Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Press fact-check
  • Reliable Sources videos: Hiring Corey; live-streaming sit-in; Dan Rather.
  • CNN facing internal staff revolt over Corey Lewandowski hire.
  • CNN Trump supporter: Corey hire a great call.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Zurawik: Gray case shows power of video.   Special: Danger at the Doctor.
  • It happens every spring: Fox Fan Weekend.  Fox Biz’s ‘Brexit’ tops CNBC.
  • Your Buzz videos: just

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    • They are unbelievable.

      As journalists they should drooling over the more than likely scenario that intentionally and/or unintentionally Lewandiwski is going to let go with some name, some tidbit, some reminiscence that they can they can fly with, yet they’re more concerned about his having cooties.

      They are little ideologues before they are ANY thing else.

      Ridiculous and absurd.

      • Although it is a constant source of curiosity why pundits/insiders are hired (paid or unpaid) as contributors primarily for ‘possible’ inside information they ‘might’ be able to opine about.

        This despite the fact many are missing the traits usually sought after for an on-camera hire, such as an articulate and entertaining presence and some semblance of a personality — even a mild sense of humor — that attracts viewers.

        Even a genius like Roger Ailes seems to partake with the hiring misfires of contributors like former the insufferable Evan Bayh and Dennis Kucinich.

        I say (with tongue in cheek) I’d almost rather watch the God-awful Dick Morris than yawners like Bayh and Kucinich. 😊

        • I think the impulse is a good one. Goodness knows there are a few things I’d rather learn from someone who has run for office or who has run a campaign than a journalist who hasn’t.

          I can glean the wheat from the chaff from a person who I know is predisposed one way or another. With journalists I’m supposed to pretend that they are both experts on things they are not and unaligned.

          • Ah ha!

            Now I get it…silly me. I’ve been watching cable news for its entertainment value.

            You seem to be suggesting that we can actually learn something. /sarc

      • “They are little ideologues before they are ANY thing else.”

        Of course……it’s not like CNN did something different or weird……this is a network that hired Van Jones for crying out loud.

        I don’t get the controversy here….I’ve seen a article that Corey’s first night CNN lost in the ratings for CNN…..like that’s something new for CNN. mediaite even did a story on it…picked up by the stooges of course………however when the lady who lied about the attack (is she still on the floor?) was on MSNBC with Hayes……..FOX Crushed MSNBC in the demo and CNN had a bigger demo than that show..in fact in total viewers haynes show that night was the lowest on MSNBC that night…but no story about that.

  1. How in the world is it that the FBI can no longer find Mrs. Mateen, a woman who may have abetted the murder of 49 people?

    • As someone who supports conspiracy theories I think Loretta bought her an airline ticket and told her to leave the country. The DOJ can’t reveal that Islam was his true motive and that gayness had nothing to do with his killing spree. Also, that way no reporter can find her & find out she’s just like the San Beradino wife. A jihadist who pushed her husband to do something awful.

      • Could be. I’m inclined to believe that they may be watching her.

        My caveat with that theory though is that in doing so they are allowing her to enter an ethnic community labyrinth that I’m not sure that they have the ability to penetrate to the extent that the odds favor losing her altogether.

        With Lynch and company you have the dynamics of the president wanting to protect Muslims and Islam from what he feels are ethnic and racial biases combined with religious ones.

        President Obama doesn’t justify terrorism, but he does think that it’s impetus and drive comes from historic wrongs such as colonialism and cultural hegemony.

        This has to effect Lynch and others in how their intellectual framework via language, etc.

    • Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

      What seems equally amazing (or at least confounding) is why reports of this are coming almost exclusively from the conservative media (e.g., red blogs) and virtually no reporting from the MSM.

      Is the FBI making special allowances for what we now know is a person with some longstanding mental challenges in the hope this leads to further co-operation? Seems unlikely. But who knows in this crazy and complicated world we now live in.

      Perhaps the FBI knows full well she is visiting her sick mother as she had previously planned and is ‘protecting’ her from the media.

      • I suppose the media bothers to do stories on her that she is too mentally challenged to be a co-conspirator so they can suggest that this is why they aren’t screaming bloody murder that the FBI lost her.

        Let’s just go with what fits the narrative.

        They are unbelievable. They are no longer biased. They are corrupt.

        • As I said last week some people are desperate to make this NOT be about a terrorist attack.

          They would rather claim he did it because he was gay……never mind he NEVER talk about gays in his phone calls……….NEVER mind the FBI has said there’s No evidence Orlando gunman was gay…..it can NOT be allowed to be a terrorist attack………you have to wonder why.

          • The media has certainly run with those aspects of the story.

            I suppose if they’re doing it to pitch a more Obama Administration friendly narrative (or less Trump friendly one) you have to be aware that none of these conjectured motives for Mateen conflict with his having been radicalized.

