Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: NY Times still reporting a Benghazi!
  • Audio Q&A: Harris Faulkner examines ISIS recruitment in Minnesota.
  • What will become of HLN without its biggest star?  Leno’s crash a flop.
  • Nolte: Is Jake Tapper fair and balanced?  CNN into ‘human augmentation‘.
  • Borchers: Lewandowski’s first week was just as bad as everyone expected.
  • Wemple: How Fox News structures a debate is none of the feds’ business.
  • Videos: on smears, on Loretta Lynch.

95 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Grace is being replaced by a woman from Florida. Prepare yourself for “TOT MOM!”

  2. has anyone really ever thought Jake Tapperbama was not a dem shill? seriously? on ABC sunday mornings he was lockstep with stephanclintonous. so how is his Hillary love and Trump deception anything new. there are plenty of people here that like news other than Fox, do any of you think Tapper distanced himself from Stephanopolous while at ABC?

    • At the start of the Obama Administration Tapper was one of the few that asked it tough questions. I always suspected that was why he never got George S.’s Sunday show. Some of his biases are clear though. He has gotten furious three times with me: once over GITMO being a major terrorist recruiter, once ove Obama’s birth circumstance, and once over his bias against Isreal. That collection does hint at his general drift.

      • tapperdem. ….and u were one of the watchers i was referring too because i know you are not straight FOX.

        • and Joe Remi’s replacement, Michael T…. now officially i am saying that in fun. i knows MT would buy no Fiat.

          • Round 2, right George?

            We also disagreed when I suggested Yahoo News! was center right — or at least not left-leaning — with their home page, as Bill O’Reilly had claimed. (I seem to recall that you said later that you were referring to their business section.)

            Peace bro. You always speak your mind…just like my late father.

          • Ricky Newman is a village idiot. their finance section is as far left as CNBC. i am all about peace man, lets do yoga and a drum circle. no war, i like you, you post interesting stuff. people being nice and of one political persuasion know no alignment.

      • Tapper can be pricklier than a weed garden but is generally old school. He’s a liberal journalist who has a passing familiarity with conservative opinions and arguments and doesn’t go by the current frightening ethos and tyrannical impulse that argues that even-handedness and intellectual distance in the context of reporting and formal debate is akin to moral relativism.

        • I think a real tribute to Jake, who is popular with many on the right as well as some on the left like Tommy Christopher, is that I don’t recall much, if any, criticism on Media Matters — or on NewsBusters for that matter.

          I see this as a persistent attempt at neutrality by Tapper…others may disagree. Not too many journos you can say that about.

          Personally, I run hot and cold as I do with Howard Kurtz.

          • I remember you having that view quite some time ago.

            Apparently, you haven’t changed your mind. Good for you.

          • I think Kurtz was treated horribly by CNN.

            Kurtz is a putz, but CNN put him though something way beyond an apology for misrepresenting football player Jason Collins. A Bloodletting is what it was, where he was absolutely and relentlessly humiliated during an on-air interview that he was forced to do as recompense for his error.

          • I always liked Swoosie Kurtz. Any girl named after her dad’s plane can’t be all bad.

    • I was right when I argued with those (commenters at Mediaite) who accused Howard Kurtz of being a ‘lefty’ when he hosted Reliable Sources on CNN.

      So perhaps I’m due to get one wrong.

      My view for some time has been that Jake Tapper leans right and has worked diligently to cater to and cultivate Donald Trump fans as viewers — perhaps targeting (in part) those who boycotted Fox News after the August debate. I am quite sure he would never vote for Hillary.

      However, as Johnny is fond of saying, “But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.” 😊

      • Tapper????/ Jake Tapper??? right of where??? i admit do not get CNN except in Español and Internuttical, International scuse…. maybe to the right of a leg tickle.

        • How about radio? Do you get American talk radio in Nicaragua?

          Jake has had many interviews with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt where they seem to agree more than they disagree?

