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    • Comey will be the star in anti-Clinton ads for the rest of the election season.
      HIs ‘catch-phrase’ will be “extremely careless”.

      • Me too. FBI Director was reasonable in his argument. Hillary is still a lying crook, but the email server not the worst of her transgressions.

        At least it means no Biden getting in. That guy is mentally challenged.

        • “At least it means no Biden getting in. That guy is mentally challenged.”

          Well IMHO…..if she did drop out and he ran…..Trump would be toast in polls within days…..I won’t vote for HRC or Trump but i’d vote for Biden…..and I’m NOT even a fan of his.

          If Trump wins………..this is a day Democrats might regert.

          • I rather hope that Democrats might regret a standard of having to be an outright spy in order to be prosecuted for being fast and loose with state secrets.

            I’m an optimist.

          • Well, the DAILY BEAST headline was hardly “Hillary Exonerated!”:

            “FBI Just Crushed Hillary’s Email Excuses”

            Hillary Clinton has had several explanations as to why and how she used a private email address and server when she was Secretary of State. But in his press conference on Tuesday, FBI director James Comey seemed to refute them all.

          • Let’s hope that seal doesn’t come with six points, otherwise a Secretary of State knowing the risk and still having several private email servers that the FBI says were likely hacked, will be lost in charges of antiseminism.

          • There is so much to go after Trump, that they are playing up this totally crap charge is irritating.

        • There’s merit in having a candidate like Joe Biden.

          If you ever have to make the argument that exposing state secrets is not reasonably prosecutable as long as it was done out of carelessness rather than intention, with Joe it’s believable…

    • I’m kind of glad Hillary isn’t INDICTED

      If she did then she might have to drop out for someone with no trustworthy issues

      That could be a problem for TRUMP =)

  1. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

    Joe Concha Heads to The Hill
    Starting today, Joe Concha is The Hill’s new media reporter. Concha, who will continue to be based out of New Jersey, comes to The Hill from Mediaite, where he has been a columnist covering media, politics and television.

    • Concha has said his goodbyes on Mediaite.

      While very gracious, he laudably addressed the elephant in the online room in talking about the role that such forums play in our House Divided.

      While the biblical story of the Tower of Babel bespeaks the perils of an uber unity among fallen man in language, outlook, and goals, the desire of the citizens of Babel to scale the heights of heaven addresses the dangers of immense power, information, and access among our flawed selves.

      You have only to look at the worst in us as facilated by the wonders of technology, globalism, and the 24 hour news media to understand the story’s point.

  2. TVNEWSER “After Cocaine Bust, Fox Business Network Fires Katie Welnhofer”
    Well, that seems a little harsh.

    • They should suspend her until she gets her legal problems sorted out, then bring her back after rehab. Unless she has done this before, that is.

        • That’s why I said until she gets her legal problems sorted out. Things aren’t always how they seem at first glance.

  3. Is Disqus acting up for everyone?

    I’m having Glen Wishard comment withdrawal.

    Next to Johnny, that boy is the best thing on Disqus.

  4. RE: “Video: Gregg Jarrett takes issue with FBI’s Hillary recommendation.”

    I think Mr. Jarrett makes a persuasive argument. But so does Howard Fineman on HuffPo when he wrote, “The FBI found no criminal intent to leak classified information — the gravamen of the case.”

    However, Fineman did point out, “Comey expressed appropriate contempt for Clinton’s venality, carelessness and disregard for government processes. It just wasn’t illegal.”

    I suppose it would have been a plus for attorneys Jarrett and Fineman to be on The O’Reilly Factor to debate. But as Cecelia suggested — “No surprise. Let’s get on with it.”

    In true Fineman style as a non flamethrower and someone who has not been afraid to criticize Clinton, I thought he made a couple of points in Trump’s favor when he wrote:

    A. Trump can still use “The Clinton’s game the system” as a line of attack.

    B. Mr. Trump will also argue the fix was in from a D.C. establishment that only he can dislodge. He’ll cite Obama’s declaration months ago that he saw no security violation in the Clinton matter, and follow the conspiracy chain to Comey. Those who despise Clinton are already with Trump, but the anti-establishment pitch could resonate further with independents.

