Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • MediaBuzz videos:
  • Reliable Sources videos: Coverage challenges; Green Party; millennials.
  • Q&A: Bill O’Reilly talks politics, history, etc with with Mo Rocca; video.
  • ‘Florida’s friendliest home town’ welcomes Eric Bolling.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly/Sean Hannity (tie)-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Q&A: Larry King, now reigning in the cyber realms.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Martha MacCallum delivers Meals on Wheels.  Tamron Hall feathers her nest.
  • Kelly File videos: Terrorism town hall with and

53 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Gee, when I saw only two comments — on this holiday weekend — after almost 100 on Friday, I decided I should post something…anything…so here goes.

    Sunday on “State of the Union” Corey Lewandowski gets to show his critics he was hired to be more than just a male version of Trump surrogate and defender Katrina Pierson.

    As Judy Tenuta used to say, “It could happen.”

    (Viewer tip: Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen,)

        • aha, slipped it past Daniel ….ok yawn. no big. if he writes about pre war Japan i may read that book, missed all his others.

          • the unnecessary war in the Pacific is a great topic. Newt and some other guy wrote a great alternative history of it. the Pre-war scene and Japan at the time from 1910 to 41 is focus of many poly sci diplo courses. the what ifs ring like pre-gettysburg which is the most war gamed battle in history. if only.

          • OReilly’s point in the interview today about kids today knowing nothing about history is spot on. Half don’t know we fought Japan in WW II and those that do figure they attracted Pearl Harbor and started the war just because they were evil.

          • there is that. the weirdness of it all is kids love to learn. they love history, philosophy all of it. a kid that gets a little success in their teeth and takes off is the most awesome thing in the world. i read books with a flashlight under a blanket. something killed it all and it isn’t weed.

    • A shout out to the NY Times’ Jim Rutenberg for getting it right today (Sunday). Namely, that the Lewandowski nondisclosure agreement may be somewhat insignificant.

      “CNN’s thinking apparently holds that Mr. Lewandowski provides pro-Trump balance for the network at a time when many of its regular Republican analysts are Trump detractors. In that case, they could ask, how does a nondisclosure agreement get in the way of Mr. Lewandowski’s role as a Trump booster?”

  2. Always remember, never forget, the moral distinction between the libertarian conservatives vs dem socialist left. the left could all die, and no one would miss them except their mothers … maybe. if the conservative right all died there would quickly be starvation, rationing and totalitarianism. this is what the left really think about you. stated clearly for the day they despise, July 4th.

    • They just beat the hell out of us nonstop.

      An Independence Day kick in the teeth is their Christmas.

    • “Dylan Matthews” is just another arrogant a$$ that doesn’t know what he is talking about.

      • Well, I don’t mind different ideas, especially if they’re novel and argued well.

        You can have that without being relentlessly condescending,negative, and tribal.

        • i mind. ayn noted there are those that produce more than they use and those that use more than they produce. no matter what you think of ayn, i only have interest in hearing ideas from the former not the later group.

        • He is just regurgitating the same leftist drivel, arguments that we have heard over and over about the Founding Fathers being ignorant bigoted a$$holes. In other words, much like today’s patronizing “Progressives,” except that the Founders were open and honest about it. If these people are so disgusted with this country and its history, I would suggest that they find a new home. Cuba, for instance.

          • Ben Bernanke destroyed more wealth than anyone in history in less than one year. his motto destroying the economy is saving the economy. qe 1`, 2, twist tweek, zap, keep inflation down by printing to service debt so there is no liquidity in the economy, all the debt public going rollo rollo rollo. we bailed the EU you know that right?
            what could go wrong?

  3. Tamron Hall’s kitchen would marry the rest of her place if she went Art Deco.

    Oh, my goodness, Johnny, that stuffed peacock! It’s troubling.

  4. NBC more interested tonight in a 30 year old Trump Indian gaming story (does Mitt’s dog still bark) than their sugary rendition of Hillary “helping the FBI with their review” this weekend. The fact they would play a clip of my liberal-moron Senator Sherrod Brown saying, “All the Secretaries of State did it” made me sic the dog on the TV.

  5. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 preview
    4 Thursday’s
    3 welcomes Eric Bolling
    2 Martha MacCallum
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Tamron Hall feathers her nest.

  6. Favorite media development of the week.

    Some in the print media are now inserting fact checking items inline…i.e., within the body of the article or column you will now see — presumably in parentheses — that what Clinton or Trump claims cannot be verified, or is flat out wrong.

    Since this is a Fox News blog, let me show an example of how this might work with Hillary.