            You have to be aware that what they’re asking you to swallow about Mateen would be factors that bolstered any case they made about the religious radicalization or extremism of a shooter who was an actively involved Christian in a fundamentalist denomination.

            You have to know now that the American Media Party is as intellectually corrupt as an internet troll and not a whit more intelligent.

          • It is the latest version of “The Benghazi attacks were caused by a video.” It had ZERO to do with gays, unless he was scouting out Disney World because he suspected that Goofy and Pluto were lovers.

        • I read that Salman graduated high school.

          Even if that was part of a Special Ed track wouldn’t she be competent enough to do as she was told by Mateen (or possibly other involved agents) in assisting him in his plans and wouldn’t she most certainly have a rudimentary understanding that those plans were at least illegal (if not immoral in her way of thinking)?

      • I wonder if Salman “previously planned” visiting a sick mother in the way that Mateen planned divesting himself of his worldly goods and surveilling Disney World.

    • One of two explanations: 1. They really are cowed by fears of Islamaphobia and profiling that they bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims so didn’t want to keep her in custody. B. An alternate theory proposed by Catherine Herridge: they let her go and are tracking her to see where she goes and who she talks to, so they can get leads to any broader conspiracy that may be afoot. They know exactly where she is but can’t say so or that would alert her and her compatriots. They let Loretta Lynch do the talking because her office isn’t investigating or tracking her; the FBI avoids commenting so they don’t have to intentionally mislead. I’d like to think the answer is B. but it is indeed a crazy and complicated world (™ Michael T).

        • quien sabe? i think is the point. i do not think the Union was created to have the people not be able to know what is actually legal. that is IRSesque

      • Mr. DA. allow me the obvious; please;;
        A. if you lie to a fed, you can join many others serving time.
        B. Law enforcement is exactly like business in this regard; there are times you have a legal obligation to tell the truth, and times you must legally conceal it.

        question is;
        you are in private business, not public ally owned, and conceal a pending agreement for example. that is legal and required by the parties negotiating.

        you cross from legal to illegal by lying and effecting someone else’s loss to your profit. basic fraud.

        where is Loretta Lynch’s exact line? can a DA say anything and not be criminally liable?

        think Baltimore. is there only civil recovery or is there criminality in the public statements that were illegal lies and illegal threats if a private party did it.
        (lies in evidence disclosure were pretty clear, correct?)

  2. Lots of talk in the past week on various cable news shows about Trump’s polling numbers in swing states PA and OH where he is virtually tied with Clinton.

    One of the more credible pundits (sorry, can’t remember who) suggested it’s primarily because of the higher percentage of white voters with less than a college education, who typically favor Trump by significant numbers.

    But if that’s true, why is HRC ahead by 9% in Michigan with almost the same demographics when it comes to percentage of non-Hispanic whites (~80%) and educational attainment?

    I wonder if in the case of Ohio (where Obama only beat Romney by 2%), it’s because of a higher percentage of rural voters than Michigan. (Just guessing here. Too lazy to research it.)

    Fun Facts:
    Rank by percentage with college degrees
    #26 PA
    #36 MI
    #38 OH
    (The top 3 are MA, CO and MD.)

    • You should share Hillary’s standing with blue collar urban whites on Twitter and blog boards.

      I’m sure that particular segment of working class whites would appreciate the sudden elevation in status from their country cousins as they’d go from racist hicks to the salt of the earth in compassionate la-la land in an urban minute.

      • The Democrat coal miners in my neck of the woods in Ohio only hate one person more than Hillary and that’s Obama.

        • I’d venture that’s because regulation, globalism, and health care costs killed the industry and instead of lying like Trump and telling them it can come back, HRC and Obama seem only too glad.

          Coal Country would understand why we’re better off without the nasty stuff if they weren’t a bunch of hick racists.

          • coal will be king again when the technology exists to use it cleanly or turn it into other products. both of which are done today, just not an economic scale. but things do happen. there is a company in Utah that extracts oil from coal sands with solvent not water, leaves the sand 88% clean, recaptures the solvent and runs at about $28 a barrel cost. just think, or look at pics of how they do coal sands in Canada. things change if people get the hell out of the way they change fast. i like that.

      • I have a brother (PhD), a sis-in-law (BS degree), their extended family of five (incl. daughter with MS degree) all living in rural New Mexico.

        They all are very pro NRA and all pretty much despise the government — especially the BLM and the EPA.

        Being rural does not necessarily mean poorly educated. But IMO it can mean a high percentage who have an ideology much more compatible with a lot of what conservationism stands for.

        Plus they really look out for their neighbors.

        • Try a chemex, Michael.

          I miss the local corner groceries, hardware stores, restaurants, dress shoppes, and the picture show (the owners always let my dad’s kids in free) of my youth.

          All just a lovely, warm, sweet, ordinary, extraordinary walk to town. I often do it still, in my dreams.

