Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Fox Business Mornings with Maria producer caught in cocaine bust.
  • Videos: Judge Napolitano and the
  • Abramovitch: Nancy Grace is leaving HLN in Oct, plans digital project.
  • MSNBC cancels Lockup, announces a bundle of ‘new’ Dateline reruns.
  • Tyrell: CNN’s ‘fact-checkers’ should be fired.  Sally Kohn makes book.
  • CNN schedules Paul Ryan Town Hall.  WNBC’s Rob Schmitt to Fox News.
  • FEC Dems vote in secret to punish Fox News for sponsoring GOP debate.
  • Corey aims to make Trump great again.  Coop doesn’t want Corey on 360.

44 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I think Lewandowski will make for a spirited advocate and supporter of Trump but if CNN thought that he was going to dish a lot of dirt and start bashing Trump, they got it wrong.

    • CNN knew that Leeandowski had signed a no-diss clause. What they’re hoping for is insight into the campaign apparatus and its positions, friends…anything else.

      If I were to praise Ronald Reagan to the skies there must be a context to that. What positions, ideas, mechanisms am I lauding? How do they gibe with popular opinion or with standards of what is considered fair, just, wise, realistic, etc. How much infrastructure or lack thereof do I reveal when I talk about such things.

      No one can give you that sort of light like an insider. Unfortunately, most of our elite American Media Party is composed of utterly childish and doctrinaire idiots who demand a safe space within their own news rooms.

  2. Wow I am shocked that Nancy Grace is stepping down … that is most surprising thing of cable news today… well for now….

    • Nance Grace periodically has to take sabbaticals to receive blood transfusions from Romanian orphans.

        • So long ago, I don’t honestly remember, but steal it I did. I also don’t remember the despicable character I first heard it used against.

          • no shame in stealing ideas. i did it for every ad “i wrote.” takes a lot of character to recognize someone else’s good idea…… just get the billing address correct

    • Maybe they low-balled their offer for a contract extension and Grace saw the writing on the wall. Grace the crusader doesn’t seem like the type of person to just walk away if they were offering a decent deal to stay.

  3. Those titles of Dateline Extra : Mystery in Orange County, The Last Dance, Deadly Exchange, Under a Full Moon, and Troubled Waters , sound like Lifetime movie titles.

  4. “Fact Checkers” have all the predictable bias of light night comedians.
    Mostly True
    Partially True
    Mostly False
    Pants on Fire False
    Pants Soiled.

  5. If you are not reading the stooges twitter feed today… missing a good laugh……assuming you know MSNBC history of opinion host doing straight news shows and breaking news on MSNBC. I think the hate has finally eating what’s left of their minds away.


    • You know how in grade school there was always a kid who would rat as soon as the teacher came back in the room? “Teacher, teacher, Johnny was talking while you were outside.” I can’t help thinking of that when I see the little red alert tweets this guy sends out about something scandalous he just saw on Fox. They go to Wemple, Spud, Brian Stelter, and others yet similar or worse antics on other channels don’t seem to get that sort of reaction. Or any reaction at all. I guess when you sign up with newshounds you put your integrity in escrow.

    • There are several different stories going around about this. There’s some info that’s hard to buy and info we don’t know yet too.

      There are two reports that I read that say that Lynch saw him on his plane. Most of the stories have him visiting her. Which is it?

      Several stories say that Lynch didn’t know Clinton was aboard until he was walking toward her. How likely is it that no one on her detail would let her know that she had a would-be visitor beforehand?

      Who told Clinton that Lynch was arriving at the airport? How did the media find out about the meeting? What was Clinton in town for and how long had it been on his schedule? When were the staff on Clinton’s plane made aware that the schedule was changing? Who was present during the exchange? Are any airport camera shots or cameras on the plane?

      Are the media going to simply accept the biscuit-eating dumb Administration formulation that they either accept her details of the meeting and her imlication that it was harmless, or de facto be calling her a liar?