    You might see something like the following:

    Regarding her decision to use a private email server, Clinton said, “It was allowed.”

    (No one ever stopped Clinton from conducting work over her private email server exclusively. But that’s not the same thing as it being allowed. Offices within the State Department told an independent inspector general that if she had asked, they would not have allowed it.)

    Hopefully, the WSJ and USA Today will follow the lead of the NYT if they haven’t already.

    Fact checkers ain’t perfect and there has been some criticism of bias. But IMO this is a step in the right direction. The amount of lying and misrepresentations by today’s politicians has never been worse…and that’s the TRUTH. 🙂

    • CBS FACE THE NATION: “A chance meeting with Clinton at the airport…” Crap, you’d have to fact-check every 30 seconds and then fact-check the fact checking. Screw the clutter. Just watch, read a lot of stuff. Be informed. Use the brain. Work at it.

      • One problem with that approach Larry is, “Are more that 20% of the population going to actually do their own fact checking?” And of those that do, how many of them will only check media they are ideologically aligned with?

        This issue was raised as a result of all the misleading and factually inaccurate information (especially in the London press) prior to the Brexit vote in the UK. Many propagandist went unchallenged apparently.

        There must be a better way.

        • allow me to light the fuse on the suicide vest.
          fact checking ombudsmen exist at every journalistic outlet, no matter the media format except sources so low we do not even discuss here.

          basically MT is saying it is good that we no longer expect the facts to reflect the truth in the body of the story and if an error or omission is made there it will no longer be acknowledged in a public forum. we can outsource the job we have always done ourselves to peterpaulmary.org, or whatever. just insert another person’s work you were supposed to do and did not. man if you cannot do your own vetting get out of the biz.

          the fact checkers are for us peons to look up. i expect the media in each of its organizing charts has editors, inspectors and an ombudsman with final authority.

          i use snopes, the media should do it’s own work and eliminate all the free advertising they give to these fact check groups. a fact check is good to see if an email sent to you is really what some guy said 20 years ago. not to speculate on the degree of the veracity politicians and their spinners spin. that is the publishers job.

          concl: reject MT’s proposal of acceptance of Journalistic laziness and incompetence by outsourcing their primary job. getting it right.

          • Sorry GC, but your critique missed my point.

            It wasn’t a referendum on fact checkers, but rather a full throated endorsement of reporters from both the NYT and WSJ who take the time and effort to do their best to avoid having misinformation — including bogus quotes by Clinton and Trump — go to print.

          • ok, so i go back and read you lauding the use of fact checkers concurrent to publication and i respond, media should not outsource fact checking but do it themselves, include support or evidence in original text or not publish and where am i off the path? .

          • michael please. i can’t argue until i know what you mean. if i read it wrong, i need your intention or i have nothing to say, agree or not. i thought i understood what you meant, you said i did not, where did i take the wrong exit is all? i would like it if media used many fewer uncorroborated assertions, i think you would too.

          • I was in a hurry and only perused part of your comment before jumping to your conclusion. Sounded to me like you opposed reporters/columnists doing a little research once in a while.

            Perhaps you confused this old codger. Wouldn’t be the first time here at J$P. >-)

          • no, just the opposite. i object to the outsourcing of the research to a so called fact checker. inserting their own support is important and when stuff goes out uncorroborated i am repelled.

          • so you reject fact checker organizations being used by media as support for their reporting or not? Michael i am confused. so i am clear, i object, do not trust, think it is incorrect for media to outsource or use as support the fact checking of people not working for the media that is publishing the story. of course i do not support the printing of people citing facts that are not supportable without being questioned and publishing of evidence of the lack of support of their citations. the question as i read it was including the evidence of support or disproof of the citation proximate to the citation by “fact checkers” or their own damn staff. the former is baloney, the later has always been required for journalism despite obvious omissions due to the mounds of lies people utter in politics. am i getting this?????

    • Sad and true.

      We were in Memphis several years ago for Memohis in May and were visiting the Civil Rights Museum.

      It was Sunday and early and the town was quiet and empty as everyone was sleeping off the parties of the previous night. While strolling over to the museum, we observed two expensive cars parked together with their windows broken out and insides rifled through.

      It was a sad juxtaposition to the all the faith, hope, and love of the great man who died there.

      Memphis always is.

  7. I saw some very young ladies marching in a parade today as part of a local ballet studio.

    They were all dressed in red, white, and blue sundresses of various patterns and were holding magic wands that I think were to be emblematic of sparklers.

    They were an impressive sight made even more mesmerizing by their being as easy to herd as a troope of cats.

    What a country! What a world! What a Lord in heaven!

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