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  1. Tamarin Hall claims 99% of the time she’s objective. The best believe their own crap. By the way, I asked Spud if he were in fact the New Potato. He said “no, Couch Potato”.

    • That’s not true and both she and Thomas Roberts, Joy Reid, weren’t hired to be.

      They were hired for their ability to make claims of authority via their race or sexuality.

  2. Re: Five facts about Bill O’Reilly’s net worth

    Some people legitimately criticize these ‘net worth’ websites for being inaccurate.

    But given that’s all we got, I decided to take a look at a few folks (near or over 70) who have been (or were) in the TV (or radio) business for many years:

    Don Imus $35 million
    Dan Rather $70 million
    Bill O’Reilly $85 million
    Regis Philbin $150 million
    Barbara Walters $170 million
    Judge Judy $250 million
    Rush Limbaugh $350 million
    Jay Leno $350 million
    David Letterman $400 million

    Notice I said, “Near or over 70.” Which is why I left Seinfeld ($800M) and Oprah ($3.2B) off my list.

    Footnote: These numbers vary (sometimes significantly) depending on which website you use.

          • Having one child is not something I’m recommending, but it does make it easier in that department.

        • seen theft in my family. outright brazen theft and destruction of mementos worse than the millions gone. i have left nothing to question in my estate and everyone should securely plan for their demise. i plan on prepaying cremation this year. before some crazy wife wants me in the ground somewhere. take charge, it is an ugly time.

          • My dad had eight other siblings, and Grandpa Kelly left no will. The poorest of the bunch, he chose not to attend the divide-the-assets post funeral meeting with a “just give me what you think is right”. Having come from a experience of owning some property with two other brothers, I think when it went so sour the other two never spoke to each other again, set him up to avoid family squabbles at all cost. Just as well in that father lost his inheritance in a bad investment anyway.

          • My husband is the oldest of ten kids, five of whom he put through college. His dad was in and out of their lives as his mother never divorced him and he would always stick around until she became pregnant. My husband helped support the family while he was in high school.

            There was no inheritance other than nine siblings, a wife, and a daughter who think he is the greatest man we have ever known.

          • I’ve been fortunate not to have experienced that, but there is an adage that you never know anyone until you’ve shared an inheritance with them.

          • When the youngest (now 38) was in his late teens he got arrested for drunk driving and his mother (now deceased) called my husband to go with her to get him out of the small town jail.

            It was a three hour drive and when leaving the police station my husband, kid brother, another of his brothers, and their mother were all in some outer room when sheepish kid brother smarted off to their mother. I was told my husband proceeded to beat the hell out the kid while cops stood back and nonchalantly looked on.

            He’s a laid-back kinda guy, but with those boys, he didn’t play.

          • You are a lucky woman, Cecelia. He learned responsibility early, and his father taught him how not to behave.

          • i think planning relieves the people you love of a lot of unnecessary burden. simple. everyone has stuff the kids will want for memories.

          • Danger in making the planning a community event. Suprise everyone when the box gets opened at the lawyers after the trip to the cemetery.

          • i have an Art Nouveau vase that was made for ashes, the kids know. for tax purposes began gifting years ago. when i left the country all the photos, trophies, pics, tapes copied to cds, archived, what they don’t already own gets left to the money mgr until the youngest is 50 and they won’t lose it through a divorce or invest it without experience. of course if i live to 100 there will be nothing except some dirty depends and the house here for tomi. lol. they were made to memorize the rule of 72 by age 4. i was a cruel mom and dad.

    • funny, my accounts vary daily. hielo ben and janet have turned me into a dividend *hore, so i don’t count anymore.

  3. In the Bernie Goldberg video, Mr. Bill used the pronunciation for “won’t” that I’ve heard as long as I’ve watched The Factor: “woon’t.” Why? Does anyone else say it like that?

  4. If Trump took a dig at Wemple you can bet he wouldn’t skip it. Would wear Iike a badge of honor.

    • i would too, bet J$ would pay a fair some for Trump to insult him. there is money in them thar hills.

  5. hopefully the wemp has found a new obsession. you would think couric, williams and mad cow would support a career.

  6. Go Robin Meade , 15 years is amazing. I do enjoy her morning show , along with CBS This Morning.

  7. So is praise from the devil worse than scorn?
    Well, today in an interview with Time, Gawker founder Nick Denton was asked what media mogul he identifies with. “I’ve always had a surprising amount of respect for Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes,” Denton said. “I respect publishers and media executives who’ll put out good, true, provocative stories and deal with the blowback.”

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Robin Meade
    4 More
    3 dig at Brian Williams
    2 rolls over cable nets
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Levine: Five facts about Bill O’Reilly’s net worth.

  9. MEDIA will make a big deal over the Demcrat House sit-in stunt, because MEDIA is in favor of gun control. Republicans should sit in to protest partial birth abortion and have a full house… Everyone on Pelosi’s lap.

  10. NBC lead, how wonderful the Democrat protest is. yesterday civil rights. today gun safety. Rules?…we don’t need no stinking rules.

    #2 story, Trump tears into Hillary Clinton. We fact check him and he’s lying.