          • i see Hugh on ABC Sunday sometimes. i have not listened to American radio since 04, have i missed anything? wow it is seriously tropical raining right now.

          • Hope the downpour drowns all the scorpions. 🙂

            Or are you different from Costa Rica in that regard?

          • 1. the lights went out when i went to respond. daniel turned em back on.`
            man i have been stung 3 time in 2 weeks, i kinda liked it. you feel high, sometimes for a few hours sometimes all day. leg cramps once. had a bad car accident many years ago, rear ended. 5 of disks 1 to 8 are bad, 2 leaking spinal fluid. i look at my bed as a torture device. neck clicks, electric shimmers left arm, constant shoulder pain both sides. ok, i hurt a lot. 2 weeks ago i rolled over on a big one, knew right away tomi and i jumped out of bed, flipped on the light, slapped it with a flip flop and rolled it on the floor and went back to sleep. best night of sleep i have had in memory. no joke. the venom made me high, killed the pain i was asleep in minutes that never happens. lot to be said for venom research in my opinion.
            2. i have a small farm/finca and big house for sale in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. please buy it. my cat, Don Negrito, a poison animal killer, i brought from there. scorpians, cien pies caterpillars, Sapos, poisonous toads, lizards, coral snakes, taboa vipers, killed dozens. only been stung by scorpions. many many big.
            3. the other day at my carpenters house i moved a stump chair and a black scorpion, good 6 incher, was and underneath and we did what guys always do with them. pull the stinger out with needle nose pliers and throw them on girls heads. harmless, ok, so it is torture, call peta, it is a Scorpion.
            4. Don Negrito, the cat, keep up, was angry at the guys doing the pool. every day for 3 weeks messing his life up, one morning they came to work and he left them a small, 3 foot coral snake dead as a door nail. strange cat.
            5. in costa rica we had all of those, and we have all of those here in Nicaland, just fewer vipers and Iguanas, Nicas eat em, Iguanas not vipers. but extra, here we have cascabbells, rattlers. i got one here so big i skinned it and there is enough to make 2 guitar straps when it fully cures. send me a tweet address i will send you a pic.
            sorry, but all vital. buy my Coco place, great house 400 meters from the beach. listen to the ocean.

            6. haha . forgot. week or so ago i put on a bathing suit. i rotate them to dry in the bathroom i am in and out of the pool all day every day. a really little one. 1/2 incher in my trunks, nailed me right above Henry. exactly the same as a big one, same sting, same after effects. just a tiny little guy. how do i tweet ya?

          • That’s some eerie stuff with the critters.

            Just glad I didn’t read this before bedtime.

          • ahhh no big you just need to understand critters. snakes are a lot like horses. if it is aggressive and fearless, raises its head and moves it around like an angry black woman chop it in half with a machete and do not miss. horses do not move their heads like the worst snakes, they get that Jaws looking shark eye and sweat even before exercise… hang tight we b going for a ride.
            if you have an address on twitter you need to see the snake skin laid out on a king size bed. i’ll send it to cc, she is an animal lover.

          • Good grief… and I complain about stepping on bees when not wearing shoes. Do have to worry about copperheads though. Have killed some over the years. They are a slow moving snake and are nocturnal. Watch your step, may not get out of the way.

          • most venomous snakes are docile and like scorpions want nothing to do with people. in Coco we found a coral crawled into a dryer while the door was open and still warm. they would curl up on ceramica when the sun hit it. some are aggressive, i have been chased, and done hot foot dances and been lucky. we have so many types of vipers in Costa Rica. most are small and very fast. all the old guys in my bario in Coco, Canales, wear high rubber boots. its expat idiots like me walking an acre and a half with piles of cut brush and branches that are morons. here in Rivas i have coral snakes living in the compost hole right next to the dogs casita. they do not bother each other and the cat kills them for sport when he wants to show off.

            the scorpions are really not bad. they initially hurt bad like a wasp but on me anyway the sting is gone in minutes leaving a red mark with small ache and the effects are always kinda interesting. they differ animal to animal but no variety here is deadly. snakes si’ scorpions no. they just always surprise you when they get you because you don’t expect them to be where they get you. in bed, in a towel etc. we do shake shoes out, and i snap the trunks usually now.