          • You remind me of the small town Woolworth’s soda fountains of my youth (near Memphis) when they mixed the milkshake “by hand” from scoops of ice cream and milk in a Hamilton Beach stainless steel mixer which they served it in.

            Ah, those were the days.

          • I remember the soda fountains where you could get a cherry, vanilla or chocolate coke. They added the syrup manually to the carbonated water.

          • i loved cream soda but world wide we have a type 1 diabetes epidemic. soda, white rice, white bread. we know much more today and the good old days were not that good. workers in tropical africa and latin america were thought to have high disease incidence due to insecticides, herbicides, bad this that and the other. all the while hydrating with sugared sodas in the heat, going home eating piles of white rice. oooops. just need to know one old person with type 1 diabetes. not pretty.

          • It’s type 2 that is the epidemic. Type 1, aka juvenile diabetes, is something that shows up in childhood. It’s genetic. I’m type 2. Damn white man’s diet.

          • It’s a common mistake. And, it gave me an opening to blame Y.T. for my problems. You’ve gotta have a scapegoat.

          • There’s a bar called the Moose Inn here in WI that makes the best grasshoppers! They use real ice cream and mix the drink in a kitchen-aid mixer right at the bar. The size? One drink is good for 2!

            One is on the menu for my hubby and me in 2 weeks!

          • one of my very first jobs. was filthy. never pass inspection today even in Nicaragua. rats all over the basement. bad refrigeration. yeah those were the days. i still smell the mop bucket. thanks for the memories:)

          • nothing makes me happier to see a local business fail and something better replacing it. be doomed without it. La Colonia killing Pali, and La Colonia has Tomatios to make green salsa, ask for recipe, and Sarachi with the rooster original!! loving it.

          • have you ever made home made green salsa? maybe it would add a little sunshine. it is delicious with breakfast.

    • IMHO….polls this year are worthless….take my roommate….he’s 27….NEVER voted before………demographics would make him a democrat……however he registered to vote this year just so he could vote for Trump……..polls won’t be counting him.

      IMHO….we are screwed no matter who wins…….but I think there are tons of people who just will skip the WH line when they vote like I plan to do…..or won’t make up their minds till they have the pen in there hands……how can you poll that?

      I also find it funny that the people who discounted ALL polls when Trump was ahead….now yell them at the top of their lungs now that they show Trump losing……but don’t claim they are biased….now.

      • Yeah, poll bashing is pretty common and has some merit.

        But try this on for size.

        RCP Average last week of June 2012
        Obama ahead of Romney by 3.4%

        Election results Nov. 2012
        Obama wins by 3.9%

        Magic, eh? (Just teasing.)

        The final RCP average the day before the election was Obama by only +0.7 with Rasmussen and Gallup having Romney ahead — which kinda supports your main point with the possible exception of Five-Thirty-Eight.

        • They will be more accurate as we get closer………..but this far out dukakis was way ahead of Bush 41…..and we know how that went.

          June 17 1988


          “Gov. Michael S. Dukakis held a 15-point lead over Vice President Bush in an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday, largely on the strength of overwhelming support for Mr. Dukakis among women.

          Mr. Dukakis was supported by 49 percent of the registered voters in the poll, as against 34 percent for Mr. Bush, NBC News reported. Among men the split was 46 percent to 40 percent for Mr. Dukakis, but among women his margin was 52 percent to 28 percent.”

          Also ask yourself this:
          The ABC poll partisan divisions were 36 percent Democrat, 24 percent Republican, and 33 percent independent.

          Now that not even close to the % of who votes….they polled 36% Dems and only 24% GOP…..no wonder Clinton won that poll…….Id bet if they polled 36 Gop and 24% Dems….Trump would win……how many polls in the RCP are like that?

        • “possible exception of FiveThirtyEight’s success.”

          The same 538 that said Trump chances of getting the nomination was 50-1?

          I say again Trumps un-pollable……….I didnt believe it when he was ahead of Clinton and I don’t believe them now.

          I assume I’m going to be working the polls this Nov (haven’t heard yet)…….IMHO………wait times will be big because people will decide at the booth. You can’t poll that.

  3. Lisa Booth on Media Buzz was impressive.

    If you’re featuring a partisan political consultant as balance to two other aligned political analysts, get one who is smart, pragmatic, cogent, and poised.

  4. Hillary +12 in latest poll and Tump swans off to Scotland to tell us about his lighthouse suites….hardly a word on Fox.
    But glad to see Wallace fact checking Trump and calling him out on his daily flip flops on FNS.

  5. How come MSNBC can cover a news event live an hour after the action has ended….but usually fails while it’s going on most times?

    I mean how many times can you repeat the same info (we don’t have exact numbers)?

    Nothing drives me nuts like watching 4 hours of news channel and then figuring out that I don’t know anymore than I did 3 hours and 45 min earlier.

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    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
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