    (She’s Hillary Clnton and she approves of this network)

  11. Why would I go to FACEBOOK to stream CNN? I know why I go to the bathroom to read the newspaper, BUT, why would I go to FACEBOOK to stream CNN?

  12. JJ Ramberg – I didn’t know her show was still on. I saw it a few times….she had way too much energy for a show on that early. I wonder if she was ever on the Today show giving out financial advice.

  13. Re: Factor video: Bernard Goldberg

    So whose position on the Orlando shooter’s motive now seems closer to the truth? Is it Lawrence Wilkerson’s theory or Bill O’Reilly’s theory?

    On June 17th Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, argued with Bill Maher that it was more likely that Omar Mateen was not primarily motivated by self-radicalization. But instead was using his religious proclamations to give some measure (or cover) of respectibility in his mind by acting in ways to indicate his horrific act was religiously based.

    Then on June 21st Bill O’Reilly in a debate with Kirsten Powers stated, “People on the left tend to look at these attacks and don’t immediately go to saying that this is Islamic terrorism.”

    He then added, “The left so desperately wants to avoid the truth that the Islamic jihad is bent on killing as many Americans as possible.”

    Does Mr. Bill need to take a second look, or is Mr. Wilkerson the one who is off base?

    Based on the news from NBC Today, Univision and the Daily Mail that the Pulse nightclub attack may have been ‘revenge’ after Omar Mateen discovered one of the men he’d had a threesome with was HIV positive it seems many of us, including BOR, may have put too much emphasis on the ISIS connection notwithstanding Mateen’s trips to the Middle East?

    Basically, Mateen is reported to have said, “I will make gay Puerto Rican men pay.”

    • The problem with all this speculation is that, if what has been reported is correct, the night club was Plan B. The top target on the list was supposed to be Disney World, but when they went there to case it the security situation presented far too many difficulties so they made the night club the new target. But it was still the second choice. OF course there are a lot of things that could explain that away, subconscious decision-making could suggest he really wanted it to be the target, etc. So no one will ever know for sure. What is also apparently true is that for all his phone calling and texting on the night of the shooting he ranted continuously about Jihad and ISIS, and said nothing about gays. Even if this report proves correct though, none of this though is definitive, and it’s presumptuous to rule anything out, especially when multiple motivations can come into play.

      • Yes, it’s true that Disney security officials told the FBI they believe he also visited Disney World on April 26 to conduct surveillance.

        If this proves to be true, this would diminish the growing speculation in the MSM that the motive was revenge.

        But as you suggested, we may never know the real primary target — and why.

      • C’mon Nixon.

        You’re too smart to lower yourself to cheap ad hominems.

        If you think O’Reilly’s position is preferable to Wilkerson’s, tell us why,

        • You’re too smart to lower yourself to cheap ad hominems.

          Want to bet? I can be quite insulting. The killer kept ranting and raving about Jihad and his allegiance to ISIS during his communications during the rampage. If it walks like a duck and quacks “Allahu Akbar” like a Jihadist duck, the conclusion is fairly clear. I know that the Left hates to face the fact of Islamist terror, but face it we must.

          • “The killer kept ranting and raving about Jihad and his allegiance to ISIS during his communications during the rampage.”

            Fair point.

            But I think it can equally be argued that this was possibly done as an attempt to mask the fact (especially from family members like his dad) that this was not a hate crime and moreover that he was not gay. He wanted his legacy to be supporting ISIS, when it may have really been primarily about revenge which he wanted to hide.

            We may never know. But we do seem to get a little more info each passing day.

          • The “source” sounds like someone wanting his 15 minutes of fame. This happens with every high profile case.

          • One commentator said on network television on Wednesday, “Why would this ‘Miguel’ make this all up?”

            I think you have one answer for her Nixon.

            But by the same token, former assistant United States Attorney, Sunny Hostin, observed that the FBI has interviewed ‘Miguel’ three times…quickly adding that it would be rare for the FBI to do this if they had doubts about his credibility.

          • According to a recent CIA report that is just the sort of person ISIS attracts via social media.

            It’s the loners, the lost, the angry, the marginalized.

    • Instead of trying to make this a simple either/or, why not take the man at his word?

      We know that Mateen had long voiced his intentions to kill people and had even cheered 9/11 as a kid.

      His guilt at himself and his dismay and anger at exposure to HIV was the tipping point for avenging Allah against such sins and reconciling himselfand is all a part of the mindset of radicalization.

      • I think the VOX website may have said it best (or better than most).

        It is still unclear how factual Miguel’s story is. But if his
        description of Mateen’s motives is accurate, it would be a remarkable
        twist in the emerging narrative of how and why the worst mass shooting
        and anti-LGBTQ hate crime in modern US history happened.

        It would challenge the idea that Mateen was truly motivated by terrorism or
        allegiance to ISIS. And it would mean that it was no accident the Pulse
        shooting happened on Latin night — that the attack was a hate crime
        specifically against gay Latino men.

        But VOX also said, “This description by this ‘Miguel’ is a striking contrast with the violent, volatile man others have said Mateen was, and with Mateen’s stated loyalty to ISIS.”

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