          • My cousin brought a copperhead in a jar to school for third grade show and tell. Scared the (feces) out of the grown ups. He didn’t know what it was.

          • In Ohio, you don’t see them north of Columbus. Supposedly some rattlers in the my SE Ohio area, but I’ve never seen one. Most common is the black snake or officially, Black Rat Snake. Ohio’s state snake. Yep, we have one. They can get very big. Will get aggressive if threatened but otherwise no. I leave them be. Good snake, Eat mice and copperheads.

          • in Coco i have one large Mango tree…. well all the Mango trees are large, but large Mangos are GM like large Thompson grapes. in that tree lives a Boa that changes colors and freezes when he is seen. he is so long i have never seen him entirely. we have a pacto, i pretend not to see him, he does not eat the cat. they eat varmints, i am cool with that, but man he makes himself skinny and i have 4 or 5 meters w/ no end. guess he eats well. we do not talk about it.

          • ? Hey, look him over, he’s our kind of guy. First name is Birch. Last name is Bayh. ?

          • supposedly there are no rattlers in western Oregon. so i hike up Spencer’s butte with the kids years ago and want to climb on this rock for pics and every time i do i hear an insect. like a cicada. turns out people left some rattlers and they reproduced and the little one’s rattles do not sound like big ones. they do not want to meet you, i do not want to meet them. unlike corals they will strike fast if they think they are in a corner. so i know there are, despite what is published, rattlers in western Oregon.

    • Obama seems to not pay any attention to his own CIA Chiefs nor Defense Secretaries. Just fellow traveler political hacks like Suzanne Rice.

      • best i can tell only one person gives advice and takes advice in the executive in this admin and they are the same person..

        • i really find this Rice not believable and insincere. the last Rice i think had a couple of judgement issues but if she thought something she was not going to go along to get along.

  3. I finally got around to reading about the Q2 2016 Ratings released on Tuesday.

    While Fox News Channel is in the midst of its most-watched year ever, there were a few (minor) surprises — for me at least.

    Brooke Baldwin beat Gretchen Carlson.
    Jake Tapper beat Neil Cavuto.
    Smerconish beat Fox and Friends Saturday.
    State of the Union beat Sunday Housecall.
    Fareed Zakaria GPS beat America’s Election HQ.

    FNC still leads CNN by 17% in the prime time demo (weekdays). Even if this is the fourth smallest gap since 2009, it’s still pretty impressive. Although Fox News could use some improvement in the demo ratings on the weekend where they lost to CNN in both daytime and prime time.

    Finally, as someone who was skeptical (for no particular reason) that MSNBC’s Chris Hayes show was about to be cancelled as many media obervers suggested, I couldn’t help but notice he beat Chris Matthews in the Q2 demo ratings, even though he arguably has tougher competition (BOR & Cooper). For the record, I could probably count on both hands the number of times I watched either show in Q2. I just thought some of the Hayes critics were a bit too focused on his politics and not his ratings.

    • I think FNC could more pizazz on the weekend. That’s from someone that never missed a Saturday evening of BELTWAY BOYS and FOXNEWS WATCH. Coupled with CNN’s CAPITAL GANG my habits were set in stone. Now the only thing I look forward to on Saturday is THE JOURNAL EDITORIAL REPORT, which I think has been on TV forever.

      • the beltway boys were on when i lived were i had cable fox. sad to go, but they did not go all John McLaughlin live for all live to see shrink into a … well no need to describe. i respect them for getting out too. a couple of people on that JM show are making a funeral director rub his paws.

