Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Zurawik: MSNBC airs year-old riot footage with ‘happening now’ label.
  • Wednesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-O’Donnell-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Feldman: CNN offered job to Lewandowski before Dana Bash interview.
  • CNN signs Corey Lewandowski as political pundit. FTV: ‘Sloppy seconds.’
  • Outnumbered video: POTUS comments on SCOTUS rulings.
  • Cable news to offer round-the-clock coverage of UK ‘Brexit’ vote.
  • Kelly File video: Trump and Clinton at each other.
  • Datoc: Impartial MSNBC reporter gives Democrat a ‘fellatious’ interview.

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    • was on the road buying goodies for a poolvball tourny sunday. smoking a turkey, smoked stuffing, smoke baked beans. so only home just now.

      where to catch up? did i post here about the t-72 buy? they are T-72bs, not stated, which means they are stripped of FLR, anti-air/tank/ and radar, and modern ceramic armor. so useless against even an RPG. if you are not familiar with tank development you now have a reason to. i believe T-72 production began in the 50s. Nix? everyone knew they could not buy these tanks and the truth is they barely keep 1 1/2 ton trucks running. a few years back they “agreed” to buy Mig-21s. there is talk about a missile frigate for the navy. a simple review of maintenance, upgrade and personnel costs should allow you to come to your own conclusions on these matters after reviewing the items, review the current status of the Navy, Air and Army personnel qualifications. they did participate in Russian tank games last year, they borrowed Russian tanks. the Military is a threat to Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaraguans and no one else. ALBA is more dangerous for their associations outside of Latin America and the stupidity with which we have encouraged Latinos to seek equality and support from the worst characters on earth.

      Mark Schneider is talking out his rear RE: the economy. Russian, Chinese, and Iranian plans and deals have been made and forgotten but there is no question that each have had intelligence presence here for a long time. hardly news. USA Latin policy is driven by anti drug ignorance and ALBA has played that for all it is worth while surely profiting at stupid US drug prohibition. trillions wasted on a drug policy guaranteed to keep Latin communism alive. you have been used, lied to and paid for every cent of what has been built here. Russians sent guns, doctors and teachers not money.
      the autonomous zone has never been under Sandinista control. i posted on this i believe recently. they kill a few soldiers and cops now and again, they lose a few and lose land, then resist more. that is a 30 year ongoing process Ortega has used China, Russia and Iran proposals all in autonomous zones to try and evict them he was convicted of genocide in the world court if my memory serves.

      the economy. you cannot get reliable numbers however GDP clearly exceed 5% growth. construction is booming. we have new chains every year enter the market. home ownership of Nicas is at an all time high. Lotification and new homes are small but built and sold by the thousands.
      this is a planned controlled economy with a scheduled exact depreciation of currency. the uneducated are poor, everyone else is middle class or better. large but shrinking % informal work.
      socialism is not going away, we try to keep it not like El Salvador’s FMLN, or Mexico’s CNTE union, both violence first communist organizations. the USA screwed the pooch. no region hated communism and socialism more pre-Kennedy. after the Cuban missile lies about the accord were revealed we realized we enabled mass importations of weaponry, encouraged hate more with anti drug nonsense than supporting dictators, but that goes hand in hand.
      not once in all of the USA’s history have they tried to export liberty and capitalism here. the policy is essentially hate and racist fueled by stupid populism, nativism, and the drug boogeyman.
      sorry if you do not like the response, i don’t either. however i know i see more AWACs and Hercules prop communication air craft than anyone here other than Nixon. hey you pay the freight. other than that the only thing the USA exports here is pensionados, hippie and euro trash, ten of thousands of religious recruiting wack jobs, and trillions of $ in drug games that insure only the worst criminals run the business.

      you know i think i erred. the USA just gave the policia transito radar guns. so now they can extort more $$$ from drivers. try 40km on the pan am. lolol. no one drives that slow, you sent the government gold!!

      • hey and good catch. keep posting the international stuff. nothing new there, but interesting and the Venezuelan blog was excellent.

      • The T-72 started production in the early ’70s. The Iraqi model, which was fully armed and called “The Lion of Babylon,” had a nasty tendency for the turret to go flying off when hit directly, due to the ammo cooking off.

        • i am sure you are correct. i know the Indians get the t-72 fully outfitted then do there own additions ala Israel and make it battle worthy. as a stand alone in inept hands the B model is just a roadside ornament.

          • The Indians license build their own version called the T-90 for marketing reasons. Pakistan has the modified T-72 called the T-80. I guess in the next India – Pakistan war we’ll find out which is better.

          • for a long time it was the hottest war gamed spot for starting ww3. no longer. my money goes to the Indians. war, business, and future.

          • Both have nukes. I don’t see a war, unless Pakistan does something really stupid.

          • must use a different gun than the original then. i guess if the Indians use them they have to be able to shoot Sabots. Heat is since post ww1.

          • HEAT stands for High Explosive Anti-Tank. It explodes against the hull, blowing a hole in it. Liquid metal goes all over the place. It is quite lethal. A sabot round is like a big dart, punching a whole in the tank and sending shrapnel throughout the interior.

          • i know the details of both. exploding ceramic Armour and changes profile have made Heat useless against almost all modern tanks. the sabots come in a variety, dropping fins, using a false blunt face to cause the exploding ceramic armor to shed then the remaining titanium dart pierces the metal as the velocity liquefies it. nasty.

          • … i forget the name of the far superior Cannuck tank that landed on Juno, the sole d day operation that met first day goals. what was that thing called?

          • i think you mean the Grizzly. It was a highly modified Sherman. Sloped and thicker armor, a longer range and tracks which didn’t use rubber.

          • well since my memory is frito i will look up what i read re: juno in the book i have and confirm my retardedness tomorrow. night.

          • Made up for problems by vast numbers. GI nickname at the time, “Ronson” because it could burst into flame.

        • there is a lot of little stuff. every Latin country is very different. yet we have to come up with workable positions for the region. like asking you to make a triangle w/ 4 sides. i tend to be cynical and feel we, the US, should take responsibility because unless you are responsible you can’t be responsible to make things work. but it seems like there is no workable or even responsible position that would function. i’d say we are*%^&%$. cool place to live if you want to get away from modernity and not be in a war zone. very low crime, except for the cops.

    “Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is joining CNN as a political commentator, according to a source familiar with the arrangement.

    It’s a salaried position and will make Lewandowski exclusive to CNN, effective immediately.”

  2. Remember when a personal attack was “stop lying about my record”? Now heaven knows, anything goes.

    • “Good authors too, who once knew better words, now only use four letter words
      when writing prose. Anything goes.”

    • That’s good piece. I’d like to ask RS if there’s any issue on the planet that liberals haven’t made into a stark question of black or white.

      How can anything be discussed in this country when defined by such metrics, and how could this not lead to the sight of geriatric congressmen and women sitting on the floor of their chamber…or to scores of people shouting down politicians and invited speakers at universities… or to elected officials being vehemently schooled by grandiose tv news hosts?

      We are ridiculous! We are absurd, dumb and anti-intellectual! Good lord, we are utter tyrants!

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