job. I also wonder if EH left on her own.

      • Paul Reubens, maybe, but not his alter ego.

        One disgruntled fired ex-employee comes to mind. She shares her first name with Tantaros and her last name sounds like a fish.

      • Sounded to me like she accused Doocy of being condescending and treating her as though she was just window dressing, rather than his being lecherous.

        • I was riffing off the twitter headlines that claim Doocy was sexually harassing her. The stuff about Doocy (he didn’t socialize with her during off hours) seems in part petty and clearly not lawsuit-worthy material, which is why there wasn’t anything done with it years ago when it allegedly happened.

      • Took one of the stooges less than 30 min to happen to stop by so he can complain you called her a “disgruntled ex-employee.” so he could call people here “Pigs.”

        Dry drunk forgets he’s called Gretchen a goon…………..funny how last month she was a goon…..but today if you even suggest she may not be telling 100% the truth… are a pig.

        speaking of the stooges……last Fri they complained that #1 Fox News was only doing updates on the Bangladesh story….forgetting to tell their deluided reader that at the time there was a Gov News blackout and both MSNBC and CNN reported death figures that were NOT correct…… the ratings are out and during that time Fox News just didnt win…..they CRUSHED CNN and MSNBC… once again #1 Fox News did what they public wanted and the people who couldn’t schedule a local PBS station were wrong.

        Yesterday they once again complained that there was NO liberal on to defend HRC on outnumbered……not understanding the shows premise…..once again……..somehow forgetting that they complain almost everyday that some network has a “Trumpkin” on defending Trump…….but no bias on their part of course.

        Its hilarious things like that…….that make me want to laugh and read their foolishness.

          • I don’t know enough about Gretchen to know what to believe…..I don’t watch her show and NEVER watched Fox and friends………..but the stooges are once again being hypocrites just so they can attack #1 Fox News…………..they have NO question she’s telling the 100% truth…….hoping you will forget ALL the stuff they called her in the very recent past.

            I had a friend on Facebook tell me it didnt matter how long she waited to report it………I then reminded him that he dismissed the Bill Clinton rape reports because the women didnt report them for years……he’s been silent since then.

            I usually try to believe women in these cases no matter who they are…….but that she didnt report till she was fired is a problem anybody can see.

          • Well…….they could ban me even before the blog is even named……….then Larry….then Nixon….the J$ till all they have left is each other.

          • What in three words could convey the idea that they now have a blog of their own in which they can micromanage all comments?

        • How often do they complain when Maddow, Hayes, or O’Donnell has no conservative on? I’d say roughly once every never. They’re hypocrites and morons. At least one of the Gang of Three is a prime exponent of the favorite internet sport: pretending to be an all-knowing expert on a channel he never watches. Sort of like a low-rent Maddow.

        • She shouldn’t have left F&F

          She can’t anchor a solo show by herself that’s why they didn’t renew her contract

          • Well, somebody used the word “fired” but was taken off one show then given her own show and the opportunity to shine solo. “Fired” to me means the pay checks stop coming.

        • Looks like Gretchen had her lawsuit prepared and ready to go the minute her contract wasn’t renewed.

          • And so she did what? Let it continue with someone else as the ‘victim’? I can’t speak to the other allegations but this business about Doocy I find unconvincing. I believe Gretchen encouraged Ainsley to take the Fox & Friends spot. Odd behavior if it was as she is now describes it. Just my opinion; I could be wrong.

          • No idea — just passing along what I read in some news accounts.

            Maybe she was told that it would be “taken care of”? Based on my own long ago experiences and those of other women I’ve known, it’s often not a direct cause-and-effect thing. Meaning that it usually takes an escalation over time, as the woman has a hard time believing it’s actually happening. When she first complains, it’s not exactly uncommon for her to be told that she’s too sensitive, that she needs to be tougher, and so on. From what I’ve read about GC’s allegations, that is exactly what she says happened to her.

            Very rare is the woman who goes nuclear after the first incident of sexual harassment. It’s almost always over a period of time (often years) and has others scratching their heads and saying “Why didn’t you do anything about this before?”

            I don’t know who’s telling the truth here — just giving another POV

          • In her book that she wrote while working at Fox, she writes of several past instances of sexual harassment on the job.

            She wasn’t a novice with such matters.

          • So I’m not so sure she wouldn’t readily have identified a dynamic she had seen before, rather being in some limbo state of denial.

            Sexual harassment by a boss puts the victim in quite a quandary. However, they’re still responsible for the choices they make and how those choices can be interpreted by people trying to be fair to both accuser and accused.