    Bad day to have only a 2-channel DVR while wanting to hear from all 3 cable channels (sorta) at 8p Eastern. 🙂

    • That is an utterly fatuous argument no matter who makes it. You do not have to intend harm to the U.S. In order to be guilty of criminal mishandling of state secrets.

      • Oh boy!

        We need an arbitrator to settle the ‘tribal’ dispute between the two sides CC.

        Some on the left are saying no indication of criminal intent is an important line of demarcation.

        OTOH, the WSJ reported that in order to give Mrs. Clinton a pass, the FBI rewrote the statute, inserting an intent element that Congress did not require.

        • It’s not tribal, Michael. With that logic you couldn’t prosecute anyone for negligence unless there was absolute animus toward govt or its agencies (ala Snowden) or allegiance with another govt (Pollard).

          Can you imagine anyone arguing this for hospital CEOs who allowed carelessness with electronic medical records?

          They’d lose their CMS contracts, be fined millions, and could be sent to jail depending upon the scope of the neglect.

          We’re talking about medical records here, not state secrets.

          • One thing that could be gleaned from Gregg Jarrett’s analysis is that the FBI seems to have made a distinction between “extremely careless” and “gross negligence.”

            On the face of it for us non-lawyers, that’s a bit of a head scratcher.

          • What instantly comes to my mind is their twice shutting the server down (we now know there was more than one private server) because they feared it was being hacked, but never reporting this to the authorities.

            Of course that all begs the question of why Clinton thought it was necessary to have private servers in the first place.

            I think it was in order to control access to her ALL her email for years to come.

            That is a motive that is so utterly self-serving that it screams the worst sort of “intent” in my book. In Hillary’s perspective their is no national priority or interest greater than her own view that she is the country’s most vital resource.

        • The WSJ likely means rewrote the law in the metaphorical sense.

          The FBI does not write laws.

          • “Extremely careless” and “gross negligence” are enough to charge her with a felony. However, Madame always gets a free pass. The fix was in from the beginning.

          • i wrote the quip below about looking for a congress person that has actually written a law because Law Enforcement is who collectively write the laws. From DOJ DA to the lowest cop on the the street how laws are written are made in trillions of actions and official documents creating general precedents review-able by the lowest to highest relevant courts. aids write the copy, congress holds a wet finger to the wind and vote, the president signs it and Federal, state and local DAs and law enforcement decide what is written and how to apply. not civics in JR High, however i think functionally that is the correct road map. the WSJ meant “re-wrote” the law in a literal sense.

      • SPECIAL REPORT PANEL: Kirsten Powers did a good job explaining the logic of not bringing charges against Clinton, but painted it as a standard than a person in a lesser position might have been.

  5. Oh, dear…Brian Williams has somehow insulted Our Liege by comparing his style in his speech today to a highly popular, talented, and successful black comedian, now deceased.

    Get the tumbrills out! It’s time for another beheading!

    • Note to self.

      Never ever challenge Cecelia to a game of Scrabble.

      Without Google I would often have no idea what she is referring to with words/phrases like “Our Liege” and “tumbrills.”

  6. No daily summary yet from Mr. Bill.

    I’m probably wrong, but my guess is a lot of last minute decisions regarding coverage (and perhaps even invited guests) of FBI announcement and Obama campaigning for Hillary.

    Or perhaps he’s on an extended Independence Day vacation.

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  8. “Geraldo of Arabia” – please tell me that’s just a prank.

    2. Katie Welnhofer got sacked over a cocaine distribution enterprise – I bet she has a lot of big names from Manhattan that she could divulge.

  9. WIll for comparison sake, Superman III wasn’t the worst of the series, but it’s close. Obama is not the worst president, but it’s close. Brian Williams not too far off the mark.

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