      Well, okay, we know the answer to that last one…

      • i posted on the vid that a stick up is not bad judgement. corruption is criminal and there is no other reason. if they had not wanted to meet their respective staff would have insured that they did not. it could not be unintentional. it could not be legal.

      • Here is the transcript.

        Clinton: How much does it take?
        Lynch: A $5 million a year no-show job at your “Foundation,” with a $25 million bonus up front.
        Clinton: Then you’ll leave Hillary alone?
        Lynch: Yep.
        Clinton: (sound of a zipper) You know, I’ve always found you very attractive.
        Lynch: Don’t press your luck, Bubba. I have enough to send Hillary AND you away.

      • You know Bill Clinton is an old hand at offering his services to people involved in investigations.

        During the Lewinsky matter, Bill had his secretary Betty Currie come into the Oval Office on a weekend before she was to testify before the Grand Jury, in order to refresh Currie’s memory that he and Lewinsky had never been alone.

        When it became clear that Paula Jones’ team had gotten wind of the rumor of the Lewinsky fling, Bill helpfully got his friend Vernon Jordan to take her to an attorney in order to sign an affidavit avowing that she had no sexual relationship with Clinton.

        Sidney Blumenthal said that Clinton kindly explained to him the dynamics of his relationship with Monica, by telling him she was a crazed stalker before Blumenthal was to answer questions before the GJ.

        There’s no end to Clinton’s willingness to lend a hand in such situations. A smile, a wink, a lingering handshake, flatteringly long eye contact, a hug. That’s this good ole boy’s encouraging way.

        • The media will let it quickly dissipate because they are team Hillary. Don’t expect much more than a slight shake of the head from a few Demcrats. Republicans might as well bark at the sun.

  6. i saw larry’s comment yesterday or day before re: watching Istanbul coverage later. i will not post the link to the Mirror UK that shows these guys yucking it up and smiling before detonating. it shows a rescuer carrying a bloodied child out through broken glass. i tried to explain it to Tomi in a country that has had 2 bloody wars in the last 45 years. maybe obama is right. it is not Islamic extremism. that is not an excuse or reason for what raul did, or these guys, or any of histories mass killers of innocents. it is just insanity. pure insanity. my dad told me insanity is contagious. he said a lot of cool stuff. we are seeing insane.

    • What do you want to bet that the story was intentionally leaked to the Daily Caller so as to tarnish it a bit from the outset (it was coming out regardless) and on a holiday weekend.

      We’re back in the Clinton Era already!

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 punish Fox News
    4 doesn’t want Corey
    3 caught in cocaine bust
    2 on Benghazi
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Tyrell: CNN’s ‘fact-checkers’ should be fired.

  8. PBS NEWSHOUR segment tonight on “why 70% of the electorate doesn’t trust Hillary Clinton” turns into “why they should trust her”, well until I got up to find my souvenir airsickness bag and left the room. This ain’t your grandfather’s bias anymore, kids.

  9. Despite the frequent criticism of using unnamed sources by the likes of Greta Van Susteren and Howard Kurtz, the NY Post seems in full swing.

    Today (in a follow-up to news of Mika’s ‘secret’ divorce this past year) the Post wrote, “An NBC insider told us, ‘Everybody at 30 Rock knows they are a couple . . . They are constantly together, they arrive and leave events together, even on weekends. They are each other’s publicists and finish each other’s sentences. It’s the worst-kept secret in TV.’”

    Not sure why I found this intriguing…I’m not much of a fan of either.

    • I know someone in radio and he told me years ago that this was going on between them and ‘everybody’ (not literally but as in lots o’ folk) knows about it. There was a blind item a few years back that sounded like it was tailor-written to be about them. So I think it’s true and the way they handled it on air today (as noted in another Page Six story) removes any doubt. But then again I put this in the same category as personal rumors about other cable newsers — while I don’t object to discussion of it, I tend not to include stories like that in my daily links.

        • I will, since I value your guidance and opinion. But then would I be truckling in stories about whether Shep is gay, who’s cheating on his wife, etc? I don’t find that sort of stuff exactly uplifting, but that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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