‘Oh, Fox Making It Up Yet Again…’

J$P Video! Adam Housley notes how today’s House report confirms Benghazi exclusives first reported by Fox News:

From Outnumbered 28 June 2016

2 thoughts on “‘Oh, Fox Making It Up Yet Again…’”

  1. wow. well done. after all this she is the nominee with the worst possible choice to oppose her. very sad for what once was the land of liberty. embarrassing.

  2. These same messes have and will continue with the people that run our country. Our Vietnam Vets were not properly equipped or prepared for that conflict, our efforts in the middle east have been equally as poorly planned- overthrowing those governments were never a problem, but the messes we have afterwards we never planned for or cared about. Sending ANY diplomat, soldier, or otherwise to these regions is asking for trouble, and it is sickening that we are divided on these issues based on party bias – it’s American lives in foreign lands where we’re not wanted. You want to meet the heads of state and tell them we’re ready to help, use a video conference.

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