          • Again, I can’t speak to the merits of GC’s case. But I do know from personal experience that anyone who seriously contemplates filing a sexual harassment lawsuit quickly learns that despite having quite a bit of evidence of being treated unfairly after turning down sexual requests and even having a tape recording of your manager repeatedly badgering you to perform a specific sex act, it’s a massively uphill battle.

            For one thing, in a competitive industry or company, you cannot count on other women to even tell the truth about witnessing physical harassment. They will believe that by keeping out of it they will somehow be rewarded for protecting the firm. Or, at the very least, inoculate themselves from it happening to them.

            A woman considering suing for sexual harassment (or even reporting it to higher ups) will soon learn that she will never find another job in the industry, or even other related fields. And her personal reputation will be left in shreds.

            Part of the reason it took so long for me to leave was that I was making good money (should’ve been more if I’d been treated fairly) and didn’t want to have to start over elsewhere. I also believed that somehow, someone there would develop a sense of decency and set things right. It took me being in the hospital and realizing that having a CT scan with dye injected into my veins was preferable to being in the office.

            I’m sorry for going on so long in this comment, but there are so many reasons why a woman will hesitate and put off filing a lawsuit for sexual harassment.

          • Many reasons for hesitating to act indeed, but we evaluate these dynamics one case at a time. One accuser with specific charges and a specific background and an accused with the same factors.

          • Right. As I’ve said here, I have no idea who’s telling the truth in this case. I just wanted to point out that there are some very real reasons why women delay or even avoid filing sexual harassment lawsuits.

            In my situation, I wound up not filing. But I got even (legally) in an even more devastating manner.

          • It was your response of “So?” to my mention of background details specific to Gretchen that caused me to think you were making a point less universal than there being ‘lots of reasons why women don’t act immediately’.

          • that is interesting and i do not doubt you experiences, in my experiences i had clients that were often targets of civil suits, both racial and sexual. rightly or wrongly i cannot recall a single case making it to trial, everyone was paid to go away. everything i heard was that it was cheaper and less hassle to just pay them to go away. of course once public, that option diminishes.

          • I found it interesting that Gretchen is suing only Ailes, and not Fox News, News Corp, or any other corporate entity. In her filing, her lawyers seem to have gone out of their way to say that they believe he was acting in his own interest and not that of the company. Maybe she wants to show that this isn’t about money (corporate pockets tend to be much deeper than individuals’)? Or perhaps she wants Fox to dump him?
            I have no actual info, just opinions and educated guesses.

          • And when you complain to supervisors, certain people — maybe even the supervisor — will do their best to convince you that it’s in your head, that you’re too weak, that you need to toughen up, that maybe you’re too soft for the job, etc.

          • I think it’s because pulling someone’s arm (interesting that formulation), treating them condescendingly, not speaking with them during breaks, isn’t explicitly sexist.

            It’s more murky than the advances she has accused Ailes of making.

          • My boss once threw a waste can at me.

            I scared the female computer room operator by putting a fake frog in the printer.

            A sales manager buttoned the top button loose on the blouse of a woman in the office and another woman filed a complaint because it upset her.

            Thirty-seven years and that’s all I can come up with. Sheltered.

          • I live in the center of utter oppression.

            I don’t know of an affair where a woman from eight to eighty gussies herself up and there’s not more than a possibility that a male acquaintance will tell her that shes looking good coming and going.

            I know it’s much more fraught with the boss over your career, but I don’t think there’s an area in life where a bit of sanquinity isn’t in order.

        • the whole he said she said stuff is a bummer no matter what the facts. it is a huge amount of energy exerted for nothing productive.
          … and i would say the same if Mika was accusing Rachel……lol

    • Larry say, “Man who hear only one side of story, save Facebook for pics of dog and #1 son.”

    • I too left a comment of support for her……as I’ve done for other Fox News people who have left.

      Don’t know what to believe………but I support her and don’t wish her harm in anyway……While she can’t find a more popular news network than Fox…..I think she could fit in as Nancy Grace’s replacement……..couldn’t hurt HN ratings.

  2. On the subject of clear Media bias…..did anyone else notice yesterday that most (not Fox) reported on their chrons and head lines that the FBI director called HRC carless?

    Only of course that’s not what he said…..he said “extremely careless”……nope no favoring HRC there. Im sure the haters were all over that right????

  3. “Hollywood director wants Andrea Tantaros for move role, but can’t find her?!”

    I think you mean” MOVIE” need that J$badheadlines twitter account. LOL

  4. Any truth to the rumour that she got fired for supporting the assault weapons ban on live TV?

  5. Spud: “If this suit follows the pattern of previous lawsuits aimed at FNC and/or Roger Ailes…it’ll never get to court and there will be iron clad confidentiality agreements waiting to be signed.”

