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  1. ***BIG STORY: Britain leaves the EU***
    How will the cable newtorks cover it?
    …Will Al Sharpton devote his show to the racism of the vote?
    ……Will Brian Williams take credit?
    ………Will Don Lemon drive around Cardiff in a Volvo?

    Where did I put the remote? Where did I put the damn remote?!

      • despite MHP being a lying pig nativism and populism are dangerous forces coming to your income soon.

        • I agree with your statement within what I deem to be reasonable limits.

          However, don’t call her a pig.

        • Well, nativism was a major threat to the Kelly family income as it did its best to turn Great-grandpa Kelly’s boat back to Ireland in the nineteenth century.

          • Barone has written some great books on immigration. the indexes are treasure troves of data. i think most people would be surprised to learn the German migration to the states we today call rust belt states brought the introduction and support for what we call progressive today which in essence is justifying authoritarianism as moral. the Irish were never into to it, yet BOR daily rants on how we need more control over many aspects of our lives. that was not the pre-German migration consensus yet they came with the ideas and now they are prevalent among all American cultures. change happens.

          • all immigrants add culture and bring particular skills. i think, as in do not know, but it seems reasonable, that most immigrants at the end of the 19th through the beginning of 20th century was a great migration from many countries and all were looking for either lack of oppression, religious freedom or work income. whether Italian, Greek or Irish etc. only the Germans came from a country where it was custom to need a government permit to move, to marry, to leave a job, to take a job, to sell property, schools were decided for your kids and many simple parts of life. Germans did not seem to flee that, they wanted in large part to bring it here.
            was Barone’s supposition.

          • Surprisingly, for an all German ancestry, there’s only one natural redhead in my large extended family – a cousin. Her sisters were both brunettes.

  2. It’s so unfair for Megyn Kelly to reveal that she was threatened by Lewandowski (which sounds like he’s one in a partnership of ambulance chasers) and not give details.

    A threat can be everything from denying access to a candidate to promises to rearrange your face.

  3. How long till CNN becomes like recess at a grade school playground?

    ‘Teacher, he pushed me!…”

  4. from this morning dis lady this morning. she is already late. the mystery is why microcephaly is appearing first in Brazil when Zika has been around for 30 years. is it really the cause? CDC and researchers in Brazil just yesterday looking for links were SPECULATING that the possible precursor was previously having Dengue, another Aedes transmitted human carried virus. Dengue, known as bone break fever, has 2 types regular and hemorrhagic. the later being more common in your 2nd case. Hemorrhagic Dengue causes internal bleeding of the organs and often results in death, painful death. there seem to be many virus in animals, Humans and monkeys and apes that these skeeters can transmit from animal to animal. if these viruses can act in a sympathetic relationship viral vaccine bounties better start getting offered because that is the sole practical sure protection other than living in a plastic suit. as i have said. i live in a bario with constant spray. abate put in every standing water including people’s sinks. i fumigate my home. i wear repellent. i am bit every day. better get on it. … and screw government research money it is spent on &*(^&*%^& conferences of slow moving public employees. that is not how we got to the moon. we need a big butt bounty offered.

    personally i think the Pyriproxyfen “facts” she states are not facts. remember this is the vaccine conspiracy lady. she thinks MON and PHARMA are liars. Pyriproxyfen has been used extensively throughout the world not just where she states. Viruses mutate rabidly and it is much more likely to be the cause of varied results, not Agricultural and anti-skeeter practices. remember how many millions of deaths are directly due to not using DDT.

    Sharyl Attkisson: “35 Facts (and Controversies) About Zika” plus 2 more
    35 Facts (and Controversies) About Zika
    U.S. soldiers arrested for allegedly smuggling illegal immigrants
    Occupational Hazard
    35 Facts (and Controversies) About Zika
    Posted: 23 Jun 2016 05:44 PM PDT
    CDC Zika information here
    Chances are some of these Zika-related facts are news to you

    1. As of June 23, Zika has not been transmitted by mosquitoes within the continental U.S. (as far as we know).

    2. At least 819 travelers infected with Zika have come into the continental U.S. as of June 23.

    3. The largest number of Zika cases are in New York (198), Florida (162), California (52) and Texas (42).

    4. One U.S. Zika case was “lab-acquired.”

    CDC says serious illness from Zika virus is uncommon.

    5. CDC says Zika will soon be endemic in the continental U.S. (transmitted locally) because mosquitoes will bite contagious people who arrived in the U.S. from other countries, and will infect people here.

    6. Zika virus has been around in other countries since the 1940’s.

    7. Zika is considered one of the mildest mosquito-borne viruses.

    8. At least 80% of people who get Zika don’t become sick and have no symptoms.

    9. For 70 years, Zika wasn’t linked to microcephaly birth defects. The link was made only after a 2015 rise in microcephaly in Brazil coincident with a Zika outbreak.

    10. Brazil originally counted 4,180 cases of Zika-related microcephaly from Oct.-Dec. 2015. Experts later ruled out Zika and other infections in a majority of cases.

    11. An Argentina doctors’ group said Brazil’s rash of microcephaly was noticed shortly after some communities began using the larvicide “Pyriproxyfen” in drinking water. “It’s a hypothesis, a probability,” Dr. Medardo Avila Vazquez, a pediatrician in Cordoba, Argentina and main author of the report told NPR. “And for us, it’s more likely that it’s the chemical larvicide and not Zika.” (“Pyriproxyfen” is also spelled “Pyroproxyfen” in some publications.)

    Read the Argentina doctors’ report on Pyriproxyfen
    12. After the report by the Argentina doctors, one Brazilian state announced it would stop putting Pyriproxyfen in drinking water.