        • On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “maybe” and 10 being “metaphysical certitude”, is the Eleanor Clift you see today the product of a taxidermist?

      • Always enjoyed Fox News Watch.

        It was a good mix of panelists like Jim Pinkerton, Cal Thomas, Ellis Henican, Judith Miller and Kirsten Powers.

        Don’t tell Roger or Harris, but I enjoyed it much more than Political Insiders, which is a bit too one-sided (as is Outnumbered) for my taste.

        • Not sure I remember Kirsten on it. Resident liberal was Jane something. Had bad teeth. Used to claim media was not biased, just lazy. Full of crap always. Glad FOX got rid of her.

          • Kirsten would be on from time to time. usually the left was represented by Jane Hall and Jeff Cohen–he was a real firecracker. And some other guy who also had a beard but wasn’t Jeff Cohen. Always liked Jim Pinkerton. I think he was one of the first real tv personalities to follow me on twitter.

          • I supposed cable news panel shows might be pretty dull if all the panelists were like Jim Pinkerton. But I for one always liked the fact he could disagree without being disagreeable.

            It must be that California education (Stanford).

          • My bad. My post was meant to be in jest.

            I was using my California home state bias to joke about Californians from both parties (plus libertarians like Jim) tend to be a little more moderate and less likely to come across as disagreeable…with some exceptions of course. Maxine Watters comes to mind.

            A well placed emoticon may have helped.

          • i HATE the cali state gov. they are the most entitled SOBs i have ever had to do business with. seriously they are pieces of work.
            pretty state and all, but who do they think they are. i was told by a state attorney, we run this state and the voters do what we say. we are absolutely immune.

          • look all agencies have an entitled attitude, it is true, they are entitled. the aroma in Cali is different. they look at business like it is New York Cheese cake. yeah, we know it is necessary and good, but it kills you so you can’t have any.

          • The tongue in my cheek is missed more frequently than I would wish. As are my winks, nods, and snickers.

          • Larry, I don’t think there’s a soul here who doesn’t understand that your tongue is permanently in your cheek.

            Only time I ever saw it out is in a couple of comments you made to TRRE.

            Otherwise, I wonder how you manage to chew your food.

          • I would say, “Aren’t humorless uptight Lutherans all thay way?”

            But that would be unkind stereotyping by a former Catholic who was taught to dislike followers of the ‘heretic’ Martin Luther. 😊

          • I liked the exchange thing between Pinkerton and Ellen Ratner did on some program.

            They put a lot into it, but obviously had a respect and affection for one another.

          • You may be referring to professor Jane Hall, who I think I saw interviewed by Brian Stelter recently.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 structures a debate
    2 fair and balanced
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 What will become of HLN without its biggest star?

  5. RE: “Borchers: Lewandowski’s first week was just as bad as everyone expected.

    Using my fake parental scolding of a preteen child.I am going to say this one last time (to Howard Kurtz, Cenk Uygur and WaPo’s Callum Borchers), then you and your preteen friends need to shut up about it.

    Pay attention to what you read and hear. CNN, by their own admission, said they had an embalance of Trump supporters (some call them shills) for their many panel discussions. They had too many Hillary ‘shills’ compared to the Trump surrogates.

    Lewandowski was not hired to provide any kind of analysis — such as about the inner workings of the campaign. He was hired to be a Trump supporter just like Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnany and Katrina Pierson.

    It’s suprising how many critics missed this. Oh well.

    • That doesn’t ring anywhere close to the entire story even if it was put out by CNN.

      You don’t hire him and his baggage at that salary because you want balance.

      You want balance AND viewers AND info AND the possibility of a scoop, etc.

      • Huh?

        If CNN hired him, don’t you think they have a right to decide how they’ll use him as opposed to how some think he should be used?

        You lost me on this one CC.

        • I didn’t say that CNN has no right to use Lewandowski as they wish, I said that they ain’t being perfectly straight in what they’re saying about his only being there for balance, because it’s not common sense.

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