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  1. Re: Marshall: What I learned…

    I tried to read all of that fairly short piece, but I’m bored by both Marshall’s formulations and Tantaros’ (as described by Marshall).

    • yeah i read about 2 sentences too. what i do not hear anything about anywhere is what i personally experienced and have deep regrets about and i see in children everywhere. i was a single dad, both my girls lived with one parent, me, from ages 16 mos and 4 and 1/2 years old until moving out into adulthood. i really do not think it matters a mom or a dad. the children’s experiences remain the same, either no relationship to model from, or 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and on and on relationships to have as models to learn by. result, children that become adults that learn about what they think are good relationships from things outside of their family or from bad secondary relationships. the example of parents staying together and becoming strong with the tests of emotional fire barely exist today and it is spreading throughout the world. guilty.

      • I agree with you overall.

        My father was a widower. He seems to have left his children in good stead in the marital relationship department simply by being a model for 1 Corinthians 13.

        Goodness knows that I rise barely a whit to my dad’s level in living out that chapter, but the beauty of love is that it’s like faith. Even when it’s the size of a mustard seed, when tended it’s vines and branches entwine the entire house.

      • I had teachers that were as strong a role models for me as my relatives. That being said my mom and dad were married over 50 years and the fact they both liked each other and liked me didn’t hurt.

        • My fifth grade teacher was an honest-to-God follower of George Lincoln Rockwell. That’s hardly a role model. However, my parents were married for just short of 60 years (Dad’s death). They had a rock solid marriage which set the tone for my life. I was lucky to have a good bunch of relatives, close and extended, to emulate. And tribal leaders to respect and admire.

          • I was very fond of a chemistry professor my freshman year of college.

            That worked out well since he was my boyfriend.

  2. Re: Opinions vary

    I find Sidney Blumenthal to represent the worst in ideologues. The type who channels snobbery, self-entitlement, and other agents of a generalized animus into a quasi-religion of redemption via political position. And since his is a type of religious war all is justified…

    However, I’d hire the man as a cable news opinionizer with utter joy, interest, and expectation in my heart.

  3. I have to laugh at people on CNN and others complaining how much time the Benghazi investigation took (years)…….the state Dept was still giving Congress new unseen emails this year…….its a old trick…..stonewall…..stonewall and delay and then complain the investigation took too long.

    Hard to believe anybody is so dumb as to fall for that anymore.

    • Same old talking point as the Lewinsky investigation. MOVEON already. Democrats write them; CNN reads them.

    • I’ll wait for tomorrow after some of the fog has cleared. Not looking for wall-to-wall with a loop of the same pictures cycling.

      • Hopefully for the sake of the ratings at FNC and CNN we are not typical cable news fans who are not watching the wall-to-wall coverage.

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  5. Re: The Chris Cuomo drag race. THE FOLLOWING IS A TRUE STORY. My cousin’s husband is a retired State Trooper. He once pulled over a guy going 40 MPH over the speed limit and weaving in and out of traffic. When he got up to the car, the man was in drag. Dress, makeup, wig, the whole thing. Got him for reckless driving and exhibition of speed (going over 20 MPH past the posted speed).

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