    13. The doctors’ group said it received a letter from Monsanto threatening legal action, because the company said the doctors unfairly linked their company to Pyriproxyfen, made by Sumitomo Chemical Company. Monsanto says it doesn’t sell or manufacture Pyriproxyfen; it is simply a Sumitomo business partner.

    Read the NPR report on why medical experts say there’s no concern about Pyriproxyfen
    14. Sumitomo Chemical released a statement reiterating Pyriproxyfen’s safety, saying it poses minimal risk to birds, fish and mammals.

    15. Some chemical/pharmaceutical interests and medical authorities attacked the Argentina doctors’ report, said there was no cause for concern about Pyriproxyfen, and said it’s safe to drink at low levels. Other Pyriproxyfen supporters launched a campaign to declare concerns about it “rumor” and a “debunked,” “ridiculous” “conspiracy theory” by “cranks.” Those defending Pyriproxyfen include a propagandist known for promoting pharmaceutical industry interests: David Gorski a/k/a “ORAC.”

    WHO says
    WHO says there’s no cause for concern about Pyriproxyfen in drinking water.

    16. This dispute over Pyriproxyfen led to an edit war on Wikipedia.

    17. Doctors say there’s no “smoking gun” that links Zika to microcephaly, but that all the evidence taken together indicates there’s an association.

    18. Normally, microcephaly in the U.S. occurs in as many as 1 in 833 live births.

    19. The President of Colombia announced there are plenty of Zika cases there, but no related microcephaly issues.

    20. There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes. Zika is primarily spread by just one, which isn’t found in most U.S. states.

    21. Within the continental U.S., the primary Zika-spreading mosquito (Aedes aegypti) is common only in Florida along the Gulf Coast.

    22. Zika symptoms may include joint pain, swelling and conjunctivitis.

    23. You’re not supposed to spray bug repellent on skin under clothing.

    A pregnant woman applies mosquito repellant. Photo: CDC

    24. The Obama administration has requested about $1.9 billion to fight Zika.

    25. Half the requested taxpayer funds are for Zika projects outside of the U.S.

    26. Human travelers from Zika-ridden countries are not being screened for U.S. entry…but primates are. Monkeys and apes imported into the U.S. undergo a mandatory 31-day quarantine period on arrival.

    27. Microcephaly birth defects are not reported in monkeys and apes with Zika.

    28. Once antibodies develop, a person or primate can no longer spread Zika. Humans are believed contagious for about a week.

    29. Zika is not considered a fatal disease. CDC says it only “very rarely” contributes to death.

    30. The U.S. has declared an emergency even though no Zika has been transmitted in the continental U.S. That’s in stark contrast to the larger, deadlier EV-D68 and AFM outbreak in 2014 that received little attention.

    The nationwide EV-D68 AFM outbreak paralyzed at least 115 children and killed at least 14. But there was no emergency funding request, and CDC deflected questions and slow-walked a Freedom of Information request about the outbreak.

    31. Zika can rarely, possibly cause Guillain-Barré syndrome, in which the immune system attacks the nerves causing paralysis. So can some vaccines, according to CDC, including flu vaccine and swine flu vaccine.

    Zika and some vaccines can rarely cause Guillain-Barre paralysis. Photo: CDC

    32. Some in the health sector have questioned a possible link to mirocephaly and Tdap vaccine introduced into the regimen for pregnant women in Brazil in late 2014.

    33. The World Health Organization dismisses the possibility of a Tdap vaccine link saying the Brazilian government has one of the most stringent health regulatory authorities in the world.

    34. At least 15 companies have been working on developing a Zika vaccine.

    35. Congress and the Obama administration agree that at least $140 million to $200 million tax dollars should go to Zika vaccine development.

  5. Every twit that claims the mainstream media is not biased (and there are still many) should watch Howie’s piece linked above. It’s actually laugh out loud funny. And I’ve had my fill of homage to the sainted “civil rights icon” Lewis. After lying about protesters of ObamaCare spitting and n-word calling, his halo is tilted, tarnished, tinfoil in my book.

    • After seeing that, I think it’s even more important that Megyn clarify if and how she may have been threatened by Lewandowski. That was little more than sign language and it demands to be clarified.

      Frankly, even with a no diss agreement with the Trump Campaign, I think CNN is betting on a potential motherlode of insight into Trump and company as revealed by the not subtle or nuanced Lewandowsky.

      He’s the former campaign manager/boss and behind-the-scenes-Trump-intimate version of Katrina Pierson.

      Vast relevatory potential because nothing exposes more flesh than obsequiousness.

    • I am sure you will be called out for your comments but I, personally, think you are spot on about John Lewis.

    • Oh, I remember the incident and accusations of lying after a little late night Googling (less fattening that ice cream).

      McClatchy reported back in 2010, “Tea party demonstrators outside the U.S. Capitol screamed “nigger” at U.S. Rep. John Lewis and other black members of Congress on Saturday.”

      I now remember this is when Andrew Breitbart’s offer of $100,000 to anyone who could provide evidence in its support went unclaimed.

      Even the NY Times offered a partial correction — but only going so far as to admit that they “erroneously linked one example of a racially charged statement to the Tea Party movement.”

      I think many of us continue to doubt the congressman’s veracity even though I find no evidence it was ever proved one way or the other.

  6. I think the difference between 2008 and 2016 is illustrated by the hypothetical of what if in 1995 the Democrats had sat-in for an FCA Fairness Act after the Tim McVeigh bombing.

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    • One of the top five links actually went to an incorrect article on a similar but not identical topic. Strangely though it got lots of hits nobody mentioned it was incorrect; the author’s names didn’t even match! For that reason I had to disqualify it from the rankings as it clearly got hits based on misleading words. It’s been fixed now but too late for the daily tally, so sorry author out there who got cheated today.

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