  6. wow Hillary on fire, chump, i mean trump a criminal evil rich guy that love millionaires. press loves the story that chump, i mean trump hurts the little guy. clean it up guys. #sucio

    • and yet….if Americans lose their minds and elect Trump and he wins……..they will spend the rest of their lives in regret.

      • because Hillary would not be worse? i cannot stand Donald, but you cannot argue either one of them would result in a better country for anyone we know or one would be less worse.. we coulda had a bean counter Romney and the electorate re-elected a fail instead. country is suicidal.

        • This is very difficult. Do you want to be burnt at the stake or have your head chopped off? What’s worse, a Tasmanian devil or the devil?

          • it is a great effort for me to vote and i always have and will not if it is the current slate. however if i am held captive and given 2 choices, 1 where i know they will slowly cook me alive and eat me, and the other is a surprise, i am going for the surprise. could be i am right that i tell my wife every day i am retarded but i am going for door number 2.

          • That Debbil Satan is always the worst. By the way, Hillary was his prom date.

          • The Wh0re of Babylon and her charming husband Beelzebubba have been around since the Fall from Heaven of Satan and his buddies.

      • Maybe…

        I think no matter who is elected, investigations and depositions will follow throughout the term.

      • i understand you are a Bernie guy? cool. you have showed a level character here. so think. Hillary. 4 SCOTUS choices. man, the court would rule the founders wanted us to join the EU. do not tell me one or the other is a better outcome. really.

        • I’m not going to vote on the line for President this year.

          If my fellow American are willing to elect either of them Ill just have to live with it……..most people I vote for lose anyway,

          • sensible, but does not answer the question. is there any empirical evidence that one would be worse than the other? if so, i am open, if not your first post should have included both names …. that is where i stand. totally nutsville out there. politics has changed to one group precluding how the other group may live.

          • Well I don’t like to be real political here….but……..I don’t think Trump is qualified for the job and I don’t think he could control his anger issues……….I don’t trust HRC and her Iraq vote wasn’t just a mistake……..I guess I don’t want either of them in the WH and I decided after 2008 that I would NEVER vote for the lesser of two evils again.

            as for the SCOTUS……..I’m sure I won’t like who HRC or Trump puts on the court……….HRC was or is pretty much anti or Pro everything I’m for or against.

            Ive voted for the Democratic nominee since Mondale……this will be a first for me……….but I decided in 2008 that I couldn’t vote for HRC………as for Trump…..while he has some ideas I agree with……hes got to many that I think will damage the country more than help.

            So for me it’s a draw………whatever America decides I will just have to live with.

            End of political talk.

          • i still read that as trump would turn out worse than hill think of pelosi and reid’s ghost and man her election would give me greater willies than his. at least with trump we have uncertainty, we know how hrc will be. criminal. ok, end if u want. not trying to make an argument but sharpen the point. like i said, right now it is sensible to be afraid.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 to explore claims
    4 torture their anchors
    3 files harassment suit
    2 wants Andrea Tantaros
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 More.

  8. Now here’s something I’ve never thought I’d write… I’m interested to know what Rachel Maddow’s view on all this is.

    *hold on… dry heaves…*

    Okay, but hear me out. Ailes wrote a blurb for Maddow’s book, and the two have been described as being relatively friendly. So will she jump all over this? Will she defend or attack Ailes? Or will she side-step the whole thing and focus elsewhere (which really doesn’t seem to be MSNBC’s MO).

    Someone’s going to have to tell me, because I don’t have the stomach to actually watch.


    Gretchen Carlson’s allegations are false,” Ailes said in a statement released through Fox News Channel. “This is a retaliatory suit for the network’s decision not to renew her contract, which was due to the fact that her disappointingly low ratings were dragging down the afternoon lineup.”

    Ailes claimed that Carlson had “become aware that her career with the network was likely over” when Fox News did not start talks to renew her contract, and “conveniently began to pursue a lawsuit.”

    Fox News had “provided her with more on-air opportunities over her 11-year tenure than any other employer in the industry,” he said, noting that Carlson had thanked him in her most recent book.

    “This defamatory lawsuit is not only offensive, it is wholly without merit and will be defended vigorously,” Ailes said.

    Minutes earlier, Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, issued its own statement announcing an internal review into Carlson’s allegations – an unprecedented move that also extended to her former “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy, who was not named in the lawsuit.

    • I can’t find the article I just read where Gretchen said her ratings were #1 or very high

      That is a lie so I’m sticking up for Ailes lol

  10. I’m seeing a bunch of comments that are ‘awaiting moderation’, yet when I got to the moderation page there is nothing in the moderation queue. Thanks people, it appears you broke disqus! For some reason it’s marking comments are spam for no reason I can fathom.

    So, on a different note, does Steve Doocy show up for F&F tomorrow morning? I say ‘yes’.

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